Best Refrigerator of 2019-2020:French door-Top Freezer Refrigerator Reviews

Best Refrigerator 2019-2020:French door-Top Freezer

Best Refrigerator 2019-2020The best refrigerators are essential for freezing anything.When it comes to refrigerators nowadays, options go far beyond simply getting a glass of ice water without having to open the door. With custom panels, you can get a built-in that exactly matches your kitchen cabinets. And forget four doors—some newer models have five or more. You can even pull out a refrigerated drawer and find it full of frosty sodas. Our fridge-by-fridge guide helps you choose the right type for your home, demystifies claimed vs. usable storage space, and helps you find the least noisy models—so you, and your groceries, can chill out.Check out our Best french door refrigerators 2019-2020

So We have listed top 12 best selling refrigerators For your better choice. So without delay go to our best refrigerator list to buy,,,

Best Refrigerator 2019 List:

Best Whirlpool WRB322DMBB Best Kenmore Elite 79049 Refregerator Pff28PMKES 36 Energy Dandy DFF 100C1BSLDB

$1768 Buy Now  $1299 Buy Now Buy Now $599 Buy Now
 Avanti RA7316PST reviews  LG LFXS24663S French Door Refrigerator  Samsung Appliance RF28JBEDBSG 36

Avanti RA7316PST Best Refrigerator

LG LFXS24663S Best Refrigerator

Summit FF1935PL Best Refrigerator

Samsung Appliance RF28JBEDBSG

$409 Buy Now $2770 Buy Now $1199 Buy Now Buy Now

Haier 16.0 Cu. Ft. 4 Best Door Refrigerator

26.2 cu. ft. Best French Door Refrigerator

LG LFC21776ST Stainless Steel

Gourmia GMF-600B Portable RefRigerator

$1299 Buy Now $1799 Buy Now $1999 Buy Now $39 Buy Now

How To Choose The Best Refrigerator 2019-2020?

1. Size and dimensions : most of the time a new fridge must feat into a certain spot in the kitchen or the living room so you should probably take measures for width and height and check the space to see if anything is going to block the doors of the fridge from opening in the future.

See :

If you want to see smaller refrigerators that costs less check out the List of 10 Best Compact Refrigerators in terms of price and quality and durability see also the List of 10 Best Mini Fridges in terms of price and quality and user feedback.

2. Consider style & Cost:

-with the freezer on top that will feat in the narrowest places and offer the largest storage based to their size .whats best about the top freezers refrigerators is that they are Affordable refrigerators that don’t skip on features or performance with the budget of only 500$ and up
-refrigerators with the bottom freezer the food is offered at eye level while the best choice for office and dorm rooms is compact refrigerators.

-bottom freezers are newer in design and more stylish then upper freezer refrigerators
with a budget of 700$ and up , and the ones with the french doors start at 1200 $ , a side by side is best for a kitchen that can’t feat wide swinging doors side by side costs 900$ and up
-built in refrigerators give the kitchen a more unified look they fit well with the kitchen cabinets and cost around 5000$  or consider a cabinet depth for nearly the same look starting at around 1800$
3. Performance: performance of refrigerator is one thing you can’t determine in the store . how well does a refrigerator cool ? the best refrigerators will maintain the temperature low in all parts of the fridge even in the hottest working environments , a refrigerator with a good performance is able to provide each
section with the best temperature that suits whats gets stored in it like fruits , vegetables , drinks , meat each one with its appropriate cooling
tempirature so it doesnt get damaged . humidity inside the fridge is also a good factor in determining the good performance refrigerator since it keeps the fruits and food fresh and delicious and fresh
4. Capacity : you also want a refrigerator with enough capacity to store all your food .refrigerators manufacturers usually put the complete fridge dimensions
but we only want the usable space and how it is spread in the fridge. in general top freezer refrigerators offer the most space for their size ,and side by sides offer the least . make the most of the valuable space by choosing a refrigerator that is well organised look for a big ban on the door to hold mink jars and pole out shelves for easy access , some shelves move up and down or even split to hold taller items like soda bottles while glass shelves keep spills from falling through .
5. Noise : you don’t want a refrigerator that makes a lot of noise no matter which one you buy , usually the cheapest models are the noisiest , consider the interior lighting of the refrigerator too and check out if the lighting lamps are energy efficient
6. Ice and water : you also find that ice and water dispencers are valuable more and more in refrigerators they can be handy and have control
on how much water you get but keep in mind that refrigerators with ice and water dispencers are more likely to be repaired while some brands are more reliable then others . no matter what kind of refrigerator you are looking for these tips and our best refrigerators buying list can help you find the best refrigerator .

  Best Refrigerators- 2019-2020 Reviews

  Best Refrigerator 2019-2020


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Starting off our list of the best refrigerators 2018 is the LG LFXS24663S. The stainless steel fridge from LG is of the French door variety with its sizable freezer in the bottom drawer.

This three-door refrigerator sports a total capacity of 24.4 Cu. Ft. Of this total capacity, LG’s designers have allocated 16.40 Cu. Ft for its fridge while the remaining 8 Cu. Ft. comprises the freezer at the bottom


Energy Rating and Efficiency
The LG LFXS24663S comes rated with an Energy Star and has an estimated yearly consumption rate of 690 kWh. Roughly, this figure translates to an annual cost of $83.

Exterior Dimensions
At the height of 70 inches and a width of 36 inches, this French door LG stands tall and slim while its depth of 32 inches Is a few inches thicker than counter depth.

Conveniences / Extra Features
The LG LFXS24663S proves its place in the luxury French door category of refrigerators with its myriads of features. In addition to the basic adjustable shelves that sport spill-proof glass, you’ll also get an external pre-filtered water dispenser as well as an ice maker system which can produce 2.4 pounds of ice per day. Meanwhile, the air inside is kept fresh and ventilated via a built-in air filter.

