Top 20 Best Portable Ice Makers For 2020-2021 Reviews

The Best Portable Ice Makers For 2020 Reviews and Guide

  1. Best EdgeStar IB120SS Home Ice Maker
  2. Igloo ICE103 -Best Counter top Ice Maker
  3. Best 2020 -Igloo Red Counter top Ice Macker
  4. Best 2020-Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Ice Machine
  5. Best Edgestar IP210SS1 Portable Ice Machine
  6. Ivation Counter top Ice Maker in 2020
  7. Igloo ICE108 Blue Compact Portable Ice Machine

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Portable ice makers are very popular. They are small and compact, so they tend to be great travel companions to make ice with while camping in your RV or a cabin. Portable ice makers also eliminate the need to spend money on tons of ice for your next get together. Many portable ice makers offer very similar features but can vary greatly in price.

The portable ice maker has remained a popular counter-top appliance and with good reason. It is the best machine used by many people to get supplemental ice. Though the home ice machine is commonly used in the kitchen, this fantastic little machine can be used anywhere. The portable ice maker is ideal for people who love spending time outdoors and can equally come in handy to those who enjoy hosting summer parties.
If you’re going through this post, it means you’re looking for the best portable ice maker to make ice cubes perhaps somewhere away from the city. In our article, we will give you full knowledge of the best ice maker to help you purchase a countertop ice maker that is suitable for you.

We took the guess work out of it for you and found the 20 best portable ice makers for 2020



Top 5 Best Budget Ice Makers 2020 At a Glance

Top Portable Ice Maker
What About Price
Igloo ICEB33BK 33-Pound Automatic Portable Countertop Ice Maker Machine, Black Igloo ICEB33BK 33-Pound Automatic Portable Countertop Ice Maker Machine, Black


Check Price
KUPPET 2 in 1 Countertop Ice Maker, Produces 36 lbs Ice in 24 Hours, Ready in 6min, LED Display (Black) KUPPET 2 in 1 Countertop Ice Maker, Produces 36 lbs Ice in 24 Hours, Ready in 6min, LED Display


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Tavata Countertop Portable Ice Maker Machine, 9 Ice Cubes Ready in 6 Mins, Makes 33 lbs of Ice per 24 Hours, Stainless Steel Ice Maker with Ice Scoop and Basket (High-end) Tavata Countertop Portable Ice Maker Machine, 9 Ice Cubes Ready in 6 Mins, Makes 33 lbs of Ice maker


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VIVOHOME Countertop Ice Maker Machine with Full Visible Window, 26 lbs Ice in 24 Hrs, Ice Scoop Included, Red VIVOHOME Countertop Ice Maker Machine with Full Visible Window, 26 lbs Ice in 24 Hrs, Ice Scoop Included, Red


Check Price
Kenwell Portable Ice Maker, Countertop Ice Machine, Ready in 8min, 26 lbs/day Ice Cubes, Ice Scoop and Basket Kenwell Portable Ice Maker, Countertop Ice Machine, Ready in 8min, 26 lbs/day Ice Cubes, Ice Scoop and Basket


Check Price

What is the Portable ice maker?

These Small Portable Ice Makers are the impressive countertop appliance which supplementals enormous amount of ice in the kitchen or home bar. With this  Best Portable Ice Making Machine you will never have to deal with those pesky ice trays and permanently installed machines again. As the name suggests, these ice machines are completely portable and require no installation. All you have to do is pour water into the reservoir and select your settings, Within few minutes you’ll be served with chilled ice cubes.

Latest Ice makers with Advanced features are available in Todays Market. But, Portable ice makers are Best and Convenient to use. We started research on Best Rated Portable machines to get a solution for this question. Finally, we found the Best portable ice making machines based on certain characteristics like production capacity, cycle time, drain spout, Removable bin, watertight basin, size, etc.,

Which Ice Maker is the Best for Your Requirement?

The igloo is the best suitable if you are looking for the long life and quick ice-making machine. The Igloo ICE103 countertop ice maker is the latest Best ice maker launched by Igloo company. It can able to produce the ice within 6 minutes. The igloo portable ice makers maximum ice production capacity is 26lbs which are the best suitable for the home purpose.

If you are having a big family and needed the plenty of ice, then the NewAir portable ice maker is best the best ice maker for home Since it can be able to produce 28lbs of ice per day. It will take 15 minutes to produce 9 ice cubes per batch cycle, but its cost is higher than among all best ones.

The Avalon Bay Portable ice maker is the best suitable for the outdoor purpose like summer camps since it is lite weight device. The Avalon Bay is capable of producing the 26lbs ice per day.

If you are looking for the cheapest portable ice makers with good quality, then the EdgeStar and Ivation are the Best Ice Machine for you. Both are using modern technologies for producing the ice.

Common Problems with Portable Ice Makers and how to solve?

Sometimes the ice maker may work improperly due to small misconfigurations. It is very easy to solve that little problem yourselves. Common Problems that occur when using the portable ice makers are presented here with remedies.

How to buy a New and Best Portable ice maker?

