Best 3d Printing Pen in 2020-2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Best 3D printing pens 2020 have become very popular especially among artists. Actually it is Very difficult for you or other buyers to find out the best 3D pen among the various companies,best 3d pen for kids.mynt3d professional printing 3d pen.

Where to buy 3d pen?

Here we have made a comprehensive list of the best 3d printing pen -2020 to solve your problem. Choose the best 3D printing pens from our best 3D printing pen 2019 List. So without Delay-Lets move to below for a quick best 3d pen review and find the best 3d printing pen according to your needs.

3D Pens is now very popular and superb part to the artists , who love to create a creative job. So its popularity is increasing rapidly among  the artists. WE are happy to having the Best 3d Printing Pen -2020, Best budget 3d printer 2019 Reviews.

3D painting could be quite expensive, but with a 3D pen, you can make them on your own at a lower cost. If you are new to this technology and wish to find best 3d printing pen in a jiffy, we suggest you checkout table below which has all “the best 3Dprinting pens 2018”. In this article we have tried to cover each and everything that you or any other buyer would want to know before choosing a 3d pen.We also reviewed On Best laptop, Best Camera, 3d printing pen, Best Speaker, Best Tablet Etc.

Yes, we are boldly acknowledging that 3D printing is something that has taken the world by storm, and while 3D printers are already doing an excellent job at helping people create some of the most amazing items using a 3D pen or a 3D printer.

If you take a quick glance at 3D pens on Amazon alone, you will realize there are at least 90 different 3D printing pens out there. And more can be found elsewhere, like the 3Doodler PRO.

What is a 3D pen?

A 3D pen looks pretty much like the pencil or pen that we normally use, but the difference is that the former is bulkier. And instead of lead or ball point, the former uses a plastic nib using which users can draw 3D structures. Have you heard of it before? Nope? I’m sure you’re going to read the following information on 3D pens.

You see, there are so many questions on 3D pens – some even ask whether they are good or bad. Well, before we learn how 3d pens work, it makes sense to know that using them is pretty similar to using a normal pen or pencil. 3D pens are held in the same way like any other pen, but the major difference is that the former can be used in a lot of ways that traditional pens aren’t.

How 3D Pen Work ? 

For those who don’t know how 3D pens work, the whole principle is pretty safe to understand; you load the 3D pen with the type of plastic you want to use with it, once that’s done, you let the pen heat the plastic, and once the plastic is heated enough, it can be squeezed out of the nib of the pen.

The learning curve on a 3D pen is somewhat difficult because it requires your hand to be very steady, but if you dedicate enough time to it, the good news is that you’ll be able to easily create some of the finest looking models with a 3D pen.

This is important because the 3D pens have taken the market with a storm, and it’s very, very easy to get confused when it comes to buying the pens. So, in order to make things easier, we will be testing 10 3D pens that are available for the consumers and see how they fair against each other as well as how good they are in general.

How to draw in 3D using a 3D pens

Ways to use a 3D printing pen:

There is a lot that you can do with 3D pens. They can be used for artistic and decorative works; and also for minor repair works when combined with 3D printers. The most common applications of 3D printing pens include building mini Eiffel towers, homes, ornaments, pendants, and drawing objects like phones, laptops, and iPhone cases.

 Best 3d Printing pen Selection:

To make a fair list of the best 3D printing pen 2020, we considered various essential criteria. The basic 3D printing pen is a cool device which requires connection to a power source before it starts producing thin liquid plastic that’s used to make drawings on surfaces such as on papers or in air. Needless to say, a lot of factors come into play which are all essential to your 3D drawing experience with the pen. Here are a few factors we considered, broadly summarised.

Features – The liquid plastic needs to take minimal time to cool. The lesser assistance required to function, the better. The best 3d printing pens usually contain additional features that make them unique to the rest.

Filament – The drawing plastic is held in the filament compartment. Filaments are crucial in determining the quality of drawing. Different types of filaments are currently available in the market. The best 3d printing pens make use of 3D filaments that can be discarded and replaced in the future.

Manufacturer – Different companies and businesses have undertaken production of 3d printing pens and tout their products to be the best. It’s important to note that there are limited brand products that have shown convenience and high quality while functioning. Before purchase, the brand and manufacturer are essential considerations as it shines a light on the technology and quality employed into the pen.

Reviews – User reviews are significant before the purchase of any 3d printing pen. The best quality products tend to have good reviews from individuals who have used them before. We went ahead and talked to several users to get more knowledge on how their experience with the product was like. When going through online reviews, however, it’s wise to consult several websites.

Best 3D Printing Pen in 2020 Reviews

On Our 3D pen review-we have brought down a great list of  most useful,Popular,Best Selling, functional Top 10 best 3d Printing pens- which clearly help you which are best 3d pens In the market Now .


Top 10 Best 3d Printing Pen to buy in 2020

So, we have selected a  list that contains the best 3D pen in the market, to make things easier for you, we have chosen the 11 best 3D pens in the market, alongside their brief reviews and features to help you have a better understanding of what you are about to buy.

1.Best Tecboss 3D Pen

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Best MYNT3D Printing pen

$69.99 -30% Off

Main Feature:

Filament type:Three colorsABS Filament
Type of control: N/A
Temperature:Adjustable in 1-degree increments from 130 to 240 C for optimal fine-tuning
Design: Simple and Efficient
Insertion: N/A
Weight: Lightweight (40 to 65grams)
Ink Colors: Multi Colors
Material: High quality plastic
Warranty: 1 Year
Dimensions:2.8 x 8.1 x 5.2 inches

The MYN3D professional printing pen makes it our list of the best 3d printing pens. This pen came recently in 2018 to the market. It functions as a typical 3d printing pen making use of plastic as described in the introductory segment above. The pen is also made unique in its ways by the features it supports.