LG Refrigerator


​ Besides the dispenser is the white LED with touch temperature controls. This same display will also show you relevant information such as internal temperature, and the status of the door alarm and child lock features.

​Lastly, the much-loved characteristics of a door-in-door is also present with the LG LFXS24663S. With this dedicated window, you can quickly reach for fridge items without opening the fridge itself!

The warranty on the LG LFXS24663S covers “a (1) year parts and labor, seven (7) years for the sealed system, and ten (10) years for the linear compressor. “


LED information display with touch features
​Built-in water filter and ice maker system
​Door-in-door technology reduces loss of cold air as well as temperature fluctuations
Little noise
Spill-proof shelves
LED interior lighting
Robust glass shelves
Large freezer capacity


Not counter depth
Stainless steel surface Is prone to smudges and fingerprints
Upper right door doesn’t open as wide as some fridges

Best for:
The LG LFXS24663S will be best for families of 7 to 10, or fashionable homes with a significant budget. If you do have the funds, this fridge will also cover you cold water dispenser as well as large freezer needs.

Best Price :$370.00

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The Avanti RA7316PST is another two-door refrigerator with the freezer mounted on top and reversible doors. Conversely, distinguishing the Avanti from the Danby is its black trim with a platinum finish and its smaller frame.

The 7.4 Cu. Ft Avanti allocates 7 Cu. Ft. for its refrigerator and the remaining 0.4 Cu. Ft. for its freezer. This small freezer capacity may be a deal breaker for some.

Energy Rating and Efficiency
Another distinguishing mark for the Avanti RA7316PST is its Energy Star qualification giving it a yearly energy consumption of 251 kWh/Year or roughly $30 per annum

Exterior Dimensions
The compact Avanti sports a tall height of 55.5 inches, a width of 21.75 inches, and a depth of 22.5 inches.

Conveniences / Extra Features
Besides the usually adjustable shelves and manual thermostat, the RA7316PST features dual crisper drawers. Due to the two separate compartments, you’ll be able to sort food and produce depending on their humidity needs.

​Lastly, the Avanti also runs on the eco-friendly R600A refrigerant.

Expect a warranty of 1 year for the Avanti’s parts, including labor. Meanwhile, the compressor carries a warranty of 5 years.

​ Pros

Energy Star qualified as well as CFC free
ADA Compliant
Adjustable shelves
Energy cost-efficient
Reversible doors
Eco-friendly refrigerant
Dual crisper drawers
Counter depth


Freezer door has no bins
No egg trays
​Average-quality build
Incandescent interior lighting
Small freezer capacity

Best for:

The Avanti’s small frame will be ideal for a small family just starting or buying their first fridge, especially if they live in a humble apartment or condominium unit. This fridge is also great for those looking for bargains and is keeping an eye on their electric bills.

​With the right budget, this fridge can be a good buy for dorm rooms.

3.Best Refrigerator 2019:Danby DFF100C1BSLDB

      Best Price:

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With its polished black edges, spotless steel door finish, and integrated handles, the top freezer Danby DFF100C1BSLDB will fit well in any kitchen especially with its smooth back design. Additionally, its use of the R600a refrigerant makes this refrigerator very attractive if you have a green thumb. This attractiveness will still be true whether you are right or left-handed, owing to the Danby’s reversible doors.

The Danby DFF100C1BSLDB has a total capacity of 9.9 Cu. Ft. – 7.1 Cu. Ft. for the fridge and 2.8 Cu. Ft. for the freezer.

Energy Rating and Efficiency
Despite the absence of an Energy Star rating, the apartment-friendly Danby comes at a low 330 kWh per year, which is roughly an annual cost of $40.

Exterior Dimensions
Leaving a small, slender footprint, the Danby measures at the height of 59.8 inches, a width of 23.8 inches and a counter friendly depth of 26.4inches

Danby DFF100C1BSLDB Refrigerator with Top-Mount Freezer


Conveniences / Extra Features
Despite its relatively affordable price range, the Danby doesn’t skimp on features. With its purchase, you’ll get a fridge with an auto defrost system, handily adjustable feet for leveling, separate temperature controls for the fridge and the freezer, as well as a large glass-covered crisper drawer.

The warranty period for the Danby DFF100C1BSLDB is 12 months. This coverage is a limited warranty for labor and parts.


LED lighting
​Adjustable feet
Reversible doors hinges
Large crisper drawer
Counter depth
Eco-friendly refrigerant (R600a)


Average-quality handles

Short warrant

No Energy Star qualification

Best for:

​The Danby DFF100C1BSLDB top-freezer refrigerator will prove useful for a couple or small family on a budget. Also, the fridge will be ideal for houses or apartments with limited space.

Competing with this list’s LG for the best luxury fridge is another French door refrigerator: Samsung RF28JBEDBSG. Unlike the French door LG though, the Samsung RF28JBEDBSG features four doors and comes in sleek black stainless steel.

At 27.8 Cu. Ft., the Samsung RF28JBEDBSG is also considerably larger than its competitor. The main fridge takes up 15 Cu. Ft. while the dedicated FlexZone™ Drawer takes up another 3.8 Cu. Ft. On the other hand, the Samsung’s freezer takes up 8.3 Cu. Ft.



Energy Rating and Efficiency
With an Energy Star qualification, this Samsung French Door rates at 720 kWh/year, which roughly translate to $86 per annum. Although its consumption is a tad higher than the LG before it, the difference is negligible especially considering the price range of these two upper-level refrigerators.

Exterior Dimensions
The Samsung RF28JBEDBSG stands at a tall 70 inches; is 35.75 inches wide, and runs a depth of 36.5 inches.

Conveniences / Extra Features
The 27.8 Cu. Ft Samsung refrigerator comes with the typical features present in luxury French doors such as an external water and ice dispenser system, a digital display with touchpad controls, spill-proof tempered glass shelves, as well as the door-in-door construction.

