20 Best Wireless Earbuds 2019-2020 Under 50-100-Reviews and Guide

Best Wireless Earbuds 2019-2020 Under 50-100

Best Wireless Earbuds 2019-Headphones don’t need to be a pricey purchase. And going for the cheaper option doesn’t mean you need to accept tinny audio and a wimpy bass. But finding the best headphones on a budget can be tricky because there are a lot of bad ones you have to weed out. Luckily, we’ve done all the hard work for you. So whether you’re looking for a pair that is great to use while exercising or you want to tune out the crying baby on your flight. Go for best wireless earbuds under 30, Best wireless Earbuds Under 100 2019

Best Wireless Earbuds 2019- Buying Guide

For anyone who likes to listen to music and is passionate, the whole process of buying earbuds is a lot simpler. You just have to pick the pair that fits your budget and sounds according to your music preference. However, for people who are not as adept with earbuds, there are quite some things that you have to keep in mind.

In order to make things easier for you, we have decided to take a look at some of the basic things that you need to keep in mind when buying a pair of earphones. Consider this as an earphones 2019 buying guide that you can use.

Despite the big difference between earphones, and headphones, the guide can somehow apply to both. So, without wasting more time, let’s take a look at the buying guide.

Your Budget

Believe it or not, when it comes to buying earbuds, you get what you pay for – in most cases. Yes, there are some earphones available in the market that overcharge you for the name that they have established over the couple of years. But in many cases, this doesn’t happen.

If you are planning on buying a pair of earphones, you need to determine your budget. This way, it’ll be a lot easier for you to find options rather than hopelessly looking for the earphones that you want to buy.

Wired vs Wireless Earphones

Whether you want to go wireless or wired, is also a big factor that can make or break the whole buying experience. The age old debate about wired being better than wireless is still going but thanks to several different wireless technologies available in the market, the experience has become a lot similar than it used to be.

As a matter of fact, there are several wireless headphones/earphones available in the market that are almost as good as the wired pair. With that in mind, you should make up your mind before you go search for a pair of earbuds, because it can lead to some confusions that you are probably not in the mood to go for.

Driver Type

There are earphones that only come with one driver, and there are earphones that have multiple drivers in them; the idea of having multiple drivers is to make the sound a lot better than what a single driver could do. However, the caveat here is definitely the added cost that comes with it.

Whenever you’re in the market for a pair of earphones, you definitely need to consider the type of driver combination you’re looking for. While having more drivers won’t necessarily make the sound stage comparable to actual headphones, it will provide a lot better experience than just having single driver in the earphones.


Despite the fact that earphones are small and generally considered comfortable, we were surprised when we came across some notorious pair of earbuds that weren’t comfortable at all. Believe it or not, comfort is something that plays a huge role in your entire music experience. Having a bad pair of earphones can have a drastically negative experience.

The best way to determine whether or not the comfort level of the earphones is good enough is to read some reviews on the internet or personally taste different pairs that you have in mind in order to know which is the one that you actually prefer.

Once you have narrowed down the list, it’ll be a lot easier for you to buy the best possible pair you can find.


Last but not the least, when choosing a pair of earphones, one really important thing that you should look for is the added accessories. Through years of our buying and testing earphones, we have come to realize that the higher you pay, the less amount of accessories you get, mainly because all that money is actually spent on making the earphones as good as they sound.

With that in mind, one shouldn’t stay away from accessories just because of that, you should at least get a carrying case, as well as a clip on accessory, and some extra ear tips. Some manufacturers ago above and beyond and include other accessories like cleaning cloth, as well as filters that you can replace in order to have a different sound stage.

Now that we have everything out of the way, we can go ahead and look at the best earbuds you can buy.

Top Best Wireless Earbuds 2019-Under $50/$100

Best wireless earbuds under 50

Best SoundMAGIC E10 (Top Pick) 2019

SoundMAGIC E10 white backgroundSave

Best value for money earbuds! (Under $50)

The balance of quality build, comfortable wear, nice design and very balanced high sound quality with the right amount of bass, makes these #1 choice for best cheap earbuds.

At the moment there is no other budget model of earbuds on the market that you could say is superior than the SoundMAGIC E10.

Sure, we all have our own preferences in sound tones, bass levels, design and brands, but the big majority of reviewers and experts can’t all be wrong.

This is a very popular budget model for a reason.


  • Great balanced sound, audiophile standard
  • “Clean mid bass expert”
  • Durable and stylish metal casing with premium feel
  • Awesome value for money


  • Not suitable for bass heads

Fit (Isolation)

Getting a proper fit is the same as with any other in-ear monitors, you have to find the right ear tips and position that suits you. SoundMAGIC E10 are easy to fit.

Sound isolation is pretty good as well. You can enjoy the music without outside noise while still hearing what is going on around you. This is important if you plan to use them on the street.


These are very comfortable and if you have small ears you can replace the original ear tips with smaller softer ones for maximum comfort.

Because the casing is so light wearing them for hours is not a problem, just get the right fit and you’re good to go.


Immediately you can spot the metal casing which makes these earbuds look premium and durable at the same time. This is not some cheap, low quality metal either.

It feels and looks premium, like if you’d pay $100 for it.


There are no in-line controls of any kind, just the regular wires.


Did we mention the SoundMAGIC E10 were chosen as best budget earbuds on the market by What Hi-Fi magazine?

Go here for top noise isolating earbuds.


The thing these earphones really excel at is sound quality.

The perfect balance of clean high pitched, medium and low bass sounds makes these one of the best sounding cheap earbuds ever made.

Don’t expect emphasized deep bass, as these really focus on balanced sound.

The bass tones are prominent and clear, but not throbbing as some people like it. (bass-heads)

These IEMs are perfect for listening to all types of music, but especially the genres in which clean, balanced sound comes alive.

The perfect balance of sound with great pitch and mid bass packed inside durable and stylish metal casing for a budget price. If this sounds good to you, get them while they’re still available. (Check the upgraded E10s version as well, pricier but worth it)

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Brainwavz  Best Earbuds 2019

red Brainwavz S0 earbuds white backgorund

Brainwavz S0 (Under $50)

Brainwavz is known for producing great value for money earbuds. The S0 model is one of them.

The things that really stand out are the build quality (metal casing, strong wires), sleek design, comfortable and tight fit with overall balanced sound and slightly enhanced mid bass.


  • Very durable metal casing and thick wires
  • Sleek design
  • Overall balanced sound with slightly more mid bass
  • Lots of accessories (ear tips, carrying case, shirt clip)


  • Stronger mid bass might be disliked by some

Fit (Isolation)

One great bonus are the many ear tips that you get with the original packaging. You can choose from different materials and different sizes that can compare to premium ear tip standards.

You get Comply S-400 premium ear tips in the package.

