The 20 Best Makeup Brush Sets 2020 – 2021-Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Makeup Brush Sets of 2018-2019

Best Makeup Brush Sets of 2020-Find the latest best affordable professional makeup brush sets here! Not only is spending a fortune on makeup brush sets impossible for most of us, it’s not necessary! If you have access to a retail outlet that features quality, sale-price, affordable makeup brush sets, why even think about paying full price?  You can get pro makeup brush sets you’d love to show off to your friends, at low prices. ‘Cos we’ve hunted down the Top 10 Best Affordable Makeup Brush Sets! In our Top 10 you’ll find a complete range of brush sets. There are sets in cute storage boxes, and with or without travel-pouches, but top-quality brushes all the same.

Best Makeup Brush Sets 2020-Review of cheap makeup brush sets: This ‘swishy’ looking makeup brush set’s a perfect gift idea for friends, family and yourself!  It’s labelled the Kabuki Brush Set, after the dramatic art form in Japanese culture.  They are made from synthetic hair in an attractive black and turquoise color scheme with a chic, black storage case.

There’s a detailed instruction sheet that explains how to use each brush and users say brushes in this affordable makeup brush set are soft and sturdy.  They’re great for applying liquid foundation and the brushes don’t shed even after you’ve been using them for weeks and washed them!Best Makeup Brush Sets of 2020


20 Best Makeup Brush Sets Reviews

10.The Best Qivange Makeup Brushes Set

Top 10 Best Affordable Makeup Brush Sets

Review of cheap makeup brush sets: This ‘swishy’ looking makeup brush set’s a perfect gift idea for friends, family and yourself!  It’s labelled the Kabuki Brush Set, after the dramatic art form in Japanese culture.  They are made from synthetic hair in an attractive black and turquoise color scheme with a chic, black storage case.

There’s a detailed instruction sheet that explains how to use each brush and users say brushes in this affordable makeup brush set are soft and sturdy.  They’re great for applying liquid foundation and the brushes don’t shed even after you’ve been using them for weeks and washed them!


9. BS-MALL(TM) Blush Makeup Brushes Sets

Top 10 Best Affordable Makeup Brush Sets

BS-MALL Makeup Brush Set Review: This 11-piece Bamboo Makeup Brush Set is a trendy addition to any woman’s beauty kit.  This set is designed to meet all daily makeup application needs.  The brushes are soft, but firm enough to do a good job. Reviewers say these brushes are great for eye-shadow and face contouring.

The liquid foundation brush works very well.  Another tester loves the foundation blender and says it’s smooth without pulling the skin and helps get an nice, even coverage.  There are two eyeliner brushes, which you can use with gel or the small, firm brush creates a smudgy under-eye line! Testers say ‘fabulous quality and low price’!

Best Makeup Brush Overall

8.Best SHANY Pro Signature Brush Set

Top 10 Best Affordable Makeup Brush Sets

This full range of 24 brushes is a very affordable professional Makeup Brush Set with all-natural bristles.  The brushes are made from sable, goat, badger, pony and microfiber bristles, for durable wear and softness.  The Signature Collection is aimed at professional makeup artists and makeup fans who want the best tools to get the best makeup looks!

The handles are made from oak and rosewood and have a sophisticated, sleek black sheen.  The brushes have been treated with a hypoallergenic anti-bacterial agent for extra hygiene.  Users loved the brushes which they say make the entire process of applying makeup much easier!

Best Cheap Makeup Brush

7. BESTOPE 32PCs Professional Makeup Brushes Set

Top 10 Best Affordable Makeup Brush Sets

Review of makeup brush sets: This fabulous set of 32 cosmetics brushes is another affordable makeup brush set for professional use.  The brushes have wooden handles and goat hair/synthetic bristles, which are soft on normal and sensitive skin types.

The maker advises you to use makeup remover wipes or a daily-use makeup brush-cleaner, to ensure your professional tools remain in perfect condition. When you wash the brushes, make sure you squeeze out excess moisture with a paper towel, so the glue doesn’t get soaked and weaken the brush head.  Store and transport your makeup brush set in the handy polyurethane case.