This 3d pen is one of the most reliable and competitive 3D printing pens available in the market, especially for professional use. Before knowing about any other 3d pen, spare some time to check out the advanced features of the MYNT3D Professional 3D Pen! With this precision-crafted pen, users can print and doodle astonishing 3d masterpieces with ease.

The weight of the pen is pretty low. This makes it suitable for use with a single hand. The pen is ideal for use with kids and children as it does not tire them while using it.

Double clicking the operating buttons makes the pen extrude the plastic automatically. This means that you can continuously keep making your drawings without need to press buttons repeatedly.

Instead of an LCD screen, this pen comes with OLED display. The display gives the user information on the thermal characteristics of the pen as it operates. This is what enables the user to manipulate and control the operating temperature of the device in the range of 1300 -2400 degrees Celsius.

This is achieved with minute increments or decrements of about 20 Celsius. This fine adjustment enables extruding smaller thickness of the material to make drawings.

This also helps in saving filament, making it economical for artists on a budget. It is also receptive to external temperature changes and can adjust well, unlike the other pens.

Consuming 10 watts of power with 5 volts of current, this great 3D drawing pen can be used outdoors without trouble. This pen is accepted by the Federal Communications Commission, the European conformity and the Restriction of the Hazardous Substances. This adds to the trust factor.

Product features

Sketch, print & doodle amazing three-dimensional masterpieces with this precision-crafted stylus!
Adjustable feed lets you regulate speed & flow for optimal control of material while you’re drawing
Temperature is adjustable in 1 degree increments from 130 to 240 C, for optimal fine-tuning
Large, OLED display lets you monitor temperature of material to help you achieve a wide variety of effects
Kit includes 3 colors of ABS plastic filament A/C adapter and slim, ergonomic touch pen with 1 year limited warranty

This 3D printing pen is thus considered the best since it has the following various advantages.

Easy to use- This professional 3D printing pen is quite useful in drawing, drafting and in painting in a three-dimensional quality very easily. This pen also allows one to use it in drawing in the air hence guarantees one to come up with a 3D masterpiece. This 3D printing pen is astonishing in creating three-dimensional work of art, which is the very accurate size and shape. 3D printing pen has a big OLED screen that helps in monitoring of the temperature levels. This helps in improving the quality of the object being drawn. There are also three columns of the Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene which are plastic filaments that can be used in the printing process.
Convenient weight- This pen is light weighing approximately 40 to 65grams hence it is easy for it to be done by a variety of people ranging from upcoming artists like the children to older people and the designers and graphic designers.
Efficient speed- It is also easy to maneuver and has a good speed control. 3D printing pen has a modifiable option. This lets the person drawing to control the speed and also the flow of the best control of the information flowing out of the material during the whole process of printing. It also has a three loops ABS filament of 1.75 mm each.
Sleek design- This scribbler 3D pen has preference over the other pens for home users since it has an attractive design.  This type of pen is so pleasant to look at, and it got a good size to hold on to and hence it is easy to move fast while making a drawing. Hence despite the feeling of the dominating of the thicker and largely shaped, the specialists in the drawing industry need to know that the advanced 3D is of good dimension to carry out the work.
Flexibility- This 3D printing pen is also very flexible. With this type of printing pen, one can draw any drawing ranging from a very small size to a very big drawing, ranging from the subtle to the models. This allows an individual to show off the innovation he or she has discovered on a new level of creativeness. This new 3D printing pen has transformed people’s thoughts concerning the 2D as it is considered less flexible compared to the new 3D.
Portability- This 3D printing pen is highly portable. This 3D printer pen is usually given out through a wall charger which is evident that a 3D printing pen will be easy carried out around when one is walking. This fact helps out such that despite where one is with the long distance from one’s nation or one is planning to stay for a longer duration one will be able to use the 3D printing pen for the duration without experiencing any difficulties.

This pen is awesome. If you don’t have a 3D printer, this is a fun crafting tool that will let you enter the magical world of plastic. If you do already have a 3D printer, then this pen pretty much makes you a wizard.

I have used this pen with a variety of plastic filaments including ABS, PLA, PETG, Polycarbonate, TPU and electrically conductive Protopasta. It has not let me down. There is a typo in the product description, the maximum temperature for this product is 230C, not 240C. This is only a problem with polycarbonate, and even then you can still work at 230C.

Free drawing with the pen is fun and only takes a little practice. You can make huge gangling structures of incredibly low density, which is pretty neat. You can also make solid objects like a little statue of your dog, and my dog thinks that’s pretty funny.

Ease of use -This 3D printing pen lets you sketch, draw and paint in three-dimensions almost effortlessly.

Light and convenient weightThis pen is approximately 40 to 65 grams. That’s pretty less than the standard 80 to 100 grams you expect in most other devices.

High speed – It is also simple to sketch with and has excellent control of speed.There is a variable option in the 3D printing pen which enables the artist to control the flow of the material according to your speed of drawing.

Excellent looping – It also has three loop ABS filament of 1.75 mm each.

Unique attractive design

Flexible – This 3D printing pen is also highly flexible; one can draw any drawing ranging from a very tiny size to a big model

Excellent Portability -This 3D printing pen is very easy to walk around with. A wall charger usually accompanies your order.

Minimum guide information – insufficient information on how the temperature at the nozzle is to be adjusted.

The MYNT3D pen is powered by a USB power outlet

The package comes with an AC adapter, three colors of ABS filaments and a slim, ergonomic stylus. Another drawback is poor branding as in the name of the brand is not mentioned on the front side of the pen.Drawing models with this pen make you feel like an artist and a creator.So whether you’re an artist or an engineer, the MYNT3D pen will heighten your project.

I would happily recommend to any persons that have the talent of making creative drawings and are ready to spend some hours in finding out how to use this 3D printing pen in making the drawing.