Testing all the ear tips is really fun, plus you learn what type of ear tips suit you best for the future. This ensures maximum sound isolation and comfort for long use.


Because of their extreme lightweight design they are very comfortable to wear. Pu them on, adjust the fit to your fitting and forget you’re wearing them. Simple as that.


The metal casing with really high quality ear tips makes these IEMs premium grade when it comes to durability. While the casing protects from everyday use it also makes the design look modern and sophisticated. Nonetheless, treat them as budget earbuds and they’ll serve you well.


The in-line controls with microphone work well. You should have no problems increasing the volume or changing the song with your iPhone or Android device.


The S0 model compared to Brainwavz Delta’s produces superior sound, slightly cleaner and richer sound with better soundstage. This is to be expected as they are almost 2 times more expensive, the Delta’s are still great value for the money.

Additionally with the ear tips you get a shirt clip and a nice carrying case ensuring a long life for your earbuds.

The overall sound is rather balanced with a more prominent mid bass. This might be a flaw for some or an advantage for others.

Depending on your sound tastes, these are something between perfectly balanced and enhanced bass for bassheads. (Top basshead headphones)

If you’re not exactly sure what you’re looking for, but know that you want some bass, yet not too much, these are a perfect fit for you.

In case you’re looking for nice, durable budget earbuds with balanced highs and mids and with some bass, the Brainwavz S0’s are a perfect choice for you.

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Best wireless earbuds under 100

ZERO AUDIO Carbo Tenore Earbud 2019

black ZERO AUDIO Carbo Tenore earbuds white background

ZERO AUDIO Carbo Tenore (Under $50)

Another pair of great IEMs (in-ear monitors) that produces sound comparable to $150 models for less than $50.

The Japanese ZERO AUDIO Carbo Tenore have been very well known in the audiophile society for providing great sound for very little money.


  • Balanced, detailed sound
  • Can still play bass heavy songs
  • Great for vocals
  • Good sound isolation


  • Build quality could be better
  • No warranty outside Japan

Fit (Isolation)

The ear tips coming with these IEMs are decent, but the sound and comfort can be improved by getting different, softer ear tips for better comfort and sound seal.

Sound isolation is overall pretty good with original tips but getting better ear tips is recommended, this is one of the advantages of these earbuds. Good sound isolation means your music won’t be distorted by outside noise.


They are very light and thus comfortable, as all quality IEMs (in-ear monitors) should be. Listening to them for hours on end won’t leave you with irritation, there is really nothing to complain about. As always, pick the right ear tips and enjoy great sound quality.


It’s always good to know how long you can expect your earbuds to survive.

Generally Zero Audio Carbo Tenore are not the most durable compared to others on our list, but still do a decent job surviving the wear and tear of everyday use.

They are made out of carbon and aluminum so these are built from strong materials. Build quality is good enough to ensure usability for years, but you should treat them slightly better than some other more durable models.

Another problem is the fact that these are being sold out of Japan and the company doesn’t recognize the warranty outside Japan, though this might have changed by now.


Have no controls or microphone. You’ll also have to get your own carrying bag if you use it as you don’t get it in the package.


Now let’s go to sound quality.

For many people these are the best sounding budget earbuds. Producing very balanced sound with clean, strong bass yet probably not enough for a basshead.

All ranges of sound are very balanced while still producing good bass on bass-heavy music.

You’ll be able to hear a lot of detail and in a way that it was meant to be heard.

Good balanced sound means very natural sounding music. Especially the vocals can be heard just like the singer would be singing next to you. This is something only more expensive headphones are known for.

Overall, Zero Audio Carbo Tenore produce one of the more balanced sounds at this price range while still being able to produce good sub-bass and pack everything in a comfortable and durable package.

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Sennheiser CX 300 II Precision Enhanced Bass

Sennheiser CX 300 II Precision Enhanced Bass earbuds white background

Sennheiser CX 300 II Precision Enhanced Bass (Under $50)

Sennheiser CX300 II at under $50 (under $40 actually) are great value for the money earbuds with their powerful, bass-driven sound they are simply the best budget IEMs for bass oriented users.

If you like thumping bass, you’re going to like these.

Made by Sennheiser, a known German brand that provides great quality headphones in all price ranges.


  • Quality, punchy bass
  • Suitable for bassheads
  • Sennheiser brand (high quality, German)
  • Good price
  • Very durable design that lasts


  • Lacks balance and detail in sound (because of overpowering bass)

Fit (Isolation)

They fit nicely and stay in ears in most situations. Some use these for sports as well.

A standard selection of different sizes of ear tips allow you to customize the fit to your liking.

Noise isolation is pretty average and depends on the ear tips that you use. For best isolation get some triple flange tips as they tend to offer the best results.


Earbuds are made out of plastics so they are lightweight and once you put them on you’ll soon get used to their low weight. They are nothing special, just like other standard in-ear monitors, good but not great.


The build quality is really high. The small, compact build makes these earbuds very durable.

The wires are very easy to untangle and can survive quite a lot of punishment.


No controls or microphone, just regular wires.

But you do get a nice little pouch to offer a little bit of protection in case you’re carrying them around in your backpack.

Looking for best bass earbuds? Click here.


The sound is very bass heavy.

People looking for a balanced sound will say this is a bad thing, but if you like more bass in your music, these should be your pick.

The CX 300 II Precision Enhanced Bass are producing almost too strong bass, it is noticeably enhanced and overpowers other ranges.

This means it is very hard to hear the details of the music, and generally these don’t have the clearest or the most precise highs and mids as the bass is so strong.

The CX 300 II are one of the cheaper Sennheiser model, but are still a glowing example of high quality audio, good noise isolation, comfortable fit and durability all packed in one affordable package.

Overall, these are by our opinion best budget earbuds for bassheads right now.

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JLAB J4 Heavy Bass Metal Earbuds 2019

black JLab JBuds J4 Heavy Bass Metal Earbuds white background

JLab JBuds J4 Heavy Bass Metal Earbuds (Under $50)

Immediately when you unpackage these in-ear headphones you’ll know they are built with durability in mind.


  • Quality aluminum casing made to last very long
  • Quality balanced sound that doesn’t disappoint
  • Tangle-free Kevlar reinforced cord
  • Maximum durability at this price


  • A real audiophile will want better sounding earbuds

Fit (Isolation)

The weight of the earbuds might be a bit bothersome in the beginning, but you eventually get used to it. Put them on with the right size of ear tips and they fit as good as any earbuds.

Noise isolation is average with regular ear tips. If you want to maximize background noise isolation, get yourself some premium triple flange tips, those are the best for the job.


Comfort is achieved with 7 sizes of ear tips to choose from and while they might seem a bit heavy they fit in nicely. You’ll also get used to the weight in a few days and won’t notice it anymore.


They are made of quality materials, aluminum case and Kevlar protected wires, and look strong without any weak parts.

