Best Products of 2019-2020 -50% off Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

 Best Products of 2019-2020  Reviews

Best Product of 2019-2020, The Internet has made it possible for us to enjoy quite a number of opportunities. One of these is the ability to sell products and services online. This form of business is known as e-commerce. Buyers and sellers can meet and buy products from each other on the World Wide Web. There are special websites that facilitate this sort of trade. They are known as online marketplaces. Examples of these are eBay and Amazon. You can register and sell some products or services to willing buyers. The payments are made online using facilities such as Paypal and credit cards. Every year, there are some products that are highly popular online. They are described as trending products. They are cool, hype and a must have for enthusiasts of online shopping. Here are the 25 most trending products you can sell for profit online. cool new products 2019-2020, best tech products of 2019-2020, best of the best meaning, best of the best miami 2019-2020, best products website, best products winner, best of 2019-2020 movies,20 Best Skin Care Products of 2019-2020,Best Skincare, Makeup, Hair, and Anti-Aging Beauty Products of 2019-2020,100 Cool Tech Gadgets of 2019-2020.Coffeemaker, Refrigerator,Ice Maker, Best Rice Cooker,Best Toaster Oven

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Wood frame sunglasses


One of the oldest construction materials has been used to refresh a famous fashion staple, sunglasses. The spring and summer months are not far away. Therefore, wood frame sunglasses are bound to be a big hit online. They are trendy and come in all shapes and sizes. They were invented recently and have enjoyed a steady following ever since, wood frame sunglasses have reported favorable reviews across the board. They are a trendy product to sell online.GO TO TOP

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Waterproof phone cases


One of the most dangerous elements to a smartphone is water. People have lost their phones to the water in pools, pails of water and other watery locations. In response, the waterproof phone case was invented. There are such cases for various types of phones. The case allows you to interact with your phone normally while giving it 100% protection from water. It is a trending product for this year.GO TO TOP

Bluetooth speakers


These are a favorite electronic for holiday goers. A Bluetooth speaker allows you to stream music from your phone or any other Bluetooth-enabled device. This gives you a high level of flexibility and freedom of music. This is because this device is highly portable and you can take it with you anywhere. Companies such as Beats by Dr. Dre have cashed in on the popularity of these devices. Thus, they are trending in 2017 and their popularity shows no sign of waning.GO TO TOP

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Fairy lights


Fairy lights are very small, white LED bulbs. They glow in a warm way and can decorate any living space and make it cozy. They are applicable in outdoor spaces and indoor ones too. You can hang fairy lights in your living room or your bedroom. They make great gifts for people who are fans of indoor decoration. They are also superb as holiday decorations.GO TO TOP

Best Skin Care Products

Coconut oil


Internet shoppers are gradually gravitating towards natural, organic products. One of the most popular ones is coconut oil. This natural product is suitable for various activities. Examples of these are skin moisturizing, shaving, cooking, body scrubbing, as lip-balm, remover for makeup and treating bites made by bugs. Due to its collection of healing properties, coconut oil is one of the trendy products online.GO TO TOP

3D printers


How cool is it to actually print a cup or a sandal? Thanks to 3D printing, it is now entirely possible. These devices blasted on the Internet and generated interest across all platforms. Scientists, technologists and even hobbyists all wanted a 3D printer. Their application in prototyping or even manufacturing has been explored and they are still a trending product online. Their prices are gradually dropping and therefore 3D printers are a profitable product to sell on the Internet.GO TO TOP

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Phone power banks


We use our smartphones for hours on end ever day. We run power-hungry applications such as Pokemon Go until our phones are drained. To solve this problem, there are power banks that we can utilize to charge them up and keep going. These banks have a huge capacity of up to 10,000 mAh. Thus, they can fill up your phone from 0% to 100% and allow you to keep using it. They are trending product that can net you a profit when sold online.GO TO TOP

Liquid phone cases


One of the most important accessories for smartphones is a phone case. It protects your phone from shocks and grazes. It also protects your phone screen from cracking or breaking. Today, there are liquid phone cases. They are simply regular phone cases with a twist. The back of the case is filled with a gel-like fluid encased in an interesting ornament design. The fluid moves around in the ornament design when you tilt the phone. It is a hit product and is trending in 2019.GO TO TOP

Matcha Powder


Sticking with the natural, organic health products, Matcha powder is another item that Internet users are going crazy about. Matcha is a fine powder made out of milling green tea. It is popular due to its ability to deliver the effects of green tea in a more intense way. There are currently various flavors of Matcha powder which you can sell for a tidy sum online.GO TO TOP

Best Drones


These futuristic, flying devices have really grown in popularity. They are being accepted in the fields of recreation, photography and footage recording. They come in various sizes. Some are small and others are large with up to 6 rotors. They are currently trending and show no signs of slowing down into 2017. They are definitely an item you can sell for a profit online.