However, in spite of their many similarities, the Samsung RF28JBEDBSG clearly defeats the LG LFXS24663S when it comes down to its unique features and lower price (around 16% less than the LG).


For instance, the Samsung refrigerator has variable crisper drawer controls and can produce up to 10 pounds of ice per day and store around half of that ice. Moreover, its food showcase compartment doesn’t just let you see and access the door’s immediate contents, but you’ll also have access to the inner compartment. This improvement on the door-in-door feature gives the Samsung RF28JBEDBSG an upper hand.

If you’re the type who frequently opens their fridge to get condiments, beverages, or just a tub of butter, the Samsung’s food showcase compartment will be invaluable.
Another advantage that the Samsung fridge has is in its twin cooling system. What this system means is that the fridge uses two separate evaporators thereby increasing air circulation. Better air flow will then aid the fridge in maintaining and controlling its internal humidity.

Samsung Appliance RF28JBEDBSG


However, what really sets the Samsung fridge apart is its “FlexZone™ Drawer with Metal Cooling.” Separated from the main fridge, this dedicated counter-height drawer allows you to store food and produce at their optimum temperature. With its preset temperature controls, you can expect a quick temperature response.

Covering the Samsung RF28JBEDBSG is a warranty of one (1) year for parts and labor, five (5) years for parts and labor only for the sealed refrigeration system, and lastly, ten (10) years for parts and then five (5) years for labor on the Digital Inverter Compressor.


Energy Star qualification
Sleek and classy finish as well as design
Large capacity
Spill proof shelves
Frost free
Quick temperature control response
Built-in water filter for the external water dispenser and ice system
Resists smudges and fingerprints
Dedicated fridge drawer with quick-response temperature controls
Adjustable and foldable shelves allows for more space
Great value for a luxury French Four-door fridge
Door-in-door feature allows remarkable access inside the fridge
Food showcase compartment stays cooler than competing brands
Twin Cooling feature reduces freezer burn
Enhanced LED lighting
Large ice production
Variable crisper humidity controls
Tempered glass shelves


Awkward placement of ice maker system
Slightly higher energy costs than LG LFXS24663S
Not counter depth

Best for:

​A large family of 8 to 12 people will benefit greatly from the 4-door Samsung RF28JBEDBSG. Included also are affluent households that appreciate form, function, as well as innovation in their home appliances.

​ So, whether you’re a lone doomsday prepper, a person who buys wholesale, or a family head with a substantial budget, this Samsung RF28JBEDBSG will be a purchase without regret.

5.Best Refrigerator 2019:WP Restaurant Fridges MBF-8005

WP Restaurant Fridges MBF-8005

   Best Price:$1,899

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Somewhat the odd man out in this list is the MBF-8005 refrigerator from WP Restaurant Fridges.

​ Its sturdy 304 stainless steel construction speaks to the durability of this fridge as well as its quality. Also, at a capacity of 49 Cu. Ft., the MBF-8005 refrigerator is certainly the roomiest on our list, which is quite fitting for a freezer-less Reach-in model with soft-rounded corners and recessed door handles.

​You should bear in mind, though, that expert installation may be needed if you purchase this fridge.

Energy Rating and Efficiency
The size of this commercial fridge shouldn’t worry you as it carries an Energy Star qualification and a yearly consumption rate of 867 kWh. At the rate, you’ll need roughly $106 annually to keep the fridge running.

Exterior Dimensions
Carefully consider the dimension of the MBF-8005, especially its height at 81.9 inches. Then, you’ll note its width at 51.7 inches and its depth at 33.3 inches.

Conveniences / Extra Features
Since manufacturers designed the MBF-8005 refrigerator for commercial use, it’s no wonder that it comes with a high-quality compressor, door looks, removable castors, and six heavy-duty shelves. Additionally, you’ll also get a digital temperature display and similar controls.

​ Moreover, you’ll notice that the heavy-duty compressor is on top of the fridge. This design allows you to push the fridge very close against the wall, thereby saving you precious space.

The MBF-8005 refrigerator from WP Restaurant Fridges is under a five (5) year compressor warranty, which also includes a one (1) year on all additional parts.


Energy Star qualification
External digital display provides temperature
Top-mounted compressor saves space
Castors for easy movement. Also, they are removable.
Self-closing & stay-open door
Removable shelves
Option to add more shelves


Expert installation required
No freezer
Generic brand
Not recommend for a family or for those who need a freezer
Considerable humming noise

Best for:
MBF-8005 refrigerator from WP Restaurant Fridges is best suited for commercial kitchens, company or school canteens and mess halls, large cafés, or even as an auxiliary fridge in an ultra-luxurious home or mansion.

6.Best Refrigerator 2019:Costway Compact Refrigerator

Costway 2-Door Compact Refrigerator 3.2 cu ft.

           Best Price:$189.99

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Finally, we have the Costway Compact Refrigerator with a unique Two-door Top freezer design among fridges of similar size. Moreover, the visual design of the fridge comes in a stainless steel finish with black plastic trim.


Overall, its total capacity is 3.2 Cu. Ft – 2.2 Cu. Ft. for its fridge and 1 Cu Ft. for the freezer. This refrigerator is also incredibly light at 52 pounds when empty.

Energy Rating and Efficiency
The Costway Compact Refrigerator rates at around 270 kWh/year to 330 kWh/year or roughly $30 to $35 per annum.

Exterior Dimensions
The Costway Compact Refrigerator tiny frame measures in at 33 inches high, 19 inches wide, and a depth of 19.5 inches.


Conveniences / Extra Features
You can’t expect much from a fridge of this stature. However, just being a two-door at this size is already an asset for the Costway Compact Refrigerator. Another good feature is the horizontal compartment on its door dedicated for canned sodas.