6.Best DRQ Professional Makeup Brush Set

Top 10 Best Affordable Makeup Brush Sets

This pretty, pink makeup brush set’s got a full range of 32 professional brushes at a price that’s very affordable!  Makeup brush sets are a highly acceptable gift and the pink wooden handles, with white synthetic and natural hair brushes are very attractive!  Reviewers were very pleased with the softness of the brushes and their ability to apply makeup perfectly.

The brushes don’t shed bristles and the smaller brushes are as firm as you need them to be for applying eye-shadow. Everyone loved the quality of the brushes, although the carry-pouch wasn’t great. But it’s the brushes that matter and this affordable makeup brush set’s fantastic value.

Best Affordable Makeup Brush

5. Best KOLIGHT® 20 Pcs Pro Makeup Set

Top 10 Best Affordable Makeup Brush Sets

If you really don’t need a professional makeup brush set, this 20 piece selection is another affordable makeup brush set to consider.  The brushes have a sophisticated, sleek, black finish to the wooden handles and soft bristles, that don’t shed.  There also a little pink rubber gizmo with lines on one side to use when cleaning the brushes.

Our reviewer with a cosmetology license says this makeup brush set’s the same quality as she buys for professional use, but a lot cheaper!  At this low price, you don’t get a storage bag or an instruction sheet on which brushes to use for which makeup, but who cares!

Best inexpensive makeup brushes

4. Best Susenstone®20 pcs/set Makeup Brush Set

Top 10 Best Affordable Makeup Brush Sets

Usually the prices start rising when I get to the No. 4 spot, but this affordable makeup brush set’s one of the cheapest in our top 10!  This is a 20 piece makeup brush set that’s suitable for professional or personal use.  There’s no storage pouch with this set, but testers say the brushes are soft and firmly attached to the handles.

After several weeks use, testers said that the brushes hadn’t shed bristles.  Reviewers said the brushes had very short handles and were smaller than full-size brushes.  So this is a miniature makeup brush set with little brushes you can easily pop into your handbag!

Best eye makeup brushes

3.Best BESTOPE Makeup Brushes  Cosmetics Brush Set

Top 10 Best Affordable Makeup Brush Sets

This is a very chic makeup brush set containing 8 brushes, which many women would find sufficient for personal use.  The brushes are made from synthetic bristles, which are silky and soft. They’re hypoallergenic and more hygienic than some natural bristle makeup brush sets.

The brushes can be used to apply all types of cosmetics, including foundations, mineral powders and have a luxury look and feel.  There are four different types of brush: round, tapered, flat and angled. These brushes have been tested and they don’t shed bristles. Great value at such a low price!

2. BS-MALL(TM) Premium Kabuki Makeup Brush Set

Top 10 Best Affordable Makeup Brush Sets

Here’s a high-quality, affordable makeup brush set that users agree really does make applying makeup a luxury experience.  The brushes are very soft, like any expensive brushes our testers already owned.  And reviewers confirmed they apply mousse, liquid or powder beautifully.

The brushes are top-quality, synthetic fiber hairs, which are more hygienic than natural animal hair brushes.  The handles are chunky making them easy to manipulate and the brushes are well-shaped and dense.  Testers with sensitive-skin said these didn’t irritate their skin and everyone loved them.  The price is very low and this is a great bargain buy!

1. EmaxDesign 12 Pieces Makeup Brush Set

Top 10 Best Affordable Makeup Brush Sets

Professional makeup brush sets review: This EmaxDesign Makeup Brush Set’s a worthy No. 1 in the Top 10 Best Affordable Makeup Brush Sets!  All of the brushes have high-quality bamboo handles and the brushes are made from first-rate synthetic fiber, for easy cleaning and better hygiene.

We tested them on a very sensitive skin, and there was no irritation from the super-soft brushes.  The brushes don’t shed bristles and have a luxury look and feel.  The 12-piece bamboo makeup set’s great for applying liquids, powders and cream cosmetics and you get a superior makeup look at a low price!