Best Baby Products

The charcoal face mask


This is an interesting product that is currently trending. The charcoal face mask is one of the most popular beauty items. It is made of activated charcoal. This ingredient has positive effects on the skin and improves it. These masks are Instagram friendly. Moreover, they have a pitch black appearance that wearers love to show. You can definitely make a profit by selling them online.GO TO TOP

Fitness trackers


Many people today normally observe fitness as a major part of their daily lives. We use a variety of accessories in our fitness endeavors. One of the devices that we use to this effect is the fitness tracker. This is a device that resembles a wristwatch. It can help us to keep track of how many calories we are burning, our heart rate as well as the distance that we are covering in our exercise efforts. Available in many colors and styles, fitness trackers are highly important today and are in high demand in 2019.GO TO TOP

Men’s fashion accessories


Today, men are just as fashionable as women. Therefore, they are always on the lookout for some accessories to boost their outfits. Examples of these are bow ties, cuff links and pocket squares. Bold colored accessories are highly popular and are commanding attention all over social media and fashion websites. Men are searching for these items and you can sell them for a profit online.GO TO TOP

Gluten-free products


Gluten is an ingredient in processed foods that is undesirable due to its unhealthy effects. Thus, manufacturers are releasing gluten-free products for the masses. They are labeling these items as ‘gluten-free’. Interestingly, consumers are very enthusiastic about buying gluten-free products. The interest is so much that the market of gluten-free products is currently worth in excess of $5 billion annually. Get a piece of this pie by selling gluten-free products online.GO TO TOP

Enamel pins


These fashion items have grown in popularity. This is because they are essential ornaments and can accessorize any outfit. They are cute and sometimes quirky in an adorable way. You can put any sort of design or logo on them and pin them on your clothes, your backpack or your laptop bag. Due to this, they are currently trending online.GO TO TOP

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Baby products


Today, baby items are available for sale online. They come in a variety of interesting designs which are vivid and eye-catching. Baby sleeping sacks, blankets and bibs are popular now more than ever before. They are attractive and beautiful to look at. Moms all over the world are buying them online in droves and this trend is bound to continue right into 2019.GO TO TOP

LED skin treatment


One of the latest technologies in skin care is Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). They are utilized in skin care therapies for the purpose of eliminating acne and also reducing wrinkles. Today, you can find these LED therapies packaged in devices which you can hold in your hands. They are also available in form of a face mask and arrays of light for you. They range in price from $50 to $5,000. You can sell these devices online and make a fortune from all the people looking to fix up their skin problems using the painless magic of LED light.

Paleo bars


There is one major industry that is constantly popular across the globe. This is the nutrition industry. People are always seeking the latest diet or supplement that will help them to achieve their fitness goals. One of the popular items of fitness nutrition which is bound to be popular in 2017 is Paleo bars. These are nutritious bars that are made of ingredients which mimic the diet of early human beings of the Paleolitic period of human existence some 15,000 years ago. Paleo bars can be an amazing trendy product to sell online and make a tidy profit.

Best Mans Product

Wooden bezel watches


Keeping with the natural theme, there are also some wooden bezel watches that are making waves online. The idea for watches with wooden bezels has been floating around the Internet for some time. However, it has only recently really caught on. They are available in various designs and some even have carved designs on the wooden bezels. They are bound to be a big hit product you can sell online for a profit this year.



This is a fashion item that every lady must have in their closet. Leggings are very helpful when you want something light and comfortable to wear on its own or under a dress. There has been massive Internet chatter over leggings. This is due to the new series of these items of clothing that have beautiful patterns and bold designs on them. The demand for leggings online is predicted to be steady throughout 2017.

