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Best Toilet Nightlight-Seats 2019-2020:Motion Activated Reviews

Best Toilet Nightlight Seats 2019-2020:Motion Activated Reviews

During nighttime, most of us would sleep without a light on, if we’re not wrong. Problems definitely happen because we wake up in the middle of the night to maybe drink water, or more importantly, use the toilet and the room is dark. Now we have discovered this amazing toilet night light motion sensor product that can light up your toilet. Yes, it sounds weird, but it is a must-have item in your house or your shop. Its dim light helps your eyes to adjust easily, which is far better than suddenly expose your eyes to bright light. Imagine, you have a visitor in your house, and they ask to use your toilet. Well, it actually lights up. Your visitor is going ask “Oh! How can I do this too?” For now, let us walk you through the Top 10 Best Toilet Night Light Motion Sensor Reviews in 2019-2020

Top 10 Best Toilet Night Light Motion Sensor Reviews in 2019

6. ONever Home Power TL128

Unlike some other lights that clip to the bowl, the ONever Home Power TL128 attaches to the inside of the toilet seat lid, keeping it perfectly clean and away from the water. Its smart design emits a red glow when the seat is up and green when it’s down.
  • includes double-sided adhesive tape
  • price is quite affordable
  • the battery life is pretty short
Weight2.9 ounces
Rating3.7 / 5.0

5. LumiLux Advanced Toilet Seat

Designed for installation right below the seat lid and on your toilet’s rim, the LumiLux Advanced features a handy 5-stage dimmer, giving you the ability to make the inside of your toilet bowl glow in one of 16 colors and as bright or dark as you prefer.
  • lifetime warranty
  • built-in low battery indicator
  • instructions are a bit confusing
Weight0.6 ounces
Rating4.5 / 5.0

4. Best Original ToiLight Seat

Whether you’re on the go or trying to go, you can liven up your washroom in the middle of the night with the Original ToiLight. At just 1.6 ounces, its compact design fits just about any size of bowl, making it a useful option when traveling to hotels.
  • simple one-button operation
  • access to a free e-book
  • changing the batteries is a pain
Weight2.4 ounces
Rating4.1 / 5.0

3. Best Hillmax CL13 Toilet Seat

Perfect for ensuring the kids don’t stumble in the dark on the way to the bathroom, the Hillmax CL13 offers you the choice of up to 8 solid display colors as well as the ability to rotate between them at 15-second intervals for a 2-minute light show.
  • durable silicone cover
  • four aaa batteries included
  • very easy to install
Weight3.2 ounces
Rating4.9 / 5.0

2. Best Glime LED Toilet Seat

Setting the Glime LED apart from much of its competition is its use of ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization technology for killing up to 99% of the mold, bacteria, and viruses that collect on the inside of your toilet over time.
  • senses motion from 12 feet away
  • is energy efficient
  • helps to minimize strong odors
Weight0.6 ounces
Rating4.9 / 5.0

1. Best Polend ZT-188 Toilet Seat

Constructed from a sturdy ABS material, the Polend ZT-188 comes as a set of 2 lights. Their auto-sensing motion activation functionality allows them to power on after detecting the subtlest of movements from up to 6.5 feet away, minimizing the chances of tripping at night.
  • 5 available brightness modes
  • flexible pvc arms fit most toilets
  • fully waterproof design
Weight4 ounces
Rating4.7 / 5.0

The 10 Best Bidet Toilet Seats

10. Bidet4me E-200A

The Bidet4me E-200A is designed for the whole family, with an elongated, but wide, frame that accommodates all sitters. The sprayer nozzle has female, kid, and turbo settings, plus a massage mode for those nights you are feeling lonely.
  • contemporary style
  • easy diy installation
  • air dryer is ineffective
Weight13.6 pounds
Rating3.6 / 5.0

9. Astor Bidet CB-1000

It may not have all the high-end features of fancier models, but the Astor Bidet CB-1000 will still keep your badonkadonk clean and doesn’t cost that much more than a 24-pack of toilet paper, either. It is designed to attach to your existing toilet seat.
  • auto-retracting nozzle
  • custom flow-control dial
  • no integrated water heater
Weight2 pounds
Rating3.7 / 5.0

8. Brondell Swash 300

The Brondell Swash 300 features an automatic power saving mode your wallet will appreciate, and dual retractable, gentle cleaning nozzles your business end will love. The slow-closing seat has an anti-bacterial function, so you can rest easy it’s always hygienic.
  • compact wireless remote control
  • selectable front or rear wash
  • quick-release seat
Weight13.3 pounds
Rating4.1 / 5.0