Latest Must-Have Makeup Brushes To Use In Pakistan

Today I have decided to let the young ladies and teenagers know about the latest must have makeup brushes to use in Pakistan of all the time that every girl must have. We try our best to have the flawless skin, blushing cheeks, pinkish and glowing lips and fabulous eyes that really pop. If you have to get ready for the party tonight, then don’t forget about the best brushes to use. It is because if you do not have the professional skills to apply the makeup perfectly, the use of these brushes will definitely give you the desired results. Make sure the proper use of latest must have makeup brushes of 2017 and rock the party tonight!

A Proper Guide On How To Use Professional Makeup Brushes Of 2017 In Pakistan

If you are about to purchase you makeup brushes set, do no forget to check out the reviews of the particular product first. Here we will guide you properly about how to use best makeup brushes of 2017 2018 in Pakistan that will surely help you out in order to have the perfect natural makeup. Proper use of makeup brushes like a salon can change your life.

1. Brow Brush
2. Concealer Brush
3. Bronzer/Powder Brush
4. Foundation Brush
5. Blending Brush
6. Pencil Brush
7. Eyeshadow Brush
8. Eye Liner Brush
9. Lip Brush
10. Kabuki Brush
11. Angled Eye Brush
12. Highlighter Brush
13. Blush Brush
14. Flat Stiff Brush
15. Smudge Brush
16. Stiff Dome Brush
17. Contour Brush
18. Soft Dome Brush

1. Brow Brush

  • It is great for filling eyebrows and can be used with shadows or cream
  • Blend out eyebrow pencils.
  • It makes brows filler that look natural.

Top Makeup Brushes For Natural Makeup, latest makeup brush set for women

2. Concealer Brush

  • This brush is used to spreading liquid or cream, foundation, concealer or primer.
  • The rounded, tapered and flat shape of the brush helps to conceal the under eye area.

Top Makeup Brushes For Natural Makeup, latest makeup brush set for women

3. Bronzer/Powder Brush

  • It is used for applying loosed or pressed powder application to face or body.
  • This brush is ideal for sweeping on powder over top of foundation.
  • Perfect to apply bronzer or powder on your entire face evenly.

Top Makeup Brushes For Natural Makeup, latest makeup brush set for women

4. Foundation Brush

  • Great for spreading liquid or cream foundation, primer or moisturizer evenly over face. Don’t want to spend money on this? You can use a sponge instead of it, just soak the sponge in water, squeeze out and use it.
  • Apply liquid foundation by wiping the brush back and forth across the skin until blended, as if painting.
  • A flat tapered brush used to apply cream and liquid foundation.

Top Makeup Brushes For Natural Makeup, latest makeup brush set for women

5. Blending Brush

  • It blurs or blends the lines and edges of the eye shadows.
  • A brush with long tightly packed bristles and are the ideal for eye shadows.
  • It helps to blend colors on the crease.

Top Makeup Brushes For Natural Makeup, latest makeup brush set for women

6. Pencil Brush

  • The pencil brush can precise application of colors on the crease, outer corners and upper or lower lash lines.
  • You can use this brush to smudging out the eyeliner.

Top Makeup Brushes For Natural Makeup, latest makeup brush set for women

7. Eye shading Brush

  • This type of brush is used to apply eye shadow all over the eyelid.
  • Used to apply pressed or loose eye shadows and pigments.

Top Makeup Brushes For Natural Makeup, latest makeup brush set for women

8. Eye Liner Brush

  • Used to create liquid or cream liner to use defined look.
  • An extra fine tipped brush used to precise, firm and even strokes to line the eyes.
  • These small and thin brushes are used to create perfect lines along the lashes.

Top Makeup Brushes For Natural Makeup, latest makeup brush set for women

9. Lip Brush

  • This small flat brush is used to apply lipstick or gloss and to the blending lip liner without getting goopy.
  • You can create smooth edges and draw flawless lines according to your lip shapes.
  • Wash your lip brush to avoid bacteria and germ.

Top Makeup Brushes For Natural Makeup, latest makeup brush set for women

10. Kabuki Brush

  • This makeup brush is used for the blending powders for a polished look.
  • Mostly used for blush on.
  • Buff on powder foundation, Blush or bronzer for a very smooth and natural look.