Out of all in-ear headphones reviewed on this page these are the most durable, almost military grade.

Some call these “Tank earbuds”.

In fact if you break these IEMs you’re doing something wrong and should seriously think about your treatment of earbuds.

For more reviews of durable earbuds click here.


There are 2 models. The first one has only regular wires without any remote or microphone. The second model which is slightly more expensive has a microphone, but no remote. So you can make calls when connected to a phone, but you can’t control music with them.

Carrying pouch is also well made and offers a convenient way of carrying them around.


With the correct choice of ear tips you will get great sound range. Very balanced and more or less clear and detailed.

While still slightly lacking in the sound quality compared to SoundMAGIC E10s or Vsonic VSD1S, they are good enough to enjoy everywhere you go.

J4s sound really good, while they may be weaker playing mid-range sounds they are still great overall.

Punchy bass and clear highs make these earbuds stand out from the average group, especially considering how durable they are.

The best part of these is the price. You get great sound, awesome durability with clean and rugged design for less than $40.

There aren’t many earbuds that can compare in value.

For those of you who are looking for maximum durability, yet with quality balanced sound in a budget package, JLAB J4 are the earbuds for you.

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Best Wireless Earbuds under $30

Brainwavz Delta Best Earbuds

black Brainwavz Delta white background

Brainwavz Delta (Under $30)

Brainwavz Delta almost fit in the category of under $20 as they are priced slightly above $20. If you’re lucky you might find them below that price in a special offer or at certain holidays where discount prices are common.

You will be surprised how much value you get from under $30 IEMs (in-ear monitors).

In fact these are the #1 choice for best cheap earbuds under $30 without any other model coming near.


  • #1 pick for value for money under $30
  • Clean, balanced sound comparable with $50+ models
  • Durable design that’s going to last
  • Perfect “throw away” earbuds


  • For this price you can’t expect more value

Fit (Isolation)

They fit very well for most people and the quality selection of ear tips helps with that.

In the package you receive 4 sets of silicone ear tips of different sizes and a set of Comply foam S400 tips which is a really nice addition to the whole package. You don’t need to buy any other ear tips to get the most out of Delta’s. We recommend using Comply tips for best performance.

Noise isolation is about average of what you can expect from IEMs, for better isolation get a pair of triple flange premium tips.


Once you find the right ear tips for your ears, Delta become very comfortable IEMs to wear anywhere you go. The good thing is they don’t have any problems with microphonics which means you can wear them any way you like without affecting the sound quality.

They might not be the lighter earbuds you’ll ever wear, but comfort doesn’t suffer because of it.


The build quality is better than expected, if you didn’t know they were under $30 you’d think they were priced somewhere between $75 and $100.

The quality aluminum casing makes them look and feel sturdy while maintaining that “premium” metal look.

The cord is very durable as well, thick and rubberized with additional reinforcement of the plug in adapter, this is something most earbuds lack at this price range.

Looking for best Bluetooth IEMs?


There are 2 different models. One for iOS device and one for Android devices. Make sure to pick the right model according to the type of devices you’re using. You get in-line remote and microphone by which you can control the play/pause, volume, songs and make hands-free calls. That’s a nice feature for such cheap earbuds.


The biggest advantage of Brainwavz Delta’s is sound quality.

In this range no other IEMs get close to the clean, balanced sound of Delta’s you’d expect from earbuds 3 times the price.

Highs and mids are slightly emphasized while still being able to reproduce clean bass. The bass is not very prominent, but at least it’s not the low quality “boomy” bass so common in this price range.

Soundstage is also amazingly good for this price, creating an open, spacious sound.

Being so cheap you can carry them around with you without fear of losing or damaging them, making them perfect budget earbuds that can also be enjoyed for quality sound.

All in all, you’re getting very balanced, clean sound quality that will satisfy even an audiophile, packaged in stylish aluminum casing with a durable cord for slightly over $20. This is a sure winner of best value for money earbuds under $30.

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Symphonized NRG Headphones 2019

blue Symphonized NRG Premium Wood Earbuds white backgorund

Symphonized NRG Premium Wood Earbuds (Under $30)

Made by a company called Symphonized which is relatively unknown, but has gotten a lot of attention with this IEM model.

Just like the name tells, these are made out of real wood which makes them really stand out in its design.

Wood also has great acoustics abilities, since they are used for speakers, why not earbuds? If you want to stand out with this vintage design while saving money, these are your best choice.


  • Great sound quality, balanced, detailed, slightly warmer
  • Made out of real wood
  • Durable and comfortable to wear
  • Gold plated jack (usually a sign of more expensive headphones)
  • Innovative design for cheap earbuds


  • Some people don’t like the way wood changes the sound

Fit (Isolation)

You get 6 different pairs of ear tips which should be enough to pick one that suits your needs. The tighter the fit the better the noise isolation which is slightly above average if you pick the right tips.


These are very comfortable. Wood is a light material and combined with quality ear tips you get very comfortable earbuds. In a couple of days after first using them, your ears will get accustomed and you’ll forget you’re wearing them.


Durability doesn’t suffer because of wood. In fact it’s quite sturdy and makes for durable earbuds that you can’t break just like that. Well just like with any earbuds, if you sit on them they’re likely to break, also make sure to keep them away from water.


The Symphonized NRG Premium earbuds have an in-line microphone which works for making calls, but also for using to control the device with Voice Control. Voice controls works well in environments without much background noise.

The carrying pouch is designed to fit with the wooden deign, but doesn’t offer the best physical protection.


At under $30 sound quality doesn’t disappoint.

Detail rich and slightly warmer tones will make you fall in love with your music. These earbuds especially excel at mid range tones.

The wooden structure noticeably adds to the quality of bass and produces rich and slightly warmer sound.

The audio can compare to some of the more expensive headphones and you wouldn’t know you’re listening to below $30 earbuds.

With gold plated audio jack and silicone ear tips these earbuds produce good passive noise isolation to enjoy these everywhere you go.

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If you are looking at that extra feature that allows you to walk and talk, then this one is for you.

One small issue is microphonics, if you rub against the wires you’ll hear the sound in your earbuds, this happens with all nylon/cloth type wires.

With its built in microphone, compatibility with all smartphones, an affordable price, great looks and sound quality too good for this price, Symphonized NRG is a very good bargain.

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Zipbuds JUICED 2.0 Best Earbuds 2019

black Zipbuds Juiced 2.0 with zupper white background

Zipbuds Juiced 2.0 (Under $30)

Here is a model of cheap earbuds for those of you who always tangle your cords in “untangable” mess.

Zipbuds are special because of their unique zip wires that you can zip up to avoid tangling. This is so far the best way to completely avoid the problems with cords.

We all know how frustrating it is when you have to untangle a mess of wires. They give you what’s promised, a tangle free pair of patented Zipbuds minus the hassle.


