Top 10 Best Car Phone Holders-Mounts of 2020-2021 Best for Car

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iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Dash & Windshield Car Mount Phone Holder || for iPhone, Samsung, Moto, Huawei, Nokia, LG, Smartphones AUKEY Car Phone Mount Air Vent Cell Phone Holder for Car Compatible with iPhone 11/11 Pro/Xs/XS Max / 8/7 / 6, Google Pixel 3 XL, Samsung Galaxy S9+, and Other Phones, Black ZeeHoo Wireless Car Charger,10W Qi Fast Charging Auto-Clamping Car Mount,Windshield Dash Air Vent Phone Holder Compatible iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/Xs MAX/XS/XR/X/8/8+,Samsung S10/S10+/S9/S9+/S8/S8+
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The iPhone is a very popular smartphone on the market in 2020. But, for drivers, it’s a big distraction on road especially in picking of calls or responding to urgent messages. For you to benefit from iPhone while driving and be able to maintain maximum safety, you need a functional iPhone 6S car mounts.Best cell phone holder for car 2020-2021.

Best Car Phone Holders/Mounts –  It looks simple but it’s able to fix the iPhone 6S/6 in a stable position. It enables you answer and short messages and also answer you calls, without risking your own life and the life of the motorists. For great results, below are top 20 best iPhone car mounts of the year 2018 you should think of purchasing:

Best Car Phone Holders/Mounts 2020  Driving with your phone in your hands and using your GPS, can often prove to be a big hazard. You can try placing your phone in many places but almost always some kind of vibration we’re moving out of place. The perfect solution to that is by having a good and solid cell phone mount, whether that’s for your car truck van or SUV.
There’s a lot of different types of cell phone mounts to choose from, ranging from ones for your windshield, air vents, CD slots, cup holders and dashboard. They all generally serve the same purpose, to hold your cell phone in place and within reach, at all times. The only difference that typically seems to be the case is which product is durable.

Best Car Phone Holders/Mounts of 2019  In this full guide, we put together a list of the eight best cell phone mounts and holders that you should consider investing in. Whichever cell phone holder or cell phone car mount you choose, we are confident you’ll be happy with your decision.

The Best Car Phone Holders 2020 Reviews

  1. Best phone holder for car –iOttie Easy One
  2. Best Lifeproof LifeActiv Suction Mount
  3. Best AUKEY Car Mount Air Vent Cell Phone Holder
  4. Best EVEREST Ultimate Cellphone Car Mount Holder
  5. Best iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Holder for the iPhone
  6. Best Exogear Exomount Touch CD Car mount

Best phone holder for car –iOttie Easy One

iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Dash & Windshield Car Mount Phone Holder || for iPhone, Samsung, Moto, Huawei, Nokia, LG, SmartphonesCheck Best Price

It’s very compact and adaptive, and its arm is telescopic. This telescopic arm extends up to five iinches, thus giving you the power to mounted devices on different angles. Its arm is fixed firmly to prevent any vibrations. It has an adjustable foot that allows the upwards and downwards movements beside the left and right movements. The iOttie is very compatible with other devices with widths less than3.5inches. Its powerful sticky gel allows it to attach to various surfaces.

Best Budget Car Phone Holder

2. Best Lifeproof LifeActiv Suction Mount


This Suction Mount always ensures that your hands are free, as it mounts your phone and makes your driving record clean. It’s equipped with a suction cup of industrial strength which sticks to your windshield and other surfaces in order to keep your maps, camera, music and GPS at an eye level. These phones mounts holds phones in a quick click and let go of it with just a simple twist. The Lifeproof mount is very easy to install adaptor and all things required for pairing the Lifeproof and any other brand case with very quick mount accessories.

Best Cell Phone Holder For Car

3. Best AUKEY Car Mount Air Vent Cell Phone Holder

AUKEY Car Phone Mount Air Vent Cell Phone Holder for Car Compatible with iPhone 11/11 Pro/Xs/XS Max / 8/7 / 6, Google Pixel 3 XL, Samsung Galaxy S9+, and Other Phones, BlackCheck Best Price

LifeProof is the mother of the iPhone mounting system known as the LifeActiv. This system gives quick, cars, belts, sturdy mounts for bikes and anything else you need to mount the iPhone to it It’s always compatible with majority of other smartphones.