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Best Lighting Products

Rechargeable lighters


Enjoying a smoke has been transformed by technology. Rechargeable lighters now occupy the same niche as e-cigarettes and vapes. These lighters have no flame, no fuel and receive their power from lithium ion batteries. These are charged using independent charging docks or even USB cords. They use an electrically heated coil to produce the heat necessary to light up your cigarettes or cigars. These interesting devices are trending online and you can sell them for a profit in 2019.

Best Fashion Products

Dad hats


One of the latest fashion trends in the world today is dad hats. They were fabulous in the 1990’s but then fell out of favor. However, they have made a tremendous comeback. Luxury brands have taken the dad hat and made it an iconic, must-have, mainstream fashion piece. They are currently available in many types of fabrics and can even be printed. Therefore, you can make a profit by selling dad hats on the Internet in 2019.

Best Fitness watch Products

Fitness watches with smart features


Today, there are many types of wearable technology. Some of the most popular ones are fitness watches. According to studies, 40% of consumers in the United States are willing to buy a smart watch. Half of these are interested in smart fitness watches. Big brands such as Fitbit and Apple have taken advantage of this popularity. Thus, you can find so many of these in the electronics stores and promotional material. You can make a good profit by selling these devices on the Internet in 2017.

Electronic cigarettes

Known simply as e-cigarettes, they are currently enjoying tremendous fame online. They are a self-contained device that you can use to vape. This is to inhale vapor that contains flavored nicotine. It is battery-powered and is quickly replacing the cigarette. E-cigarettes are gaining massive popularity and were even featured in an article in Forbes Magazine. Due to the growing acceptance of electronic cigarettes, they are destined to be a trendy product for online shoppers in 2017.


E-cigarettes and e-liquid go hand in hand. One of the most important parts of an e-cigarette is the e-liquid that holds the flavor and the nicotine stimulant. This liquid is available in various capacities and flavors too. People even have the option to order ingredients and mix up their own e-liquid flavors. E-liquids are bound to enjoy the same popularity online as e-cigarettes in 2017. Thus, they are a good product to sell online for a profit.

The Important Take Away

On the Internet, you can reach buyers from other countries across the world. If you are selling a product that is trending favorably, you are bound to make some revenue and enjoy tidy profits. The items indicated above are great to sell online. Are you planning to engage in some e-commerce? These are the products to sell and make a fortune.

Finally, the best shop builder we recommend is Shopify. It doesn’t matter if you are launching a new online store, or bringing an offline store to the net, Shopify will help you save a lot of time so you can focus on the most important aspects of your business, their technology, customer service and the variety of ecommerce solutions they offer are simply unmatched.

Motiv Ring

This is the first wearable ring that has an optical heart rate sensor built into it. It tracks your activity, heart rate and sleep. It’s presumably more comfortable to wear to bed than a smartwatch or other wrist-bound devices. Another plus is that you don’t have to take it off in the shower — it’s waterproof up to 5 ATM. The only time you’ll have to take it off is to charge the device every five days or so. The Motiv Ring can be pre-ordered now for $199 and is expected to ship in spring 2017.

Learn More: Here

Dell XPS 13 2-in-1

Dell’s XPS 13 was arguably the best lightweight laptop running Windows 10 throughout 2016. Now Dell has announced a newer, lighter, thinner 2-in-1 iteration — and it’s a big deal. It weighs 2.7 pounds, can be configured with a Intel Core i5 or i7 processor and comes with several ports, including two USB-C’s and a microSD slot.

Starting at $999

Lenovo Smart Assistant

More competition for Google Home and Amazon Echo is on the horizon. Lenovo, one of the best-known PC manufacturers, just announced its own tubular smart speaker. It’s integrated with Alexa, compliments of a partnership between Lenovo and Amazon, and can basically perform the same tasks as an Echo — like playing music, answering silly questions and ordering things on Amazon. Lenovo also partnered with Harman Kardon for a special-edition speaker with higher-fidelity sound. However, this better speaker will cost $180, while Lenovo’s regular smart-assistant speakers — sans Harman Kardon — only costs $130. They are expected to ship May 2017.