7. Toto B100

The Toto B100 has adjustable water temperature and volume controls that work together to provide a whole new level of comfort and cleanliness that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without. It is a somewhat pricey choice, but your derrière will thank you.
  • ergonomic contoured seat
  • self-cleans before and after use
  • no built-in dryer or deodorizer
Weight15 pounds
Rating3.6 / 5.0

6. Novita Slimline BN-330

The Novita Slimline BN-330 is made from a mix of stainless steel components and anti-microbial plastic to ensure it lasts a long time and stays hygienic. Its oscillating nozzle lets you clean every nook and cranny, whether the sun shines there or not.
  • pleasant bubble-infused wash
  • usa-based customer service
  • wall outlet connection is required
Weight11.7 pounds
Rating4.4 / 5.0

5. Clean Sense dib-1500R

The Clean Sense dib-1500R is value-priced given its quality and the fact that it is packed with features, like a wireless remote with an LCD screen and four customizable user presets. It also has a carbon-filtered air deodorizer to keep your bathroom smelling like roses.
  • main body is detachable for cleaning
  • on-demand water heater
  • extra quiet pump motor
BrandClean Sense
Weight18.2 pounds
Rating4.0 / 5.0

              Best Bidet Toilet Seat 2020

4. BioBidet Supreme BB-1000

The BioBidet Supreme BB-1000 is loaded with luxury features, like its unique 3-in-1 nozzle system that can perform multiple personal cleaning functions. It also has a slow-close lid, so no more accidentally dropping the toilet seat.
  • dedicated enema wash
  • smart power saving technology
  • soothing aerated water stream
Weight16.9 pounds
Rating4.4 / 5.0

Best Budget toilet Seat

3. Toto C100

The Toto C100 is slightly more affordable than most other models with similar features, yet you’ll be hard-pressed to tell the difference when using it. An adjustable heated seat ensures you aren’t shocked when sitting on the the throne on chilly winter days.
  • variable spray volume
  • integrated control panel
  • mists the bowl before each use
Weight16 pounds
Rating5.0 / 5.0

2. Luxe Bidet Neo 120

If you love your existing toilet seat or you simply don’t want to spend the money on an integrated bidet seat, but you do want to add extra cleaning to your constitutionals, the non-electric, mechanical Luxe Bidet Neo 120 attachment is a perfect choice.
  • works with all standard seats
  • sleek chrome-plated control knobs
  • hygienic retractable nozzle
BrandLUXE Bidet
ModelNeo 120
Weight1.7 pounds
Rating4.6 / 5.0

Best toilet Seat 2019

1. Brondell Swash 1000

Available in both round and elongated models, the Brondell Swash 1000 can fit onto just about any home or business toilet. It features powerful, dual stainless steel nozzles that shoot on-demand, warm water for optimum cleaning, comfort, and longevity.
  • multiple spray width adjustments
  • user-controlled heated seat
  • nozzle sterilization button
Weight15.5 pounds
Rating4.9 / 5.0

Evolution Of The Bidet Toilet Seat

The Bidet is considered a French invention, but the earliest written reference is actually from Italy in 1710. These first primitive bidets were nothing like the fancy models we have today, many of which can spray hot or cold water, and have built-in dryers and deodorizers. They started as a simple bowl one could squat over and were used in the bedroom as opposed to the bathroom.

In 1750, the bidet à seringue made its first appearance. This evolution of the bidet included a reservoir that fed into a hand pump, which produced an upward spray for cleaning the genitals. Bidets didn’t change much over the next 150 plus years until the 1900s when modern plumbing allowed an American toilet manufacturer to bring it into the bathroom. This new incarnation of the bidet was as a porcelain fixture that was installed next to the toilet. It had a spray faucet and knobs for adjusting the pressure when cleaning the private parts. In 1928, John Harvey Kellogg patented an anal douche that was designed to attach to a toilet, as opposed to a completely separate unit.

The first toilet seat with a fully integrated bidet was made in the United States in 1964, but it never caught on in the U.S. Instead, it became wildly popular in Japan. In the 1980s Japan started developing super high-tech bidets with more and more features. The first of these was the inclusion of hot and cold water. Over time bidets starting appearing with features like auto lid opening, auto flushing, heated seats, a blow dryer, and even some massage options. Now many include a wireless control panel, soap dispensers, self-cleaning nozzles and multiple settings for kids and adults.

Types Of Bidets

Bidets can come as traditional separate standalone models or in a toilet seat design. Standalone models get installed next to your toilet, but you’ll need a lot of extra space in your bathroom as well as some plumbing know-how or a professional to do it correctly.

Traditional bidets come in two main categories: over the rim and heated rims. Over the rim bidets have a horizontal spray to allow water to flow downward over your private parts and into the bidet basin, similar to the way a sink is filled with water. Heated rim bidets have a fountain jet near the center of the bidet basin. This allows it to spray water upwards in a vertical fashion to clean the genitals. There are also combination bidets that have both horizontal and vertical sprays.