This LifeActiv system is just about its Quick Mount system that uses a very small law adaptor that’s mounted into the LifeActiv line. The adaptor is just a small square with adhesive backing that sticks toany flat surfaces.

Best SmartPhone Car Mount

4. Best Logitech Trip One-Touch Smartphone Car Mount

Logitech +Drive One-Touch Smartphone Windshield/Dashboard Car MountCheck Best Price

It allows you mount the smartphone securely and air vents the vehicle; always ensure your screen is very visible. You just clip your smartphone on the vehicle air vent with the Logitech Trip car mount. They also feature the magnetic coupling to attach for attaching the device to the mount. Its ergonomic and compact making helps in reducing clutter and enhance a comfort viewing.

Best Cellphone Car Mount Holders

5. Best EVEREST Ultimate Cellphone Car Mount Holder

ZeeHoo Wireless Car Charger,10W Qi Fast Charging Auto-Clamping Car Mount,Windshield Dash Air Vent Phone Holder Compatible iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/Xs MAX/XS/XR/X/8/8+,Samsung S10/S10+/S9/S9+/S8/S8+Check Best Price

Everest Ultimate Mount not only attach itself to smooth surfaces but also the rough surfaces life some firmly textured surface such as the dashboard. It’s wonderfully made in order to much your car and smartphone. It has a white body and orange accents which gives a unique sportiness and elegance.

The Everest Ultimate Mobile Mount has three pivots which you can position anyhow you like. You just press and hold orange lock button in order to lay it vertically or flat. You can extend it close or bring it below its dash to have an easy look and reach.

Best Mobilephone Car Mount Holder

6.Best iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Holder for the iPhone

iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Dash & Windshield Car Mount Phone Holder || for iPhone, Samsung, Moto, Huawei, Nokia, LG, SmartphonesCheck Best Price

This car mount has a top notch tool made for user’s convenience. It’s a very outstanding product of a very reasonable price. It has a one touch feature which is of a very great convenience and many fans applaud it.

Majority of people don’t like hassling with their devices in its holder. Its making shows a very high quality design as its bulk build shows stability. It always comes with sticky gel board that places the car mount for an added smoothness.

Best Seller Car Phone Holder

7. Best Exogear Exomount Touch CD Car mount

Check Best Price

The Exgear always struggles to make and give utilitarian and a very attractive accessory for its recent handheld device. In questing the phone mount of the car, Exogear is the best solution in the mounting requirement like the Exomount. It has an easy mounting technology, and a smooth installation which gives comfort and convenience of the driver.

This car phone holder is made as the users’ requirement. Handheld devices and smartphones of different brand and sizes can be easily mounted on the phone holders. Always enjoy a safe driving and use of your GPS device, smartphone and the MP3 with the use of our phone mount holders.

8.Best Koomus Smartphone Car Mount Holder

Koomus Pro CD Slot Car Mount Holder Cradle for All Smartphones - BlackCheck Best Price

This holder is very stretchable, enabling a tight and an adjustable grip. It always rotates at 360 degrees for any kind of viewing experience. Many people prefer a CD slot holder because it’s a non-sticky bas in many cases and does not leave any residue. It’s the best for those people. It contains a ball head that’s connected just directly to the holders’ back for any easy movement.

Best Cup Car Phone Holder

9.Best Macally mGrip Adjustable Suction Cup Holder

Macally Adjustable Automobile Cup Holder Phone Mount for iPhone Xs XS Max XR X 8 8+ 7 7 Plus 6s Plus 6s SE Samsung Galaxy S10 S10E S9 S9+ S8 S7 Edge S6 Note 5, Xperia, iPod, Smartphone, GPS (MCUPMP)Check Best Price

Macally is a Universal Cup Holder made to give a strong hold even of rough roads? It has a versatile design that always holds your device in view. The Macally has cradle holder rotating at 360 degrees and enables you adjust your viewing angle.

This holder can be turned to a horizontal and a vertical view. Macally Universal phone holder fits for many MP3 players, GPS devices, cell phones and PDAs. Thus ensuring you phone is always within reach.

Best Meghnetic Car Phone Holder

10. Best iOttie iTap Magnetic Car Mount Holder

iOttie ITap 2 Wireless Magnetic Qi Wireless Charging CD Slot Mount || Compatible with IPhone XS XR X Max Samsung S10 S9  + Smartphones | + Dual Car Charge
Check Best PriceThis is a new mounting slot CD which offers a strong magnetic hold for smartphones. It features the aluminum bezel. The iTap Magnetic mount is built with a great quality in the mind and also has a very contemporary look which makes look better than other mounts.