Based on your convenient, you can purchase the ice maker by visiting the nearest showroom or on online shopping websites. We have already discussed the Best portable ice maker price online. Coming to online purchasing, It is the time saving process, and you can also find the customer reviews on particular ice maker through online shopping which is the primary consideration. In this, You can see many deals on the Best portable ice maker for sale, compare the cost of the required one and find the cheap price ice maker with good quality. Place the order within specified time to grab the offer price of the ice maker.

The Best Portable ice maker Reviews

Check out our top rated best portable ice makers buy in 2020-2021 at amazon .

1. Best EdgeStar IB120SS Home Ice Machine

EdgeStar IB120SS Built in Ice Maker, 12 lbs, Stainless Steel and Black

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The machine weighs 12lbs, has a stainless steel body and a perfect black finish that makes it quite light, durable and compact for most small spaces. The unit can also double as a freezer that will keep ice frozen. It produces 12 pounds of ice a day and can store up to 6 lbs of ice.
It is super easy to install and use. The unit features an on/off power switch and will automatically shut-off when the ice bin is full. Additional features include a reversible door for left or right-hand swing and a front venting system allows freestanding installation. An ice scoop is also included.

2. Igloo ICE103 -Best Counter top Ice Maker

Frigidaire EFIC103 Ice Maker Machine Heavy Duty, Large Stainless Steel
Check Price On AmazonIgloo’s model ICE103 sells at a reasonable price and comes with an oversized ice bucket that can hold 2.2lbs of ice. Thanks to its compact design and portable nature, this unit can be used anywhere, whether in the kitchen or outdoors. The unit will produce 26lbs of ice per day. It lets you enjoy a batch of ice within the shortest time – six minutes. Besides, ICE103 by Igloo allows you to choose three ice cube sizes for improved use. It has a stainless steel body that makes it quite durable.

3. Best Whynter IMC-270MS Countertop Ice Maker

Whynter IMC-270MS Compact Ice Maker, 27-Pound, Metallic Silver
Check Price On AmazonYou will love the design of this compact ice maker. It is available in three different tones and comes at a pocket-friendly price that will not interfere with your budget. The product has a height of 12.90 inches, a length of 14.10 inches and width of 9.50. It is the best ice maker to buy if you have limited space in your kitchen.
This countertop ice maker boasts of a maximum storage capacity of 1.5lbs and water reservoir capacity of 2.2L. It will produce ice in less than 10 minutes and can make 27 pounds of ice in a day. There are two different ice cube sizes for you to choose from.

4. Best Igloo Red Counter top Ice Machine

Check Price On AmazonThe Red portable ice maker is the cheapest unit by Igloo that lets you have ice in less than 6 minutes. It will make up to 26lbs of ice per day and gives you to size options for you to choose from. The machine is quite compact and will fit any kitchen size or small space. Igloo’s 26lbs portable ice maker can store 1.5lbs of ice at a time. It additionally features 2.3quart reservoir and has electronic LED controls that make it easy to use.

5. Best 2020-Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Portable Ice Machine

Check Price On AmazonWhat makes this unit the best ice maker is the automatic overflow protection feature. It produces 26lbs of ice a day and has two ice sizes to choose from. The machine can make fresh ice in less than six minutes making it quite convenient. It can be used outdoors aside from setting it on your kitchen countertop. Besides, the unit also features easy-to-use push buttons.

6. Best Cuisinart ICE-70 Ice Cream Maker

Cuisinart ICE-70 Electronic Ice Cream Maker, Brushed Chrome, Ice Cream Maker with Countdown Timer, With Countdown Timer
Check Price On AmazonThis brushed chrome ice cream maker is engineered with a countdown timer and auto shutoff feature that makes it even more convenient than conventional home ice machines. The ICE-70 can make 2 quarts of ice cream, gelato, and frozen yogurt. There is an ingredient spout that has an integrated measuring cup. ICE-70 by Cuisinart also features an improved paddle with fast processing time, LCD control panel and three settings with different speeds.

7. Best Homegear Pro Counter top Ice Maker

Homegear Pro Countertop Ice Cube Maker/Machine
Check Price On AmazonThis ice cube maker has a storage capacity of 1.8lbs and water reservoir capacity of 0.58 gallon. It produces 26lbs of ice in a day and has an ice-making cycle of between 9 to 13 minutes. Homegear is a widely known brand for making the best ice makers, and this model is no exception. It is a compact model with a sturdy ABS shell that is also durable. The machine weighs 22lbs and additionally comes with a basket and scoop.

8. Best Edgestar IP210SS1 Portable Ice Machine

Check Price On AmazonThis stainless steel portable ice machine is a 25-pound ice maker that can store 2 pounds of ice and produce up to 28 pounds a day. It lets you make ice anywhere within six minutes. It has simple easy-to-use electronic buttons and a compact size standing at 15 inches high. It is the best countertop ice maker for those who have limited kitchen space. The home ice machine is wrapped in commercial-grade stainless steel that makes it look quite elegant and also ensures durability.