Top Makeup Brushes For Natural Makeup, latest makeup brush set for women

11. Angled eye shading brush

  • It is perfect for lining eyes with powders or creams.
  • Easy to use versatile.
  • Ideal to apply highlight shades under eyebrows and inner corners.
  • Used for filling the upper and lower lash line.

Top Makeup Brushes For Natural Makeup, latest makeup brush set for women

12. Highlighter brush to highlight the specific area

  • This brush is used in the various parts of the face to make them prominent and highlight them.
  • Always use lighter colors than your skin tone to highlight the specific area.

Top Makeup Brushes For Natural Makeup, latest makeup brush set for women

13. Blush brush for glowing cheeks

  • A tapered, full tip brush with soft fibers and the fluffy rounded tips of the brush help in applying bronzer/powder or blush.
  • It gives pop colors to the apple of your cheeks and makes them glow and shiny.
  • Sweep and blend along the cheekbones to get glamorous look.

Top Makeup Brushes For Natural Makeup, latest makeup brush set for women

14. Flat stiff brush for the eye shadow application

  • This brush is used to apply shadow properly on the eyelid.
  • It works like packing on eye shades.
  • Tap on the eye shadow over your eye primer with its flat tip, that will make your eyes more pop.


15. Smudge brush for smokey eyes

  • This brush is mostly used to smudge the powder along your lower lash line.
  • The smooth tip is used to soften the shadows.
  • It also helps to apply eye shadows.
  • It helps to obtain the coveted smoky eyes.

Top Makeup Brushes For Natural Makeup, latest makeup brush set for women

16. Stiff dome brush for smokey eyes makeup

  • If you like smoky eyes makeup, then you are going to love this brush! Because it adds color to the darker shades and you can apply more colors to the crease.


17. Contour brush to balance the makeup

  • With the use of this brush you can create illusion effects of your face.
  • You can alter your face features and shapes by contouring and shading the different parts of it.
  • You can use it with gel, cream or powder for balanced and dramatic makeup.
  • Ideal to contour shades.

Top Makeup Brushes For Natural Makeup, latest makeup brush set for women

18. Soft dome brush for perfectly blended makeup look

  • This brush is much like the stiff dome bush but as the name shows, the soft dome brush gives more blended, soft and smooth look to the smoky eye shades.
  • Used to blend shadows under the brows.

Top Makeup Brushes For Natural Makeup, latest makeup brush set for women

So, in this article you have got the proper guidance that which are the best makeup brushes and how to use the professional makeup brush set like a salon 2017 2018. Now you must have to learn about some makeup tips and tricks. These will help you to get the tremendous makeup look like a salon

Why Makeup Brushes Are Important to Own

Any woman who wears makeup needs makeup brushes. For young teens just starting out, this generally means nothing more complicated than a blush brush, a few application sponges, and whatever tools come along with the makeup itself. And, for many everyday users, these simple tools are perfectly acceptable. However, there are some key reasons why a woman will want to upgrade her makeup brush cache.

Recreate “Celebrity” Looks

Anyone who has ever read a women’s fashion magazine knows that celebrities look flawless for two reasons: professional makeup and airbrushing. While it’s impossible to airbrush oneself in daily life, getting a “celeb look” through professional makeup equipment is totally achievable. That is why many women’s magazines, from high fashion titles like “Vogue” to everyday titles like “Parents,” routinely feature tutorials and tips for women to look their best on a budget. These articles generally include product suggestions, like buying Maybelline lipstick, as well as how-to instructions for the application of those products. Here’s the catch: though the goal is to give the everyday woman a celebrity look on the cheap, in order to do so the magazine assumes that she already owns the basic equipment.

The Need to Hide, Not Just Enhance

On the flip side of the “everyone can look like a celebrity” card is the very real fact that there are times when makeup is used for far more than enhancing one’s natural features. Namely, this need takes the form of covering blemishes in youth and covering wrinkles in the mature years. Therefore, using specialized brushes can help a woman achieve a certain look designed not just for beauty, but for coverage. For example, truly hiding acne takes more than a simple concealer stick, and includes a precise layering of foundation, concealer, and powder. Each of these should be applied with a specific type of brush.