11.Best Belkin Car Cup Holder Mount for Smartphones

Belkin Car Vent Mount for Smartphones, Including All Samsung S Series and Apple iPhones (Older Model)
Check Best PriceThe Belkin Cup Mount offers a very simple way of keeping your iPhone 6/6s very safe in place for any car trip. By use of this car cup holder, the cradle holds your cellphone safely at very easy viewing distance.

This mount always moves at 360 degrees to enable viewing of your device in a landscape or in a portrait mode. It always tilts at 90 degrees make your phone upright or flat. The car cup holder has an expandable base which can fit any other car cup holder and a tangle free connection by a cable management.

12.Best Omaker 3-in-1 Universal Car Phone Mount

Smartphones are very fragile to handle and dropping them down can lead to screen breaking. Therefore, this Omaker 3 device is padded on every part that your phone makes contact with it.

It’s just like placing your phone in the pillow case. Thus your phone doesn’t necessary need a case. Just like other holders, this mobile car holder has a flexible long neck and is able to swirl at its top enabling your phone to rotate at 360 degrees. It also comes a non-flexible mount which goes directly on your car’s dashboard.

13. Best Car Mount Holder-Getron Windshield Dashboard

The model specifically made for you. It’s compatible with almost all recent smartphones of widths of around, 1.97-3.94. These includes; Samsung Galaxy, Huawei P9 Plus, Sony Xperia, Nexus 6P, Nexus 6P, LG G5, Apple iPhone 7 Plus and Note 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7.

This new generation cup of the mount has a very strong sticky gel that adheres to the dashboard, windshield and other textured or smooth surface; the sticky suction cup of ours and the sturdy cradle always keep your phone locked in a safe mode. You can adjust to whatever angle you may like. Always adjust to full rotation of 360 degrees to have a perfect viewing angle.

This Car Mount Holder has a very simple and easy adjustable release button. It’s covered with a labor warranty and Getron parts for twelve months from the original buying date from an authorized distributor.

14.Best Mpow Car Mount Holder,Phone Mount Holder.

This is an iPhone cradle can be well mounted on both windshield and on a dashboard of just any vehicle to always keep your smartphone safe with just a single push button on its lock and the release technology. It can rotate to 360 degrees to adjust to the view of your preference.

It’s suitable for all iPhone phones and also the Nokia Lumia 920, LG Nexus 4, Samsung Galary S4 and S4, Note 2, 3, 4 and the HTC One. This mount holder is available in the Mpow Grip Easy Mount and the Mpow Grip Pro variants. It can easily be attached smoothly on the dashboard and windshield of your vehicle with the use of the sticky gel and the suction cup.

15. Best Ram Mount Twist Lock Suction Cup Mount

RAM Mount Twist is made up of a 3.25 twist lock cup base, has a universal spring grip holder of cellphones and a two socket system. This suction cup and its twisted lock are made for a strong hold on the non-porous surfaces and onto the glass, and also the RAM adhesive disks.

Its mount is made with a diameter of RAM 1 rubber ball and the socket’s system with adjustment points on both ends of double socket arm; which enables a perfect viewing angle and infinite adjustment.

16.Best  iOttie Easy One Touch XL’s Car Mount Holder

This car mount holder is among the best iPhone car mounts that are available in the market today. The product is not only large but is also durable. It also has a suction system that is extra-large and attaches to both smooth (windscreen) and rough(dashboard)surfaces. Its head is a flexible 360-degree swivel model which can accommodate landscape and image orientations. The strong head is also slip-proof and thus it supports iPhones very well.

Best Car Phone Holders 2020

17. Car Mount TechMatte Magnetic Car Mount Holder

This product is not only compact but also ergonomically designed thus making it compatible with different smartphones which include iPhone 6 Plus. The model is very easy to install and use; it has a strong , attractive and a holding system that does not require any support as well as a pivot mount that is well-designed so as to support different viewing angles. Once you install it properly , you will use your smartphone without reducing its safety or performance

Phone holder for car best buy

18. Best TaoTronics Car Phone Mount Holder

This is the latest model that is compatible with all iPhone models that are between 1.97-inch and 3.94-inch tall. It is made from a plastic material that is durable. The product is not only easy to maintain but can also withstand high temperature thus making it suitable for usage in restricted spaces such as the dashboard of your car.

