Top 10 Best Ice Cream Makers in 2020 – 2021 Buyer’s Guide

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Best Ice Cream Makers in 2020-2021 You can buy now

Best Ice Cream Makers in 2020Ice cream has been is the love of many people across the world today especially women at large. The competition of making the best ice cream has entirely fallen to the makers who are now trying to outwit each other to come out with the best of them all. The number of people who lick and enjoy the sweetness of ice cream is steadily increasing not forgetting the major interest from children too. As the days go by, it will turn on to the aspect of good ice cream not just any ice cream.

Top 5 Best Ice Cream Makers 2020 – 2021 Reviews

  1. Chef’n Sweet Spot Instant Ice Cream Maker
  2. Conair Cuisinart Pure Indulgence Ice Cream Maker
  3. Hamilton Beach Half-Pint Ice Cream Maker
  4. Cuisinart 1.5 Quart Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream Maker
  5. Best Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker

Best Overall Ice Cream Makers

1 Chef’n Sweet Spot Instant Ice Cream Maker

chef'n ice cream maker


from $44 BUY NOW

Best for In-a-Hurry Treats

If you’re up on your food-trend game, you’ve probably seen a picture of those cool-looking rolls of ice cream stuffed in a cup with toppings all over. You can recreate that treat at home with this tool that freezes the ice cream mixture onto a cold surface. Just use the flat-edged scraping paddle it comes with, gliding it forward to create perfect rolls.

If you’re just looking for regular, delicious ice cream, you can simply pour your ice cream mixture on the frozen surface, mix and scrape it around until it freezes enough, and then voila! Ice cream in a hurry! Pretty cool, huh?!

2 Conair Cuisinart Pure Indulgence Ice Cream Maker

cuisinart ice cream maker



Best for Zero-Mess Stress

This is one of the best-selling ice cream makers on Amazon with literally thousands of reviews praising its glory. Though we can’t guarantee that eating the ice cream will be a totally mess-free experience, we do know that your counters won’t get all sticky while you make it. With a large opening on the top, you won’t have to worry about spilling the base or the mix-ins, which is a common issue with other ice cream makers that have small openings. Plus, an easy-lock lid keeps everything tightly contained during operation, so the sticky fingers won’t come until you’ve finished eating!

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3 Hamilton Beach Half-Pint Ice Cream Maker

Hamilton Beach Half Pint Ice Cream Maker


from $28 BUY NOW

Best for Finger-Snapping Quickness

When you just need to satiate your sweet tooth right away, you’ll be glad to have this rapid-delivery ice cream maker. In about 12 minutes, you can treat yourself to a half-pint of creamy goodness by simply pouring some base into the chilled bowl, turning it on, and letting it work its magic. One set comes with two bowls so you can make some for a friend or partner too, though we can’t guarantee you’ll want to share. When you’re done eating both bowls (let’s be honest, you will), toss its parts in the dishwasher for quick, easy cleaning.

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Best Cheap Ice Cream Makers/Ball

4 YayLabs! SoftShell Ice Cream Ball

YayLabs! SoftShell Ice Cream Ball



Best for Feeling Like a Baller

That’s right — you can roll and shake your way to a delicious pint of creamy ice cream, burning off a few calories in the meantime. Don’t worry about breaking it with rough play, either. This unit is made of durable materials and the lid locks into place, so there won’t be any sticky spillage.

Best Affordable Ice Cream Makers

5 Cuisinart 1.5 Quart Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream Maker

cuisinart ice cream maker



Best for Classic Kitchens

For the Ina Garten types, this ice cream maker is the perfect option that’s both no-frills and also high-quality. All you have to do is toss the double-insulated mixing bowl in the freezer, then pop it into place with the paddle attachment and your base to start the churning process. In less than 20 minutes, you’ll have a perfect batch of ice cream or fro-yo. Oh, and BTW, you can use Greek yogurt in your frozen yogurt base for a healthy-ish treat!

6 Best Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker

Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker



Best for a Modest Look

This ice cream maker epitomizes the saying “all fire and no flash.” It’s not the most mod-looking unit, but it’s perfect for anyone willing to overlook style in exchange for reliability, consistency, and ease of use. Just make sure you have enough ice to fill the bucket before you start prepping your ingredients, and you’ll be good to go.