9. Best Ivation Portable Counter top Ice Maker

Ivation Portable Ice Maker - Compact Countertop Ice Machine Makes Up to 22 Lbs of Crescent Shaped Ice Cubes Per Day - Includes Easy One-Touch Controls, Removable Basket, Viewing Window & Ice Scoop
Check Price On AmazonIvation’s high capacity ice machine features 2.8l water reservoir, can yield up to 26.5 pounds of ice in a day and has three selectable cube sizes. These features, coupled with a compact size, fast speed and sleek design makes this Ivation model the best portable ice maker you’ll find on the market today. It is great for small kitchens and has alerts when the water level is low or when the maximum ice capacity is reached. Further, the unit has a removable tray and large see-through window for process monitoring.

10. Best Knox Portable Ice Machine 2020

Frigidaire EFIC103 Ice Maker Machine Heavy Duty, Large Stainless Steel
Check Price On AmazonThis unit by Knox has a stainless steel body that makes it highly durable for long term use. It can make approximately 27lbs of ice per 24-hour cycle. There are three different ice cube sizes to choose from. The interior tray will hold 2.5lbs of ice, and the backlit touch control panel is easy to use. The unit will re-make melted ice automatically. It alerts you when the water level is low and when the ice is full. Besides, there are a clock and timer functions that equally contribute to this unit’s usefulness.

11. Ivation Counter top Ice Maker

Check Price On AmazonThe sleek design of this unit will add a nice touch to your kitchen countertop. It has a tinted transparent top window that lets you check the ice level. It will yield up to 26.5 pounds of ice in a day. The machine is ideal for those looking to purchase a high-quality ice maker on a small budget. It allows efficient ice-making within the shortest time with the option of selecting two different cube sizes. The easy-to-use digital control, indicator alerts and removable tray conversely make this ice machine convenient to use.

12. Della Premium Portable Countertop Ice Maker

Della Premium Ice Maker Portable Counter-Top, Daily Ice Making Capacity: 26 LBS (Silver)
Check Price On AmazonDella’s Premium unit is a countertop ice maker that is portable and would be great for many outdoor adventures. It is ETL, and UL certified and has overall unit dimensions of 14-1/2”L, 9-3/4”W and 12-3/4”H. The ice making capacity per cycle is nine pieces and the daily ice making capacity is 26 pounds.
The machine additionally features easy-to-use touch buttons, has a water reservoir of 2.3quarts and will give you ice in six minutes. It has alert feature for peace of mind and a power voltage of 115V. Packaging includes an ice scoop along with the portable ice machine.

13. Magic Chef MCIM22ST Portable Ice Machine

Magic Chef MCIM22ST 27 lb Ice Maker Stainless Steel
Check Price On AmazonMagic Chef is a famous brand known for making the best kitchen appliances, and the home ice machine is no exception. This unit clearly explains and demonstrates this point. It gives you the best of both worlds – an elegant, durable design and outstanding performance.
This model by Magic Chef has a sleek stainless steel body that is highly durable and will serve you for a very long time. It gives you two choices of ice cube sizes and makes them in as little as 7 minutes. The unit can make nine ice cubes per cycle. The ice maker will make up to 27lbs of ice per day. Moreover, there is an exterior drain and a see-through window.

14. Della 048-GM-48224 Countertop Electric Ice Maker

Electric Ice Maker
Check Price On AmazonDella’s model is a white affordable countertop ice maker that will make ice cubes within the shortest time. It is perfect for small kitchens or any small area where you’d like to have an ice maker. This top-notch portable ice machine has easy-to-use touch buttons, features a see-through window and gives you alerts for peace of mind. Della home ice machine will yield up to 26 pounds of ice in a day. It is made with plastic material and weighs 21.7 pounds.

15. Igloo ICE108 Blue Compact Portable Ice Machine

Frigidaire Portable Compact Maker, Counter Top Ice Making Machine, 26lb per day (Blue) (EFIC108-BLUE)
Check Price On AmazonIgloo ICE108 has a sleek metallic blue body that makes it stand out from other units. It lets you enjoy batches of ice that can be produced in less than six minutes. The machine has a water reservoir with a capacity of 2.3quart. It allows you to choose two different ice sizes and will store up to 1.5lbs of ice at a time. This blue home ice machine is capable of producing 26lbs of ice per day.

16. Della Portable Countertop Ice Maker

Frigidaire EFIC103 Ice Maker Machine Heavy Duty, Large Stainless Steel
Check Price On AmazonDella’s unit has a stainless steel design, weighs 21 pounds and has a power voltage of 120volts. It measures 17 by 13 by 16 inches and comes with an ice scoop for added convenience. No installation is required with this compact ice machine that can be used anywhere provided there is an outlet available.
It has an elegant finish that will surely match any kitchen’s décor. The integrated storage bin can hold 1.5lbs of ice at a time. Furthermore, the unit can create ice in an average of 6 minutes and will make up to 26lbs ice in 24 hours. It is ETL-certified, pretty easy to use and has alerts for added convenience.