  • Zip technology for tangle-free experience
  • Durable and well built, suitable for sports
  • Prominent bass for those who like that
  • Cheap price for the usability you get


  • Slightly more “bassy” sound
  • Not the best balance and richness of sound

Fit (Isolation)

They have a special shape of earbuds (ComfortFit2 technology) that helps with keeping them in even during fast movement.

Because of their durable nature and snug fit you can easily use these for working out or other activity.

Because they are so good at getting a snug fit, they also offer above average sound isolation. This is great for when you want to enjoy your music alone and not be bothered by outside sounds.


Comfort is also a quality. Fitting snugly into the ear canal ensures proper sound production.

The comfort is achieved with specially designed earbuds that you will barely feel inside your ears.

You can wear these for hours without irritating your ears.

The only thing you have to get used to are slightly heavier wires since they are protected by the zip.


Durability wise they are well built and should last you longer than your average IEMs (in-ear monitors). Considering you won’t be pulling these in clumsy situations because of the zip feature, you’ve probably already gained a couple more months of service from them.


No remote or microphone, since it would be impossible to implement it with the zip technology. That’s the price of having a zipper for the wires.


The audio quality is also quite good.

While the sound is not as balanced and detailed as with some other models on this list, it’s not too bad.

One problem they have is microphonics, if you bump against the zipped wires you’ll hear it in your ears, this is a non-issue for some and a deal-breaker for others.

The bass is enhanced, deep and heavy and it has no problems playing higher pitched sounds as well.

Prominent bass will probably tick off an audiophile looking for balanced, rich sound, but if you’re an average listener and like more bass, you’ll enjoy these.

Overall these are one of the most comfortable, well designed (zipper) and durable earbuds you can get for a low price under $30 with a “bassy” sound.

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Sennheiser CX200 Twist-to-Fit Earbuds

Sennheiser CX 200 (Under $30)

The second Sennheiser model on this list is equally great value for the money as the first one.

If you’re slightly interested in headphones you’ve probably heard about this German brand in the past.

This is one of the cheaper models, but doesn’t disappoint. If you’re lucky you might get these for less than $20.


  • Very light and comfortable
  • Nice durable design
  • Good noise isolation
  • Good sound quality with stronger bass (yet not for bassheads)


  • Lacks some detail and richness

Fit (Isolation)

With the innovative “Twist-to-Fit” technology CX200 have better fit than most earbuds and when you get an airtight fit you will get better passive noise isolation and  better sound quality.

In fact because of the fit technology, which impacts isolation, sound and comfort, these are one of the better earbuds for the money for this reason alone.


When it comes to comfort they don’t disappoint either. These are quite light and if you change the ear tips you can get a very comfortable pair of earbuds.

Sure, you get only the standard 3 pairs of silicone ear tips, but they do a good job nonetheless. You can always spend a bit more money on premium Comply tips if you want.


Well-built and made from durable material in a smart design ensures long life with normal use.

If you want more durable earbuds check these.

The design is typical Sennheiser, minimalistic, but sleek and durable.


No in-line remote or microphone, the only thing you get is a standard cord with a 3.5mm plug-in at the end.


Sound quality wise they have no special features or advantages over other models on this list.

It has good sound overall as you’d expect from a brand like that. Slightly stronger bass would be annoying to a demanding audiophile, but just about right for an average user.

To really get the most of sound quality, you have to fit them the right way to get maximum noise isolation which is one of the things this model excels at.

These IEMs block more outside noise than most earbuds in this price range. Different ear tips can help with that too.

Once snugly positioned in your ears, you’ll get clean quality sound with strong bass without distortion of outside noise. Click here for best bass headphones.

In the end, if you’re looking for a quality pair of in-ear earbuds from a known brand, with very comfortable and durable design and sound that doesn’t disappoint, get Sennheiser CX 200.

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Xiaomi Piston Hybrids

Xiaomi Piston Hybrids (Under $30)

The Xiaomi Piston 3 were replaced with a brand new Hybrids model.

With a design update that looks more modern and stylish not much has changed in sound department.

Keep in mind that Xiaomi is a Chinese company that had their products copied by copycats, and with the new model it isn’t any different. The Hybrids model is rather new, but you can already find counterfeit models on the market, make sure to buy from reputable stores or websites.


  • 20-step CNC milling process to form sound chamber
  • Very comfortable with solid build quality
  • Strong, clear bass from dual-driver design
  • Braided cabling for extra durability
  • Volume and play/pause rocker controls
  • Compares to much more expensive IEMs


  • Sibilant in the 4khz band
  • Carrying case not included
  • Quality not up to audiophile standards but great for bass-heavy listeners
  • Slight audio leaking outside the IEMs


Since you get multiple sets of tips in different sizes, it’s easy to find the right fit to get good isolation. The Xiaomi Hybrids work well as your day-to-day pair or your fitness IEMs.

With the proper tip for your ear canal, you shouldn’t experience much sound leaking out or getting in from the outside.

They are not too light and feel solid but these IEMs are still suitable for your workout routine. They weigh in at 14 grams.



Even with the smallest tips, the fit was still tight during the test. If you have small or large ear canals, you won’t have any trouble finding a comfortable tip for your specific ears.

The Kevlar-braided cord feels great in your hand. You won’t find many IEMs in this price range with premium cabling like this

The rocker controls feel nice in your hand with convenient placement and responsive buttons for volume adjustment and playback.


Xiaomi uses a 20-step CNC milling process to form the metal sound chambers that house dual drivers.

The braided cord offers extended lifespan and durability for daily use and abuse, but it end at the split for left and right.

Unfortunately, these IEMs are not waterproof or dust-proof beyond what you expect from your average pair of in-ear monitors.


With the rocker controls on the cable, you can answer and hang up on calls without digging out your smartphone from its home in your pocket.

Android-friendly, the Xiaomi Hybrids have a volume and playback rocker to control your phone calls and music on your device.

iPhone users report limited success with the volume adjusters but the playback controls seem to be reliable on most devices. Newer phones may have compatibility issues.


Dual-drivers offer the best of both worlds: dynamic for the low-end and balanced for the mids and highs.

After extensive burn-in (over 200 hours), the Xiaomi Hybrids sound as good as IEMs at double or triple the price.

Bass-heavy with a warm sound, these IEMs won’t impress an audiophile. They are suitable for daily use and anyone looking for an affordable pair of premium ear buds

If you’re looking for a cheap pair of earbuds with nice design and great, slightly V shaped sound signature (bassy), get Xiaomi Piston Hybrids and be amazed how much little money can give you.

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Best Earbuds under $20 Reviewed

Philips SHE3590 Best Earbuds under $20

Philips SHE3590 (Under $20)

These under $10 IEMs are a budget gem that offer more than meets the eye.