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7 Best Yonanas Frozen Healthy Dessert Maker

Yonanas Frozen Healthy Ice Cream Maker



Best for a Healthier Option

Although this unit isn’t technically an ice cream maker, it is known for emulating the results. All you have to do is drop any assortment of frozen fruits (and maybe even some chocolate syrup), into the chute, press the plunger, and watch delicious, smooth, creamy results come out. Try frozen bananas for an extra decadent texture! We like to mix our banana nice-cream (get it) with peanut butter and dark chocolate chunks for an indulgent yet nutritious treat. 


ice cream maker nostalgia wood grain



Best for Big Batches

This 4-quart ice cream maker will produce enough for a big party of hungry child-monsters, and you better invite us to it. A wooden exterior accents this ice cream maker gives it an old-school look, kind of like a whiskey barrel (uhh, idea alert: Make vanilla ice cream and pour some bourbon over it for the adults!). To use it, all you have to do is toss your ingredients inside the canister, fill the bucket with salt and ice, and put the top on. The electric motor will handle all the churning so you can just sit back and relax — or not, since if you’re throwing a party, there will probably be a lot of screaming kids in the vicinity.

9 Best Cuisinart Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker

cuisinart ice cream maker



Best for Making Your Kids Worship You 🍦 🍦 🍦

Deuces, Dairy Queen! Keep the whole family happy by making your very own soft serve (!!) ice cream at home. Make up to 1.5 quarts of ice cream in just under 20 minutes. And with the genius handle you can perfect your swirl just like the pros. Plus, fit up to three toppings in the condiment dispenser and have them sprinkle down the chute and onto your ice cream. This Cuisinart also makes yogurt, sherbet, and sorbet. We’re never leaving home. Ever.


10 best Hamilton Beach 1.5 Quart Capacity Ice Cream Maker

hamilton beach ice cream maker



Best for Affordability

What’s better than making ice cream at home? Doing it without breaking the bank. This affordable unit provides no-frills, straightforward performance. Simply chill your ice cream mixture and the removable bowl inside the machine, and you’ll get perfect results without the need for ice or rock salt.


10. Cuisinart ICE-45 Mix It In Soft Serve 1-1/2-Quart Ice Cream Maker

This ice cream maker from has an easy-lock lid with the window which is designed to remove and lock quickly. An ingredient window which allows you to pour ingredients directly into the top and watch the freezing process, plus the base contains heavy duty motor that is strong enough to make and dispense ice cream. It has a mixing arm that does not only mixes but also aerates ingredients in freezer bowl thus creating a smooth, soft ice cream. Likewise, it has a dispensing bracket with the handle that dispenses the soft ice cream when the handle is pulled down which is also removable for easy cleaning. At the same time, this product has an on/off power dial, cone holder for conveniently holding a stack of extra ice cream cones. It can hold both flat and pointed-bottom comes with the removable drip tray that can be removed for easy cleaning.

Best Ice Cream Maker

Check Price on


  • Takes only 10- 15 minutes in making ice cream
  • Ideal for making soft-serve ice cream
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • The mixing works perfectly


  • The freezer bowl does not have a huge capacity

9. Cuisinart ICE-70 Electronic Ice Cream Maker, Brushed Chrome

This Cuisinart’s ice cream maker product belongs in this top 10 despite the competitions in the market. This makes 2-quartz of ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt or sorbet. It also has improved paddle with faster processing time. Likewise, this ice cream maker product has a control panel with LCD screen and three settings with multiple speeds and countdown timer with auto shutoff. Moreover, its ingredient spouts with the integrated measuring cup. This makes ice cream in just 20 minutes and includes a lid with ingredient spout and integrated measuring cup, a 2-quart freezer bowl, and an improved paddle for faster processing time.

Also, the housing is a sleek brushed chrome and with a count-down timer and shuts off automatically. Included in the package are a full instruction and a selection of recipes plus a 3-year limited warranty from Cuisinart.