Dedicated soda can holder
Incredible space-saver
Great mini fridge
Two-door design despite small frame
​Low energy costs
Great value
Counter depth


No egg tray
No self-defrost feature
Doors are scratch-prone
Sensitive to temperature changes

​Best for:

​If you live in a studio type accommodation or a single bed dorm, then this compact fridge will be handy.

​ Business owners who run hostels, or small hotels and offices should also consider Costway Compact Refrigerator. Don’t forget that this little refrigerator can also be an excellent personal fridge for your bedroom, den, garden shed, or garage.

7. Best Refrigerator 2019:Ge French Door Refregerator

         Best Price: $2899

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when it come to refrigerators you wanna buy what’s best for your need GE frensh door refrigerator is a perfect choice for families or people who like to keep a big quantity or food and drinks in their refrigerator , this refrigerator doesn’t skip on excellent price while offering the best storage space
the most beautiful designe that offers the largest storing capacity and more almost every other refrigerator excellent performance

GE GYE22KMHES features review :

Adjustable Temperature Control
Vibration free Operation
Humidity Controlled Crisper
Sabbath Mode
Removable / adjustable Shelves
Adjustable Door Storage
Adjustable Racks
Deli Drawer
Gallon Door Storage
Slide Out Fresh Food Shelves
ice cubes maker
Dual Evaporated Cooling System
Humidity Control
Temperature Control
dimension: width 36″. deep 29 with the doors 31 includes the handles

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GE GYE22KMHES Refrigerator .

8.Best Refrigerator 2019-Samsung RF24FSEDBSR

 Best Price:$2,019 Buy Now From Amazon

If you are looking for a spacious and beautiful refrigerator with a very good price that doesn’t skip on features and performance then this refrigerator might be just what you are looking for

Samsung has made a lot of great refrigerators while this is one of their best, Samsung RF24FSEDBSR frensh door refrigerator

Samsung RF24FSEDBSR features review :
refrigerator Dimensions 31 x 35.8 x 70 inches
4-Door Counter-Depth Design
Twin Cooling Plus
High Capacity-24 cu.-feet
Ice Master Ice Maker in the Refrigerator
FlexZone Drawer with TemperatureControl and Smart Divider

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Samsung RF24FSEDBSR Refrigerator .

9.Best LG French Door Refrigerator LFC21776ST

 Best Price:$1,999

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This is probably the best LG french door refrigerator you will want to get its affordable, reliable and has so much positive user feed back , this is the cheapest french door refrigerator in our recommended french door refrigerators list

LG LFC21776ST Features review

plenty of capacity and easy to get to and see things
4 Split Spill Protector Glass Shelves
Very reliable, good design.
Glide N’ Serve Drawer
LED Interior Light
Glide-N-Serve Pantry Drawer

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 LG LFC21776ST  Refrigerator .

10. Frigidaire Best french door refrigerator FGHN2866PF

 Best Price:$1,499

Buy Now From Amazon

Frigidaire has an awesome french door refrigerator that proven it’s excellent reliability and performance space , good design , affordable price and long durability are the main characters for this fridge

Frigidair FGHN2866PF features review :

Bottom Freezer
designed to hold massive amount of food
powerful french door freezer and refrigerator
Express-Select Controls
Energy Star Qualified
Energy Star Qualified

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Frigidaire FGHN2866PF Refrigerator

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5. Samsung french door refrigerator RF28HFEDBSR

this is the best selling french door refrigerator in the united states , the samsung RF28HFEDBSR is an Energy Star 28 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator made to store large quantities of food and maintain the best low temperature and humidity for it it is designed to look pretty and perform well at the same time it’s well known in the united states and the world .

Samsung RF28HFEDBSR features review

Premium external filtered water & ice dispenser, plus Icemaster icemaker in fridge
28 cu. ft. total capacity: 19.1 cu. ft. refrigerator space, 8.9 cu. ft. freezer drawer
CoolSelect Pantry with temperature control and divider
2 humidity-controlled crispers, 5 tempered-glass spill-proof shelves, adjustable shelf, 6 door bins
Bottom freezer drawer with EZ-Open handle, LED lighting, and divider
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Samsung  RF28HFEDBSR Refrigerator

Best Top Freezer Refrigerators 2019

1. Frigidaire Top Freezer refrigerator FFTR2021QS

as i mentioned before the top freezer refrigerators offer the best space saving option and costs cheaper along side with consuming less energy then other types of refrigerators Frigidaire has a very good top freezer refrigerator which i highly recommend

Frigidaire features and infrmation:

refrigerator width 30
large capacity refrigerator gives you room to store more
Keep fruits and vegetables fresh thanks to the humidity-controlled crisper drawers.
Door storage gives room for larger items like a gallon of milk.
Door can be installed to open left or right based on your needs.

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Frigidaire FFTR2021QS Refrigerator

2. Frigidaire top freezer refrigerator Gallery FGHI2164QF

this refrigerator is a smart choice when it comes to top freezer refrigerators it has proven to be a good fridge the performance, the capacity and the price are perfect

Frigidaire FGHI2164QF Features Review

Over 100 Ways to Organize SpaceWise(R) Organization System offers 100 ways to organize with the Custom-Flex Door and the Store-More Drawer.
Custom-Flex Door : Customize your own door with a variety of door bins and accessories that can be personalized to fit your lifestyle. Need another accessory to customize your refrigerator? Additional door bins and accessories are available for purchase
Store-More Drawer: Keeps snacks like yogurt, cheese, and juice boxes easily accessible for grab-and-go access.
Smudge-Proof Stainless Steel: Resists fingerprints and cleans easily.
Bright LED Lighting: Find food faster with bright LED lighting.

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Frigidaire FGHI2164QF Refrigerator

3. Danby top freezer refrigerator DFF100C2WDD

danby is well know in the refrigerator manufacturing business and this is an awesome refrigerator made by this company its made to serve excellent performance and last for a long time.