Learn More: Here

Mohu Airwave

The Mohu Airwave is a wireless antenna that brings the dream of free TV even closer to reality. It allows customers to stream live TV (such as local channels) and also navigate their streaming device — Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast — all in one place. No extra subscription needed. It will cost $150 and should be available spring 2017.

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PowerVision PowerRay Fishfinder

Onboard fish-finders are antiquated, according to PowerVision. Their new underwater drone is capable of diving to 100 feet underwater and streaming 4K video back to your mobile device or VR headset. If you don’t want to fish with it, it’ll no doubt enhance your vlog content.

LG Signature OLED TV W

LG’s incredibly thin — 2.6mm thin — OLED TV rests completely flat again your wall. At their CES press conference, LG’s execs said the “W” could stand for a number of things: “wall,” “wallpaper” or simply “wow”. The 65– or 77–inch TVs also boasts 3840 x 2160 (4K) resolution, a new webOS 3.5 operating system, and companion Dolby Atmos-compatible soundbars (because a TV that thin won’t have speakers).

Nikon D5600 DSLR

Announced back in late 2016, the Nikon D5600 is a solid entry-level DSLR. But it was just revealed at CES 2017 that the D5600 will come with Snapbridge, meaning its photos instantly appear on your connected device without having to connect via wi-fi — yes, it’s even simpler to share photos. The D5600 is a solid DSLR to begin with, featuring a 24.2MP sensor and a 3.2–inch touchscreen.

Learn More: Here

HP Updates the Spectre x360 and Envy Curved All-in-One

HP has updated its lauded Spectre x360 Laptop and Envy All-in-One PC. The Spectre x360 now comes in a 15.6–inch display with 4K resolution. It also comes with a larger battery, a better Nvidia 940MX graphics chip, a smaller bezel and faster charging capabilities. The new curved 34–inch Envy All-in-One builds off of its predecessor with a micro-edge border (i.e. a smaller bezel) and an Ultra WQHD display. Basically it looks slicker and has better image quality.

Learn More: Here

TCL Mercury Blackberry

Back in December, TCL bought the rights to make BlackBerry phones. At CES 2017, they teased their first Blackberry prototype, Mercury. Expect the phone to have a physical keyboard (naturally), run on the latest Android Nougat operating system and charge via USB-C. Keep your ears open for more information. Head to The Verge to see all that the tech world knows so far spelled out.

Learn More: Here

Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT

This flash drive is a juggernaut. It’s boasts the title of “the world’s highest-capacity USB flash drive” and comes in two sizes: 1TB or 2TB. If you need a lot of storage in a portable package, take notice. PC Mag has more details.

Toyota Concept-i

Toyota execs were honest at their CES 2017 press conference about the fact that completely autonomous cars are a long way off. But that didn’t stop the company from unveiling this futuristic beauty, the Concept-i. It’s a semi-autonomous prototype that’s currently being tested in Japan. The Concept-i comes with its own built-in virtual assistant, named “Yui,” that learns your driving habits over time and, in some cases, will be able to take over full command of the car’s driving. It’s still a car that’s meant to be driven, and since it looks like something straight out of Minority Report, you’re crazy if you wouldn’t want to drive it.

Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset

The affordable, comfortable and wireless gaming headset you’ve been waiting for is here: the G533. The latest from Logitech, the G533 takes the same Pro-G audio drivers and DTS Headphone:X surround sound as its predecessor, the acclaimed G933 Artemis Spectrum wireless headset ($200), and fits it within a simpler and more budget-friendly package.

Acer Predator 21X

It’s a $9,000 gaming laptop. And it’s huge. 21 inches and 17.6 pounds of huge. Acer unveiled this beautiful monstrosity to a stunned audience. Yes, it’s expensive (and did we mention huge?), but it’s also a beast of a gaming computer, featuring a 2560 x 1080 IPS curved display, two GeForce GTX 1080 X graphics cards, an Intel Core i7 processor, up to 64GB of RAM, four speakers, two subwoofers and five cooling fans.

Panasonic GH5

Coming late March 2017, Panasonic’s GH5 is a big upgrade of their 2014 GH4. It’s 13 percent bigger in size, comes with an impressive 5-axis in-body image stabilization, and 50 percent brighter (3,680k pixels) electric viewfinder. The camera is designed to capture beautiful videos, and it does it well, shooting 4K video at 60 fps, in 8-bit 4:2:0 color.