17. Hamilton Beach PIM-2-1A Portable Ice Machine

Check Price On AmazonHamilton Beach is a brand to trust when it comes to household appliances. It is applauded for making the best products including the ice maker. This top-quality sleek model supports this point quite well. It is made of a BPA-free plastic material that is durable and will last a long time.
The product’s features include a high-efficiency compressor, three LED indicators, and easy touch buttons. It produces nine cubes every 6 to eight minutes and 25 pounds ice per day. The water reservoir capacity is 2.5L. This is the best portable ice maker that will keep your drinks cold on a hot day.

18. NutriChef PICEM75 Home Ice Machine and Dispenser

Check Price On AmazonThis Ice Maker and Dispenser will not disappoint; it will keep your drinks chilled on a hot summer day. It allows a hassle-free operation that lets you produce pellet-shaped ice cubes in 9 minutes. You can connect a water supply for direct water tapping. The 25.4-pound home ice machine has a water reservoir capacity of 1.8L and ice storage capacity of 600g. It measures 14.6 by 12.2 by 13.8 in inches. It is highly convenient since it makes 33lbs of ice cubes daily.

19. Magic Chef MCIM22R Red Countertop Ice Maker

Check Price On AmazonThe beautiful red shade of this unit will give your kitchen a nice touch. Aside from an elegant look, this machine is highly convenient and offers outstanding performance. It can make ice in less than 7 minutes with nine ice cubes per cycle. The Magic Chef red unit conversely makes 27lbs of ice per day. It has two ice cube size options and also features a see-through window for easy visibility.

20. NewAir Al-100BK Portable Ice Maker

Check Price On AmazonThis 28-pound portable ice machine boasts of a flawless design that offers consistent and dependable ice production within 15 minutes. It is quite convenient and has a compact design that makes it ideal for use in a small kitchen or other small spaces like RVs and boats.
The model can produce 28 pounds of ice in a day so that you can never run out of ice again. It requires no installation making it pretty easy to use. The machine equally boasts of an easy-to-use control panel that lets you choose three ice sizes. It sells at a low price and comes in five different shades. With such an elegant design and excellent performance, it is no wonder this model ranks as the best portable ice maker in the 2017 market.

Portable Ice Makers Buying Guide

What is Portable Ice Maker

Ice makers are electric devices (usually) that are fed with water through their reservoir tanks and they use this water to create ice that is accessible through their ice tray. This is the basic workings of most ice makers, and it may differ from brand to brand. Ice makers are better than traditional ice trays in the freezer because they can make ice instantly, eliminating the long waiting times associated with the traditional way. Metal prongs that are at a very low temperature are lowered into the water making it freeze at once. The machine then goes on to produce the ice (usually bullet-shaped), and you can scoop it up and serve when it’s done. Extremely comfortable and extremely convenient. All you have to do is plug the ice maker in and pour water till the required point (usually indicated by a line drawn in the water reservoir), and you’ll have a batch of ice in the next few minutes.

Features of Best Portable Ice Maker

Portable ice makers are a specialized machine for making ice only. This device ideally looks like medium carton-13 to 14 inches in wide and depth and 11 to 12 inches tall. Portable ice makers as the name suggest designed for easy portability, so these machines are typically light weighted. For the convenience of an ice making an average ice maker takes up to 5-10 minutes to produce nine cubes of ice of 3 different sizes large, medium and small. Ice makers can be of various capacity. There are ice makers who have 20-25 pounds production capacity per day for regular household use.

On the other hand, there are huge ice makers who have 28-30 pounds ice production capacity per day for a pool, barbeque or house parties. In a traditional ice maker usually, there is no automatic water supply facility. You have to pour the water from outside into the reservoir. You can use both tap and bottled water, however, bottled water is preferred by many for better-tasting ice cubes. Digital ice makers contain colorful buttons and indicators to let you know whether you need to add water or take out the ice. The ice makers which include LCD comes with a timer too, which allows you to choose the time when you want the ice maker to start making ice.

Most of the ice makers come with the facility of automatic shutdown whenever it is done producing ice. Here, keep one thing in mind; Ice makers are specially made for manufacturing ice, they do not have the feature of keeping the ice frozen for the extended period. So, I suggest that take out the ice from the ice maker once it has been produced, keep them in zipping bags and put the bag in the freezer for storage. The majority of the ice makers provide a bullet shaped ice, with one hollow end. These ice cubes are not crystal clear like the one you find at restaurants, but they surely taste the same and in some cases even better than the ice served at restaurants and bars.

If you love having plenty of ice cubes at your disposal but are sick of the inconvenience of manual ice cube trays in the freezer, then chances are that you will benefit greatly from a portable, at-home ice cube maker. There are a few considerations that you need to keep in mind when thinking of the perfect portable ice maker for you, and these are highlighted below.

Capacity and size:Most of the portable ice makers on the market will have a similar capacity, maybe varying by a pound or two. The main difference will be in the physical size of the maker itself. If you have a smaller kitchen or plan on taking the maker with you when you travel (such as camping or on a boat), then the smaller capacity makers might be better. Although they may make less ice overall than their larger counterparts, they will still make enough to meet your needs.