Types of Makeup Brushes

The need for a makeup brush set is pretty undeniable for most women. However, that recognition is only the first step in the makeup brush set buying process. Before going forward and searching for sets, women should understand the basic types of makeup brushes included in them and their function in general makeup application. There are three main areas in makeup application that require the use of different makeup brushes, the face, the eyes, and the lips. Each has its own set of tools for specific uses.

Base Makeup Brushes

The first step in makeup application involves the base products of foundation, concealer, bronzer or highlighter, powder, and blush. These products are used to give the whole face a more even and properly highlighted look. The table below describes each of the major tools used from start to finish.

Makeup Brush Name

Area Used

Effect Created

How to Identify

Foundation Brush Whole face Helps to create a more airbrushed effect than application with a sponge or fingers Long bristles that are flat throughout
Concealer Brush Targeted areas such as blemishes and under eyes Brush simply creates a more even tone than fingertip application Thin with a pointed tip resembling a paintbrush
Contour Brush Target areas that require highlighting such as cheeks and forehead Used with bronzers and highlighters in order to enhance features Angled with firm bristles that allow for precise highlights and shadow effects
Powder Brush Whole face Applies loose powder all over the face to set foundational makeup Big, fluffy brush most iconically associated with makeup application
Blush Brush Cheekbones Adds color or bronzer specifically to the cheeks Resembles a small powder brush with a rounded tip and large, soft bristles

Not all women will go through such a complicated process for applying their base makeup on a daily basis. Therefore, the information in this table can be used as a guide for knowing which products are used at each stage and which brushes are needed. Then, when evaluating different makeup brush sets, which may contain some or all of the brushes mentioned in this section, buyers can eliminate some based on their exact needs.

Eye Makeup

After completing base makeup application, most women will move on to their eyes. And, like the base makeup, there is a large degree of choice involved in deciding which brushes will be needed on a regular basis. Women who like doing complicated eye makeup will clearly want to look for a larger makeup brush set that includes all of the brushes in the table below whereas those with less time or patience for doing eye makeup may just choose to buy a set with one or two of these brushes included.

Makeup Brush Name

Area Used

Effect Created

How to Identify

Eyebrow Brush Eyebrows Fills in bald spots in eyebrows and directs hairs in order to give a cleaner appearance and shape to the face Firm brush with an angled head that looks like the tip of a marker
Eyeshadow Brush Eyelid Applies powder or cream shadows to the eyelid to add base color to the eye Square heads, softer than eyebrow brushes
Crease Brush Area between eyebrow and eyelid Applies powder or cream shadow to the area between the eyebrow and eyelid Several different shapes depending on user preference, may be round and fluffy or thin and tapered
Blending Brush Eyelid Blends different shadow colors and application areas to create a seamless flow of color and eliminate harsh lines Tapered head with bristles similar to those of the eyeshadow brush

This table can be used to determine the type of eye makeup brushes that are most necessary for each user. Eye makeup brushes can be offered as part of a large, multi-piece set of makeup brushes or in separate, smaller sets just dedicated to eye makeup. Therefore, as in the case with base brushes, sometimes eliminating some types of brushes based on need can help in the buying process.

Lip Brushes

The last area of makeup application, and hence the last set of makeup brushes to consider, are the lips. Lip brushes are far more simple than either base makeup brushes or eye brushes. This is primarily because most people only use brushes to apply lip liner, and not to apply lipstick or lip gloss. Lip liner brushes are thin and firm with bristles that supply a clean and accurate line. For a more dramatic look, this same brush can be used all over the lip area as a means to precisely apply a thick layer of lipstick.

Buying a Makeup Brush Set

Once a buyer understands all of the different types of makeup brushes that are available, it is time to begin the searching and purchasing process. Where one chooses to buy a makeup brush set will largely depend on the type and quality of brushes sought.

Considering Quality

There are two main choices when it comes to makeup brush quality. First, and most popular, are makeup brushes made of synthetic material, often acrylic.. These brushes are cheaper than the alternative and generally easier to clean.

The other, more expensive option, is buying makeup brushes made of animal hair. These brushes will last much longer than their synthetic counterparts, usually for life if treated properly. However they are more difficult to clean and care for. The most common animal hairs used are pony,, squirrel, goat,, badger, and sable.