Danby DFF100C2WDD features review 

Energy Star rated (297 kWh)
Separate electronic controls for refrigerator and freezer
Refrigerator has LED lighting, 2 wire shelves, crisper drawer and 3 door bins
Frost-free operation for hassle-free maintenance
Top-mount freezer has 1 adjustable/removable wire shelf and 2 door bins

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Danby DFF100C2WDD Refrigerator

4. Whirlpool top freezer refrigerator 30-inch

another excellent top freezer refrigerator the whirlpool brand is well known in the refrigerators business and this is one of their best products

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whirlpool Top freezer refrigerator

5. Summit Ingenious Top freezer refrigerator FF1935PL

this refrigerator  has an excellent design mixed with good quality i offers a spacious area for food , drinks vegetables and fruits thanks to it’s interior design , this refrigerator appears to have satisfied a lot of users and it’s making great sells in the united states .

Mini fridges are smaller fridges for individuals or couples that does the same function for less price check out the best mini fridges in this summer which a nice alternative if you dont need too much space.

Summit Ingenious features review

Part of the Ingenious Series of refrigerator-freezers, designed with extra care for modern user convenience
Over 18 cu.ft. of interior storage inside a convenient counter depth fit
Modern platinum finish offers an attractive look for any kitchen, Unique door window is ideal for keeping            beverages and bagged lunches easily accessible
Deluxe interior includes spillproof glass shelves and multiple crispers
Door storage in both compartments for true storage convenience

View At Amazon

Summit Ingenious refrigerator

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Note : if you find this list to be helpful please share it with your friends  .if you are planning to buy a refrigerator soon it’s good practice to bookmark this page in your browser to keep it as a reference that you can come back to anytime you need it.

Pick A Style

There's a configuration to suit every household. French-door models are exploding in popularity. Many consumers swear by the convenience of bottom freezers, but top freezers and side-by-sides can make more efficient use of space in a smaller kitchen. Here's what you need to know to make the best choice. See our full refrigerator ratings for how models in the different sizes below performed in our tests.

A top-freezer refrigerator.

Top Freezer

A traditional fridge, that's good for a lot of storage in a fairly tight spot. These tend to offer the most space for their size (typically 30 to 33 inches wide). Manufacturers claim up to 22-cubic-foot capacities, but our tests found about 20 percent less. Allow for a wide swing of the doors, and get used to crouching down to reach lower shelves and drawers.

Top Freezer Refrigerator Ratings

A bottom-freezer refrigerator.

Bottom Freezer

They range from 30 to 36 inches wide and claimed capacities approach 30 cubic feet, though usable space is less than that of comparable top-freezers (which cost less than these, too). Instead of the freezer (which you use less) being at eye level, your fridge shelves are easily scan-able. Just get used to bending to rifle through frozen goods.

Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Ratings

A French-door refrigerator.

French Door

It has two narrow doors on top, and the freezer below. Sometimes there is one drawer (or more) in between. Widths range from 30 to 36 inches. Claimed capacities go up to 30 cubic feet, though usable space doesn’t match that of comparable top-freezer models. The space-saving small-swing doors have the added value of opening only half the fridge when stashing smaller items. More of this style now have the sought-after in-door water/ice dispensers.

French Door Refrigerator Ratings

A side-by-side refrigerator.


With the fridge on one side and freezer on the other, these usually have through-the-door ice and water dispensers and temperature-controlled bins. With widths typically 32 to 36 inches, they claim roughly 30 cubic feet capacity (but only about 70 percent is usable). Narrow doors are a plus for small kitchens, but don’t open wide enough for, say, a pizza box, and tall, narrow compartments make items stuck at the back hard to find. Overall, they’re not as energy- or space-efficient.

Side-by-Side Refrigerator Ratings

A built-in refrigerator.


Pricey and made to fit almost flush with cabinets and counters, these sleek beauties typically come in bottom-freezer and side-by-side styles, ans also French-door or four-door. These are usually wide (36 inches plus), with 25 cubic feet capacity (of which only about 70 percent is usable). Look for optional front panels to match your kitchen cabinets. Get the look for a little less with freestanding cabinet-depth versions. Another built-in option: A column fridge, as narrow as 18 inches, to make the most of every kitchen nook.

Built-In Refrigerator Ratings

A mini fridge.

Compact or Mini

Perfect for a dorm room, your office, or a kitchenette. Keep in mind that some models have only one quarter the capacity of a regular fridge, but cost just as much to operate. Temperature performance can be iffy in some models (allowing it to rise above 40 degrees F, the point at which your food starts to sprout harmful bacteria), so save these minis for sodas and other beverages or for temporary storage of snacks (rather than milk, mayo, or other perishables).

Compact/Mini Fridges

Consider Size

Most configurations come in a range of sizes and capacities. Always measure where you plan to put the refrigerator before you buy. Check that it can fit through doorways. Allow room for the refrigerator's doors to swing open, and for a one inch clearance around sides and back for adequate airflow.

As for capacity, most manufacturers recommend 19 to 22 cubic feet for a family of four. But if you do a big weekly shopping trip or buy in bulk, you may need more—up to about 30 to 33 cubic feet. Note: Our tests found that the amount of usable storage capacity was often less than the amount claimed. Check our refrigerator ratings for more.

Interactive Buying Guide

For more, watch our interactive video below, which has chapters you can skip to about types, capacity, features, and how we test.

Refrigerator Ratings by Consumer Reports

If you’re looking for a top quality fridge then you’ve come to the right place. We have reached right to the back of the internet, scraped off the ice, and read a raft of professional and user reviews of the best chillers out there.

We've studied specs, taken a look at the fridges we at T3 Towers use, and settled on a classy dozen grub and beverage refrigerators.