The MYNT3D 3D Pen with OLED Display is rising to the top as the Best 3D printing Pen 2018!It is a good option to buy and we recommend this 3d pen for kids and artists who love 3d paintings. Many people prefer to use it to prepare realistic drawings so that they can flourish as an artist in 3D printing.

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Best Scribbler 3D Printing Pen

Main Feature:

Filament type: 1.75mm ABS or PLA Filament
Type of control: Step-less speed control
Design: Unclogging mechanisms that prevent clogging
Insertion: Button controls allows you to control extrusion speeds
Weight: 65 gms
Ink Colors: Blue
Material: ceramic
Warranty: Check manufactures website for info
Batteries: Uses a power cord
Dimensions: 1.75mm ABS or PLA Filament

Scribbler V3 is the most updated design so far. It has a very cool look and very nice feeling surface.It has the convenient, ergonomic case. The pen’s weight is only 50 grams. There are no metal parts, the nozzle is removable and it is made of ceramics. The heating element is enclosed in heat-resistant plastic case. The plastic thread feeder has 6 speeds, the ability to select plastic type (ABS or PLA) and to set operating temperature allow to use the device’s flexible operation mode, thus increasing possibilities of its use in daily life and creative work. In addition, 3D pen Scribbler V3 One is equipped with the OLED-display to which all operation mode data are output in a clear and available way.

The first on the list is the Scribbler V3, and as the name may suggest, it is an updated version of the legacy Scribbler Pen, this pen has been in the market for quite some time and is taking people by surprise. Perhaps one of the best features about this pen is the amazing build quality and perfect ergonomics that make this pen such a breeze to use. With that said, let’s find out some details about how good this pen is.

For starters, the pen comes in various different colors, but don’t worry, you can actually use filaments of different colors with the pen. As of now, the 3D pen is available in a total number of 8 colors, the available colors are Blue, Green, Purple, Red, White, and Yellow.

In our testing, it was revealed that the pen is extremely light weight and highly easy to operate, and if you are having concerns about how easy it is to change the filament, then don’t, the pen operates in a rather easy and friendly manner that allows you to operate it without any hassle.

Build Quality/Design

Starting off with the design, you’ll notice that the company here isn’t trying to make a statement with the Scribbler v3 as the pen happens to be unapologetically bulky, and weighty as compared to what the competition has to offer. This surely raised some eyebrows in the beginning, but knowing that the 3D pen is made using quality materials, the extra weight can be overlooked.

As for as the build quality is concerned, you should now that the 3D pen doesn’t feel cheap at all; however, that comes at the expense of the added weight and bulk which may be an issue for some.

Moving on, the design isn’t all that attractive either, the 3D pen is big, and looks really weird as compared to what some of the competition’s offering. However, like we said before, the company isn’t really trying to do something like that so It’s understandable.

Another good thing is that the 3D pen has a pretty sizeable OLED screen on it, and while it may not be something that a lot of people prefer as usable, it’s good because it will give the required and useful information about the pen’s operation itself.

The pen is also available in a number of attractive colours to make your selection process a lot smoother than it already is.

However, the important thing that you should keep in mind here is that the 3D pen is somewhat bulky, so keep that in mind.

Types of Supported Plastic

We have stressed this fact over and over again that the types of supported plastic are really important. That’s because if a 3D pen that you’re about to buy doesn’t suppose a wide range of plastics, then it will actually go to waste. With that said, the good thing here is that the Scribbler v3 supports a variety of different plastic materials.

You get the standard the PLA and ABS, but apart from that, you also get materials like plastic wood, metal, bronze, and copper filaments too. Now do keep in mind that these filaments are actually made out of plastic, but they have some traces of the aforementioned materials that manage to give them that distinct feel and quality.

Overall, it’s safe to say that if you are someone who likes to experiment with 3D pens, and appreciate having a variety of different filaments to work with, then it’s safe to say that you’re going to have a fun time with the Scribbler v3 thanks to the wide variety of filaments available.

Ease of Use

The next important thing about any 3D pen is just how easy the 3D pen is to operate, this is important because it may be a lot easier for veterans, however, for anyone who happens to be a newcomer, the whole process of using the 3D pen can be a lot difficult.

Well, for starters, if you want to be fully prepared, and understood about the basics, it’s safe to say that you should go over on the internet, and start looking at the tutorials on how you can use it. Then you should take some filaments and start practicing.

The thing about 3D pen is that you have to treat it like a guitar, there’s no other way around it, just keep practicing and you’ll start mastering the art. With that said, the ease of use on this one is certainly there, the OLED is helpful enough to provide all the useful information about the plastic, so it’s a good thing to have on your 3D pen.

Just keep in mind that different filaments have different melting point, so you can do some research on them before you actually start using them.


Overall, the Scribbler v3 does a lot of good things, especially the things that it is designed to do. It’s not promising to be a jack of all trades at all, and that is a good thing because this way, at least we are aware of the fact that we aren’t getting something that isn’t properly good at what it does.

The Scribbler V3’s only downside is that the pen itself happens to be bulkier, and somewhat weightier than the competition, and if you have bigger hands, then it shouldn’t be an issue. However, keep in mind that this is just subjective, and you can easily get used to holding the pen if you spend some amount of time with it.

See why it is so best for you:

To be very honest, the Scribbler 3D Pen V3 didn’t really have any major downsides to begin with, all the tests were passed with flying colours, however, for people who are used to the traditional way of drawing using a pen or a pencil might have some issues drawing with this pen at first because like all 3D pens, this one has a learning curve. Rest assured, this is without a shadow of a doubt, an amazing pen.


Incredibly light-weight at just 2.6 oz.
Extremely responsive and convenient.
Comes with a large OLED screen that enhances the usability.
Can be used on almost all of the surface types.


Might feel bulky and uneasy to use to traditional artists.

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Best 7TECH 3D Printing Pen

If you want to buy cheap 7tech 3d printing pen, choose 7tech 3d printing pen. THE BEST 3D PRINTING PEN IN 7TECH MALL! √7TECH 3D PEN was featured as “The Best 3D Printing Pen ” . 

