The Best Digital Photo Frames of 2020-2021 Nixplay,Sungale Review

Best Digital Photo Frames  2020-2021 A lot of people who take photos like storing and watching them on a computer as it is much more convenient than printing them, then looking for a suitable frame and wasting time on hanging it on the wall. However, nowadays you can store your shots in a more comfortable way – in the digital photo frames. These devices store the pictures in internal storage or in an additional flash card. Technical characteristics of these gadgets allow you to view all photos in wonderful quality. Having such a device, you’ll also be able to save a lot of space by throwing out old photo albums which won’t be necessary anymore. These useful gadgets let you have a look at pictures of the brightest life moments anywhere you like – in your bedroom, kitchen, or even office.Coffeemaker, Refrigerator,Ice Maker, Best Rice Cooker,Best Toaster Oven


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Our Top 3 Best Digital Photo Frames Buy In 2020

1.NIX Advance – 10 inch Widescreen Digital Photo

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Price: $109.99

2.Micca NEO 15-Inch Digital Photo Frame

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Price: $129.99

3.Pix-Star 15 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

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Price: $199.99

Best Digital Photo Frames Reviews 2020-2021

  1. Best Overall Photo Frame-Pix-Star 10.4 Inch Wi-Fi
  2. Best Budget-NIX Advance Digital Photo Frame
  3. Best For 2020-Nixplay Seed Digital Photo Frame
  4. Best Micca NEO 15-Inch Digital Photo Frame
  5. Nixplay Seed 10 Inch Photo Frame in 2020
  6. Best Pix-Star 15 Inch Digital Frame

1.Best Overall-Pix-Star 10.4 Inch Wi-Fi


Available in both 10.4-inch and 15-inch sizing, the Pix-Star WiFi cloud digital photo frame has a 4:3 formatted display that offers a low-consumption LED backlit for energy-conscious viewing. The real highlight of this photo frame is the WiFi based functionality that allows photos to be received and displayed via a multitude of methods. The Pix-Star can accept photos by e-mail over WiFi and then stores them to its included 4GB of memory, which can hold up to 20,000 pictures. Additionally, the Pix-Star supports USB, SDHC and SDXC cards for even more storage.

Additionally, the Pix-Star can offer its own e-mail address, so owners can send images and pictures from any email-capable device to the photo frame at no extra charge. You can even message images from the frame itself to individuals or groups directly if someone sees an image they do not have and wish to own. Pictures can also be uploaded via more than 20 online cloud providers, including Facebook, Picasa, Smugmug and Flickr. As an extra bonus, the Pix-Star can even provide daily weather reports based on your country and city location. One final perk is that the entire image database can be managed from Pix-Star’s website.

Best Digital Photo Frame Under 100


Featuring both photo and video 720p playback, the Nix Advance 10-inch digital photo frame comes equipped with more than 8GB of storage overall. The 1024 x 768 high-resolution 4:3 LED backlit display has a Hu-Motion sensor that allows the frame to turn on when it detects movement in the room and turn off after no movement is detected between five minutes up to one hour (depending what you have the setting on). Yes, It’s notable that the Nix Advance doesn’t have WiFi, but with USB and SD/SDHC storage, plus the included 8GB of internal memory stick, there’s little need for it.

Throw in a user-friendly remote control, a stand, clock and calendar functions, as well as stereo speakers for the video playback and the Nix Advance is well worth the price of admission. Images can be viewed in shuffled order, by date or in A-to-Z order and have a slew of photo transitions. Mac owners should note that any SD card should be formatted in the camera for the photo frame to properly read the card.

Best Digital Photo Frame With Wifi

3.Nixplay Seed Digital Photo Frame



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The Ever Frames 8-inch high-resolution digital photo frame is a terrific choice for buyers on a budget. The display offers 1024 x 768 resolution in 4:3 format on a high-quality TFT screen. The included 4GB of internal memory has room for more than 3,000 photos and allows for both photo and video playback. The included feature set? Auto image rotation from horizontal to vertical, a remote control, clock and calendar, as well as multiple language options to make the digital frame user-friendly worldwide.

Compatible with both Mac and PC computers, connection to a computer allows for easy photo transfer to the internal memory. Ever Frames also provides space for a separately purchased SD card for additional storage beyond the included 4GB of internal memory. The Ever Frames digital photo frame supports SD, SDHC, MMC, as well as mini USB and USB 2.0 storage options for adding additional photos and video.