There are no freezer compartments here, so if you're after something for more serious refrigeration, please proceed to one of the links below. Thanks.

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  • Best fridge freezers (the best of both worlds)

What is the best fridge?

Not for the first time, we recommend a Miele, specifically the K 28202 D ws. This is quite a costly beast, but its quality is undeniable, as most independent engineers will vouchsafe. You should easily get a decade’s use out of it.

That said, this fridge fancier is equally impressed with the cheap-and-cheerful Bosch Serie 2, the TARDIS-like Liebherr TP 1760, the humongous and befuddlingly monikered Samsung RR39M73407F/EU and the handsome, stainless steel-clad AEG S74020KMX0.

Some of the older fridges further down the list offer decent value for money, too.

How to buy the best fridge for you

We would like to hope that you don’t need to be told how to buy a fridge. But okay… Make sure you measure up (although most fridges are a standard 60cm in width) and bear in mind that most freestanding fridges can’t be crammed right up against the wall because there’s a whole lot of delicate stuff at the back that needs a few centimetres of space to breathe. Many models come with reversible doors so consider that aspect if you simply must have a door that opens in a specific direction.

If you’re going for an integrated (built in) model then prepare to leave it behind if you move, since it’s a right faff to remove and the new buyer won’t be pleased about the gapping hole you’ve left behind.

For those in a need of a little tuition in the art of refrigeration, food should, as a rule, be stored as follows: dairy at the top, cooked/ready-to-eat foods in the middle, and raw fish and meat on the bottom shelf. As for the salad compartment… Well, you know what goes in there.

The best fridges, in order

1. Miele K 28202 D ws

The best fridge for (just) under a grand

Type: Freestanding
Energy rating: A++
Capacity: 380 litres
Height: 185 cm
Reasons to buy
+Miele reliability+Useful door lever+Large capacity
Reasons to avoid
-Not cheap, as such

All fridges create a mild vacuum on closing the door; it’s a necessary feature that helps keep the cold in. However, this vacuum can make re-opening the fridge – especially immediately after closing the door – a bit of a chore. It’s even more difficult to open if the anti-frost drainage hole at the bottom of the fridge – usually situated dead centre above the vegetable containers – becomes blocked. When this happens, the vacuum increases, sealing the door so tightly the damn thing can’t be opened at all for several seconds.

Miele gets round this irritating sticky-fridge-door issue by dint of a levered handle bar that pivots forwards before releasing the door seal, thereby making it effortless to open. This type of system is nothing new but Miele has made a much better fist of it than others.

The Dynamic Cooling function is another great feature. Air humidity helps keep foodstuffs fresh but too much humidity in one area is a bad thing, especially with wilty items such as lettuces. This model comes with a fan that distributes the humidity – and cold air – evenly round all areas, keeping everything in tip-top shape for longer.

Space-wise you get five height-adjustable shelves, a wine rack, two vegetable containers (with extra fixed shelf above) and another five narrow door shelves for milk, beverages, condiments, eggs, butter and cheese. As with most tall larder fridges, this one measures 1.85 metres from tip to toe so reaching the back of the top shelf can be a literal stretch.

If you have the readies and 60cm of space with no cupboards above, make this stylish high-end cooler your first port of call.

2. Bosch Serie 2 Classixx KSV29NW30G

Best fridge under £500

Type: Freestanding
Energy rating: A++
Capacity: 290 litres
Height: 161 cm
Reasons to buy
+Slide-out shelf system+Fittingly priced+Shorter stature
Reasons to avoid
-No discernible style

If you’re looking for a mid-sized larder fridge that doesn’t cost the earth, provides plenty of space and is cheap to run, consider this efficient and keenly-priced model from the Bosch assembly line.

The trouble with most fridge shelves is that, once full, it’s a right pain trying to locate stuff like the Marmite that has somehow worked its way to the back of the fridge along with the mouldy saucisson you completely forgot about. This model rectifies that snag by having shelves that can slide out to a small degree, allowing easier access to stuff at the rear. It’s a great hassle-saving feature that poses the question: how long before a manufacture comes up with a solid telescopic system that allows every shelf to be pulled out to its full extent?

But I digress.

The Serie 2 has a net capacity of 290 litres which isn’t too shabby. The interior layout’s impressive – those four adjustable, slide-out shelves, a single veggie box and four narrow door containers for the usual suspects.

And that’s it. No extra bells, no extra whistles. But, then, what more do you need?

3. Liebherr TP 1760 Premium

Best under-counter fridge

Type: Freestanding
Energy rating: A+++
Capacity: 154 litres
Height: 85 cm
Reasons to buy
+Great build quality+Excellent energy rating
Reasons to avoid
-Pricey for an under-counter

Liebherr is a family-run, German-originated company based in Switzerland that specialises in the production of some of the world’s most humongous industrial mining machinery and earth-moving equipment. It also supplies aircraft parts to Airbus. With that kind of pedigree, how could it possibly make a duff fridge?

This model is arguably the only A+++ rated under-counter model on the UK market and that means it’ll be dirt cheap to run. But that’s not the main reason you’ll like it because, despite its diminutive exterior, inside it’s like the Albert Hall.

This chilled Tardis is equipped with two separate salad/veg drawers with integral shelf and three more adjustable shatter-proof glass shelves above. Rather ingeniously, the top shelf is narrower than the others, allowing tall items to be placed on the shelf below.

This isn’t the cheapest under-counter model on the market, but you get what you pay for: it’s extremely well built and, judging by the raft of positive reviews, likely to be very reliable. Crucially, its internal temperature remains consistent in all ambient conditions, including extreme heat. Well worth a gander.