True, these are not very modern or cool, but when it comes to pure value and sound quality these Philips earbuds are probably the best overall pick under $20.

There are many colors to choose from and the design is compact and simple. The cord is good enough to last the life of earbuds. Nothing fancy really.


  • Lots of colors to choose from
  • Sound quality, controlled bass, clean mids and highs
  • Dirt cheap price makes these awesome value for the money


  • Somewhat weak durability

Fit (Isolation)

They are very light since they’re made out of plastics and the fit can compare to all average IEMs, nothing special but don’t have any major problems staying in ears.

Sound isolation is pretty good too and there is no need to replace the original ear tips as the original ones do a good job at isolating.


Are they comfortable? Well you could say so. There are no irritating parts and the soft silicone ear tips work just fine, but they are no comfort champions either. This is a budget model and you can’t expect premium features in every category.


Durability is not the best, but then if they break you can just buy new ones without worrying too much about the price. Not to mention in most countries companies are required by law to give some kind of warranty, if they stop working on their own before 1 year of age, you can usually get a new pair for free.

These were just not built for durability, but fare fine nonetheless.


No special features, no remote or microphone, just wires and a 3.5mm plug at the end.


The feature that really stands out in this price range is the sound quality.

Initially they may not seem very good, but with some use or after burning them in you will get very refined, clean sound that is unusual in this range.

There is even some bass, very controlled but still enough to enjoy the music. Mids and highs are very clean and precise which comes as a surprise for a model this cheap.

In the end the sound is much better than the price promises; you’ll be surprised of how much sound these IEMs produce.

If you want to experience a surprisingly good pair of earbuds for less than $10 than you can’t go wrong with Philips SHE3590.

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MEElectronics Sport-Fi M6

MEEletronics Sport-Fi M6 (Under $20)

MEEletronics Sport-Fi M6 are another great sports in-ear headphones for little money.

Real bang for the buck.

There is a newer, updated model M7P which is still a good choice, but it has a considerably  higher price of around $40. For under $20, M6 model is still better.


  • High sound quality with slightly warmer touch and prominent bass
  • Noise isolation helps the clear sound to come alive
  • Durable, comfortable “ear hook” design
  • Water resistant, great for sports
  • Great value for money which makes them very popular


  • “ear hook” design might be a problem for some

Fit (Isolation)

Their memory wire makes them very secure in your ears while still being comfortable, this is ideal for any sports activity where it’s important they stay in position.

Additionally you get 6 different ear tips to fit your ear lobe perfectly. Their in-ear design provides good noise isolation so you’re able to enjoy rich sound and enhanced bass wherever you go.

Keep in mind that you need to test a few ear tips before you’ll find a stable, snug fit.


Picking the right ear tips also plays a major role for comfort. If you don’t have the right ear tips on, they might feel “weird” to you, at least until you get used to them.

In general, with right ear tips and proper position these are comfortable enough to workout with. The memory wires tend to rub against the skin behind your ears, but you get used it. For workouts you’ll have a hard time finding stable earbuds with perfect comfort.


The wires are super durable because of their “memory” design with metal protection. Once you position them the right way, you’ll hear a big difference in sound quality.

They are also sweat-proof and water-resistant for cases when you get caught by rain in the middle of your run. For best underwater headphones, click here.

Overall, they are very durable and able to withstand a lot of punishment.


There are 2 models available, The M6 model without remote/mic and the M6P model with in-line remote and microphone. If you make calls during your workouts get the M6P, but keep in mind they cost slightly over $20 most of the time.

The carrying bad is nice and sturdy, perfect for frequent gym goers. This way you’ll keep your earbuds safe for a long time.


When it comes to sound, it’s very smooth, warm and detailed with prominent bass tones.

Low bass tones are probably the strongest point of these IEMs, prominent, punchy bass that won’t leave you feeling cold. Mids are also very clean and rich while high pitched sounds are slightly lacking in detail and clearness.

In the end you get warm, fun earbuds that sound great for the money.

These same earbuds are also recommended as one of the best earbuds for working out.

Their overall ability to withstand moisture, fit securely in your ears and provide good noise isolation and audio quality that’s fun to listen to for less than $20 makes them best value sports earbuds right now.

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Panasonic RPHJE120K #1 sellers on Amazon.

You won’t believe the price of these beauties. At below $10, you can’t ask for a better deal.

This is the ideal balance of audio quality, built quality and durability for little money.

No wonder they are so popular, as of currently, these earbuds are number #1 sellers on Amazon.

This alone tells a lot about the value you’re getting.


  • Best dirt cheap “I don’t care if they break” earbuds
  • Good comfort, stay in ears
  • Good bass with balanced mid tones
  • A little bit of everything


  • For this money, you can’t ask for more

Fit (Isolation)

Because they are so light they don’t pull down when in the ears, find proper ear tips and you won’t notice them for the most time.

Noise isolation is about average, nothing special, but still much better than with many over-ear headphones.


They are very comfortable and rather good at staying in position.

The comfort is quite good, feels light and doesn’t bother the ears. You can easily wear then for hours without any discomfort. 3 soft ear tip pairs make your choices for best comfort even easier.


When it comes to build quality it shows they are cheap. The plastic casing and some rather flimsy wires don’t promise much in terms of durability.

The materials are really basic, but this is what you get for the low price.


You are paying below $10 for a pair of earbuds, don’t expect any special features like a remote or microphone because you wont’ find them.


Sound-wise these have quite good bass. Probably the only strength of these is better than average bass in this price range. The mid tones are clean and balanced, while high tones aren’t particularly good.

Overall you’re still getting superb sound quality for the price that is rather balanced and doesn’t have any major flaws.

While these are not sports earbuds you can still use them as ones.

These Panasonic earbuds are nothing special compared to many otherson the market, but when considering the price, these are the optimal balance of everything a pair of earbuds is supposed to be.

If you’re looking for dirt cheap yet good earbuds, these are the best under $10 IEMs on the market right now.

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Koss The Plug

Koss The Plug (Under $20)

If you’re looking for  a colorful and cool design with great sound for less than $10, you found your top choice.


  • Excellent isolation for listening in loud areas like airplanes and trains
  • Powerful bass and decent quality mids/highs
  • Multiple tips included in various styles and sizes
  • Compares well to other IEMs that cost much more


  • No playback or volume controls
  • Foam needs “working” or rolling between fingers to form good seal
  • Drivers must be placed accurately in your ear to hear complete range
  • Easy to misplace given their small size and minimal weight


These IEMs offer some of the best isolation you’ll find on in-ear monitors. The expandable foam forms a tight seal in your ears.

You can get a customizable fit with the included cone or cylinder tips in various sizes. Try different tips for different situations like running or listening in bed.

The foam tips greatly reduce both noise leakage out of the IEMs and surrounding noise entering your ear canal. Watch out for traffic!


