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Best Travel Coffee Mug Reviews 2020-People choose travel mugs so as to enjoy their beverage or drink while on the road. They also want the drink to stay warm or color for a long period of times and also be able to hold the mug conveniently.See Best Seller List USA See Best Seller List UK

What may be the best coffee mug for one person isn’t ideally the preferred choice for another due to various reasons. For instance, one person may pick a mug made of stainless steel which is more durable than plastic while another will prefer one with a narrow bottom that easily fits inside the car cup holder instead of that with a wider and nonslip base. A mug with double-wall insulation is better at keeping things warm compared to one with a single thick wall.Also See:Coffeemaker, Refrigerator,Ice Maker, Best Rice Cooker,Best Toaster Oven

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Finding the Right Travel Mug

The following tips need consideration during the selection:

  • Insulation: A type with double-wall insulation help keep the drinks warm for much longer. Superior mugs have the vacuum between the insulation and will keep it hot for as many as 8 hours.
  • Durability: Steel, ceramic and plastic are common materials used in making travel mugs. Stainless steel is undoubtedly the strongest; plastic the lightest while ceramic is a bit heavy, but will guarantee for safety use.
  • Cover type: These come as simple which is easy to use but can are easy to accidentally knock off. The other type is the screw-on type that requires screwing and unscrewing all the time but is not easily knocked off.
  • Size matters: Choose the mug depending on the amount you consume and also the point of storage. Small ones come with an 8 oz rating while large ones are 16 to 20 ounces.
  • Spillage resistance: A good travel mug should be spill-resistant when closed as this minimizes spillage especially on rough roads.
  • Hygiene: Mugs with a stainless steel liner are preferred over those made of plastic because plastic tends to wear out over time resulting in bad tasting coffee or tea.

The possibility to travel while drinking coffee has been existing since 1978, when car designers began to think about long trips and the need to put a beverage you could drink while driving. The cup holder was here to stay. But if you have used it, you will see that your coffee mug, cup or thermos, do not fit in, and in case it fits, it always falls. McDonald’s offered the easy ride mug back in 1983, as a plastic Travel Mug and lid with an adhesive-coated base that could be attached to the dashboard, this was the first thought about coffee lovers provided by industry, but if you filled it completely, the coffee was going to be spilled.

Then the thermos technology appeared in the shape of a mug, by using the Dewar Vessel, History of beverages and soup changed for good.

Best Travel Coffee Mug Reviews 2020

  1. Best Overall Travel Mug-YETI Rambler 20 oz Tumbler
  2. Best Budget Travel Mug-Contigo AUTOSEAL Travel Mug
  3. Best Cheap Travel mug-Juro Tumbler 20
  4. Best CHILLOUT LIFE 12 oz Stainless Steel Tumbler
  5. Thermos Stainless King –Best 16 Ounce Travel Mug

Best Overall-YETI Rambler 20 oz Tumbler

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The YETI Rambler family is tough as hell, and will keep your drinks as cold (or hot) as science allows. With 18/8 stainless steel construction, double-wall vacuum insulation, and No Sweat Design, they’re perfect for the deer lease, cleaning table, or just the down time in between your outdoor exploring. Find the Rambler Tumbler, Bottle, Colster, or Jug that’s right for your next adventure.

Best Budget-Contigo AUTOSEAL Travel Mug

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The Contigo Autosealtravel mug is one of the best travel mug in 2020-2021 now.

Modern life moves at a fast pace and reliability is a must whether you’re traveling on a plane, car, bus, or train, working at a desk, standing on your feet for a 12-hour shift, or burning calories on a treadmill. Meet the Contigo Autoseal West Loop Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug with Easy-Clean Lid, which combines intelligent design and innovative technologies to adapt to any commute, agenda, or lifestyle. Available in 16 ounces, 20 ounces, or 24 ounces, this leak- and spill-proof mug keeps liquids piping hot or icy cold for hours, can be used with just one hand, fits comfortably in most cup holders, and cleans up easily.

Best Cheap Travel mug-Juro Tumbler 20

Juro Tumbler 20 oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler with Lids and Straw [Travel Mug] Double Wall Water Coffee Cup for Home, Office, Outdoor Works Great for Ice Drinks and Hot Beverage - Black

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Juro 20 oz. Stainless Steel Tumbler – The Most Modern Tumbler Yet Built for the outdoor explorer, this Juro 20 oz. Tumbler was engineered to be ultra-convenient and extremely durable to last throughout your adventures. Designed in the U. S, every Juro product is crafted with quality and care and specially made to suit all your outdoor adventure needs and will keep internal temperature constant whether it hot or cold (i. e Hot (Up to 6hrs) | Cold ( Up to 12 hrs). A completely transparent lid makes it easy to keep an eye on the status of your remaining drink. No more spills! Enjoy your ice drinks or hot beverage in the outdoor with the best Juro tumbler on hand. EVERYDAY TUMBLER Holds just the right amount of liquid in this 20 oz. tumbler with a matte finish giving a clean and modern look. Fill with ice, coffee, water, soda, and more. CONVENIENT TRANSPORTATION Fits most car cup holders and made of an easy-to-grip material for painless transportation and everlasting hydration when on-the-go. FEATURE – Stainless Steel – Double Wall Vacuum Insulation – Transparent Lids – Straw & Cleaning Brush – Anti-Sweat – – Easy Grip – Dishwasher Safe

Best CHILLOUT LIFE 12 oz Stainless Steel Tumbler

CHILLOUT LIFE 12 oz Stainless Steel Tumbler with Lid & Gift Box | Wine Tumbler Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Travel Tumbler Cup for Coffee, Wine, Cocktails, Ice Cream | Sweat Free, Powder Coated Tumble

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Reviews-My wife was given a Yeti 12 oz. tumbler as a gift. She asked me to get another to have a matching pair. I searched Amazon and found this item in the same color and size at less than half the cost of a Yeti. The Chillout felt lighter so I assumed they used a lighter gauge stainless steel. I now assumed that the Yeti would hold ice longer so I tried a little experiment. I filled both tumblers with ice and left them on the kitchen counter. I wanted to see how long the ice would last. I covered them with a saucer to close off the top. (Sidebar, the Chillout comes with a nice lid, the Yeti did not.) The two tumblers sat on the counter over night. A total of 12 hours. In the morning the ice ball left in the Chillout was twice the size of the Yeti.