The larger capacity ice makers have a benefit that you do not need to add water as often, or clear out the ice tray as often. So this can save time and effort, especially if you do not want to be sitting and watching the maker at all times. The ice needs to be transferred to a freezer in order to stay frozen otherwise it will melt and need to be refrozen. You will also want to find an ice maker with an alert letting you know when the ice is full so that you can start using that ice and start a new batch straight away.

Ice cube size and style:If you thought an ice cube was simply an ice cube, then you are mistaken. There are various sizes of cubes that can be made, and these will have different purposes depending on your needs. Smaller ice cubes may be preferred for things like smoothies and to fill ice buckets to cool beverages. While larger ice cubes tend to be used in drinks such as whiskey or even to cool water. Kids also tend to find larger ice cubes fun and can make a healthy drink more appealing for them! Most good portable ice makers will have the option to choose between two or three different ice cube sizes, so if you want a particular range of sizes, then make sure you choose a maker that has more options.

Not only is an ice cube not just an ice cube, but it turns out that the color of the ice actually matters. There will be some ice cube makers that specifically create clear ice, which is actually not only more aesthetically appealing, but also melts at a slower rate. So if you want to have the highest quality ice possible, then you will want to search for a higher end maker that makes the clear ice.

Additional features:Ice making has gone beyond simply freezing water into a particular shape portable ice makers these days often come with other features and uses, depending on how much you are willing to pay. You can get some ice makers that ill also crush ice, which can be great if you have kids who like snow cones. And many good ice makers have a feature where any unused and melted ice cubes simply melt into the water reservoir and will be re-frozen when the maker is turned on again. This will save water and make for less cleaning. There are also some makers that allow for different shaped cubes gone are the days when an ice cube had to be a square or rectangle shape. Common shapes include bullets and donuts, and can add a bit of fun and style to the ice making process.

Who Needs The Portable Ice Maker

The short answer to this question is everyone who enjoys keeping cool during the summer has to have a portable ice maker. Some people, however, NEED to own a portable ice maker. Here are some examples of who they are:

  • Large families : Because of the size of your family, a traditional ice tray simply wouldn’t do. Invest in a portable ice maker so that ice is readily available for everyone and in abundance so that no house wars are started over who used the last bit of ice and did not refill the tray.
  • Caterers and catering businesses: Especially in the summer, it is important to a catering business to have an ice maker at hand so that the people are kept cool and refreshed and your service will move on smoothly. I attended a wedding last summer which went on a little longer than expected. The after party was in a beautiful garden but I hated every second of it. The caterers forgot to bring any ice thinking that is just chilling the drinks was enough. People had to drink warm beers and flat sodas, and this was not a very pleasant experience.
  • Event planners: The difference between a failed event and a successful one is the mood of the people. Ice and cold drinks in the blazing heat will ALWAYS improve the attitudes of people so be sure to add one to your inventory to make life easier for yourself.

Things to consider before buying a portable ice maker

  • Ice production capacity on the daily basis: This is a vital factor while choosing an ice maker. You might need a significant amount of ice on a daily basis, or you might just need five cubes a day. Depending on your need choose the ice maker. There are ice makers with 50 pounds of an ice making capacity, and also there are ice makers with just 20 pounds of ice-making capacity. According to your need choose the best portable ice maker for yourself.
  • Portability: These machines are bought for ice making mainly. Besides home, you need ice for outdoors like during picnic, camping, barbeque parties and on RV or boats. So portability becomes a must have quality for ice makers. While buying ice makers make sure the ice maker is light enough for carrying easily, and also they must contain carrying handles.
  • Self-cleaning facility: Cleaning becomes a tiresome work sometimes. Select such an ice maker which comes with a self-cleaning service. This feature will save a lot of your energy, however, remember to give the unit a thorough cleaning using vinegar solution once in a week.
  • Digital control panel and LED display: Always buy one of those ice makers which comes with futuristic design, digital control panel and LED display. As these models are available in the market, do not settle for some dated ice maker. Portable ice makers with digital control panel have soft push button for selecting ice size, self –cleaning and turning on and off. It has indicators for adding water and emptying ice bin.
  • Energy saving feature: The best quality of modern ice makers is the energy saving feature. An ice maker containing this facility will automatically shut down once the ice maker is full thus saving a lot of energy. Whenever you consider buying an ice maker make sure, it comes with this feature.

The Portable Ice Maker Advantage

There are not a lot of individual factors to consider when choosing the best portable ice maker to suit your needs. Once you have taken into account your plans for its use, what size you need, and what style you like best, you are well on your way to portable ice maker heaven.

If you are still on the fence about whether or not you need a portable ice maker at all, take a moment to consider all of the advantages that come with owning one of these machines.

The first and most obvious advantage is its portability. (It’s right in the name!) You can easily transport your chosen machine to whatever place is most convenient for you. If you enjoy boating, camping, or throwing outdoor parties, your portable ice maker can go wherever you go.