Best Motion Sensing Digital Photo Frame

With a sleek and stylish design, the Micca M1503Z 15-inch photo frame offers a beautiful display that provides more than three times the detail of comparable photo frames. The added detail and clarity will help you find the texture on a leaf or locate individual bricks on a house. Additionally, 8GB of internal memory that allows both photo and video playback is included. The built-in on and off timer will help maintain energy output, so the user can set a flexible schedule for images to display, which makes the Micca perfect for an office environment and business hours.

Weighing less than two pounds and with a thickness of 1.5 inches, the mirrored acrylic front and sculptured back provide a modern albeit still black utilitarian look. There’s also a headphone jack (we don’t see this being used much) as well as an included compact remote.

Best 10 Inch Digital Photo Frame

The Nixplay Seed digital photo frame features a 9.7-inch 1024 x 768 high resolution display and comes with a dedicated motion sensor, so you don’t have to worry about turning the frame on or off. With 8GB of internal memory, there’s more than enough storage for thousands of images, including ones uploaded from multiple online sources such as Facebook, Instagram, Picasa, Dropbox and Flickr. You can even create playlists from favorite images and choose any combiation of images to appear on the display. Unfortunately, Photobucket users and YouTubers are left on the sidelines since there is no video or audio capability. Additionally, Nixplay offers free cloud storage for up to 10GB of space that can connect separately to up to five different frames. With an internal gyroscope, the Nixplay can rest vertically or horizontally and images will adjust as necessary. Power comes from the included AC adapter cord that also doubles as the stand.


If you’re looking for something unlike anything else on this list, check out the Aura Smart Frame (although it’s only compatible with iOS devices running iOS 9+). Once you download and sync up the iOS-app, the Aura can utilize Smart Selection and add new images to the frame as soon as you rejoin your “home” WiFi connection. In other words, there’s no need to update or regularly check the Aura app to select photos as they will instantly appear on the frame. The inclusion of advanced photo filters will help prevent any photos that are too blurry, light or dark from appearing, so you can expect only the best of your camera handiwork to appear. Additionally, any photos that don’t fit well with vertical orientation will be left out in lieu of more suitable vertically-based photography.

You can even send photos directly to a family member’s frame across the country via the iOS app. One added nicety is the ability to wave your hand in front of the frame when a picture you don’t like appears, so the gallery advances to something new. Right out of the box the Aura includes wall-mounting parts, as well as a stand for either a desk or tabletop placement.

Best Digital Photo Frame Under 200


The Nix Advance 15’s beautiful 720p LED display has the capability of featuring a mix of both photos and videos in the same slideshow, and even includes the company’s Hu-Motion sensor for turning the frame on and off when motion is detected or undetected in a room. Beyond the included internal memory, the Nix also offers capacity for USB, SD and SDHC memory cards, as well as an easy-to-use remote control. Like the rest of the Nix digital photo frame lineup, images can be played in a variety of methods, including shuffle, by date or in order from A-to-Z. It can’t be mounted, but the included rear stand helps the frame remain vertical, which is ideal for maximizing the screen real estate, specifically for video playback in MP4 format.

Best Top Rated Digital Photo Frame

8.SSA 21.5 Photo Frames


With a display size of 21.5-inches, the SSA digital photo frame has a Full HD 1080p widescreen format for a truly excellent image experience. The included motion sensor offers more than 2.5 meters of space with the screen turning on automatically as soon as motion is detected within that range. The 1920 x 1080 high-resolution 16:9 format display views photos in true HD format with help from the 16GB of included memory. Additional storage for both images and video can be added via SD card, MP3 player or other USB-ready devices. The built-in speakers offer excellent audio playback, but there’s also a headphone output jack for watching on-board videos privately. A user-friendly remote control is included, and the photo frame supports multiple languages as well, including English, Spanish, French and German.