This specific 3D printing pen was designed with only one purpose in mind; the easy to use, user-friendly nature. With that said, the company behind this amazing 3D printing pen ensured us that the product will have an incredibly silent operating mode, in addition to that, the pen also comes with several features that make this 3D printing pen, one of the best we have seen. Let’s find out more about it.

The 7TECH 3D printing pen has some advanced features that are welcomed additions, for instance, this 3D printing pen comes with one of the best thermal control, in addition to that, the 3D printing pen also manages to notify you about the filament getting stuck. Last but not the least, in case you hate the super-fast or super-slow extrusion of many 3D pens, you don’t have to worry about this one as it actually lets you control the extrusion according to your own preferred speed.

The only 2 issues we actually encountered during our review and testing were the lack of supplied filaments as well as how hot the pen can get while it’s fully operational. Do keep in mind that while you are operating the pen, the temperature can go incredibly high, and to an extent that it may cause damage to your skin if you get In contact with it. With that said, we also realized that the supplied filament wasn’t enough, but then again, companies through these in for the royalty. With that said, the 7TECH 3D Printing Pen is one of the finest 3D printing pens we have used and is certainly one of the top 3D pens.


Highly easy to use for both newcomers and veteran artists.
The pen happens to be light weight and rather slim, something that is always a welcome addition.
The 7TECH 3D printing pen also comes with an advanced unclogging system that prevents the filament from clogging after cooling down.
There is an aluminum spatula included that protects your fingers from the hot nozzle.
The 1 year warranty is something of an additional bonus.


The operating temperature can get unbearable.
This pen is not that much easy to use. (Not for a Newbie or Kid)
The supplied filaments are just not enough.

On to a more negative note, we discovered some flaws on the 7TECH that we think the manufacturers could have done better.

For instance, when you purchase the 7TECH, you have to buy filaments separately. Unlike other models, this specific model does not come with filaments in the package.

Another niggle about the 7TECH is that it can get extremely hot when in full operational mode. As you’re using the pen, it heats up to the point that you can severely burn yourself when it gets in contact with your skin.

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 Best Ccbetter Intelligent Pen

The fourth on our list is the ccbetter Intelligent 3D Pen before we go into details, you should know that this pen is also sold under a different name that is called Joyluxy Intelligent 3D. With that said,

the Intelligent 3D pen is one of the best 3D pens 2017 we have had the pleasure of reviewing. Speaking of functions and features, the 3D pen is quite basic and has all the necessities anyone would want in a 3D pen. With that out of the question, let’s take a closer, and proper look at the CCbetter Intelligent 3D pen from Joyluxy.

The pen comes in a sleek-looking box that is no bigger than your usual smartphone box, inside the box, you find the usual power brick along with the 2 supplied filaments. Do keep in mind that you can always purchase separate filaments of your own choice, the manufacturer was nice enough to include a stand that you can use to put your pen on when it is not in use. The 3D printing pen was rather easy to use for both the newcomers as well as veteran artists, the testing revealed that it managed to work on almost all the major materials with great ease and consistently gave us brilliant results. The pen also comes with an OLED that has a small status indicator that tells you when the filament is heated and ready to use, quite a nice tough to be honest.

Speaking of cons, the thorough and concise testing didn’t really reveal any issues to begin with, however, we would have liked a bit more detailed instruction guide, especially for people who are reluctant when it comes to using such stuff without the proper guide to help them out. Apart from that, the pen managed to perform excellently in all the tests.

With that said, the CCBetter Intelligent 3D Pen from Joyluxy is probably one of our most favourite 3D pens we have used, and is a definite recommendation for someone who’s looking for the best bang for the buck.


The ergonomically stylish design makes the pen really easy to use.
Unlike most 3D printing pens, this one actually looks good, and vibrant.
The additional pen holder is an incredible addition to people who are too clumsy with such items.
The pen is actually quite easy to fix as far as the problems are tangible.


None whatsoever.

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Best Lay3r 3D Printing Pen for Kids

This is a brand new product from the 3D Printing maker Lay3r. It’s really freakin’ fun to draw with, fun for adults and children alike.

As compared to the other 3D printing pens we have used and reviewed, the Lay3r 3D pen is oddly large, however, as big as it may seem, the 3D pen proved to be extremely good at handling and not heavy at all.

Another great advantage of the Lay3r 3D pen is that it is really easy to use. How easy, you ask? With proper guidance, a 12-year-old can use the pen without making any mistakes. However, the great thing about it is that it doesn’t matter if a kid is using this amazing pen or some veteran artist is, the pen is extremely easy to handle for people of all age and skill level.

We were surprised to see that the company has included a fan inside the pen to make sure it stays cool during the hot operating temperature, last but not the least, the pen comes with an automatic shutdown feature that turns off the pen when it’s not being operated.

As for the downsides, the only downside we actually think exists is the size of the pen, but then again, considering how it has a fan built inside of it, the size can be justified.


Easy to use.
Lots of interesting features.
Top notch built quality.
Included fan is a cherry on top.
Comes with one year warranty.


Although the inclusion of a fan is a nice touch, it actually increases the size of the pen by a great measure.

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Best AFUNTA Professional 3D Pen

AFUNTA Professional 3D Printing Pen is a great gift for anyone who wants to try 3D drawing. Comes with a money back guarantee waranty, led screen, temp control.The next product on our list is the GENESIS 3D Pen, for those who don’t know, the company is also known for creating a really popular 3D printer. The company behind Genesis 3D pen is known as Lasso Labs and today we are bringing you this brilliant 3D pen. Let’s see how it manages to fair against the tough competition that is currently existing because of the saturated market of 3D printing pens.