The foam tips can take some getting used to wearing, but they offer a comfortable fit. If you don’t like the conical tips, try using the cylinder ones.

If you can’t get your new Koss IEMs to fit properly, you might need to compress the foam before you insert them in your ears. Try rolling the tips in your fingers to squish it and quickly stick them into place.


The build quality of these Koss IEMs is pretty good, especially given the price. Don’t expect them to last forever, especially if you are hard on your equipment. Use the carrying case to prolong the life of your IEMs.

They are very lightweight – only a quarter of an ounce. The cord is thin and un-braided.


These IEMs don’t come with any volume controls, playback rocker, or anything to control the audio coming through the drivers.


The bass is very strong and clear. The mids and highs are warm and clear too, but sometimes the mids sound muffled if you don’t get the IEMs seated in your ears properly.

The newest version of the Koss “The Plug” IEMs doesn’t suffer from tinny sound, but earlier models had consumers complaining about poor sound quality. These issues seem resolved.

If you use equalization tools or a bass booster, you may want to disable it before you use these headphones.

A great choice for lightweight and affordable IEMs, cool design, perfect for bass fanatics but not a suitable choice for true audiophiles.

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Monoprice 108320 In-Ear Earphones


Monoprice 108320 Enhanced Bass Hi-Fi Earbuds (Under $20)

While these Monoprice earbuds may not be as comfortable as the Panasonic’s above, they are better when it comes to sound quality. Much better in fact.

For just around $10 these offer a lot of value you can’t get elsewhere.


  • Good noise isolation with good ear plugs
  • Sizable drivers for the price
  • As good a choice as the Panasonic RPHJE120K if not better
  • Awesome value for money sound-wise


  • “weird” uncomfortable design with weak original ear plugs

Fit (Isolation)

The design needs some getting used to, but with better ear plugs you’ll be very happy with them. The ear tips that you get in the original package aren’t the best and are recommended to switch them to some better ones.

Noise isolation is only decent, but new ear tips can improve it.


They aren’t the most comfortable or most sound isolating because of their specific design, but nonetheless can still be enjoyed. For best comfort some Comply foam tips can do wonders.


The built quality is decent enough and doesn’t seem to have any major issues or break points. Take good care of them and they will last you years. If they break, well just get a new pair.


You’re only getting a regular cord with a plug at the end. No earbuds this cheap have a microphone or remote.

They pair comfortably with your iPod or other portable music devices through a 3.5 mm gold plated stereo plug.

Check top Bluetooth headphones here.


When it comes to sound, the bass tones are clear and punchy with good bass response in this price range.

The clarity of mids and highs is also better than many models priced at $50+. It’s not crystal clear, but surprisingly good for real budget IEMs.

Overall the sound is comparable with much more expensive models and this is probably the only “around $10” model that comes near that.

If you’re looking for dirt cheap earbuds with clear mids and punchy bass that can compare to models 5 times more expensive, than these are the earbuds of your choice.

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How to buy headphones in 2019-2020

When buying a headphone these days people typically debate the style of headphone they want (in-ear, on-ear, around-ear) whether to go wired or wireless (or even totally wireless) and whether to opt for such extra features as active noise-cancellation to help muffle ambient noise. Oh, and then there’s price. Everybody has a budget.

If you’ve narrowed your choice down, we have plenty of models to choose from in our list of the best headphones, with breakdown of the best headphones in various categories including wireless, sports, noise-cancelling and cheap.

But if you’re still a little lost in the headphone maze, here’s some info that will hopefully help steer you in the right direction.

Forms and styles

The distinctions of portable and home headphones has melted away, but the following rundown of headphone types will clarify your buying options. How you intend to use your headphones (for music, home theater or gaming) and where you plan to do your listening (at home or on the go) will narrow the range of possible types you’ll want to research.

1. Earbud headphones

Also known as: In-ear headphones.

Panasonic ErgoFit RP-HJE120 earbud headphones Sarah

Earbud-style headphones range from the disposable models you get on a plane to the ones that are included with your smartphone to high-performance buds that offer sonics rivaling full-size models. Their tiny earpieces rest on the outer ear or need to be inserted into the ear canal, and some models, particularly sport buds, include wings or fins for a more tailored, secure fit.

Upside: Ultracompact and lightweight; most models have a microphone and track navigation controls built into the wire; can provide moderate to excellent isolation from external noise; little to no interference with earrings, glasses, hats or hairstyles.

Downside: Sound quality and bass response often not comparable with full-size models; can sometimes cause discomfort over extended use; some reference models are difficult to insert and remove, making them less than ideal for office environments; dual-cable design means more possibilities for tangled wires.

Extra features: Five-button remote to control volume; variety of ear tip sizes and materials (foam, rubber, silicone); over-ear guides; multiple balanced-armature drivers with crossover.

See reviews of our top in-ear headphones here.

2. On-ear headphones

Also known as: Supra-aural headphones, open-backed headphones, semi-open headphones, closed-back headphones, earpad headphones.

The Beats Solo3 Wireless is a popular on-ear model. Sar

These headphones rest on top of your outer ears and run the gamut from inexpensive portables to high-end home models. While on-ear headphones can have closed designs that cover the ears, some prefer fully sealed circumaural models (see below) for their increased sound isolation and the fact that they won’t leak sound to neighbors. Still, the earpad headphone is preferred in places like office environments, where users still benefit from hearing the outside world.

Upside: Relatively compact; less prone to overheating ears than full-size headphones; some models fold up for easy transport.

Downside: Less-effective noise isolation than in-ear or full-size models; less-powerful bass compared with full-size headphones; leaks noise to neighbors.

Extra features: Microphone and track navigation controls on the wire; extra earpad set included; carrying case; folding design; coiled and straight cord.

See reviews of our top on-ear headphones here.

3. Full-size headphones

Also known as: Circumaural headphones; closed-back headphones; earcup headphones; over-the-ear headphones.

The comfortable, excellent sounding Sony MDR-1A.

The tech-speak description for this type of headphone is “circumaural,” which includes any headphones with earcups that fully enclose your ears. Because of their size and their acoustic isolation, full-size headphones are often considered to be better-suited to home use rather than as a portable option, but the recent popularity of full-size, noise-canceling Beats headphones are challenging the rule.

Upside: Large headphones offer potential for maximum bass and loudness levels; earcups create larger sound stage; surround-sound effectively blocks outside noises, seals music in.

Downside: Large footprint can be cumbersome for portable use; some full-size models have problems with heat on the ears; wide headband can often interfere with earrings, glasses, and some hairstyles.

Extra features: Folding design; detachable cord; microphone, track navigation, and volume controls on the wire; replaceable pads; extra 3.5mm plug for daisy-chain sessions with multiple listeners.