Best Ice Cream Maker

Check Price on


  • Easy to use
  • Very quick
  • It has a speed selection
  • Very consistent
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight and hollow without the bowl


  • The lid does not fit well

8. DeLonghi GM6000 Gelato Maker with Self-Refrigerating Compressor

This ice cream maker product from De Longhi is ideal for making authentically flavored gelato with a self-refrigerating compressor. It immediately brings ingredients to a temperature which is below freezing and allows you to make multiple batches continuously. Likewise, it produces the perfect consistency by actually mixing ingredients from top to bottom with the patented mixing paddle. This product gives an easy serving and cleanup with removable stainless steel bowl, plus its energy-saving with efficient R134A refrigerant gas, it doesn’t deplete the ozone layer and is non-toxic, non-flammable and non-corrosive.

Best Ice Cream Maker

Check Price on


  • Works very well
  • Straightforward and easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Well built
  • The noise level is tolerable
  • Works quietly and consistently


  • The container has small quantity

7. Yonanas Frozen Healthy Dessert Maker – 100% Fruit Soft-Serve Maker

This ice cream maker from Yonanas quickly creates yummy tasting treats by adding any combination of chocolate, fruits like over-ripe bananas, berries, mango to the chute for a smooth ice cream like taste. With this ice cream maker, you can instantly churn 100% of frozen fruits to create a healthier dessert without additional fat, sugar or preservatives compared to other ice cream or yogurt like treats. Moreover, it also transforms frozen fruit into dessert in just seconds by simply inserting frozen banana or any fruit into the chute and pushing down on the plunger. Plus, this ice cream maker product is easy to clean and create delicious treats without the hassle of clean-up and is dishwasher safe.

Best Ice Cream Maker

Check Price on


  • Well-made
  • Makes ice cream effortlessly
  • Ice cream is soft formed and very creamy
  • Easy to use
  • Made from sturdy plastic


  • It makes loud noise
  • It didn’t rinse right off

6. Aroma Housewares 4-Quart Traditional Ice Cream Maker, Fir Wood

This ice cream maker from Aroma Housewares includes a convenient electric motor and old-fashioned die-cast hand crank with traditional solid lid wood buck. This product has a 4-quart capacity which is ideal for the whole family. Likewise, it has aluminum mixing canister for faster freezing plus it includes recipes for classic favorite ice cream flavor. The manufacturer gives a 30-day return policy period to all its customers.

Best Ice Cream Maker

Check Price on


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to assembled
  • High-quality ice cream maker
  • Easy to operate
  • Perfect for the whole family
  • Easy to clean


  • The motor does not churn the paddles

5. Donvier 837409W 1-Quart Ice Cream Maker

Donvier’s ice cream maker makes 1 quart of ice cream, sorbet, frozen drinks and frozen yogurt. This product does not need salt or ice and just let the freezer bowl and paddle to do the work. It has an aluminum freezer bowl which can be cleaned easily and has a 9 ½ inches height, and 8 inches in diameter. Recipes are included in the package. Likewise, it makes refreshing fruit sorbets and creamy non-dairy soy desserts in 20 minutes or less. In just a few simple ingredients, this Donvier ice cream maker takes all the jobs. This also uses no electricity, you only freeze the Chillfast cylinder overnight and add your favorite ingredients. This product is backed by a manufacturer’s one-year limited warranty.

Best Ice Cream Maker

Check Price on


  • Very simple to use
  • Small and easy to store
  • No salt method
  • Ideal for two persons
  • Easy to clean
  • Not messy


  • The handle is a little bit hard to turn

4. Cuisinart ICE-20 Automatic 1-1/2-Quart Ice Cream Maker

This Cuisinart ice cream maker is an electric powered and produces up to 1 ½ quarts in just 20 minutes. This product requires no salt or ice necessary and chills to desired consistency. At the same time, it has the transparent top that locks into place for safety and convenient monitoring. Also, it has a nonstick chamber which ensures quick cleanup and measures ten by ten by 15 inches with a 3-year limited warranty plus an instruction booklet with recipes included. This product is fast and efficient with heavy-duty motor for making frozen yogurt, sherbet, ice cream or frozen drinks in just 20-30 minutes without ice.