The Genesis 3D pen is nicely designed and looks quite sophisticated, it’s nowhere near as slim and small as the Lix 3D printing pen but when it comes to doing the job, it isn’t any less than the competition. Our review unit came in all black, however, there are a few other color combinations available. The pen managed to perform eloquently in all the tests; it was smooth, the plastic filament didn’t get stuck, and the pen’s chassis didn’t get abnormally hot – something that is common with a lot of 3D pens. Lasso Labs was also kind enough to add in 5 filaments in the box, and you can always purchase the filaments separately. With that said, the Genesis 3D pen pleased us with the consistent performance and a minimal learning curve.

Moving on to the complaints, we don’t really have any. The only 3D pen managed to perform perfectly fine in almost all the situations and didn’t disappoint us at all.


Extremely user friendly for both kids and veteran artists.
Has the ability to use a different type of plastics.
Great Built Quality.
Comes with amazing warranty.
Light weight and portable construction makes up a trouble free experience.


Only good for small scale project.
Heat up if use for a large project.

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Best 3Doodler 3d Printing Pen

3Doodler Create 3D Pen With 50 Plastic Strands, No Mess, Non-Toxic, Smoky Blue

$82.99 -17% Off

Main Feature:

Filament type: Compatible with PLA and ABS Filament
Type of control: easy control
Design: Enhanced grip
Insertion: n/a
Weight: 12.8 ounces
Ink Colors: multiple colors
Material: Aluminum
Warranty: one-year replacement warranty
Batteries: n/a
Dimensions: 6.3 x 0.7 x 0.7 inches

The next one in the list is 3Doodler 3D printing pen. This stylish pen comes with 50, yes, you have heard it, 50 plastic filaments — the most number of filaments we have received with a 3D printing pen. The overall looks and feels of the pen are amazing, and the color (black) we received for reviewing made the pen look like something that came out from a Tom Clancy novel. With that said, let’s see if the pen is worth the $110 price tag. However, before we begin, you should know this pen is in no way related to another product that goes by the same name and is also known as the first 3D printing pen in the world.

This is perhaps one of the best-looking 3D printing pens available in the market, right next to the Lix 3D printing pen we have reviewed earlier, the greatest thing about this pen is that it comes with 50 filaments, and they are extremely easy to replace and do not get clogged. The testing phase revealed that the pen manages to work perfectly fine on almost all the surfaces. The pen happens to be really easy to use, especially for the veteran artists who have good experience with drawing and using such tools, as for newcomers, there is a slight learning curve for them.

In all honesty, we didn’t find any cons at all. There were some concerns, but pointing them out would be nitpicking as almost all the 3D pens we have reviewed had them with the exception of Lix 3D printing pen.

Build Quality/Design

When it comes to 3Doodler, the overall build quality is rather simple to look at; sure the pen is largely made out of plastic, but the good thing is that the plastic isn’t some cheap material, and feels pretty solid. There’s no denying that having a good build quality in a 3D pen is absolutely important because you are spending a pretty dime on it, so you should at least get a product that can withstand the wear and tear.

Moving on to the design, the 3Doodler looks a bit unconventional, there are no weird gimmicks like an OLED screen or what not. You simply get a 3D pen that is made to get the job done. As far as the looks are concerned, the 3Doodler is unapologetically plain and simple looking and considering how it’s one of the first ones in the market, it makes sense.

You should know that the way this pen looks like won’t really hinder your overall experience with how it actually performs. It’s a bit heavy at 130 grrams, but the added heft gives it an overall solid feel, and gives you a peace of mind that you won’t end up breaking it.

Types of Supported Plastic

The next section of any 3D pen is the type of plastics a pen actually supports, we have seen some impressive offerings in the list, however, the 3Doodler keeps everything simple and offers the support for only PLA and ABS.

While this is something that is certainly a downside for many people, the good news here is that PLA and ABS remain the most common forms of plastic that are used in 3D pens, so you shouldn’t really care about not having the fancier ones available to use.

However, do keep in mind that the pen ships with 50 plastic stands, this is a great amount of filaments because this will help the aspiring 3D pen artists to make some of the best looking art with their 3D pens without having to by extra filaments.

Ease of Use

Like stated time and again, it’s really important for a good 3D pen to be easier to use, or at least have a learning curve that isn’t too difficult to follow. The good news about the 3Doodler is that the pen is rather simple to use without really getting into the complicated procedures.

Sure, we won’t deny that the learning curve is certainly there, but the good thing is that once you are fully familiar with how the pen works, as well as the temperatures for both ABS, and PLA, the overall experience becomes a lot smoother.

So, without complicating things, just make sure that you pay enough attention to how the pen works, and before you start creating your masterpieces, make sure you do some amount of time learning the crevice, and you’ll be good to go.


In a world where 3D pens are getting more and more advance and are being filled with gimmicks, the 3Doodler is unapologetically original, and doesn’t want to change too much of how it works. Yes, it works like any other 3D pen that is available in the market, but at the same time, it also happens to be really, really simple.

It doesn’t sport an attractive, lighter body, or an OLED screen to guide you on some of the basics, however, when it comes to business, it happens to be as good as any other 3D pen in the market, and that’s what really matters to us.

If you are really okay with somewhat dated design, then go ahead and spend your money on the 3Doodler, and we can assure you that you will not have any issues whatsoever.


Sleek and innovative design.
The build quality is one of the finest.
50 provided filaments is a nice bonus.
The 3D pen is really easy to setup.


Design is bulky and outdated.

Lacks the precision of traditional printers
Because of its shape sometimes it is awkward to hold

This is a great rounded 3D pen for adults. It allows various types of drawing, doodling, painting and more services that you can’t get from other models of 3D pens.

Since it is the latest model to come out of the 3Doodler, it features the latest technology , it is more refined than its predecessors, and it is faster and more reliable as well.