4. Samsung RR39M73407F/EU

Top-flight Korean entry with water dispenser

Type: Freestanding
Energy rating: A+
Capacity: 375 litres
Height: 185.3 cm
Reasons to buy
+Large capacity+Split shelf+Water dispenser
Reasons to avoid
-Poorer energy rating

This imposing silver behemoth has the capacity for a stupendous 375 litres of food and drink – enough for a family of five. It comes equipped with two large vegetable containers replete with humidity control, a wine rack, a non-plumbed water dispenser, four main glass shelves and a ‘Slide-in’ shelf that splits in half to accommodate taller items below.

The inside door isn’t short on space either and comes with seven individually configurable shelves for milk, juices, cheese, butter and oft-used items like yogurts and jams.

Like most higher-end models, the Samsung incorporates a fan to vent cold air to every shelf and a fast-cool function that rapidly drops the internal temperature after adding new shopping loads. Its digital inverter compressor, meanwhile, ensures accurate cooling in all ambient temperatures, and without making a noise in process.

Samsung is a highly regarded brand in this sphere so consider this model if you can’t quite stretch to a Miele. If you have an extra 60cm of space alongside, consider installing the matching freezer, too…

5. AEG S74020KMX0

Exceptional high-volume larder fridge at a reasonable price

Type: Freestanding
Energy rating: A++
Capacity: 379 litres
Height: 185 cm
Reasons to buy
+Excellent capacity+Great looks
Reasons to avoid
-Bog standard features

This tall, touch-controlled cooler is A++ rated for energy efficiency – that's said to be 21% more efficient than A+ class. It comes fitted with five glass shelves, two veggie/fruit drawers, three door-mounted bottle and jar shelves, and a full-width cheese and butter compartment.

The flashy, anti-fingerprint stainless-steel-clad exterior gives this Teutonic model a suitably refined look that will give even the most underwhelming kitchen a touch of sparkle.

DynamicAir technology ensures that internal temperatures and humidity are evenly distributed to every nook and cranny while the Coolmatic function quickly chills newly added groceries until the fridge reaches the original preset temperature.

When you go away, clear out the perishables, set it to holiday mode and the fridge will remain cool enough (15˚C) to prevent mould and nasty niffs.

6. Miele K 14820 SD edcs

More Germanic excellence with a price to match

Reasons to buy
+Miele reliability+Automatic door closing
Reasons to avoid

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Miele remains the most trusted and reliable brand in appliance land. End of. Yes, you do pay through the nose for their products – but what price reliability and efficiency?

Take this stunning, minimalistic full-height larder model for example. Behind that swathe of stainless steel is a range of state-of-the-art features designed to keep food easily stored and efficiently chilled.

Firstly, it comes with not five interior shelves but six (five of them adjustable), and that makes it easier to store products efficiently so you can more easily find that old pot of Marmite without having to rummage though all the marmalades and jams. As is the norm, it’s got another five shelves attached to the inside door for milk, eggs, cheese, what have you.

Secondly, it features Miele’s Dynamic cooling tech to ensure every inch of the refrigerator is at precisely the same temperature and at the same humidity, whether it’s lettuce in the veg drawer or the remains of last night’s roast.

Thirdly, it’s equipped with Miele’s soft-closing door system. As long as the door’s position is at around 30 degrees, it’ll close itself automatically, and ever so gently so that nothing rattles or, worse, falls off the door shelf. Top distinguished buy.

7. Beko UL483AP

Excellent slim fridge for smaller kitchens

Reasons to buy
+Just 47.5cm wide+Perfect for singles and couples
Reasons to avoid
-Bog standard features

The vast majority of large household appliances are around 60cm in width – a standard measurement adopted by every manufacturer, whether it’s a fridge, dishwasher or washing machine. Mindful that not everyone has acres of kitchen space to spare, we set off on a forage for a slim line fridge and found one in this smart and very reasonably priced Beko. It measures just 47.5cm across so there’s every chance you’ll be able to squeeze it in among your existing appliances.

The Beko comes with two fully adjustable glass shelves plus an extra fixed one above the ample vegetable compartment. Attached to the door panel are three non-adjustable drink and condiment shelves. With 88 litres of space available, this fridge is just the right size for singles and couples or those with budgetary as well as space constraints.

8. Neff KI1212F30G

Mid size model for integrated kitchens

Reasons to buy
+Well built+Decent A++ energy rating
Reasons to avoid
-Pretty basic features

Neff specialises in built-in appliances that hide behind the kitchen cabinetry. This one has a capacity of 144 litres and an energy efficiency rating of A++. As compact fridges go it’s quite basic and comes with four shelves (three adjustable) and three door trays, along with a decent-sized vegetable and fruit compartment. It also features a SuperCool function with automatic deactivation and sensor-controlled temperature.

The interior of this Neff model looks remarkably similar to that of the Bosch reviewed elsewhere in this roundup though the quality and finish of the Neff’s interior shelving is a wee bit better.

9. Siemens iQ500 KS36VBW30G

Fuss free and efficient chiller

Reasons to buy
+Excellent capacity+Good range of features
Reasons to avoid
-Brittle plastic veg container

This tall 1.86m freestanding larder fridge is energy rated A++ and has the capacity for up to 346 litres of goodies – more than enough for a family of four. It comes with five height adjustable glass shelves, a wine rack and another five condiment, milk and bottle trays attached to the inside of the reversible door. Rather cleverly, the middle door tray can be adjusted for height while fully loaded.

As we all know, fruit and vegetables have a very short lifespan so any fridge able to extend that can be considered a bonus. This model comes with just such a device and most simple it is too. Siemens calls it a hyperFresh box but basically it’s just a (brittle) plastic container with a sliding valve that lets excess moisture escape, keeping leafy vegetables, tomatoes and the like fresh for up to twice as long. It works very well. A second box situated below is great for harder veg and fruit like potatoes and apples.

The iQ500 is a doddle to programme because it only has a single plus/minus temperature control and a Supercool button for chilling new fridge loads.