See reviews of our top full-size headphones here.

4. Wireless headphones

Also known as: Bluetooth headphones, transmitter headphones.

Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless. Sarah

The most popular format for transmitting wireless music is Bluetooth, but keep in mind that you’ll sacrifice some sound quality due to the file compression process. To combat this audio degradation, some models support the aptX Bluetooth codec that offers slightly improved fidelity.

Home-theater headphones that employ RF connectivity are also available, and Wi-Fi headphones are now trickling onto the market.

Upside: No wire between headphone and audio device. You can stream audio from up to 33 feet (10m) away from your device — and sometimes farther.

Downside: The music stops when your battery dies; compressed audio files can leave your music sounding less dynamic.

Extras: Active noise-cancellation; 3.5mm port, and cable for a hardwired connection; replaceable earpads; travel case.

See reviews of our top wireless headphones here.

5. Totally wireless headphones

Apple’s AirPods feature two independent wireless buds that connect wirelessly to form a stereo pair. Sarah

There are a growing number of totally wireless earphones arriving on the market. Some, like Apple‘s AirPods and Alpha Audio’s Skybuds, try to keep things simple and have a relatively limited set of features. However, higher-end models like Bragi’s The Dash Pro and Doppler Labs’ Hear One tout more advanced “smart” features.

Upside: No wires whatsoever.

Downside: Battery life can be relatively short; you have to be extra careful not to lose one or both of the buds; good models with reliable performance tend to be more expensive than standard wireless headphones.

Extras: Charging case, built-in heart-rate sensor; on-ear touch navigation; advanced noise filtering.

6. Noise-canceling headphones

The Bose QuietComfort 35 is a full-size, around-ear wireless Bluetooth headphone that also includes active noise-cancellation and doubles as an advanced headset for making cell phone calls. Sarah

These headphones hush ambient noise by creating anti-noise that obviates the noise at your ear. They don’t eliminate the outside world, but the better models significantly reduce the whoosh of airplanes’ air-conditioning systems. Noise-canceling headphones come in all forms, from full-size to earbuds. Since you no longer have to crank up the volume to overcome background noise, this type of headphone lets you listen at lower levels, which leads to reduced ear fatigue. You’ll also hear more low-level detail in your music.

Upside: Active noise-canceling technology eliminates ambient noise; ideal for plane rides and morning commutes.

Downside: Alters the “natural” qualities of music; some people experience an “underwater” nausea effect from the noise-canceling hum.

Extras: Wireless connection; travel case; rechargeable batteries; on-ear navigation and volume controls.

See reviews of our top noise-canceling headphones here.

7. Lightning or USB-C wired headphones

The JBL Reflect Aware plugs directly into the Lightning port on your iOS device. S

With a Lightning a USB-C headphone you plug the headphone directly into the Lightning port (on Apple devices) or USB-C port (on Android devices). A standard headphone plug is an analog connection while this creates a direct digital connection. The headphones are powered by your phone (they use only a little bit of battery power) and have an integrated DAC (digital-to-analog converter) that’s usually superior to the DAC in your phone.

There aren’t a lot of these headphones available, but they are available in various styles (in-ear, on-ear and over-ear).

Upside: Direct digital connection can sound cleaner.

Downside: Need a converter to plug into a standard analog audio jack; sips a little battery life from your phone; can be more expensive than a standard wired headphone.

Extras: Integrated active noise-cancelling powered by your phone.

8. Sports headphones

The Bose SoundSport Pulse has an integrated heart-rate monitor. Sara

Sports headphones are among the most popular types of headphones and the best ones are now wireless. Sweat-resistant or even totally waterproof, they can be used at the gym or for running or biking. Some are have an open or semi-open design to let some sound in for safety reasons (so you can hear traffic noise). However, other models have a sealed, noise-isolating design.

Most will work fine as an everyday headphone, though some work better than others for everyday use.

Upside: Designed to be used during athletic activity; sweat-resistant or even waterproof.

Downside: Some models have an open design and are not good for noisier environments.

Extras: Heart-rate sensor; carrying case

See reviews of our top sports headphone here.


The size, type and technology of a pair of headphones are all critical to a purchasing decision. But it’s important to demystify the bevy of features and headphone-specific vocabulary. Listed below are the most important features you’ll need to consider before finding the perfect pair of headphones.

Bass: Even at its very best, headphone bass is never the sort of pants-flapping, sock-it-to-your-gut experience you literally feel from massive speakers or subwoofers, but many manufacturers custom tune their “signature sound” to emphasize the lower frequencies, albeit at the cost of instrument separation and natural delivery.Earbuds are tiny and portable, but — except for a couple of high-end models — they can’t compete with full-size, over-the-ear headphones for deep bass response or visceral dynamic range.
Sealed (closed) vs. open: Sealed headphones — the noise-isolating, in-ear models or the full-size earcup designs — acoustically isolate your ears from your environment. Of course, the degree of isolation varies from one pair of headphones to another, and the seal limits the leakage of the headphones’ sound out to the room.Sealed models are ideal for private listening, where you don’t want the sound to be heard by other people. Open headphones — such as foam earpad models and many sports designs — are acoustically transparent and allow outside sound to be heard by the headphone wearer, and a good deal of the headphones’ sound will be audible to anyone near the listener.Generally speaking, such headphones produce better, more “open” sound than sealed designs. Because they don’t block out everything from the outside world, open-backed headphones are recommended for outdoor activities, such as jogging, which require awareness of your environment.
Comfort and weight: Assessing sound quality is always a subjective exercise, but the only way to judge comfort is to put them on and listen for at least 10 minutes.Do the earpads exert too much pressure on your ears? Headphones that enclose or cover your ears can get uncomfortably hot, but you’ll have to wear them for a while to find out. Some of the bigger sealed models with cushy leatherette pads are the worst offenders.Pro-style headphones are comparatively bulky and can feel uncomfortably heavy after hours of use. Lighter headband-style headphones are almost always more comfortable than heavier ones. And even if they’re not, they’re less of a hassle to carry around.
Durability: There’s no reason a headphone should be treated as disposable technology. Unlike almost everything else in the realm of consumer electronics, this year’s headphones won’t be obsolete six months or a year from now. In fact, there’s no reason a good pair of headphones can’t last for the better part of a decade.Be sure to assess the build quality of your prospective headphones. Some earbuds and portable devices are relatively fragile, for instance. If the headphones fold up for easy storage, are the hinges robust, or will they fall apart in a month or two? Don’t forget to consider that the earpads and earbuds will get extensive wear and tear over the life of the headphones.
Cable dressing and length: Most stereo headphones have just one cable, usually attached to the left earpiece (sometimes called single-sided cabling). Some models — and all earbuds — use a Y-cable that connects to both earpieces (double-sided). The actual cable plug, meanwhile, is usually one of two designs: a straight I-plug or an angled L-plug; the latter may be useful if your portable player has a side- or bottom-mounted headphone jack.