3Doodler with 50 plastic strands features a sleek aluminum enclosure with the ¼ the size of its predecessor which is considerably more comfortable to use. It is very easy to maintain and have very fewer chances of clogging. It also delivers a variety of colored liquid to create colorful designs. However, before start using it read the given instructions on basic use and many other things carefully for exploring this amazing new experience.

Check Price On Amazon

 Best Glyby Intelligent 3D Printing Pen

Our next entry is the Glyby Intelligent 3D printing pen. Next in the series is Glyby Intelligent 3d printing pen. It is considered to be one of the best 3d printing pen available in the market.

This Glyby intelligent 3d printing pen world’s cheapest 3d printing pen.

It will cost you around 50$ only.

Regarding look, I would not say that it is as pleasant as Lix previously discussed, but when it comes to performing the task it intends to do, then there is no look behind. It gives a remarkable well performance in every test we performed.Reviewers and users have hailed it as one of the best 3D printing pens ever available, and sure, it is nowhere near good looking as the Lix 3D printing pen, but in terms of functionality, the pen manages to perform quite well. How well, you ask? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

The Glyby Intelligent 3D printing pen is perhaps the cheapest 3D printing pen available in the market, it retails for just $50 and in terms of performance, it manages to give a groundbreaking performance and works on almost all the surfaces. With that said, do keep in mind that this 3D printing pen is made with kids in mind, so if you want something for some extra professional work, you probably might want to spend your money somewhere else, and on something more expensive that would be more appropriate for the professional work. Moving on, the pen is easy to use for kids, it has enough features to keep them happy for a long time, and as long as they operate under a proper supervision, things won’t go wrong.

At the given price, there isn’t anything to complain about the Glyby Intelligent 3D printing pen, the main purpose of this 3D printing pen is to make sure that the children can developer their minds properly, and it does a great job at that. Sure there are better 3D printing pens available in the market, but do keep in mind that they are usually above $90. With that said, the Glyby 3D printing pen is an amazing gift for kids who are always up for learning new, interesting and soulful things.

Cheap and easy to use.

Has an appealing look that will please the children.
Good build quality.
It is really a great 3d printing pen designed for kids. At its price, you cannot complain for more. It has all the features to keep the children busy for a long time. This 3d printing pen will help your kid to develop their creative mind and will open new horizon.

So, at the end I would like to say, if you are looking to buy 3d pens for your kids then this you should definitely opt for this . 

  • High quality at affordable price.
  • Great design for children.
  • Hardware quality is also good seeing the price.
  • None.
                                                           Check Price On Amazon

Best CreoPop 3D Printing Pen

We are bringing something extraordinary for you, just like the Lix 3D printing pen, the CreoPop 3D cordless printing pen is a revolution on its own. What’s good about it?

The CreoPop is an extraordinary pen and comes with revolutionary technology just like the Lix 3D.

This 3D printing pen is cordless meaning it is portable, and you can use it on the go.

Another revolutionary aspect of this pen that sets it apart from other 3D pens is that this CreoPop does not have any heating parts.

It may seem strange and unconventional, but this 3D pen uses plastic without melting or heating it.

Innovation and efficiency are the themes of this CreoPop which unlike other 3D pens that use thermoplastics to produce three-dimensional models, it uses photopolymers.

When the photopolymer ink is exposed to LED diodes, it starts to liquefy to allow printing of 3D models.

This CreoPop is completely safe for use considering how efficient this pen is without heat or thermoplastics that may cause accidental burns.

Our thorough tests with this pen revealed that this 3D pen could maintain its high standard of performance despite using a completely different type of ink.

Coming to the downside, and there aren’t many, is that its ink is only supplied by one company.

Not only is this limiting factor when looking to purchase this pen but also a great inconvenience to people already using this pen.

This 3D pen is fantastic, but this ink concern might be a problem with consumers and critics as other 3D pens come compatible with pretty much all ABS and PLA filaments available on the market.

It doesn’t require a wire to work, which means that there is an insane amount of portability that comes with this 3D printing pen, and if you want more cool things from this pen then here’s another surprise; unlike the rest of the 3D printing pens, this one doesn’t have any heating parts. Yes, you have heard it, this pen uses plastic without even heating and melting it.

As compared to the other pens that use thermoplastics, the CreoPop uses photopolymers, this is the type of ink that starts liquefying as soon as it is exposed to LED diodes. With that said, let’s find out more about the pen itself. Considering how there is no heated, melting plastic involved, the pen is extremely easy to use and completely safe for children as there won’t be accidental burns. The testing revealed that despite a completely different ink, pen managed to perform excellently in almost all the tests despite having a completely different type of ink.

Coming to the cons, or things we didn’t like about the pen, to be honest, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. If you want something that is futuristic, easy to use, and fancy, then you should definitely get this one. The only concern we have is that currently, the ink is supplied only by one company, and that might be a problem for some people as other pens can pretty much use any plastic filament available in the market. With that out of the way, the CreoPop 3D Cordless Printing Pen is amazing and one of a kind that will make any art lover happy.

  • Photopolymers in place of thermal plastics
  • No heating necessary
  • Scented inks are available for this pen to create models with pleasant smells
  • Models produced by this pen have a lasting freshness compared to other pens
  • Cordless to increase portability
  • Fat, bulky design
  • Its photopolymer ink is only provided by the manufacturer. This greatly reduces its convenience and usability for some people.

Innovative, one of a kind design.
Can use scented inks to create art that actually has a pleasant scent.
The objects produced using this pen have a long lasting freshness as compared to the other 3D pens.

The CreoPop is not only a great pen for artists and engineers, but it is also a great pen for regular people that want a cordless 3D pen that is simple to use.

It is futuristic and fancy ay the same time, and it guarantees happiness for all art lovers.