The product features a suction system that works well on smooth and rough surfaces. This model is easy to set up and use ,features a 360-degree swivel head that is flexible . finally, it has a 1-year warranty.

19.Best Scosche MAGVM2 MagicMount

This is the latest magnetic mounting system that is suitable for mounting smartphones . It is easy to use as it only needs you to hover your phone near the magnetic surface and it locks it securely in place . It features a sleek design that is cradle-free and has high-powered magnets that ensure that your device is secure and is also in a place where you use them regularly. With this model, you can Place your phone at any angle that is convenient for your viewing.

20.Best Universal Magnetic Car Mount

iOttie Easy One Touch 3 (V2.0) Universal Phone Holder
If you are looking for a quality car mount that is compatible with your iPhone 6 then the Universal Magnetic Car Mount is the ideal for you as it is a well-designed holder that is compatible with phones that have either large or small screen.

The model is not only steady but also compatible with an many different types of smartphones. Universal Magnetic Car Mount is made from a durable and a beautiful plastic material that has a suction system that is very powerful. Once the holder is fitted on the dashboard or windscreen of your car , it will never breakdown, damage your car or even minimize the accessibility of your phone in any way.

How to Buying the Best Car Mount/Holder

Keep It Mounted; Keep It Safe


It’s becoming increasingly difficult to imagine a world that doesn’t rely on cellular communications and instant internet access from anywhere, but it’s more than likely that the age in which we’re living now, the age of interconnection, has only just begun.

At this point in the revolution, our devices are separate from us, with the occasional exception of a wearable piece of tech like a smartwatch. That means that, in order to interact with the interface, we have to manipulate it with our fingers and our voices, as well as our eyes.

Take any task that requires the attention of the eye, the ministrations of the hand, and a significant amount of your momentary brain space and put the task to someone who also happens to be driving a car down the highway at 70 mph, and you can imagine the disasters that might unfold. I don’t care if it’s reading a book, eating a sandwich, or texting, distracted driving is undoubtedly dangerous.

It just so happens that the vast majority of distracted driving in the early days of smart phones is the result of using those very devices. Each year in the US, about 420,000 people are injured in car crashes for which a distracted driver is to blame.

The answer would seem to be pretty simple: put away the phone. But distractions come from other sources, as well, such as distress over an impending feeling that you’ve lost your way, worry over a friend or loved one who may be sick or in trouble, and a dozen other completely legitimate and time-sensitive issues that using a smart phone in your car can fix, actually making you safer.

In order to reduce that level of distraction, however, you need to have your phone mounted in a position in your car that makes it easy to read and access without a lot of fumbling around. The car mounts for cell phones on our list do just that, and they do so in a manner that secures your phone without risking any damage to your vehicle.

All of the car phone mounts on our list grab onto your phone with one end and onto some part of your car with the other. In some cases, they attach to your windshield by the force of a suction cup. In others, they use the weight of the phone to create leverage against a slot that fits around one of your car’s vents. Still others utilize magnets, stick materials, or even tabs that fit into your CD slot to create a mount that lives front and center.

Your Mounting Options

Selecting one from among the numerous phone car mounts on our list will come down to a number of variables that hinge partly on the design of your car and partly on where in your car you want you phone to mount. For example, if you’re left handed, mounting your phone anywhere near the center console would be a bigger hassle than anything else, as it would necessitate that you use your non-dominant hand to manipulate it. A mount designed to insert into your CD drive wouldn’t work for you.

Alternatively, depending on the angle of your windshield, you might find that suction cups are a poor option. If your windshield’s angle is too steep, some suction cup-based mounts won’t have enough flexibility to allow your phone to face forward at an amenable viewing angle.

If you’re a lefty with a steep windshield, well, you’re running out of options, but you can still utilize a mount that attaches to the vents in your car, provided that they have enough tension in them to hold the mount in place. If you have a heavier phone and weaker hinges on your vents, you might end up with a phone on the floor every time you go over a bump.

Ask yourself where in your car you’d be most comfortable mounting your phone, and then actually get in the car and look at the options available to you. Is mounting in in the vents too far down for you to have to migrate your eyes while driving? Does a windshield mount obstruct your lines of sight?