9.Pix-Star 15 Inch Digital Frame



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Display size (diagonal): 15 inches – 38.1 cm
Display type/backlight: LCD/LED
Display brightness/contrast: 250 cd/m2 (600:1)
Dimensions (mm): 370x280x30
Display area (mm): 304×228
Display resolution (pixels): 1024×768
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Image file format: JPEG, JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF (including animated GIF)
Memory: 4 GB
Card support: SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC
USB port


Pix-Star Digital Photo Frame
Remote Control
AC Power Cord (worldwide compatible, input voltage from 100V up to 240 V)
Quick Start Guide
User Manual

Product description:

Digital photo frames are the perfect gift idea for parents and grandparents because they make it easier to enjoy their children’s, grandchildren’s and other family pictures. However, updating pictures to the frame is usually not convenient; most of the time, the only way to do this is to use a USB or a SD card, or to connect the frame directly to a computer. Grandparents and technologically-challenged relatives struggle with this; and this cannot be done remotely.

Pix-Star Wi-Fi frames addresses this issue in a very smart and simple way, by using photo-mails. Pix-Star provides users with multiple convenient possibilities to transfer pictures to the device, the easiest one being to send pictures as an attachment by email (photo-mails) to the frame’s own and dedicated email address. It’s as simple as that!



More Best Digital Photo Frames in 2021


10.Nixplay Original Photo Frame


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The perfect gift for a loved one: Easily send photos direct to the frame using Email or iPhone/Android App
Create personal photo playlists: Access all your photos on Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Flickr & Picasa and upload them safe and securely to Nixplay online cloud storage.
Manage multiple frames from one Nixplay Cloud Account: FREE Sync up to 5 frames and enjoy 10GB of photo storage. Perfect for multiple frames for the whole family, anywhere in the world.
HD Video Playback: Watch high definition videos with audio from your USB or SD/SDHC card.
Anti-glare LED Backlit display, premium matte Rubberized Surface Finish, Wi-Fi connectivity, VESA wall mountable.

If you want to have a big digital photo frame with a bright display, 15″ frame from Pix-Star company is definitely what you need. The device has been made in accordance with LCD technology and has LED backlight which makes the image ideal even if the room light is very bright. Great color rendering, good visibility, 1024×768 resolution and 4:3 aspect ratio provide the pictures of high quality. One more characteristic which will make the usage of Pix-Star photo frame more pleasant is its time management function. You can configure time parameters in such a way that the device won’t work at night, thus, saving your money on electricity bills.

Review of Pix-Star Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame


We can state that possibilities of this device are unlimited. This photo frame boasts Wi-Fi connection with the help of which you can see the weather forecast for any country or city you choose. You are also able to listen to Web radio. Except its ability to show both photos and videos in numerous formats, this frame can take them from different resources such as Facebook, Instagram, Google+, One Drive and others. Special iOS and Android applications let you look through the photos on Pix-Star display wherever you are. Moreover, you can receive shots from friends or relatives via e-mail. The manufacturer has also provided 4 GB of internal storage, so you don’t need to buy any additional memory cards. However, if you lack this capacity, the gadget supports cards of SD, SDHC, SDXC and MMC formats as well as a flash drive. You can choose different sorting modes which can show old or new photos at first, depict them randomly or in alphabetical order. The shots can be also shown as one photo or in the form of collage of 4-5 pictures. It is very easy to operate Pix-Star photo frame with a remote control or buttons which can be found on the back panel of the frame. The last but not the least, due to the motion sensor, the device switches off when you leave the room, thus saving energy consumption and prolonging the frame’s life span.

Pix-Star Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame in the use


The frame’s diagonal is 15″ and this size makes the frame suitable for hanging on the wall or putting on a shelf. However, it won’t be comfortable to have such a big frame on a desk. If you want to have a digital photo frame at your workplace or in the office, we would recommend you to purchase the frame of this manufacturer but of another size. Made of glazed plastic, it will perfectly suit any interior. The removable prop can be set in order you can place the frame both vertically and horizontally. Yet, if you take the prop away, you can hang the frame on the wall. Pretty convenient!

Best Remote Control Photo Frame

11.TENKER 7-inch HD Digital Photo Frame


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Product description

Size:7 inch

Display Your Precious Memories in your Home!
TENKER is a well-known, experienced digital photo frames brand with expertise in research & development, sales and #1 after-sales service.

Our digital photo frames are the perfect gift for you to share your memories in your home. It’s convenient for other media uses as it can also play video and music too.
Continual improvement, upgraded firmware and strict testing guarantee a great user experience.