Check Price On Amazon

Best Soyan 3D Printing Pen for Kids

The Soyan 3D printing pen is light and slim, easier to handle. You can easily control extrusion speed for smoother operation and endless creation.
This 3D printing pen is perfect for kids: no matter creating 3D models, doodling or drawing interesting things. It can help children to improve spatial thinking ability, to encourage their creative imaginations.
Draw vertically. Draw horizontally. Lift your imagination off the page! The 3D printing pen extrudes heated plastic which instantly hardens, allowing you to literally draw in 3D, freehand or on paper. Change colors quickly and easily. The possibilities are endless.
Package includes: 3D printing pen, Power Adapter, Quick Start Guide, 30g ABS filament and 5 pieces template Paper.
October 2017 upgraded design, much more stable and durable than before. And we offer 1 year limited warranty for it

This pen was so much fun to play with. It was easy enough to learn how to use and the instructions were clear. I thought maybe my preschool kid could play with it (I never seem to pay attention to the recommended ages), but it really is more appropriate for adults or older kids. I’m not very good at making things yet, but it is quite addictive. There is some smell when using it, like a hot glue gun, but it isn’t terribly unpleasant. Don’t forget to buy extra filament, or else you will be really sad like me when it runs out and you have to wait for more to get shipped to you!

Product description


-Package Includes:
3D Printing Pen x 1
Power Adapter (AC100-240v input, DC12V/2A output) x 1
1.75mm ABS Filament with random colors(3 meters per loop) x 3
Operation instruction booklet x 1
Paper Stencils x 5

What can you use it for:

1. Prototyping & Invention
People can take ideas from their brains to the real world in no time. The 3D printing pen allows anyone to create objects and solve problems with no complicated design software.

2. Tactile Learning
Kids who have trouble grasping abstract concepts can touch and feel the results of a quick three-dimensional build to get a feel of an object in real space. Create visual aids or add a new dimension to existing objects.

3. Arts & Design
Doodling inherently adds a creative, artistic element to all projects. You can create or build something that beyond the reality by using this 3D printing pen, create something unique just like your own handwriting.

4. Spatial Thinking
This 3D printing pen can help kids to improve their spatial thinking ability, to encourage kids’ creative imaginations.

5. Education
Great tools for teaching and learning.


The 3D printing pen is suitable for children over 6 years old and adult. Used by children must be under tutelage of adult.

Lix 3d smart pen took the whole world by a storm when it announced the world’s smallest 3d pen ever made. Not only artists but also critics has a high praise for its quality and easiness to use. Lix marketed its product through Kickstarter campaign and raised more than £731,690 . Initially it was not available for consumers to buy but now it is available to purchase. You can order it now.

We at MyBestReviewss tried to have one Lix 3d pen recently for reviewing. We are glad that company accepted our request for a review unit.

 Maybe after seeing our previous work?? 

Or may be seeing our dedicated review team.

You never know, Nevertheless cheers for it to the Lix.

Okay!! Now let me get you a feel of it.  It is also known as a manual micro 3d printer .

Lix 3D pen is world’s smallest 3d pen. Now coming to our testing, we didn’t find any issue with the pen. It has passed all the tests we performed with flying colors. Our tests includes using it in a dark environments, using it in completely pin drop silent environment and many other. Pin drop silent environment testing is very much useful. Because many of the 3d pens available in the market get fail in this test. It has really surprised us by going through every test we performed, successfully. It worked like a charm on all the surfaces, we tested.

I would also like to have your attention on its hardware design.  I must say, it is one of the best 3d pen design ever made in the history. Thanks to the designer team of lix .

There is a big difference in the lix and most of the other 3d pen available in the market. Unlike the other 3d pens it comes with an option to charge via a USB cable. Most of the 3d pens need power through a power brick. This power brick takes electricity from an outlet. But if you go for Lix, you don’t have to plug into outlet every time.

A USB cable can charge it.

 Now that’s really a monstrous difference!!! 

You can even use a Power Bank to charge it. That makes it usable even if you are out of electricity.

Is not it awesome??

How can you use Lix 3d perfectly?

You don’t need to train yourself to use Lix 3d pen. Everything is so user-friendly that from the first day itself you will fall in love with it. It will take a couple of minutes to heat up. There are LED lights on it which tell you when it’s got the full temperature. Then you can insert the plastic material or thin filament in the back end. The tiny hole for inserting thin filament, is located next to the power port. So, I guess you will not have any difficulty finding in that.

Should I talk about cons of lix now?

During our testing, we didn’t find any flaws in it. Bottom up to Lix  😛

 So if you are looking for a 3d pen in the market which is good in quality and also the smallest then Lix 3d pens is your choice. 

  • Very light in weight and User-friendly
  • Good hardware quality and design.
  • Ability to heat up and cool down is absolutely great. You don’t need to wait more than a couple of minutes to heat it up.
  • “We were not able to find anything to write in this section. “

What can you do with a 3D pen?

As we have mentioned above 3D pen technology is used to draw different types of shapes, so they mostly promoted as artistic devices. They use plastic and metal fiber and can be applied easily on any surface. Even when you become a pro to use these pens with practice, 3D shapes can be made easily in space. However, they can be utilized for several other purposes too; Main Uses

  • Used for building decoration material
  • Art and craft making
  • Can be used to modify and repairing of broken 3D printed objects
  • Hanging jewelry, pendants, and ornaments
  • Developing 3D shapes and designs
  • Personalization of your many others objects and lots more
  • Hobbyists can make use of these devices as per choice

Common Precautionary Tips for using 3D printing pens efficiently and safely

  • Checkout the 3D printing pen package and available accessories
  • Read instruction manual given by manufacturer
  • Fix all attachments carefully and safely according to the instructions given in manual
  • After using a 3D printing pen, unplug the pen safely and kept it aside until it cool
  • Remove the nozzle and clean remaining filament
  • Use small needle nose pliers to clean the nozzle gently
  • If filaments parts remain in the plastic pipe inside the pen, take off it and clean gently
  • Take the back housing off
  • Make sure that filament is cleaned properly from every part of the pen to prevent clogging

Below are some of the factors you need to consider when choosing a 3D pen that will serve you best.

