Best Wireless Routers For 2021 For home,office and gaming

Best Wireless Router Buy in 2021Looking for the? Wireless Router makes  easy  to share a single broadband connection among multiple computers nowadays. With a single modem, you can connect more than a PC to the wireless network and internet using a wireless card and Wireless Router 2021This makes it very cost effective as well.We also reviewed On Best laptop, Best Camera, 3d printing pen, Best Speaker, Best Tablet Etc.

A wireless routers is a device that performs the functions of a router and also includes the functions of a wireless access point. It is used to provide access to the Internet or a private computer network. It can function in a wired LAN (local area network), in a wireless-only LAN (WLAN), or in a mixed wired/wireless network, depending on the manufacturer and model.Shopping the best wireless router isn’t as exciting as shopping for, say, a new smartphone or tablet. In shopping for a wireless router, maybe you’re only concerned about the price, range, or the form factor.

Top 10 Best Wireless Router 2021 Comparison

We’ve taken a lot of the guesswork out of choosing an excellent router at a low price by providing you with a list of ten of the best wireless routers. Any one of these routers is a fantastic choice for home or small office use.

What is a Wireless Routers?

1.A Router – Well, think of a Router as a Traffic warden. It manages/directs the traffic between different clients connected to your network. In more specific terms, it forwards Data Packets, from your Network to other Networks out there.

2.A Network Switch – It connects your WiFi devices, no matter how much they are, to wired devices through Ethernet cables.

3.A Wireless Access Point – This last part, also called wireless AP,  is a station and antenna that does nothing more than receiving/transmitting WiFi signals.

Are you ready ?Let’s go to the top 10 best wireless router reviews check out our Best Router comparison and Best Router buying guide.

The Best Wireless Router Reviews 2021

 1.ASUS AC5300 WiFi Tri-band Gigabit Wireless Router

Total price: $322.69

Product Details:GO TO TOP

  • Tri-band (dual 5 GHz, single 2.4 GHz) with the latest 802.11ac 4×4 technology for maximum throughput (5334 Mbps) and coverage (up to 5,000 sq. ft.)
  • MU-MIMO technology enables multiple compatible clients to connect at each client’s respective maximum speed
  • Built-in access to WTFast Gamers Private Network (GPN) of route-optimized servers ensures low, stable ping times for gaming
  • AiProtection Powered by Trend Micro provides multi-stage protection from vulnerability detection to protecting sensitive data
  • ASUS Smart Connect delivers consistent bandwidth by dynamically switching devices between 2.4 and 5 GHz bands based on speed, load and signal strength ; NOTE : Refer the user manual .
  • ASUS Ranked “Highest Customer Satisfaction with Wireless Routers in the U.S.”– J.D. Power.built-in USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports

Revolutionary Hardware

Powered by a 1.4 GHz dual-core processor backed by 512 MB of memory, the RT-AC5300 has plenty of horsepower to efficiently balance its tri-band 2.4 and dual 5 GHz networks, 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports with 2 Gbps link aggregation capability and USB 3.0 and 2.0 storage/networking functionality.

Built-in Game Acceleration

The path gaming packets take once they leave your network affects ping time and stability. Inefficient hops lead to inconsistent ping and packet loss. The RT-AC5300 features a built-in WTFast client to access the GPN: a private network of route-optimized servers to ensure consistently low ping times.

Farther Coverage

With a four-transmit, four-receive (4T4R) antenna design, both Wi-Fi range and signal stability improve dramatically, able to reach even the farthest stretches of your home. AiRadar beamforming further focuses Wi-Fi signal on your devices, making your Wi-Fi faster, clearer and stronger.

Tri-band Smart Connect

Devices on your network have varying bandwidth needs and often move throughout the home. Smart Connect manages the traffic assigned to the 2.4 and dual 5 GHz bands on-the-fly, intelligently moving devices from one band to another based on speed, load and signal strength, ensuring that every device enjoys optimized bandwidth and coverage.

Best Wireless Router Under 300

(2) ASUS RT-AC88U (Best Wireless Router For Gaming)

ASUS RT-AC88U Wireless-AC3100 Dual Band Gigabit Router, AiProtection with Trend Micro for Complete Network Security

Notable Specifications

AC standard for added versatility, improved speeds, and     extended range
3,167 Mbps maximum speeds
Dual band frequency for less interference
Features 1 USB 3.0 port and 2 USB 2.0 ports
Protected by 2-year warranty
Equipped with 4 external detachable antennas
Includes ASUS AiProtection for added security
Smart Connect ensures you get the best band and performance

Asus is one of the brands that have been solid throughout their tenure in the computer industry, they have created some of the finest computer hardware ranging from motherboards, graphic cards, as well as some of the best gaming peripherals.However, today, we are looking at their Asus RT-AC88U wireless router, and in case you are wondering, it is in fact a dual band best wireless router. So, how does Asus fair against all the kings of the hill here? Well, let’s see.