Samsung Chromebook Plus and Chromebook Pro

Samsung and Google have a Shaq-and-Kobe partnership (in their prime) going right now. The two giants teamed up on two new Chromebooks, the Plus and Pro. The Pro has a better processor, an Intel Core M3 (versus the Plus’s ARM); but both computers have beautiful 12.3–inch, 2400 x 1600 touchscreen displays that flip 360 degrees to work in a totally flexible tablet mode. Both come with 4GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, two USB Type-C ports and a nearly 8–hour battery life. Most noteworthy, however, is that both laptops have full support for Android apps and come with a Note 7–like stylus pen. The Plus is expected to cost $450 and arrive in February. Expect the Pro later in the year at a higher price.

Sony Bravia OLED A1E

Not to be outdone by LG’s Wallpaper OLED TV, Sony announced its own ultra-thin OLED TV, the A1E. And it’s a beauty. Sony’s first-ever OLED TV features a stand and speakers that make it look like it’s floating. The 4K HDR smart TV runs Android TV, with Chromecasting already built in — so you can ask your Google Home to play whatever you like, and it will.

ZTE Blade Pro V8

At $230, the Blade Pro V8 is an affordable Android phone with several high-end specs, including a dual camera system, 5.5–inch full HD display, fingerprint sensor and a solid 3,140mAh battery. The Chinese-manufactured smartphone doesn’t have the fastest processor (it has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625) or the latest Android OS (it runs Marshmallow), but its two 13MP cameras are impressive for the price.

InspEar Custom Earbuds

Billed as the first “bionic ear,” these new earbuds allow you to fine-tune what you do and don’t hear in any environment. And they promise to revolutionize not just your hearing, but your interactions with your technology. Use subtle voice commands to control your smartphone or connected smart devices, receive real-time translations while chatting with people in other languages, and listen to high-quality music without compromising awareness of your surroundings. When they come out later this year, we’ll let you know if they (a) boost low-talkers and (b) finally bring an end to noisy-bar syndrome.

Blue Ella Headphones

Blue announced its first planar magnetic headphones, Ella. Unlike traditional over-ear headphones with dynamic drivers, planar magnetic headphones work, as The Verge‘s Chaim Gartenberg describes, by “pushing a thin diaphragm to generate sound.” Expect truer sound quality, and for the Ella headphones to be available for pre-order in late January 2017.

Lumigent Smart Desk Lamp

If you thought you needed a smart desk lamp, here you have it. Made by Japanese manufacturer Cerevo, Lumigent responds to “Hi Lumi” and can perform a number of things you’d expect, like brightness adjustment or the positioning (it has something akin to a robotic arm). It also has an 8MP camera for taking photos or recording conference calls. The Lumigent is a CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree.

Chrysler Portal Concept

This “minivan for millennials” promises to banish the anti-minivan bias for the next generation of youngling-spawners currently launching their families on Kickstarter. It’ll achieve this miracle with tech. Lots of it. Green-friendly electric propulsion with a 250–mile range, dynamic exterior LED lighting, configurable interiors that let you slide the seats back and forth on rails, hyper-connected interfaces that will keep the crowd engaged, a retracting steering column for autonomous mode, zoned audio that lets passengers listen to their own soundtracks without headsets, and — buckle up! — a group selfie-cam built into the ceiling. Millennials are going to eat this up. But don’t worry: even if you’re not in that demo, you’ll probably still dig it just fine.

Outdoor Tech Rhinos Headphones

At $130, Outdoor Tech’s new Rhinos over-ear headphones offer a truly unique value proposition — they’re rugged and wireless and affordable. The headphones stream wirelessly over Bluetooth 4.1 and have an impressive IPX6 water-resistance rating. They also have a built-in mic and can operate as a walkie talkie when using the ODT Audio app. Expect the Rhinos to be available mid-2017.

Razer Project Valerie

We don’t associate multiple displays with laptops, and that won’t change anytime soon, yet that didn’t stop Razer from building the completely ludicrous, completely amazing Project Valerie. The concept laptop has three 17–inch 4K IGZO displays (two of the displays slide out from over the main display), weighs roughly 12 pounds and supports Nvidia Surround technology for immersive gaming. Want to hook up your Oculus Rift or HTC Vive to it? It can handle that.