Where to Purchase Makeup Brush Sets

There are many options when it comes time to actually purchase a makeup brush set. Buyers can look at sets that include as few as four brushes to professional sets that include 32 or more pieces. Therefore, where one chooses to shop is important. Makeup brush sets can be purchased at a variety of brick and mortar stores and online as well. One option for all types and sizes of brushes and brush sets is shopping with eBay.

Buying a Makeup Brush Set on eBay

There are numerous benefits to choosing to buy a makeup brush set on eBay. This includes the ease of operating the site as well as the prices and search process. New users can sign up for an account quickly and get straight to searching.

Start at the main eBay website and type in “makeup brush set“” to get a general idea of the variety of options that the websites and its millions of active sellers have to offer. From there, users can limit their search results to category, price, or even brand with ease. Those looking for a more exact type of makeup brush set can use different keywords like “eye makeup brush set” or even “sable hair makeup brush set” for an immediately targeted set of results.

Shopping on eBay involves choosing the right product as well as the right seller. Use the tools that the website provides such as the buyer help section and seller feedback and scores to help find the perfect match between price, product, and experience.


Makeup-Brush-Buying-GuideFACT: Price is not always an indicator of quality. I’ve had insanely expensive brushes that fell apart after a few washings and inexpensive brushes that performed beautifully for years. It all depends on how they’re made.
EXAMPLE: 24K gold plating does not enhance brush performance – so don’t get blinded by gimmicks and marketing hype that have nothing to do with quality or proper construction. If you pay attention to the rules below and focus on solid craftsmanship, your makeup brush investment will pay you back with years of fantastic performance.


THE BRISTLES: These are the brush “hairs” (natural or synthetic). The bristle tips are called the Toe and the base is called the Heel. The Toe gets its shape one of two ways – the tapered tips of the bristles are gathered and arranged to create a shape (best quality) or the gathered tips are cut/sheared to create the shape. Once the bristles have been given their desired shape, they are tied at the Heel and the very base of the bristles are dipped in glue to hold them together. Once the glue is set, the bristles are secured (glued) into the ferrule (I’ll explain what the ferrule is in a minute).


ROAD TEST: Look at the shape of the brush from all angles. Have the bristles been arranged correctly? Do they create a uniform, symmetrical shape? Now gently tug the brush bristles (I said gently). New brushes will often shed a few hairs. If more than a few bristles come loose, they were not glued correctly at their base (heel) and the brush is not well made.
Whether they’re natural, synthetic or blended, the brush bristles should always feel soft and smooth. Certain brushes shapes will feel firmer, but should never feel stiff. Test the brush by running it across the soft skin on the inside of your wrist. If the brush feels stiff or prickly on your skin, it’s going to feel uncomfortable on someone’s face. Would you want someone rubbing a stiff, scratchy brush on your face or eyes? I didn’t think so – don’t buy it.

THE FERRULE: This is the metal band that connects the bristles to the handle. Once the bristles have been shaped and set properly, they are glued into the ferrule. When you combine the bristles and ferrule it becomes what is known as the brush head.

ROAD TEST: Hold the ferrule in one hand and the brush handle in the other. The brush head (ferrule and bristle assembly) should not be loose, spin easily or wobble on the handle. There should be “crimp” rings at the base of the ferrule, securing it tightly to where the brush handle is inserted. Glueing the ferrule to the handle without crimping compromises the brush durability. The metal used to create the ferrule should be rust-proof (aluminum, brass, chrome, etc.) and not dent or bend easily with finger pressure.The top of the ferrule (where the bristles are inserted) should have a smooth, even edge. If it feels sharp, it was finished cheaply.

THE HANDLE: This can be made of any number of materials (wood, metal, acrylic, etc.).

ROAD TEST: The handle should feel substantial – not too heavy or too light. It should be balanced and comfortable when you hold it in application position. Avoid gimmicky handles that don’t enhance the performance of the brush or that might be uncomfortable to hold while working. If your brushes have solid hardwood or composite wood handles…DO NOT submerge them in water. Wood handles are porous and will absorb water. This will cause the handle to expand (when wet) and contract (when dry). The expanding wood will stretch the ferrule where the handle is inserted and cause the entire brush head to become loose or possibly fall off.