For starters, first look at this wifi router and you can tell that is made by Asus, it’s not because the company has branding all over this, it’s because the design language it follows.

The router pays an homage to the ROG lineup of products that are released by Asus, and needless to say, it means that Asus RT-AC88U wireless router for gaming means business, and that’s exactly what it does.

The Asus RT-AC88U ($299.99) is a dual-band 802.11ac router with a massive feature set and an equally large price tag. It uses Multi-User Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MU-MIMO) technology to serve multiple Wi-Fi clients simultaneously without sacrificing bandwidth. However, each client must contain a MU-MIMO-compatible network adapter in order to take advantage of the technology. The router is equipped with numerous Gigabit LAN ports and multiple USB ports. The RT-AC88U offers a wealth of management options in a thoughtfully designed user interface and delivers blazing throughput on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. It’s our top pick for high-end routers.GO TO TOP

Best Overall Wireless Router in 2021

Linksys Max-Stream AC4000

Check The Best Price

The high-speed Max-Stream AC4000 MU-MIMO Tri-Band Router (EA9300) gives everyone in your home binge-worthy Wi-Fi to multiple devices at the same time, same speed. With MU-MIMO technology, numerous devices receive blazing-fast speed without buffering, keeping every movie lover and multi-player gamer in your family happy, even while you video conference. Tri-band technology provides an additional high-speed 5 GHz band for total combined speeds up to 4.0 Gbps. Pair this router with a Max-Stream Range Extender for Seamless Roaming so your device is always connected to the strongest Wi-Fi signal and you can video chat and stream throughout your home without lag or buffer. The Linksys App allows you to control and monitor the EA9300. Kindly refer to page 14 in the User Manual for troubleshooting steps.

Bring the power of Tri-Band Wi-Fi to your home and enjoy blistering Wi-Fi speeds with the Linksys MAX-STREAM AC4000 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Tri-Band Router (EA9300). Ideal for households with multiple digital entertainment devices, this tri-band router delivers combined speeds of up to 4.0 Gbps for lag-free streaming and gaming. The router features MU-MIMO technology that allows your whole family to stream, game, and perform other high-bandwidth tasks at the same time and same speed–as if each device had its own, dedicated Wi-Fi router.

The router also receives automatic firmware updates and brings the latest features and security to your home Wi-Fi overnight. And thanks to a Smart Connect feature that automatically chooses the best band for your connections, you’ll experience.GO TO TOP

At a Glance:
  • Powerful Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router
  • Combined speeds of up to 4.0 Gbps
  • 1.8 GHz Quad-core processor and Airtime Fairness boost Wi-Fi efficiency
  • MU-MIMO sends Wi-Fi to devices at the same time and same speed
  • Works with Alexa

Best Wireless Router Under 100

Netgear AC2600 Dual Band Router

Check The Best Price

Nighthawk X4S AC2600 Smart WiFi Router with 160MHz, MU-MIMO, and Quad Stream technology delivers WiFi to multiple devices simultaneously for faster speeds. Stream 4K content in pristine quality with 160MHz support while receiving ultimate WiFi speeds of up to 2.53Gbps, with a powerful 1.7GHz dual-core processor. Enjoy smoother streaming and gaming by prioritizing application and device with Dynamic QoS.

Nighthawk X4S AC2600 Smart WiFi Router with 160MHz, MU-MIMO and Quad Stream technology delivers WiFi to multiple devices simultaneously for faster speeds.GO TO TOP

  • AC2600 WiFi—800+1733 Mbps speeds
  • X4 Architecture for more high-fidelity streams
  • 160MHz, MU-MIMO, and Quad-Stream technology
  • Powered by 1.7GHz dual core processor
  • Network storage-ready with twin USB 3.0 and eSATA
  • Four high-gain external antennas and Beamforming+ for maximum range
  • Advanced features for lag-free gaming
  • Manage your home network with NETGEAR genie

Best Wireless Router Under 50

NETGEAR R6700 Nighthawk AC1750 Router

Check The Best Price

The NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1750 Smart Wi-Fi Router delivers extreme Wi-Fi speed for gaming up to 1750Mbps. The Dual Core 1GHz processor boosts wireless & wired performance. High-powered amplifiers and external antennas increase range for whole-home mobility, while Beamforming+ boosts speed for mobile devices, up to 100% faster.