Secondly, portable ice makers work fast. Even if you forgot to put ice in the freezer for your drink with tonight’s dinner, all you have to do is fill the reservoir, turn it on, and you will have your ice in ten minutes or less. You don’t have to fill ice trays and wait for your freezer to do its job.

The third advantage to owning a portable ice maker is that it requires very little maintenance. They are simple to clean and often recycle the water from unused ice that was melted. To keep it clean, you only need to wipe it out and occasionally send some lemon juice or vinegar through the drain.

Last, but not least, a portable ice maker is convenient. You barely need to read the instructions (although we still recommend that you do) because the operating system for each portable ice maker is so straightforward. No matter what you plan to use it for, you can’t go wrong with a purchase of a high-quality portable ice maker to save you time and money and keep you cool year-round.

What accessories will I need for portable ice makers?

Ice Scoop

The main accessory that you would be needing with your portable ice makers is a scoop. While its not completely necessary as it does not affect the functionality of the maker, it definitely helps to be able to scoop out the ice easily. Many brands will have their own scoops designed for their particular maker, however a scoop is a scoop and so you will be able to use any brand or style that suits you. Some of the better portable ice makers will come with a small plastic scoop, so check the specifications when purchasing. Some people prefer to use a metal scoop, and will find the ones included with purchase either too small or flimsy. It can also be useful to have more than one scoop, especially if you plan on having more than one bucket filled with ice at your party or get together.

Ice Bag

A specially designed ice bag is always a good idea when you have an ice maker as it helps in transporting the ice from one location to another. It basically has the same idea as one of the bags when you buy ice from the liquor store and is perfect if you want to make the ice at home and transport it somewhere else (such as a party or camping). The specially designed ice bags generally have a pull string and will be disposable and are sold in bulk. They are specially designed so as to not melt, and actually insulate the ice to prevent melting en-route. They can also double as storage bags for the freezer so you can make a large batch of ice, fill up a few bags and keep them in your freezer at home for when you need them.

Ice Bins

One important thing to realize is that once the ice is made, if it is left in the ice cube maker, it will eventually melt they do not double as a freezer. So unless you plan on using the ice cubes immediately, you will want to invest in some sort of ice bin or tray for storing the ice in your freezer. All portable ice makers will come with one ice tray that the completed ice cubes will fall into. These trays are removable from the maker for easy storage, however if you want to make more than one batch of ice at a time, then you will be needing more than one. Many people also find that the ice is too soft when it is first made, so prefer to leave it in an actual freezer for an hour or two to harden up. Without an ice bin or tray then you will have nowhere to store your ice in the freezer, and they can also be removed from the freezer for convenient ice access when required.

How long does it take to make ice?

Depending on the maker, on average a portable ice maker will start producing usable ice cubes after only 5 or 6 minutes. It can take 24 hours to fill capacity which is usually around the 25 to 30-pound mark, however you will have a constant stream of ice cubes which can be used throughout the process. So even if you forget to have the ice maker going before a party or event, you can rest assured knowing that you will start having ice available after only 6 minutes which is likely to be even quicker than driving to the shops and buying ice. Not to mention cheaper! The time it takes to create a batch of ice cubes also depends on the size of the cubes, so if you need more ice quicker, then opt for a smaller size cube.

The ice will come out of the maker slowly, one cube at a time, rather than a whole pound or two getting dumped at once. So if you are out of ice, then you will only need to wait a maximum of a few minutes for a few fresh cubes to appear. They are deceptively efficient, and a lot of the good reviews are based around just how quickly and effortless it is to produce a large amount of ice at home without the need for an expensive or complicated contraption.

Does it require plumbing?

Portable ice makers are designed and marketed for use in the average home and are made to be portable, so do not require any plumbing. They are smaller in capacity than the industrial ice makers so would not suit a commercial kitchen deeming it completely unnecessary to connect to the plumbing. The makers are all portable, meaning they can easily be unplugged and transported anywhere perfect for use not only in the home, but when out in the boat, caravan or even camping (as long as there is electricity available). All it requires is a power port to work. The water is poured directly into a reservoir so will need to be toped up after a certain amount of ice is produced (how much varies from brand to brand so check the specifications).

There are larger more industrial style ice makers that can be plumbed in, however these would not be under the portable ice maker category.We have carried out an extensive research and ranked these portable ice makers based on the amount of ice that you can make at a go, the speed with which you can make the ice for your cocktail or ice parties, the amount of space it occupies, user-friendliness and general reliability.These portable ice makers that we have reviewed are simply the best in the market. You can use these to make as much ice as you want for those ice parties wherever you need it.

10 Places that would benefit from a Portable Ice maker

Portable ice makers are the specialized device for making ice. But its use would certainly vary depending on the place it is used, so would its benefits. Indoors like Home, Backyard Party, Break Room, Catering, Hotel Rooms benefit profoundly by using this user-friendly and cost effecting device. Likewise, it makes Boating, RVing, Camping, Vacationing and Tailgating a more enjoyable experience.