Best Ice Cream Maker

Check Price on


  • Quiet
  • Very easy to use
  • Simple to use
  • Comes with a recipe book
  • Has a powerful motor
  • Better warranty


  • None

3. Lello 4080 Musso Lussino 1.5-Quart Ice Cream Maker, Stainless

This Lello ice cream maker from Musso makes 1 ½ quart capacity bowl that freezes 3 quarts of ice cream or sorbet per hour. This product is fully automatic; all you have to do is pour the ingredients into the bowl and press the two buttons. At the same time, it has the timer controls operation for different frozen confections with housing, bowl, and paddle that are made of stainless steel for easy cleaning. It is 12 inches wide, 11 inches high, 18 inches deep and weighs 38 pounds. With this ice creamer, you can have delicious fresh desserts in minutes where these desserts not only ice cream but also silky sorbets, Italian gelato, frozen yogurts and refreshing frozen drinks.

Best Ice Cream Maker


  • Does excellent job of making desserts
  • Easy to use
  • Has a beautiful design
  • Extremely durable
  • Everything is made of metal


  • The bowl is not removable
  • A little bit heavy

2. Nostalgia ICMP400BLUE Vintage Collection 4-Quart Electric Ice Cream Maker

This ice cream maker from Nostalgia makes 4-quarts of ice cream, frozen yogurt, and gelato. This product uses a powerful electric motor that does all the churning without manual effort needed. It has a see-thru lid for easy viewing and freezer storage. Moreover, it has a motor that locks into place keeping all the parts secure plus a convenient carrying handle. Also, this has an easy-to-clean plastic bucket with recipes included in the manual and is BPA free.

Best Ice Cream Maker

Check Price on


  • Works quickly
  • Works very well
  • Comes with an extra container
  • It takes only half hour to make soft-serve ice cream
  • Easy to clean


  • Does not have an auto shut off

1. Cuisinart ICE-30BC Pure Indulgence 2-Quart Ice Cream Maker

This best-selling Cuisinart ice cream maker has a fully automatic frozen yogurt, sorbet and ice cream maker. It has brushed stainless-steel housing and a heavy duty motor. This product has a large ingredient spout for easily adding favorite mix-ins. Also, this ice cream maker has a Double-insulated 2-quart freezer bowl and instruction book recipes included in the package. This product was built with the North American Electrical Standards.

1. Cuisinart ICE-30BC Pure Indulgence 2-Quart Automatic Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, and Ice Cream Maker

Check Price on


  • Easy to use
  • It doesn’t dangle
  • The cord fits nicely
  • Does not have an annoying noise
  • Not too bulky
  • Easy to clean


  • None

How We Chose The Top Ice Cream Maker For Your Kitchen

There a number of different factors that determine a good ice cream machine, here are some of the top traits we pay special attention to:

1) Time It Takes To Get Your Ice-Cream

This might be personal preference as I prefer things to go fast but I cannot stand having to wait for anything more than a few hours.

At the end of the day, wouldn’t that defeat the point of having an ice cream maker? Wouldn’t it be easier to just buy ice cream instead of having to be patient for hours without end?!

2) Amount Of Ice Cream Produced Per Sitting

This is especially important if you have kids or neighbors coming over. I would go even further and say that it is of great value even if you have nobody to share the ice-cream with.

After all, there can never be too much ice cream on the table!

3) Type Of Engine Used In Preparing The Ice-Cream

The stronger the better, with electrical ones being much more preferred than others.


For the simple reason that they enable you to sit back and relax or venture forth on another activity while your delicious treat is being curated!

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Why Do You Need An Ice Cream Maker In Your Kitchen?


Ice cream in shops and stores and especially in coffee bars is getting increasingly expensive.

Owners are trying to turn a quick buck on our laziness without even realizing that technology has gone up to a point where literally ANYONE can make ice cream.

Owning an ice cream machine bestows you with the power to decide when, where and what you are going to eat, without having to be reliant on others.

It is a great step towards self-sufficiency and a finger to all those who try and undermine the ice cream industry by putting up ridiculous markups on such a delicious treat!

It’s time to fight fire with fire, we can show greedy owners that we are more than capable of doing things on our own and that we don’t need anyone to babysit us through the process- That’s what our ice cream makers are there for!