A better choice for the average homeowner is to look at the many electric bidet toilet seats available on the market. This type gets installed onto your existing toilet in the same manner as a traditional toilet seat. Not only are electric bidet toilet seats easier to install, they won’t look out of place in your home and come with many of the advanced features mentioned in the previous section.

In many south and southeastern Asian countries, they have what is known as a bidet shower. These are akin to sprayers found on kitchen sinks as they are attached to a long hose and have a hand-held trigger style nozzle.

Theories On Why Most Americans Don’t Use Bidets

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why bidets haven’t experienced the same popularity in America as they have in many European and Asian countries, but there are quite a few interesting theories floating around.

Some believe it goes back to the the disdain that Britons in the 18th century had for their French neighbors. Early Americans took much of their cultural attitude from their British heritage and, just as the English looked down upon the hedonistic and decadent lifestyle of the French, so too did the American colonists. This may have led to the lack of bidets in early America, which has continued to this very day.

Another theory goes back to the days of World War II when many American soldiers had their first encounter with bidets in French brothels. As America has always been a somewhat conservative nation, this may have led to the belief that bidets could be associated with immorality and iniquity.

Still a third argument can be made that it relates to the physical aspect of what takes place when using a bidet in the traditional manner. Unlike with toilet paper, where a piece of paper protects your hand from direct contact with your anus, bidets were traditionally used in a manner where the bare hand was used to splash and clean your buttocks. This practice rarely continues these days as modern plumbing and water pressure no longer make this a necessity.

Whatever the reason for the lack of popularity in the past, the modern electric bidet toilet seats are experiencing a huge surge in public demand and there is reason to believe that the future of bidets in America is looking very bright.

Best Heated Toilet Seats

9. Bio Bidet 600E

The Bio Bidet 600E keeps its users clean and dry, and also provides a water massage, just in case you need that when you’re taking care of business. It is available in an elongated or round shape and features three different settings for keeping you warm.
  • adjustable water temperature
  • instructions are confusing
  • may fail after a few months of use
Weight16.2 pounds
Rating4.2 / 5.0

8. SmartBidet 1000

The SmartBidet 1000 has three levels of warmth and a safety skin-sensor so it only gets hot when you need it to. It includes washing features for feminine and posterior use, plus a built-in dryer function so you can save money on toilet paper.
  • energy saving mode
  • soft-closing lid and seat
  • noisy and slow-filling
Weight15.4 pounds
Rating3.9 / 5.0

7. Brondell LumaWarm L60-EW

While it lacks many of the bells and whistles of its competition, if you’re just looking for a seat that gets warm and not too much else, the Brondell LumaWarm L60-EW is the one for you. It also features a pleasant blue LED nightlight to keep things easy on the eyes.
  • no special installation required
  • push-button control at rear hinge
  • high heat settings are uncomfortable
Weight6 pounds
Rating3.6 / 5.0

6. Toto Washlet S350e

If you want the best at any price, look no further than the Toto Washlet S350e. Its sleek remote controls all variable warming, washing, drying, and cleaning features with elegance, and its instantaneous heated water tank ensures a steady stream is always at the ready.
  • five temperature settings
  • available in long and round options
  • prohibitively expensive
Weight16 pounds
Rating4.0 / 5.0

5. Galaxy 4000

The Galaxy 4000 comes with a remote control, chrome jets, a built-in LED light and, of course, a reliable heating element. The seat is constructed of durable polypropylene, and its internal tank stores enough heated water for a 40-second stream.
  • easy-to-use controls
  • massage and pulse features
  • includes wall mount for remote
Weight15 pounds
Rating4.4 / 5.0

4. Brondell Swash 900

The Brondell Swash 900 boasts a full-featured bidet with water pressure adjustments, three position spray patterns and two stainless steel nozzles. Its temperature controlled seat keeps you warm while the rest of the machine goes to work to get you clean and dry.
  • wireless remote control
  • gently-closing seat
  • aerated wash sprayers
Weight15.3 pounds
Rating4.2 / 5.0

3. Lotus ATS-500

With a steady stream of continuous warm water to match its heated seat, the Lotus ATS-500 has a wide opening that fits over any standard toilet. Easy to install and assured to last for years, this model has all the features of higher-end options at a reasonable price.
  • three temperature settings
  • special child-wash feature
  • adjustable air dryer
BrandLotus Hygiene Systems
Weight13.9 pounds
Rating4.5 / 5.0