Portable Ice Maker Needs in Home

The need for portable ice maker at your home is undeniable. If you are the type of person who needs chilled drinks at your hand all the time, then portable ice maker is a must have a device at your home. This device with smart technology will make your life easier than before. With its LED control panel, timer and self-cleaning feature, a portable ice maker will turn your ice making the experience into an enjoyable one. You do not need to do much for getting ice from this device. All you have to do is that just clean the ice maker before the first use, pour water into the reservoir, put the lid of the device back on and turn on the machine. In just about 10 minutes you will get 9-10 cubes of ice ready. Put the ice into your drink and enjoy a nice refreshing drink.

Backyard Party

You have a big backyard party planned for a scorching hot afternoon. You have invited over 200 guests and arranged a cocktail corner for all your guests. In such situations you have to spend a bulk amount of money to buy huge amount of ice for your invited guests. In such cases if you can just save a lot of money by making the ice at home at your own convenience. Would not it be the best thing ever? Portable Ice Maker has brought exactly this facility for you. You do not need to worry any more. Just put the required amount of water in the unit and bring out batches of ice in just about 10 minutes.

Break Room

The break room in any office, school, college, conference area should have a portable ice maker. The regular freezer is just disappointing for serving to a big crowd. A typical freezer can produce the very small amount of ice which fails to fulfill the demand of the people. On the other hand, a portable ice maker makes 9-10 cubes of ice per 10-15 minutes which will easily fulfil the request of a large group of people and keep them happy. Another thing to bear in mind is that break periods are usually very brief so a fast and constant supply of ice should be ensured in break rooms. The portable ice maker is just the perfect device to satisfy this need of significant amount of ice.


While catering, you do not want to lack behind in anything, not even at the beverage area. If you are running a catering business successfully, the little device called portable ice maker can make your business 3 X times more profit making than before. Most of the time, you need to buy tons of ice to keep the chilled drinks supply up and to run. A 20-pound ice bag would probably cost you $ 6-8, but a portable ice maker can yield up to 50 pounds of ice without charging anything. Well, the electricity cost is next to nothing! So if you are willing to make your catering business more profit-making buy one portable ice maker as soon as possible.

Hotel Rooms

If you are a hotel or motel business owner, then you should consider having a portable ice maker in your hotel. If possible make it a must have in every room of your hotel or at least keep one at the dining and bar area. Regular freezer keeps other things cold but is not specialised in making ice. On the other hand, portable ice maker can produce up to 50 pounds of in just 24 hours. It will take 10-15 minutes to create 9-10 cubes of ice. For your business, this device is not only profitable but also alluring.


Boating is incomplete without drinking. You become exhausted of the dusty city life, so you want to be close to Mother Nature. What could be dearer to us than deep Blue Ocean or wide-wild river? On a never forget to take the compact portable ice maker with you. It will increase the joy of boating. If you can’t manage to get a power supply on the boat, then make ice hours before your journey and store them in zipping bags into the freezer and just before going out keep the bags in the ice maker. The ice maker has to carry handle for comfortable portability. Keep the portable ice maker in a corner of the ice, ready to be used for chilling your drink and set off for your adventures journey on the water.


RVing is an everyday activity in our life. Every once in a while, you feel like getting out of the house and keep going on the road. You enjoy gypsy-like lifestyle but off course, you never want to give up your comfort and luxury! Only because we became so accustomed to this modern way of life. In the RV, you have to have a constant supply of ice cold drink cold coffee, milkshake or wine. For keeping up with your need, you have to take portable ice maker with you as the normal freezer will fail to deliver the required amount of ice. So choose wisely, remember to keep portable ice maker in a steady and safe corner of your RV and close to the power supply unit.


Camping would not be complete without the experience of sitting on a deck chair on the top of the hill and enjoying the site with a chilling drink in your hand. Most portable ice makers have a space saving design and are very compact. So you can keep your compact portable ice maker in any corner of your tent. Do not forget to take out extra water with you. For power supply use any standard power unit.

Vacation Home

Vacation homes are supposed to be our get away from the everyday struggle. If we have to go through the painful process of making ice in the freezer by filling up the ice trays again and again, then certainly the vacation would not feel like a holiday, right? The ideal solution for this problem is to own a portable ice maker. You do not need to do much for getting ice from this device. All you have to do is that just clean the ice maker before the first use, pour water into the reservoir, put the lid of device back on and turn on the machine. In just about 10 minutes you will get 9-10 cubes of ice ready. Put the ice into your drink and enjoy a nice refreshing drink.


While hosting or attending a social gathering at which an informal meal is served from the back of a parked vehicle, typically in the parking lot of a sports stadium. As tailgating is a typically after sports event, it should indeed contain a beverage section with the endless supply of ice. The cold beverage increases the taste of grilled chicken or beef. The continuous supply of ice from portable ice maker cools off the thirsty people and double up their enjoyment. Make sure to have enough water supply in your car and arrange a constant power supply for keep the portable ice maker plugged in.

Next time you want to enjoy a nice and chilling drink without any hassle try producing ice in portable ice maker. As you can see almost every place has its own way to be benefitted from owning ice maker, you would definitely make a smart choice by buying one for your home, office or RV.