What are the different types of Ice-cream Makers?

i. Manual ice cream makers

This is the most traditional type of ice cream maker. They are mostly made of a steel container with a wooden bucket inside for packing ice and rock salt. The main advantage of this ice cream maker is that it requires no electricity to operate, hence economical. This also makes it possible to be used anywhere anytime. The only disadvantage of the manual maker is the fact that you need to wait for longer while performing manual cranking before the ice cream is ready. Therefore, in terms of efficiency and large production, the manual ice cream maker might not be the best to consider.


ii. Freezer bowl ice cream maker

With this method, you need an insulated stainless-steel bow and a freezer. The bowl should be kept inside the freezer for some time especially overnight. Once the bowl becomes cold, you can have the ingredients inside and allow for the automatic churning to take effect. The size is compact enough to save space and affordable. The main problem with the use of freezer bowl ice cream is that you need to leave the bowl for at least 10 hours to make it perfectly cold. Therefore, it might not be the best choice when it comes to emergency production.

iii. Compressor ice cream maker

This is the most popular though an expensive type of ice cream maker. The system operates automatically using electricity and is the most convenient. Besides, the system uses a refrigerant gas in freezing the ingredients. With the use of this machine, you are assured of the possibility to make quality ice cream with a lot of efficiencies. Therefore, this is the best system when it comes to the large production of ice cream within a short time. Bulkiness and the heaviness are the only disadvantages of the system.

iv. Gelato makers

Gelato maker does not differ much with the compressor ice makers except the fact that this machine uses less oxygen while churning and also encompasses a warmer freezing temperature. Besides the traditional ice cream, the Gelato maker also makes a perfect gelato. The main disadvantage of this machine is the price; they cost a lot compared to other ice makers.

Features To Look For in an Ice Maker (Buying Guide)

i. Types of desserts

Most ice cream makers enable you to make a wide choice of frozen desserts. Some of the most preferred deserts include; ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt, frozen drinks, and gelato. Depending on the quality of the machine, various machines are best in making certain deserts. For instance, if what you want is the best gelato, you should go for an ice cream maker that gives the best quality gelato.

ii. Amount of ice cream to be produced

One of the worst mistake one should never do is to use a smaller machine meant for home use for commercial production. In case you need to do more production, you need to go for the size that matches your production need. Therefore, it is important to understand your production needs and go for a machine that would serve you efficiently. Let the amount of ice to be produced determine the size of the machine you buy not the other way round.

iii. Speed

The speed of the machine determines the quantity of ice cream that can be produced within a given time. The speed is determined by the speed of the mortar that influences how cold the ingredients can become within a specified duration. Apart from the motor size, the make of the machine also impacts on the speed. For instance, the compressor ice maker machine is faster than the traditional makers and the freezer bowl. Typically, a compressor machine would make up to 4 quarts of ice cream within 20-40 minutes.

iv. Mixing paddle

With the manual cream makers, the hand crank is used in making the ice cream. However, the automatic ice cream makers, which are the mostly available in the markets, uses a mixing arm or mixing paddle. Even though mixing paddles differ with different machines, you should consider a durable one. The best material for a mixing paddle that could offer you both efficiency and durability is the stainless steel material. A faster-mixing saddle is suitable for faster production. Therefore, insist on a machine with stainless steel mixing paddle when purchasing an ice maker machine.

v. Weight

Most people have the notion that the heavier the machine the better the production. This is not true when it comes to ice cream maker machines. There is no correlation between the weight and efficiency. Going by the recent market research on the ice makers, the findings is that some light ice makers perform effectively and faster than some heavy machines in the same category. Therefore, going for a light-weight but effective and quality machine is the best decision to make.

vi. Construction

When making a decision on the machine for making ice cream to buy, you must consider the general construction. So far, stainless steel is the best and most popular material for the construction of ice cream makers. This material has vast advantages ranging from easy cleaning to proper insulation of cold temperatures. Brushed chrome is the best alternative for stainless steel alongside aluminum. However, in the market today, there are some plastic built ice cream makers. Of course, plastic is also good especially when it comes to insulation, but the main disadvantage is that plastic wears out easily and is not durable. To conclude, consider quality and durability for the best construction.

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