2. Kohler K-4737-0

With controls built right into the side of the seat, the Kohler K-4737-0 puts a customizable toilet experience at your fingertips. It offers its users the ultimate in commode comfort, with features like warm, aerated water for intimate cleansing.
  • ergonomic comfortable design
  • blue led detects when room is dark
  • adjustable temperature and pressure
Weight24.5 pounds
Rating4.7 / 5.0

1. Beir Advanced 300

Manufactured from antibacterial plastic, the Beir Advanced 300 boasts a patented design that regularly refreshes, cleans, and drains itself, ensuring a pleasant experience every time you sit down. The whole seat releases with one click for hands-on cleaning as well.
  • maintains temperature between uses
  • wide bubble-infused bidet stream
  • fits all standard toilets
Weight13.8 pounds
Rating4.5 / 5.0

Setting Is Everything

We’ve all had the daunting experience of walking into a public bathroom, not sure exactly which stall to choose. Some of us have our go-to stalls, the selection of which is based on the juggling of several practical and psychological variables. For example, very basic logic would dictate that the first stall would be the one used most, as it’s the closest to the entrance.

A further deduction, however, would assume that the majority of bathroom users all understand this basic concept, and all pass by the first stall as a result. That would make the first stall the cleanest stall in the bathroom by far.

Whichever stall you end up choosing, there are few feelings in a public bathroom so cringe-inducing as sitting down on a seat and finding it significantly warm. Immediately, images of the previous occupant and his or her toilet tribulations disturb our minds with a vividness and specificity that cannot be unseen.

The homestead is a different story altogether, as you’ll spend at least half of the year (the colder half) recoiling from the freeze of your porcelain potty top. It’s even worse on frigid mornings, when you’re groggy and sensitive to everything. It’s like an electric shock shivering up your bottom.

The heated seats on this list are a simple and effective solution to the problem. They utilize carbon cores that absorb electrical heat and retain it for maximum efficiency. Some also include bidet attachments that hook up to your water line and will get you cleaner than you ever thought possible.

While one or two of these seats lack nuanced controls, the bulk of them feature on-board dials or buttons to hone in on your ideal settings for seat warmth and water pressure in the bidet. Our top-rated heated toilet seat even connects with your smartphone for a cleaner, more intuitive experience.

Clean Like You Mean It

People are reasonably sensitive about their toilet experience. I, for one, find myself infuriated by those 17″ tall toilets that have taken the nation by storm. They’re simply too tall. I’m a pretty tall guy, and I feel like I’m standing up when I’m on them. I can’t imagine someone under five feet trying to use one, their little feet dangling off the floor.

Seat shape is also a vital issue, as some designs run circular, and other oblong. Oblong toilets are, in my opinion, public toilets. Sure, they proved a little extra space for certain parts of the anatomy, but they have a clinical feel to them from which the circular toilet seat does not suffer.

With all these strong opinions flying around, it might seem like an impossible task to choose from among the seats on our list. Fortunately, a few simple questions will help us narrow down your seat selection in no time.

For starters, do you need or want a bidet to be part of the package. I love a good bidet, as it leaves me feeling more confident in my cleanliness than simple paper alone ever could. You might hate the feeling they produce, or you might be one of those people clogging up the nation’s sewer systems with wet wipes. Maybe the bidet isn’t for you.

That alone ought to cleave the list in two. From there, you simply gain features as you spend a little more money. You’ll see more specificity in the controls, better heat retention, and even remote integration, so you can heat up your seat if you feel the need coming on.

Whichever heated seat you do choose, make sure you get the size and shape that’s appropriate for your toilet. All of these models are available in circular or oblong configurations, and they come in standard sizes that should line up with most modern toilets in the West. If you know you’ve got something strange in your bathroom, grab that measuring tape and check the dimensions.

The Age Of The Super Toilet

I’m sure there was a time in the development of mankind when we didn’t care too much about what happened to our leavings. Early man likely got into the habit of burying them when he realized that his predators could use them as a means of stalking him. That’s about as far as it went until vestiges of civilization made themselves known.

Excavated ruins of an ancient civilization in modern Pakistan show evidence of some of the earliest toilets and sewers known to man. Ancient Scotland had its own version of primitive toilets from roughly 3100 to 2500 BCE. Of course, in both cases, these thrones were only used by the wealthiest citizens.

Roman times offered much more advanced sewage systems, as well as public bathrooms that were essentially long benches with a bunch of holes cut into them. We’re talking no privacy here; you could literally turn to the guy next to you and play patty-cake while the two of you did your business.

It’s safe to say that none of these toilets featured heated seats, which have only been around since the Japanese started developing super toilets in the 1980s. The toilets in that country have attained Guinness Book of World Records status as the most advanced toilets in the world. The models on our list may seem humble by comparison, but they’re also a lot easier to use.

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