Some smart tips for operating portable Ice maker

Make sure to take out all the tapes or ribbons which are stuck on the body or parts of the ice maker and wash everything thoroughly.

  • When unpacking the ice maker:
    Make sure to take out all the tapes or ribbons which are stuck on the body or parts of the ice maker and wash everything thoroughly.
  • Set up and maintenance of a portable Ice maker:
    Before you plug the portable ice maker into a power supply be sure to let it stand upright for at least 24 hours. Place the ice maker in a well-ventilated area where the ambient temperature is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit and below 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Portable Ice makers do not require permanent water line so simply pour the water in and it will make the ice in little 6 minutes. It is advised to dispose the first batch of ice that the machine produces. The storage area of the ice maker is for sure term use only as it will not keep your ice frozen. The ice usage should occur within 24 hours of the batch being produced. Thanks to the innovative water use design water resulting from a melted batch of ice is then used by the machine to make another batch of ice saving you money and water resources.

Five easy steps to ensure proper maintenance of the portable ice maker:

  • Take out the ice basket
  • Clean the interior with a diluted cleaning solution, warm water, and a soft cloth
  • Do not use any causative or abrasive solution
  • The outside of the ice maker should be cleaned regularly with a mild detergent and warm water
  • Dry the interior and the exterior with a soft cloth

Guidelines for Maintaining the Portable Ice Maker

Like all other kitchen appliances in your home, your portable ice maker also needs to be cleaned regularly to get proper service. You may overlook the maintenance of some appliances but in the case of portable ice maker you should be more careful about its proper cleaning and maintenance because the water which is used in the ice maker to produce ice contains different types of minerals and other tiny particles which are not visible to naked eyes until they accumulate and become noticeable. Usually the necessity of cleaning and maintenance of portable ice maker is overlooked until we face any irregularity in making ice. There are some indicators which will alert you when the cleaning of your machine is overdue. The indicators are – smaller cube size, soft ice, stale taste, indistinct ice etc. The filter may not be able to prevent the dust and dirt. Lime and mold buildup also make it difficult for the machine to make ice.

To keep your ice maker in good working condition for a longer time, you should clean and maintain it regularly. If you maintain it properly, it will protect your ice maker from any unwanted disturbances. Regular cleaning and maintenance will prevent all sorts of mineral, lime and hard water buildup.

Cleaning of an ice maker is not a difficult task. Some units have auto cleaning feature which are easy to clean. Just turn the auto cleaning system on and the unit will undertake the task of self-cleaning. Others need to be cleaned manually. If you are not well oriented, you should refer to the manufacturers’, instruction manual to know about the process of cleaning. As soon as you are well oriented by the instruction manual, you can start the actual cleaning. In cleaning, you should use soft cotton cloth, vinegar, lemon and water. Mild soap water and cleaning solution may also be used instead of vinegar and soap.

Steps for cleaning your portable ice maker:

  • Unplug the unit: At the beginning you should turn off the ice maker and unplug it from the wall in order to avoid experiencing electrical shock while cleaning the unit.
  • Drain all water and leftover ice: Remove the left over ice from the unit and throw out all the water. Empty it completely before starting the cleaning process.
  • Remove the ice tray: Remove the ice tray from the interior of the unit and put it off to the side on a clean surface.
  • Remove all removable parts: Remove all removable parts of the unit by referring to the manufacture’s manual to know how these can be detached easily and wash them by hand with warm soapy water, vinegar and then again with normal clean water.
  • Water lining and filter: Take out the water lining and filter and clean it thoroughly. You should change the water filter every six months to keep the unit safe from any buildup.
  • Wipe down the interior: The interior of the unit should be wiped down thoroughly with a soft cotton cloth so that no mineral or other buildup may remain inside. You may use a couple of table spoons of vinegar on the cloth for removing all impurities and calcium buildup that is caused by hard water. Take a long and thin stick and wrap it with a piece of cloth around it and then gently wipe-out the corners and walls of the unit. Take a piece of lemon and rub it all over the unit which will help to remove the calcium build up and rust.
  • Clean the ice tray and snoopers: Clean the ice tray with vinegar and lukewarm water. Do not use too hot water which may cause harm to the plastic items.
  • Air Dry the unit: You should allow time for the unit to dry well in the air so that no moisture can remain in the unit otherwise dust will accumulate insight the unit.
  • Reunite the Machine: After drying all the parts well put the parts back together again.
  • Clean the exterior: Take a piece of soft dry cloth preferably a cotton cloth and warm water. And scrub the exterior of the ice maker so that no dust or dirt remain on the exterior of the portable ice maker. This will give your portable ice maker a clean and fresh look.
  • Operate a cleaning cycle: Fill the reservoir with required amount of water with two cups of vinegar and run a cycle. After the machine completes one batch of ice take all the ice out and throw them away. Repeat the cycle one more time. Run a cycle with clean water and ensure that no plastic taste remains.

Your portable ice maker should be cleaned on a regular basis. How often you should clean it depends on how often you use it. Normal daily indoor use may require yearly cleaning. If you take your ice maker outside a lot, you may need to clean it once a month.

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