SanDisk Extreme PRO USB 3.1 Solid State Flash Drive

The fastest USB flash drive to date is here. The SanDisk Extreme PRO reads speeds up to 420MB/s and can write speeds up to 380MB/s. In practical terms, that means it can transfer a two-hour 4K movie using a USB 3.1 port in less than 15 seconds. If you share large files regularly, meet your new best friend. The drive comes in two sizes: 128GB ($80) and 256GB ($180) and will be available in late January 2017.

Technics Grand Class SL-1200GR

Beautiful turntables are in right now — well, they’ve always been in, really — and the new SL-1200GR by Technics should keep it that way. At its core, it’s a simpler and more lightweight version of 2016’s SL-1200G, with a lower price; rumor has it that the SL-1200GR will cost half as much as its 1200G predecessor (thankfully).

Echobox Nomad

These audiophile earbuds pack considerable innovation: high-quality, durable titanium housings; replaceable silver-plated copper cable; and changeable acoustic filters that let you fine-tune the audio according to your preferences toward bass, treble, or Echobox’s reference standard. Plus, they come with thick memory-foam tips that expand to fill your ear canal when warmed up by your body heat, so they’ll stay in place and more effectively block sound than even the best electronic noise-canceling earbuds. As for the sound quality? It’s sublime. ($400 too steep? The brand also just launched its affordable $100 Traveller earbuds.)

Honda NeuV

This compact, urban electric runabout has, in Honda’s words, “emotional intelligence.” Probably more so than most of us, actually — it can read the driver’s emotions and recommend music or other mood-enhancing strategies. (Presumably that means that if you get in the car and it starts playing Alice Cooper or Ozzy, you should consult your therapist immediately.) It’s also meant to be part of a larger ride-sharing program, eliminating downtime when you’re not using it yourself, and making YOU money. How’s that for mood enhancement?

Learn More: Here

Kodak Brings Back Ektachrome Film

Kodak announced that they will be reviving their classic film line, Ektachrome. Production ceased back in 2012, but now the company says they’re reviving it to coincide with the resurgence of analog film. The new 35mm film be available in Q4 of 2017.

HTC Vive Tracker

Virtual Reality fans should be stoked about the Vive Tracker. The small device works with the HTC Vive VR system and can be attached to any accessory — baseball bat, tennis racket, toy gun or swords — to be integrated into the VR experience. So far, HTC says there are only a couple games and experiences that the tracker is compatible with, but expect developers to come up with plenty of new ways to use it by the end of 2017.

LG Hub Robot

Some critics knock voice-activated assistants like Amazon Echo or Google Home for not having faces; without a face, the argument goes, it’s more difficult to connect. That’s why companies like LG are unveiling the next generation of smart home assistants, like the Hub Robot. It uses Amazon Alexa to play music, set timers and do other simple tasks — but because it has a face and spinning axis, the robot can turn to face whoever it is speaking to. The face alternates between friendly expressions and can also display images and video clips. And, when music is played, the face even bobs around. Currently, there’s no release date for the adorable robot.

Samsung Gear S3
Fitbit Ionic
Apple Watch Series 2
Garmin Vivoactive HR

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1.Best headphones of 2020

2.Best phones of 2020

3.Best speakers of 2020

4.Best TVs of 2019

5.Best laptops of 2019

6.Best tablets of 2019

7.Best wireless routers of 2019

8.Best smart home devices of2019

9.Best hard drives and storage devices of 2019

10.Best digital cameras of 2019

11.Best wearable tech of 2019

​Smart sport shoes

​Smart sport shoes

The original wearable is set to get more connected in 2017, led by Under Armour and its line of smart running shoes. But UA is not alone – Samsung spin-off Iofit is launching its golf shoe that analyses your game and even Chinese tech giant Xiaomi wants a piece of the smart sport shoe action.



Eye tracking is going to change how we interact in VR and we’ve no doubt Fove is the company that will get there first. Even before Valve and Oculus released their headsets, Fove has been tirelessly working on perfecting the tech with its own headset. There’s a Fove developer version out now but 2017 will see the long awaited launch of its first consumer device.