Best Simple Modern Tumbler Travel Mug

Simple Modern 12oz Classic Tumbler Travel Mug with Clear Flip Lid & Straw - Coffee Vacuum Insulated Gift for Men and Women Beer Pint Cup - 18/8 Stainless Steel Water Bottle - Midnight Black

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 This travel mug is amazing, my coffee was still hot by my lunch break even though there was only a few drinks left. I flipped it upside down to test it and didn’t lose a single drop. The outside stays cool to the touch & the shimmer colors are very cute! My new favorite tumbler!

NEW Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

NEW Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2, 10 oz, Black, 1.5-hr Battery Life - App Controlled Heated Coffee Mug - Improved Design

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The World’s First Temperature-Control Mug – Ember is a design-led temperature-control brand and technology platform, whose mission is to revolutionize the way people eat, drink and live. Founded by inventor and serial entrepreneur Clay Alexander, Ember creates, designs and develops temperature-control products that offer people complete customization. The award-winning Ember Travel Mug and Ember Mug are the most advanced coffee mugs on the market, allowing individuals to set and maintain their preferred drinking temperature for hot beverages.

Thermos Stainless King 16 Ounce Travel Mug

Thermos Stainless King 16 Ounce Travel Mug with Handle, Cranberry

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Stay cool under pressure. When you work hard, you need hardworking gear. Meet the stainless king vacuum insulated beverage bottle. This non nonsense workhorse gets the job done with durable stainless steel, double wall vacuum insulation and a simple twist and pour stopper. Thermos Stainless Steel King Product features include: Easy open – an easy to use twist and pour stopper lets you pour your dink without removing the stopper. 100% Stainless Steel -durable from the serving cup to the base. And better temperature regulation too. Hotter, colder, longer – we just want to keep hot liquids hot and cold ones cold and with TherMax double wall vacuum insulation, you’ve got just that. No burn, no sweat exterior – cool technology keeps the Stainless King bottle cool to the touch with hot liquids and sweat-free with ice cold.

Why using a travel mug?

Maybe you have not thought about owning a travel mug until you have a baby and need to purchase some of them to storage boiled hot water to prepare a baby’s bottle. You find big bulky travel mugs that you will have to carry, and they do not work properly. What about a picnic or a skiing trip? If you want to drink some hot chocolate or coffee, you must be prepared to pay a lot, or buy your own travel, the wisest choice in order to save money.

Also, a travel mug will join you offering a cold or a hot beverage. The best part of the travel mugs, are the durability, the ability to avoid the excessive use of plastic glasses for you, as well as be safe against dripping, accidents and be a great mug to take your favourite beverage wherever you go.
A travel mug is perfect to take to the mountain, the beach, the office, the university, in your car, in your backpack, purse, and be safe about spilling. Those are perfect for coffee lovers and people to take some hot soup from home and have a nice lunch. The travelling mugs are everywhere. The parents own at least two.

If you have had the chance to travel around the world, you will see in different countries the traveling mugs in carts along other traveling mugs, filled with coffee, coffee and milk, hot chocolate, tea, and traditional beverages, used as a way of living in other countries.

You also can see them in restaurant and bakeries, hospital and university cafeterias, and by the end of the day, you end paying a lot of money on beverages and drinks, when you could have purchased your travel mug and save that money and discard of the plastic cups that end becoming just garbage after one single use.

So, if you do not feel confident about making this expense, you have to take into account that maybe this is the time to think about the planet, and by the way, the incredible amount of money you spend on tea and coffee when you could just take your own in a travel mug.

A travel mug can be a really good purchase, making you save a lot of money and even as a great addition to your business. It’s time to begin the pursuit of the best travel mug, and see which one is adapted to your needs. The criteria to find the best Travel Mug, could be:

  • Price (a good price for a good travel mug).
  • Appearance (I would like an attractive one).
  • Maintenance of the temperature (I had one as a gift. That was lousy).
  • Size (there are travel mugs in several sizes).
  • The cap.
  • Resistance to hits and bumps (my lousy gift crashed when I was used to drink cold coffee out of it already.).
  • Washing requirements (a demanding one is not good).
  • Portability.
  • Special features.

Keeping that in mind, you have to remember that a travel mug is an investment that could bring you years of hot and cold beverages, that’s why you will find some expensive ones and other tempting cheap ones. Cheaper is not better when you talk about travel mugs. Materials are really important and the performance must worth the price you are paying.

The idea in this review is finding the best travel mug for you, the best for your bakery or restaurant, the best for the baby’s water, the best travel mug to give as a gift, and the best travel mug for coffee lovers.


A travel mug is the best purchase a coffee lover can make. You have to choose wisely. The good looking and cheap thermal cups will not be good at all. This review was made using four different sources: Manufacturer websites, two different online stores opinions, a random review website and the knowledge of the Dewar Vessel technology in order to reveal the alleged properties some products tend to promote.

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