You can purchase from us with confidence as we provide a 1-year warranty and professional after-sales service and technical support!



The given photo frame has 8″ display which allows you to put it on a desk, bedside table or a shelf and enjoy the great quality of pictures. The realistic and detailed image becomes possible due to 1024×768 resolution which is pretty good taking into account a relatively small size of the frame. If you want to watch your photos in a bigger size, you can find this model with 10″, 12″, 15″, and 18.5″ displays.

Review of NIX Advance Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame


NIX Advance Hi-Res frame shows photos of the most wide-spread JPEG and JPG formats. Moreover, it can play MP4 video with the sound spread via 2 stereo speakers 1.5 W each. All this can be performed by connecting SD/SDHC memory cards or a flash drive. The frame has a motion sensor with the help of which the gadget scans the room, and if there are no any movements, it switches off the device for the period from 5 to 60 minutes (you can set the time yourself). Note that the frame also boasts clock and calendar functions that are also very useful. Finally, if you want to change the picture but you’re far away from the frame, you can do it using a remote control.

NIX Advance Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame in the use


The frame is made of black dull plastic, and this material makes the device’s appearance stay perfect as it cannot be spoiled by fingerprints left on its surface. Front bottom part is equipped with motion sensors; control buttons and ports are situated on the back side. Perhaps, some people consider the frame’s ability to stay only in a horizontal position as a drawback, but we are sure that this frame will add elegance and individuality to your desk at home or at work.

Detailed review of NIX Advance Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame

NIX Advance X08E 8 inch Digital Photo Frame Review

NIX Advance Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame

NIX Advance Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame

Review of ViewSonic VFD820-70 Digital Photo Frame

How to Choose Digital Picture Frame in 2020?

What Features to Compare to Buy a Photo Frame?


Best Digital Photo Frames of 2018-19-20  As display determines the quality of your pictures, this is the first and the most important feature you should pay attention to. As a rule, displays of digital photo frames vary from 7″ to 15″. However, you can find bigger sizes if you need. If you want to hang it on the wall, make sure that the display is big enough and pictures don’t seem small at a distance. Still, if you plan to put it on a desk, a 7″ display will be enough. Note that display characteristics such as color rendering, resolution and backlight can be different too. Be attentive about display resolution as it provides the quality of your shots. It is obvious that if the display has a big size, the resolution should be also big. A good resolution will make your photos more realistic and allow seeing even the smallest details.


Best Digital Photo Frames of 2018-19-20  As a rule, digital photo frames don’t have so many features compared to tablets or smartphones. Their main task is to display pictures. However, all of them support additional flash cards for extended memory, and some models even have USB slots which give a chance to watch shots and videos via computer or TV. We would like to stress that ability to support different formats is a significant feature. The more formats the frame can deal with, the less time you’ll spend reformatting photos on your PC. Built-in calendar and clock make frames even more versatile. As for display functions, there are frames which are able to rotate pictures 90, 180 or 270 degrees. Some models of digital frames have speakers which allow you to listen to the radio, music or even watch videos.


Best Digital Photo Frames of 2018-19-20  The best design of your future gadget is the one that will perfectly suit your interior. Digital photo frames are usually designed in two colors – black or white. They can also be dull (not leaving fingerprints on its surface), glazed and with various ornaments. While choosing the best model for you, consider frames’ abilities to stand both vertically and horizontally, an ability to change the angle of a slope and be hung on the wall.

And now onto some basic research. Market is full of different types of electronic frames – premium or budget variants, big or small, with different featured technologies. So, what exactly are we looking for?

Well, it depends on what you already have in mind. And by that I mean for you to consider how photo frame will be used (purely decorative or more memorable purpose), where will it be placed, how often you’re going to add new photos and so on.

First of all, consider the style and color of the frame which suits your decor. Be aware, that some frames have to be plugged in, so you need to place it near wall socket and it will have a wire coming from the back. Be sure, that your new frame will fit perfectly in its supposed place. A lot of factors contribute to the best digital photo frames. They are not just an alternative to photo albums and conventional photo frames, they are rather natural evolution.

Basic Information

Digital Photo Frame is made up of a faceplates or frame borders surrounding the screen, which can be replaced, LCD-display, battery, controls, wiring connectors and, in some cases, built-in speakers for listening music. Some photo frames, in order to reduce the number of buttons and switches on the device, equipped with touch screens. However, touch glass degrades image quality, and it will be covered in fingerprints.