Once you’ve got a handle on where and how you want to mount your phone in your car, your decision will come down to the clip. Some clips are magnetic, others have spring-loaded, extending arms that grip your phone along its sides. The magnets make for a convenient installation and removal when you’re on the go, but they aren’t as secure as the spring-loaded clips.

Rising Dangers

Long before texting presented a threat to the very fiber of our roadways, the pioneers of telecommunications in the 20th century endeavored to place a phone inside of your car. The Bell System was the first to achieve the feat way back in 1946, though to be honest it was more of a radio system built with all the trappings of the telephone. It was channel based like a radio, and it had limited bands for communication with other car phones within range.

It took another 40 years for cellular technology to begin its transition toward the tower-based systems we still use today, and even then car phones were bulky, uncomfortable things that offered little more than the ability for rich jerks to communicate with other rich jerks about how much money they made that day.

In more recent years, as numbers of violent automobile deaths that could easily have been prevented have kept rising, awareness campaigns and compelling films like Werner Herzog’s anti-texting and driving PSA From One Second to the Next have opened our eyes to a culture that needs to change. That change begins, in part, with a good mount.

A Guide to Buying the Best Car Mount

Choosing accessories for your precious smartphone can be as hard as choosing the phone due to the varying variety that is flooding the market. Just as you selected the right handset for yourself, you would want the best accessories for it too. For avid smartphone users, the next important thing to buy after the phone is a car mount that can help them to interact with their phones while driving without distraction.

So how should one choose the best car mount to fit their needs? If you buy just any holder in the market, it could damage your phone. Here are some pointers to keep in mind while you scoop the market to buy the best car mount that is right for your phone and the car.

Ease of Use

The whole point of using a car mount is to avoid fumbling with your phone while you drive. So make sure that the mount you are buying can hold your phone well without limiting its features. The best car mount will securely hold your phone in place without covering its ports and side buttons that you may want to use. If your mount is covering the feature buttons or the back camera, then its design is impractical as you will have to dismount the phone to use them when needed.


Some mounts are designed for the phone only, leaving no space for its case. If you find it a hassle to take off the case, then double check the holder dimensions before buying. The best car mount will not constrain you in this department. It will have a sliding lock mechanism to adjust to the contours of your phone, while gripping the phone tight at the same time.


The best car mount will look classy and sophisticated. It should match the interior of your car. After all, the car mount will be installed upfront so it is necessary that it has a pleasant design that is robust and not cheap. It should have rotating arm to keep your cell phone in the landscape mode to run certain apps. A 360 degree rotation is ideal. Moreover, the best car mount should also feature quick release and suction mount so you can position it however you like.

Easy Installation

Before buying the car mount, check if it can attach to textured and polished surfaces like the dashboard. If not, then a suction mount will be a good option. Some car mounts offer both adhesive connection and suction mechanism in a single package. The adhesive pads can even be used on curved surfaces so the mount can be installed literally anywhere in the car. The best car mount should be easy to attach with strong connectivity and should not fall off with a few road bumps.


Make sure your mount can tolerate phone vibrations. Its gripping edges should not start to crack after a few shocks from the road or incoming calls. The best car mount is constructed of high quality plastic that can bear extremities in temperatures and pressures. If the mount is the vent-type holder, be sure the plastic will not degrade if you are using it in winters. The heat from the air vents could melt cheap plastic. So it is imperative that you do not compromise on quality. Also, the release mechanism should be smooth and quick. If you have to struggle to wrench the phone out of the mount’s grip then your gadget can end up with abrasions on its sides.

That said; we assume you have enough to go on with. Happy shopping!



Case-compatible car holders simply offer some extra space and a degree of adjustability, to ensure that cases can be kept on when your phone is inserted into the car holder. They don’t require cases to be used, but they just keep that option open.

Charging cable compatible

Charging cable compatible car holders include room for a charging cable to be inserted, so that you can use a car charger to keep your phone topped up while you’re on the road.

Olixar Universal Smartphone Windscreen Car HolderPortrait / landscape rotation

Car holders with portrait / landscape compatibility can rotate, allowing you to choose an orientation that makes sense for your needs. You might prefer one orientation for GPS navigation and another for music controls, and this kind of car holder lets you easily swap between the two.


There are both universal and device-specific car holders available. Device-specific car holders are only available for the most popular phones, but they often offer a better fit than a universal alternative. You can select your phone on the car holders page to find both device-specific car holders and universal car holders that will fit your phone.

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