10. Bosch Serie 6 (KIR21AF30G)

Competent under-counter model for smaller kitchens

Reasons to buy
+Good 104-litre capacity+Energy efficient+VitaFresh container keeps food fresh
Reasons to avoid
-Expensive for what it offers

If space is at a premium, consider having this little fella installed under the countertop where it’ll be hidden from view behind the kitchen cabinets. Fridges don’t come more basic than this A++ rated 104-litre model but being of Bosch origin, you can be sure it’ll be competent, reliable and cheap to run.

It comes with four main shelves (three adjustable), a single large, aerated veggie drawer that keeps leafy veg and tomatoes fresh for ‘up to twice as long’, and three door trays for milk, eggs, cheese and butter. It also has a ‘super cool’ function for rapid chilling of new grocery loads. And that’s about it. No extra bells, no extra whistles. But, hey, what more do you want?

Decode the EnergyGuide Label

Energy efficiency has become a big selling point with consumers. All new refrigerators are a lot more efficient than they were a decade ago, but here's a look behind the label—to help you go as green as possible.

The EPA Energy Star rating is a good place to start when shopping; it means that a product is in the top 25 percent in the market, but efficiency varies by model (i.e. an unlabeled top-freezer might be more efficient than an Energy Star-approved French door model). Additionally, we test for energy consumption, which can add up to a $50-60 difference a year, more than $500 over the life of the unit.

For an apples-to-apples comparison of which models are most efficient, look at the EnergyGuide labels of your favorite fridges, and compare the annual operating costs and the kilowatt-hours used per year.

We give all the refrigerators we test an overall score for energy efficiency. You can check our refrigerator ratings for details.

Five Features You'll Want

Refrigerators at all price points are increasingly tricked out with options to make your life easier and more organized. French door models are usually the most loaded. Just know if you can't live without a built-in wine rack or an in-door coffeemaker, you'll have to pay top dollar. The features below are the ones we think will make you happiest. For more, check our refrigerator ratings.

The Buyer’s Guide to the Best Refrigerators

Purchase Considerations

Before you go to your nearest appliance store or online shop, why not take a look at this buyer’s guide and see the important factors you should consider before purchasing your next refrigerator.

Types of Refrigerators

When you browse through refrigerators, you'll notice that they often come in 6 categories or styles which are listed below.


Top Freezer

best top freezer refrigerator 2018

The most common refrigerator style would be the Two-door style where the freezer is mounted on top of the fridge.


Bottom Freezer

Best Bottom-freezer Refrigerators


Those who desire a larger freezer capacity may opt for a two-door style fridge where the freezer compartment is on the bottom of the unit.


French Door

French Door


A French Door style fridge sports two narrow cabinets on top with a relatively large freezer on the bottom. At times, the lower section of French Door style fridges may have another drawer that can contain either a dedicated fridge or a dedicated freezer.

It’s very common for French Door Style fridges to feature an external water and ice dispenser.





Another fridge style that may feature a water dispenser is the Side-by-Side. In this category, the refrigerator is divided lengthwise with a fridge on one side and the freezer on the other.



Built-in refrigerators

Built-in refrigerators may be models that designers specifically made to fit perfectly flush with your kitchen cabinets and counters and may even sport matching panels. Otherwise, these fridges are the models that have the right dimensions to fit into your particular counter size.


Compact / Mini

Compact fridges


Compact fridges are the miniature versions of their bigger kin. You’ll most often see this style of the refrigerator in hotels, offices, dorm rooms, and other places where space is lacking. Sometimes, the mini fridge serves as an auxiliary fridge in addition to a family’s regular-sized refrigerator in the kitchen.


Best Refrigerators reviews 2018

A bigger size isn't always better when it comes to fridges especially since the size of your refrigerator will directly affect your electricity bill. Hence, ensure that you're getting the right-sized fridge for your needs or your family's needs. Consider, as well, the size ratio of the fridge and the freezer.

Here’s an approximate guide to refrigerator capacities:

    • 5-6 Cu. Ft. = 2-3 people
    • 7-8 Cu. Ft. = 3-4 people
    • 9-14 Cu. Ft. = 5-6 people
    • 15-18 Cu. Ft. = 6-8 people
    • 20-26 Cu. Ft. = 7-10 people
  • 30 Cu. Ft. + = 10 + people, commercial use

Energy Rating and Efficiency

Energy Rating and Efficiency

A refrigerator’s energy consumption is a significant factor that you should also consider.

​ Typically, you’ll see those large yellow stickers that display an appliance’s energy guide. Refer to these guides carefully as they will give you an approximate value as to the energy consumed by the device.

​Take a look at this helpful video for reading and understanding energy guide labels:

A good sign when it comes to energy efficiency is the Energy Star Certification which the government regulates. A refrigerator will only obtain this qualification if it is “at least 15% percent more efficient than the required federal standard.”


Another factor you should never forget to consider is the fridge’s dimensions. Ensure that you accurately measure the fridge you’re planning to buy as well as the area in the kitchen where you will eventually put it. Measure also all the entrances that you’ll have to go through when you bring your new refrigerator home.

Take a look at this video on measuring a new fridge

Remember, accurate measurements are vital especially if you’re considering counter depth.


Warranties aren't just to assure you and give you peace of mind. A product's warranty is also a great gauge of a manufacturer's faith and confidence in its product. Naturally, you'll want a good long warranty period. Often, the best brands offer ten-year- warranty on their compressors and shorter periods on parts and labor.

Final Thought:

After considering the best refrigerators 2018, you now undoubtedly have a better idea of your next purchase. After examining your budget, as well as the needs of you and your family, you’ll surely be able to narrow down on the ideal refrigerator!

​ The fridges from Danby and Avanti are great all-around models that will be perfect for small families and humble homes. Meanwhile, the luxurious refrigerators from LG and Samsung will be excellent for families that are better-off and are interested in the latest that technology has to offer.

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