The thickness of the frame can range from 1.0 to 15.0 cm, width – from 4.4 to 50 cm, height also can be from 4.9 to 37.5 cm. Last two parameters depend on the size of the display. Photo frame weight can range from 23 to 3210 g. Besides, nowadays you can find even bigger frames on the market.

All digital photo frames come with the USB-port for computer connection or data reading from a flash drive and a headphone jack. Some models of photo frames, as noted above, have built-in speakers to play music, or you can connect your headphones.

The main purpose of this device is to enjoy photos shown on a digital display. Most modern models usually have some built-in storage capacity (up to 1 GB), although there may be none.  But in all cases you can view photos from external digital media via USB or flash cards.

 Aspect ratio

There are two most common aspect ratios in which digital frames have ability to display images – 4:3 (also known as 4×3, 1.33:1, or standard) and 16:9 (16×9, 1.78:1, or widescreen). Also, some manufacturers offer “panoramic” viewing (generally considered to be 3:1 aspect ratio) on their frames. Although, it’s possible to encounter models with other aspect ratios, like 15:9, 16:10 but don’t be confused, basically it is 16:9 widescreen format.

Most pictures we take in everyday life have 4:3 ratio. So, in case if your frame displays only 16:9, your 4:3 pictures will be cropped or stretched. You might want to check exactly what types of photos you are going to use and pick accordingly.

Display Size

Size can go up from just 1 inch keychain displays to large wall-mounted 32 inch displays. Most common everyday frames are in 7 to 15-inch range. It is important to know that you can put almost any digital picture frame on the wall, or position it on desk or table. Pick size according to environment it will be part of, and purpose it will have. Note, that some manufacturers indicate display size by frame itself and not screen. Be sure to check technical details for that matter.

 Screen Type and Resolution

Since the picture frame – is, in fact, a small LCD-display, the important parameters for it is the contrast and brightness. Brightness describes the intensity of the display illumination. Measured this option in candelas per square meter (cd / m2). Most photo frames have the display brightness of 200-300 cd / m2.

When choosing a photo frame, pay attention to the resolution of the display. This parameter is responsible for the quality and detail of the image, it is very important. Horizontally it may be in the range from 96 to 1600 pixels, vertically – from 64 to 1200. The larger number of pixels, means they are smaller, which corresponds to the better quality of the image. As a rule of thumb, larger frames should have higher resolution for best image quality.

Contrast is another important parameter to consider when choosing absolutely the best digital photo frames. It is the ratio of lightest area to the darkest. The brighter matrix displays a white color, the richer is black. For photo frames contrast level shouldn’t be lower than 200: 1. Which means that the white areas should be 200 times brighter than black.

Angle – also important parameter regarding the LCD matrix, and thus the digital photo frame. LCD-matrix – a multi-layered surface in which the pixels are optically isolated from each other by polarization filters, and the backlight lamps or LEDs are arranged at a very small, but nevertheless non-zero distance therefrom. The light passing through the cell, gets into a kind of “well”, which limits the scope of its dispersion, so at the slightest deviation from the angle of view, appear distorted, resulting in deterioration of image quality. For comfortable viewing sufficient viewing angle is 160-170 degrees. Better viewing angle usually comes with higher resolution frames.

For digital frames, vertical viewing angle is between 60 and 170 degrees, and horizontally – from 100 to 180 degrees. Accordingly, that the upper values refer to thin and expensive matrix, which invariably affects the price. If the viewing angle is below 160-170 degrees – usually for low-end models – you will have to think where to put a frame in a room, to clearly see image from everywhere. Therefore, I recommend that you pay attention to these important parameters, so you can get the best experience from your digital frame.

Furthermore, beside LCD screens, there are also TFT (which is basically subtype of LCD) and OLED screens. OLED display technology is used in small handful of digital frames. They provide brighter, sharper image and use less power, while being even thinner than LCD screens. Usually OLED displays are more expensive.

Storage and Data Transfer

There are various ways to export images or videos to your digital frame. Depending on device model it can use – memory cards, thumb drives, USB to PC connection, Ethernet, wireless or Bluetooth connection.