Most people are familiar with natural-hair brushes, which are typically made of sable, squirrel, goat or a combination of hairs chosen for visual appeal and functionality. High material costs and animal cruelty issues have negatively impacted the natural-hair brush category.
There are quite a few senior artists who can’t comprehend not working with natural-hair makeup brushes.  They refuse to believe that modern man-made materials will produce the same results. While I admire their allegiance to tradition, I offer them an invitation to visit the 21st century. Back in the day, animal hair was the only material available for brush making, so it became the standard. Thanks to strides in technology, today’s synthetic filaments are specifically designed to enhance makeup brush functionality and performance. Natural-hair bristles are no longer the benchmark of quality folks…it’s time to put away the vinyl records and get an iPod.
SPECIAL NOTE: If a company tries to tell you they have cruelty-free natural-hair brushes – they’re liars. There was one major cosmetic company trying to pass off the ridiculous story that the natural hair used in their brushes was humanely shaved from animals. Seriously…shaving squirrels? Get my boots, the bullshiz is getting deep.

Technology has created synthetic filaments (nylon, taklon, polyester) that offer greater versatility and superior durability – they can even be processed to look and feel like the finest natural hair. The BIG difference is, even with constant use (wet or dry) and frequent cleaning, they don’t degrade or breakdown as easily as fragile natural hair. There were initial concerns surrounding the smooth exterior surface of synthetic fibers and their performance when using powder makeup products.  You see, human and animal hair has a microscopic surface texture called the cuticle, which resembles fish scales. These scales grab and hold onto powder and then release it when brushed against another surface. Many manufacturers have now developed synthetic fibers that mimic this texture …but it was DuPont™ laboratories that found a way to actually replicate the cuticle texture and created Natrafil®It’s a patented polyester filament with a textured surface that surpasses the pick-up and deposit performance of natural hair while adding the superior durability of a synthetic. Nartrafil® is the fiber I chose when we created the [R]evolution Brush Collection.

Another trend is “blended” brushes that mix synthetic and natural hair to augment the best qualities of each. Duo-Fiber has become a popular makeup brush category. These brushes have a signature bi-level construction (usually black and white) created by mixing multiple lengths of bristles (blended or totally synthetic).  The purpose of these brushes is to simulate an “airbrushed” makeup application. In HD media format, this brush type is notorious for creating a streaky liquid/cream foundation application – so I’m pretty sure I don’t agree with that marketing hype. The brush design is totally viable for other application techniques …they just need to stop marketing it as an airbrush alternative.


Brush head shapes are designed by manufacturers and cosmetic companies to facilitate standard make-up application or the specific application needs of a new product. While some pretty amazing specialty shapes have been introduced in the last 5 years, it’s important to understand what the basic brush head shapes are:

  • Square or Angled: Bristles are precisely set in a narrow profile with a sharp angle or flat surface along the top.
  • Chisel: Bristles are set in a narrow profile, with tips gently beveled into an assortment of rounded shapes to be used for blending or contouring.
  • Pointed: Bristles are set in either a narrow or full round (barrel-shaped) profile. The brush tips are tapered to a precise point for detail work.
  • Round: Bristles are arranged in a full round (barrel-shaped) profile. The brush tips can can be either domed, angled or flat topped.
  • Kabuki: Similar to the Round, but a larger in a more luxurious, tightly packed brush head. These brushes are available in domed, angled or flat top styles.


Let’s be honest, the staggering amount of makeup brush choices is overwhelming.  The only way to navigate successfully through this endless sea of brushes is to always remember that QUALITY is essential.  Don’t be influenced by brand names, popular styles or prices (high or low).  Use the information here to help make educated decisions.  And, when choosing YOUR perfect makeup tools remember – there’s no right or wrong brush, because each artist decides which tools their masterpiece is created with!

What to Consider When Buying Brushes

Best Under 200/ Best Under 100 / Best 10 List / Best Buying Guide

There are four main things to consider when buying makeup brushes: quality, purpose; the size, shape and weight of the brush, and personal ethics.