Homes come in all shapes and sizes and Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router provides WiFi coverage no matter where you connect in your home. Get the fastest WiFi currently available & enjoy a blazing-fast, lag-free WiFi experience for gaming, video streaming or surfing. Stay connected with NETGEAR’s advanced features, you’ll reduce interference & enjoy more reliable WiFi connectivity.

Maintain high security across your network to help ensure your privacy & family is safe while online. Whether it’s preventing phishing & spyware or just limiting access for kids & guests, NETGEAR has you covered.GO TO TOP

  • AC1750 WiFi—450+1300 Mbps speeds.
  • Dual core processor boosts performance.
  • Advanced features for lag-free gaming.
  • Prioritized bandwidth for streaming videos or music.
  • Faster for mobile devices.

Best Cheap Wireless Router

Medialink AC1200 Wireless Router

Check The Best Price

Ac Wi-Fi provides larger-home coverage with Gigabit wired connections. Avoid wireless interference with simultaneous dual Band technology. This router provides Wi-Fi coverage to many corners of a big home. You can also extend existing Wi-Fi signals With the router’s universal range extender mode. The mlwr-ac1200r makes sharing across your network even simpler. Quickly access stored photos & music across devices. It supports the latest security features, to help ensure your privacy & make sure that your family is safer while online. Parents & admins can manage Internet filtering & control bandwidth for devices.

I had an older Medialink Router and had a problem in internet access.. I had it over 5 years and thought maybe the problem was the router. I checked the current offering and found this model, the AC1200 – was faster, had more extensive range coverage, and at a quite reasonable price. So I ordered one from Amazon with one day delivery.

Before the new router arrived I discovered the problem was due to a disruption by my internet service provider. But I am glad I got this newer version. When I had a problem installing the new router, I called the Medialink people for advice. It turned out the problem was the modem to my local ISP, and that the modem had remembered the old password and needed to be unplugged and immediately plugged in again. The Medialink person had me check a few things then suggested the mobem reset issues. That fixed my installation immediately. The company answered my phone call quickly, was courteous, idententifed the problem, and I was up and running.GO TO TOP

  • 10X’S THE SPEED: Most routers in this price range have only “Fast Ethernet” ports that max out at 100Mbps. Our router has Gigabit ports to give you 1,000Mbps for lag-free 4K video streaming & gaming.
  • RANGE: Beamforming and 2 high powered antennas work together to cover larger homes by focusing the wireless signal directly to your device
  • SAFE: Robust firewall and wireless security keeps out unwanted visitors while Guest Network access gives a separate safe and secure connection to guests
  • FULL CONTROL: Are the router lights too bright? Turn them off! Are your kids staying online too late at night? Restrict access to only the times you want
  • RANGE EXTENDER: Extend any existing wireless network using the Universal Range Extender Mode to cover even larger areas & keep all your devices on the same network

TP-Link AC1200 Smart WiFi Router

Check The Best Price

The Archer C1200 upgrades your network with fast AC1200 Wi-Fi. Dual 5 GHz (867 Mbps) and 2.4 GHz (300 Mbps) bands send up to 1167 Mbps total AC Wi-Fi, letting you watch movies and download files without slowing down your network.

Three antennas with beamforming create stronger Wi-Fi coverage, while a fast processor keeps connections seamless and uninterrupted. Four Gigabit Ethernet ports provide reliable wired connectivity and a USB port lets you easily share files, photos and music across your network.GO TO TOP


  • Dual band router upgrades to 1200 Mbps high speed internet(300Mbps for 2.4GHz + 900Mbps for 5GHz), reducing buffering and ideal for 4K stream
  • Gigabit Ethernet ports, ideal for any internet plan and allow you to directly connect your wired devices
  • USB Access – Share your USB drive content wirelessly
  • TP-Link Tether app – Easily set up and manage your home network at home or remotely.System Requirements:Microsoft Windows 98SE, NT, 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1/10 MAC OS, NetWare, UNIX or Linux
  • Industry leading 2-year warranty and FREE 24/7 technical support. Amazon Dedicated Email:
  • J.D. Power Ranked TP-Link “Highest in Customer Satisfaction for Wireless Routers”

Design and Features

The RT-AC88U is a nice-looking router. It measures 3.3 by 11.8 by 7.4 inches (HWD) and uses a matte-black housing, with a beveled top and angular sides. The front of the router is home to LED indicators for power, wireless activity for both bands, Internet (WAN) connectivity, Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), LAN connectivity, and USB port activity. It utilizes a Broadcom 1.4GHz dual-core processor and Broadcom’s NitroQAM technology to deliver up to 3,167Mbps of combined (theoretical) throughput (1,000Mbps on the 2.4GHz band, and 2,167Mbps on the 5GHz band).