Most frames have their own storage. Onboard storage can vary from very low to moderate capacity. But on some frames it can go as high as 80 GB. Consider those models if you don’t want to use external storage devices. It is highly convenient, as you can just transfer all of your images at once and forget about it for some time.

Memory cards are used as external data storage for the device. Storage capacity of memory card can go as high as 128 GB. That means that you can show thousands of pictures on your digital frame.

Make sure that your memory card is compatible with desired frame. Most common external storage devices in use:

  • USB Flash.
  • Compact Flash. One of the most common formats that are supported by many digital cameras, PDAs, mp3-players and other devices.
  • Memory Stick. If you wish to view photos from the Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, Memory Stick Duo (smaller version of the Memory Stick) or Memory Stick Pro Duo (a smaller version of Memory Stick Pro), which is only used in a Sony product, then make sure that the Frame support these formats. To use the Memory Stick Duo in the photo frame with a slot for Memory Stick, you need a special adapter. The difference from the Memory Stick Memory Stick Pro is larger capacity, higher data rates and an interface that is backward compatible. For devices with a Memory Stick Pro slot, you can use a Memory Stick, but not vice versa. To use the micro Memory Stick, you need an adapter, which is usually available in the package.
  • Secure Digital. One of the most common storage format which main feature is a possibility for the protection of information stored on the card.
  • xD-Picture. This card is intended mainly for storing digital movies, and photos, is highly reliable, compact, have the lowest power consumption rates among carriers and good performance in speed and reading.
  • Microdrive (MD) card.

In addition, some manufacturers offer web storage option for their devices. If your digital frame has WiFi or Ethernet connection you can load data to website and viceversa.

File formats

Digital Photo Frame can support the following formats:

  • Graphic. JPEG, GIF, BMP, PPT, PNG,  EXIF, TIFF.
  • Audio. Photo frame with the function of listening to music, should support MP3 and WMA formats.
  • Video. MPEG-4, MPEG-1, AVI, MPEG-2, WMV, MOV, DivX.

Keep that in mind when you are planning to transfer  particular images or videos to electronic frame.


All types of devices come with some sort of user interface, through which you can control your frame. They are getting more complex with time, and newer models get more functionality. Frames feature a range of functions, from the simplest – the remote control, alarm clock, clock, timer to special modes. By the way, some photo frames are only using remote control.

The timer can be set up so that it will turn on the frame by the time you get home, so frames lifetime will be considerably longer. The preview function enables 6, 9 or 12 pictures displayed at the same time. Zoom function allows you to magnify the picture by increasing the size of the pixels that make up an image. To some extent various photo frames allow editing functionality, like cropping, rotating etc.

All digital photo frames have a slide-show mode – changing sequence of images, which can be accompanied by different optical effects and animations. The duration of the particular image displayed can be adjusted independently. Maximum time picture will be displayed in the slide show varies from 8 to 86400 seconds; minimal – from 1 to 10 seconds. The rotation function allows the image to be turned on the screen, according to how you turn the frame. You can also select images on the memory card, which will be shown on the photo frame. And the rest of the images recorded on the media won’t be shown.

On the photo frame, you can view not only photos, but also videos, and in some cases even full-length movies. So before you buy, make sure that the photo frame plays required formats.

Straight from the photo frame, you can print photos by connecting directly to the printer via USB interface. Some models also allow using photo frame as a secondary monitor to your PC.

Some photo frames come with a built-in wireless/Bluetooth, which allows you to transfer data from your smartphone to the photo frame’s internal memory directly without using wires.

Usually best digital photo frames should support Wi-Fi – as a result they can be connected to your desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, printer, or connect to an existing Wi-Fi-network. This consequently opens up remote management option, hence you can work with your digital frame from other devices. There is also possibility to share photo via online services. For instance, you can sync with your Flick account. Or you can pick up your favorite RSS feed online.


Finally, as you can see, picking best digital photo frames can be sometimes a challenging task. In this article i provided you with most common questions and variations of frames that are currently on the market. Now you can either pick one of the top 2017 models that are suitable for you, or use gained knowledge to go and find digital frame that will work best for your needs.

In modern digital world, electronic picture frames can be an invaluable place for you memories, stylish part of an interier or great gift for loved ones. They keep constantly evolving, therefore it’s especially relevant to keep yourself up to date and know how to use them to full extent.


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