  • Quality brushes are an essential part of creating a quality makeup (good makeup products, ability and technique being the other factors). For personal use, you’re better off with four or five good quality brushes that can multi-purpose, than having a mass of cheap nasty ones. And professionals need quality – it isn’t nice to leave a hair trail on your client’s face or nasty streaks that need extra work. Go for quality!
  • Quality doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. Really cheap brushes are bound to be nasty, but a hefty price tag doesn’t make something awesome either! Price can be a general indicator of quality, but it is not exclusive. Premium makeup brands sometimes charge a premium price for their brushes, but it doesn’t mean the brushes are the best quality, or right for you. Sure, if you like to own brand names and are happy to pay for “the name”, that’s your choice – just make sure it isn’t style over substance.
  • Check the build of the brush. Feel the bristles – they shouldn’t feel frayed or ragged, and they shouldn’t lose a mass of hair or break either. The bristles should be held in place by a seamless metal base (the “ferrule”) that doesn’t wobble or come detached, and the bristles should have a good shape. Badly made makeup brushes will randomly shed hairs, fall apart after a few washes and won’t do a good job. Go for quality!
  • For “dirty makeup” chores like using latex or glue, we use old brushes or brushes from inexpensive multi-packs from the supermarket. We do not use our nice brushes – they will never quite be the same again after a round with some glue!
  • The little brushes that come with makeup are usually not that great. They are OK as a quick fix “top up” when out and about, but not for your main application and certainly not for professional use.


Cheap art brushes are great for “dirty makeup” jobs like glue, but not for creating a flawless face!

Purpose and Use

  • Consider what you want to do with the brush and go for a design that suits that purpose. Do you want to blend powders, create a precise line, cover a large or small area, contour and so on? For example, a wide thick foundation brush is no good for a precision job like applying concealer or eye liner!
  • Brushes can be multi-purpose. While some brushes are actually designed to be multi-purpose, most brushes are made (or marketed) to do a specific job. This doesn’t mean it can’t be used for other jobs e.g. just because it says “lip brush” on the handle doesn’t mean it cannot be used as an eyeliner or concealer brush. If it does the job and suits your application method and budget, then why not.


Makeup brushes for different jobs: precision application like eye line or spot concealing; applying, blending and smudging eye shadow; and applying powder and blush

Size, Shape and Weight

  • Brushes come in a variety of shapes, sizes and weights. Evenwithin brushes designed for the same purpose, they will all look and feel a bit different.
  • Try out different brands to see what works for you, your application methods and hand size. Try your mates’ brushes or go into the department stores and see how brushes made by different brands suit you. All have a different feel.


Variety in foundation brushes, from handle shapes to bristle sizes (L to R): The Body Shop; MAC with standard; MAC angled; Bobbi Brown; and EcoTools with bamboo handle made from sustainable sources. All the bristles are synthetic, as they usually are in foundation brushes.

Personal Ethics

  • We talk about brush construction and bristles here. Just to say, nowadays you can get brushes to suit all personal tastes like non-animal hair, cruelty-free and vegan brushes, to recycled and environmentally-friendly brushes. If these things are important to you, then don’t compromise your beliefs, there are plenty of great options for you.
  • Consider client wishes if you are a professional makeup artist – and cater for this. We do come across people who don’t like animal hair brushes for a variety of reasons e.g. allergies, or they are vegetarian/vegan and don’t want animal hair on them.

Makeup Brush Sets or Individual Brushes?

Brush sets can be a good way to get started. Sets vary in size, but even a small brush set should provide the commonly used brushes for less than buying them all individually. You often get a case or brush wrap with sets too. Just make sure that all the brushes in the set are well made.

Travel brush sets can be quite handy for holidays and for keeping in a handbag.

If you go to makeup school, you usually get a set of brushes as part of the course fees – the quality will vary from school to school of course! You can build on this initially with a set, but ultimately you’ll want to pick individual brushes.

Buying individually means you can tailor-pick the brushes that work best for you for each type of makeup or application. You are not confined to the same brand. You could splash out on a really good brush that you’ll use a lot, and budget for the other brushes that you want but use less often.

So, nutshell – it’s personal choice and circumstances, just keep in mind… quality!



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