There are four removable external antennas (two at the rear and one on each side) and a multitude of ports around back, including a whopping eight Gigabit Ethernet ports, a USB 2.0 port, a WAN port, and a Power jack. In the rear, you’ll also find a Power button, a reset button, and a WPS button. A USB 3.0 port is conveniently located on the front of the router, behind a small panel.

the RT-AC88U offers a wealth of management features, which are accessible via a user-friendly Web interface and a mobile app. The General settings page contains a Network Map and tabs for accessing the Guest Network page and the Adaptive Quality of Service (QoS) page, which allows you to prioritize bandwidth for specific applications. It also contains a bandwidth monitor that displays upload and download speeds. The Traffic Analyzer page offers a graph of daily client usage, and charts incoming and outgoing data packets for wireless and wired network clients. The Game Boost page is where you go to connect to the WTFast Gamers Private Network (GPN), a client/server solution that uses proprietary software to accelerate online gameplay.

The Asus AiProtection feature uses Trend Micro’s Smart Home Network solution to monitor and detect malware and viruses and block malicious sites. It also offers lots of parental controls, including time scheduling and app filtering. With the AiCloud feature, you can access your data from a smartphone or a tablet using an iOS or Android app.

Advanced settings let you create wireless SSID names, select a security protocol and an authentication method, enable WPS settings, and configure VPN, RADIUS and wireless bridge settings. In the Wireless Professional Settings page, you can adjust such settings as beacon intervals, multicast rates, wireless scheduling, and beamforming. The Firewall settings page offers URL filtering, Denial of Service protection, and keyword filtering.

 Installation and Performance

Installing the RT-AC88U is a snap, thanks to Asus’s intuitive Setup Wizard. When you connect the router to your PC and to the Internet and power it up, the Web-based console automatically launches and gives you a choice of using the wizard or manually configuring the router. The wizard will check your Internet connection and set up your router as a DHCP, Dynamic IP, Static IP, or PPPoE router, depending on which connection type you select. It then asks you to name each SSID (one for each band) and create a network encryption key for each band. Click Finish, and you’re ready to go.

The RT-AC88U turned in speedy scores on our 5GHz throughput tests. Its score of 537Mbps on the close-proximity (same-room) test was right up there with the D-Link AC3200 Ultra Wi-Fi Router (DIR-890L/R)  491Mbps). On the 30-foot test, the RT-AC88U scored an impressive 302Mbps, indicating very good range performance. The Linksys EA9200 and the Netgear R7800 turned in scores of 255Mbps and 247Mbps, respectively, while the D-Link DIR-890L/R scored 310 Mbps.

More Wireless Router Features To Consider

Other cool and useful features available with some wireless routers are:

QOS which allows you to optimize your network for video, gaming and VOIP sessions.

A Gigabit wireless router comes with 1,000Mbps Ethernet ports for blazing fast speed for your wired devices.

Built-in print servers which make is easy to print to a USB printer from any wireless device.

Network maps which display the status of all devices on your network.

Built-in BitTorrent and FTP servers for serious down loaders.

Parental controls which allow you to control what your kids can access on the Internet and when.

The list goes on and on and is evolving constantly.

Finally, the router is probably one of the best routers from Apple till date, it offers fast and stable performance.

Hope this list will be very beneficial to all for buying a best router in the market without any delay. So check our best prices list  and cheap prices routers on the Amazon .

This is the Best Wireless Router for you — if money is not a problem for you. However for most people, money is a problem. This device is quite expensive and kinda useless until you don’t have a very large house. That’s why I didn’t included it in original list. That being said, I am pretty sure that this will be one of the best WiFi routers for 2018

Now that we’ve gone over some of the top-notch wireless routers of 2018 in a fair amount of detail, we can say for sure that there is a great line up of routers available on the market right now. All of them feature remarkable state of the art designs that make it hard for you to install them in places where you won’t be able to see them as much, regardless, they offer Powerful specs for the processing power needed to handle your day-to-day wireless networking tasks.

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