Consider The Price

Consumers often associate the price of a product with its quality.

The higher the price means a better quality good.

This can sometimes be misleading as some brands take advantage of their popular brand names to quote a price that is over the odds for a product.

Corded Or Cordless?

How do you intend to use this pen once you purchase it?

Is the corded pen going to restrict your freedom with the pen?

If you draw creative inspiration from the outdoors, you are better off with the cordless pen.

With all the advantages a cordless pen gives, it is worth noting that replacing the rechargeable batteries can be expensive.


Arguably the most important consideration to make.

Before buying any 3D pen, ensure that you’ve held it in your hand to determine which provides the most comfort to allow you to produce masterpiece designs.

You will want the most comfortable pen when working for long periods.

Audible Noise Level

Some pens are loud when heating the plastic filament.

A quiet environment is conducive to developing masterpieces, and loud heating mechanism may cause disruptions while working.

The distraction noise causes may lead to poor quality work and therefore ensure you figure out which models are quiet before making a purchase

What Is Included?

Be sure to inspect the package to see what is included and what is not.

Unfortunately, these pens use a lot of filaments, so you need to buy a pen that comes with as many filaments as possible.

Also, ensure the filaments that are included come in different colors.

Purchasing filaments are not cheap, so you need to stock up on as many filaments as possible when buying the pen to ensure your short-term future of 3D modeling is sorted.

Some pens also come with maintenance tools in the packaging to help the user care for the pen to increase its life span.


The pen you’re buying should have at least two buttons to allow you to regulate the speed in which the melted filament is ejected.

Also, make sure the buttons are solid for durability and easily accessible when working.


Find out whether the pen’s manufacturer provides a warranty and the duration of its length.

A long warranty protects your investment for the long term while a short warranty may prove costly over a longer duration.

Type of control

Some pens use traditional physical buttons while the newer models feature an OLED display that not only gives you control of the pen but also shows you the pen’s status.

I would strongly recommend the OLED control for your 3D pen.

Filament type

The pens come with two types of filaments, ABS and PLA, with both having their pros and cons.

While the ABS is more sturdy and flexible than the PLA filament, it models with a foul odor compared to PLA which produces a semi-sweet smell.

Also, PLA filament offers a variety of colors.

With this information in mind, I recommend PLA filaments for children’s use while ABS filaments for professional 3D modeling.

Brand name

Some brands leverage the popularity of their brand name to increase the price on their pens, while others are relatively unknown and offer cheaper products.

Also, some brands have the advantage of longevity and experience in the business and have built a reputation of putting out reliable pens in the market.

All these are factors you should consider so ensure you test all brands products with the same price points to determine the best pen.

Check Customer Reviews

It is always wise to check how these pens have served their owners on the customer reviews.

You will get invaluable insight as to what the best features of the pen are as well as get to know all the potential problems you will face with these products.

3D Printing Pen Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I leave the plastic in the pen when I shut the pen down?

No, this is not recommended since the warm plastic degrades slowly and this might cause irreversible problems with the pen over time.

How to change the filament color?

Simply hold down the backspace button, grab the filament and carefully pull it out while ensuring you remove all the filament in pen.

Does the 3D Pen make much noise?

Yes. 3D pens make a little noise when heating and ejecting filament. Some models make more noise than others.

Can children use this 3D Pen?

Yes. This 3D pen can be used by anyone, but simple guidance should be provided for children aged between five and twelve years.

Is training needed before using the 3D Pen?

No training is required. Just practice with the pen to perfect your 3D modeling skills

Is the 3D Pen good for left-handed people?

The beauty of this 3D pen is that it is designed to be used by both left handed and right handed people.

What power supply does the 3D pen use?

It uses 110 – 240V AC power. Special power plugs and pins can be delivered to your country. The packaging also includes a universal travel adapter to use on the go.

How long does the 3D Pen need to warm up?

Just a few seconds to warm up. Once the red LED indicator turns blue, the pen is ready to be used.

What do the LED lights on my pen mean?

The red LED light indicates that the pen is not ready and that it is still heating the filament.

A green light or blue light indicates that the pen is ready to be used.

A flashing yellow light indicates that the pen is charging. A solid yellow light indicates the pen is fully recharged.

Can I paint on my doodles?

Yes, because the pen’s extractions cool and solidify immediately. It helps beautify your doodles.

Does my device require maintenance?

Just minimum maintenance in the form of cleaning the pen after use to help prolong its lifespan and keep it ready for your next use.

Can I use my pen on the skin?

It is cautioned against because you will burn yourself.

Does the Start plastic emit any harmful fumes?

Burning plastic produces an odor which may cause harm if exposed to the smell for a long period.

But since the plastic cools almost immediately after being extracted from the pen, the fumes produced are not likely to cause any harm to you.

If yon wish for a more pleasant smell, go with a PLA filament rather than ABS.

Can I touch the plastic when it comes out of the pen?

Yes, you may. Even though the plastic is hot, it is touchable to allow you to use your hand to mold it and adjust it.

Final Words:

The 3D printing technology industry is relatively new, but the market is full of different products. With our comparison of the best 3D printing pen, we hope we’ve helped point out some subtle but important differences between the top contenders.

Finally, despite these two disadvantages, the 3D printing pen is a good purchase. When the smaller sizes are compared with the other brands, this 3D printing pen is the most favorable with the aggressive edge in this printing business.

By simply using this printing pen once, an individual could see that it benefits one in the consummation as per one’s expectation, giving one the solace and providing the features that one can make the best drawings of the most loved things with it. This explains why this 3D printing pen was guaranteed considering the additional importance to the customers compared to the other brands.

In conclusion, I would happily recommend to any persons that have the talent of making creative drawings and are ready to spend some hours in finding out how to use this 3D printing pen in making the drawing.


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