In-line remote. S

Preferences for the length of headphone cables vary for portable users, especially depending on where you prefer to wear your device: a backpack or a pants pocket necessitates a longer cable, while you’ll opt for a short one when wearing a player on a neck lavalier or an armband. But a cable length at either extreme need not be a fatal flaw: extension cables can lengthen those that are too short, and cable wraps can tighten up ones that are too long.

Quick reference glossary

You’ll find a few of the following specifications on the headphones’ box or on the manufacturer’s Web site. Here’s what they mean:

Frequency response: Frequency-response specifications in full-size loudspeakers are generally pretty useless in predicting sound quality, but headphone frequency-response numbers are even worse. Manufacturers have routinely exaggerated frequency-response figures to the point that they’re irrelevant. Even the flimsiest, cheap headphones routinely boast extremely low bass-response performance –15Hz or 20Hz — but almost always sound lightweight and bright. Generally, bass buffs will be happier sticking with larger ‘phones.

Total harmonic distortion: True, headphones with lower actual total harmonic distortion (THD) will sound better than those with higher THD. But the quoted THD numbers — “less than 1 percent” — aren’t helpful in predicting sound quality. Listen to recordings of simply recorded acoustic guitar to assess the distortion of one set of headphones versus another. Some will sound appreciably cleaner than others.

Impedance: Generally speaking, the lower the headphones’ electrical impedance (aka resistance), the easier it is to get higher volume. But here again, the low impedance is no guarantee of high volume capability; other factors can still limit loudness potential. Since many MP3 players have feeble power output — the iPod is a notable exception — smart shoppers should check the loudness before purchasing any pair of headphones. To be sure, listen with your player.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Do I need a headphone amplifier?

A: What you plug your headphones into can significantly affect their sound, and the quality of the amplifiers built into portable CD/MP3 players is generally awful. It’s not their fault: the little guys have to power their electronics and their internal amplifier using a few puny volts. Even some of the better home AV receivers‘ headphone jacks offer highly variable sound quality. 

 Steve Gunnn 

If you find yourself listening to headphones a lot of the time and care about sound quality, you might want to consider purchasing a headphone amp. Both home and portable headphone amplifiers are available, and Steve Guttenberg writes about some of them on his high-end audio blog on CNET, The Audiophiliac.

Q: I lost the ear tips that came with my earbuds — do I have to buy a whole new pair of headphones?

A: Absolutely not… unless you’re just looking for an excuse to try something new. But if you’re not made of money, you can always hit up the manufacturer for a pair of replacement tips. Most earbuds only come with one set of each size, so losing one can be annoying. If you’re in an experimental mood, Comply offers aftermarket tips that fit your brand and come in a variety of materials.

Q: Does a higher price tag mean the headphones will sound better?

A: Not necessarily. We’re continually surprised that people drop hundreds of dollars on a smartphone and still refuse to invest in a quality pair of headphones to use with it. On the other hand, not all inexpensive headphones should be assumed to be cheap.

Case in point: the Koss PortaPro headphones first hit the market in 1984 and have become such a favorite with audiophiles that the company leaves the design (and the price tag) untouched. You can still pick one up for less than $50, and they come with a lifetime warranty, no receipt necessary. Check out our favorite budget headphones for more selections.

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How to Find Good Inexpensive Earbuds?

There are many cheap in-ear headphones to choose from looking just at prices.

But when it comes to sound quality the differences are big.

Yes,  earbuds at $5 a pop are dirt cheap. But don’t get too excited just yet, you need to understand what you get with this low price.

Many times it’s wise to spend $10 or $20 more and get a pair of earbuds that will last you longer while play high quality audio comparable with much more expensive models.

It pays to do a little research a get a cheap pair of earbuds that are recommended by experts. You’re sure to get more value out of it.

Audio Quality

Most of the cheaper varieties don’t produce the kind of bass and audio quality that you are looking for, but some do.

You can get a great pair of earbuds with high quality audio for very little money, if you pick the right model.

Getting balanced, clean sound with the right amount of bass in cheap earbuds is uncommon, but not impossible. See the reviews below.

All of the models shown here are known for better than expected sound quality, so you can be sure you won’t be disappointed.

Single Driver or Multiple Drivers

A single driver earbud can give you the range you are looking for, which is a normal range of 20 hertz to 20k hertz. Single driver earbuds do have their limitations, but even multiple driver earbuds don’t automatically guarantee a perfect listening experience.

Poorly designed earbuds with multiple drivers have been known to give you a jarring performance due to irregularities in frequency response. So a pair of cheaper single driver earbuds can in many cases be better than some multiple driver earbuds.


When it comes to the comfort of IEMs the most important thing are ear pads, ear tips or ear plugs as they are also called.

Fortunately you can get different sized ear tips that fit all models. This way you can adjust the comfort level for your ear shape.

Additional ear plugs are cheap but can make all the difference in the comfort and noise isolation. If you’re half serious about in-ear headphones, get additional ear plugs as well.


If you’re looking for cheap wireless earbuds you should expect to pay quite a bit more than for wired models.

Wireless technology is still expensive and that adds to the end price.

In this article we’ve focused on wired cheap earbuds under $50 or less as this ensures you get best sound quality possible, without having to pay for wireless technology.


They have to be robust enough to withstand your everyday routine. Cheap price doesn’t have to mean low quality materials.

You can get durable earbuds for little money too. If you are looking for earbuds for a specific purpose, like headphones for running, you’ll have to shelve out more money.

Generally cheap earbuds are made in a generic way. Not necessarily fragile, but you simply cannot expect them to be as durable as more expensive headphones.

Keep in mind, with proper care any earbuds should last you years.

Noise Isolation

The cheapest headphones don’t have active noise isolation, but passive noise isolation can do a pretty good job as well.

Just like with wireless technology, active noise isolation costs money. This way, if you’re looking for top inexpensive earbuds don’t look for active noise cancellation.

For best noise isolation on a budget, look for various sized rubber tips available on the market that can greatly improve the comfort and isolation of your earbuds. There are many different sizes to choose from and don’t cost a lot of money. (+improve the comfort)

Value for Money

There is a vast array of brands competing for your attention in the price range of $10 to $50. With a bit of research you can find a great pair of in-ear headphones that will serve you well for a very long time.

Usually less known brands and models tend to provide biggest value. Because small companies want to get their brand out, they offer their products for less money to gain market share.

This is a great plus for you, the consumer.

For a wider range of bass earbuds click here or check top workout headphones.

Let us know what you think about the models selected here.

Should we add a new model?

Tell us, why you think your top model is better, just don’t forget to stay in the price range. Budget earbuds have to be cheap.

Don’t forget to share and like the site for future updates.

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