​Project Soli

Away from smartening up clothes with Jacquard, Soli is Google ATAP’s other big project that wants to change the way we interact with wearables and your smart home. A new sensing technology that recognises touchless gesture interactions, the Soli chip can be embedded into a host of devices and could spell the end of smudgy touchscreens.


​Smart rings

Smart jewellery has long been due a moment in the spotlight and smart rings, in particular, are ripe for some hype. With personal safety devices like Nimb and Mangos on one hand and wearable payments coming to fashion line Ringly on the other, all it will take is one big name to get involved. One of Fossil’s brands, perhaps, or a tech company with a fashion partner.


​Apple headset

Apple’s been quiet about its VR and AR plans, but every now and then something slips through like Tim Cook admitting he prefers augmented reality. It’s unclear what we’ll actually see from Cupertino, but we could see mixed reality smartglasses, headsets or Apple TVs. It makes sense: iPhone users are crying out to join in with any alternate reality they can get their hands on.



Bar a couple of cameras, Nest has had a quiet 2016. But promises of new hardware, plus the increasing power of its Works with Nest platform, show that a renewed assault on your home is on the cards. And keep an eye on Hive – this connected home company has stormed the UK market, and is already rolling out its tech in the USA.


Google’s Android Wear duo

Google is set to take the fight to Apple, Samsung and the rest on the software and hardware front next year, with two of its own smartwatches made with a mystery hardware partner. Codenamed Angelfish and Swordfish, the circular duo are expected to rock both GPS and LTE. We’re expecting the new watches to land alongside Wear 2.0 in the early part of 2017.

Hardcore fitness metrics go mainstream

Hardcore fitness metrics go mainstream

The days of wearables being called glorified pedometers are well and truly over. It’s time for heart rate variability (HRV), VO2 Max, metabolic rates and body composition to take centre stage. From Fitbit to crowdfunding startups, more biometric data will be available if you want to take your training to the next level.


​Noah Kraft

Kraft’s Here One smart wireless earbuds are in many ways the AirPods everyone really wanted. They look like regular earbuds, work with all the AI assistants and offer futuristic extras like augmented audio and layered listening. The CEO of Doppler Labs has pushed the release back to February 2017 but if he can deliver, we’re happy to wait a little longer.

​VR arcades

​VR arcades

It’s happening. IMAX and Starbreeze are putting StarVR headsets in cinema foyers in the UK and LA to start with and more venues in 2017, The Void is still working on opening its crazy sounding VR theme parks worldwide and Atari co-founder Noah Bushnell is joining the fray too. Soon it won’t matter if you can’t afford a Rift or Vive as we’ll have easy access to high end headsets and the latest games and VR films.


​Samsung C-Labs

Samsung’s in-house incubator has a nice track record in innovative wearable tech ideas already with Welt, Iofit sports shoes and Sgnl’s smart strap all breaking out. For 2017 and beyond, we could see spin-off startups for projects like ItsyWatch, a wearable virtual pet for kids; LiCon, a photo based smart home control app and FITT360, a headband-style 360-degree camera.



A kids watch that takes time seriously, Octopus is seriously charming. Joy raised $778k on Kickstarter for this icon-based, routine-creating wearable that’s due to ship in March. Designed for kids aged three to eight, Octopus lets parents send visual reminders and gamify chores, plus it helps kids learn to tell the time. The charger even doubles up as a nightlight.


​Mary Lou Jepsen

It’s a hell of a switch. This ex-Oculus and Google X engineering exec swapped gaming headsets for wearable MRIs when she founded health tech startup Open Water. Jepsen wants to help doctors discover cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s with affordable disease detectors. Look out for Jepsen, a brain tumour survivor, at SXSW 2017 in March where she’s one of the featured speakers.


​The wellness smart home

Whether it’s sleep tracking devices or concerned AI hubs, our smart home is set to look after our health, and even mood, like never before. Air quality, light, noise and humidity are all up for tracking and with cutting-edge technologies working to position where we are in relation to smart appliances, our home should know what we need before we do.



Leading the wearable invasion in US sports, the Boston startup’s wristband is designed to help athletes recover and bring their A game every game. It’s already grabbed the headlines in the NBA and a huge study with a series of MLB teams and players prove that this grown up Fitbit is one to take seriously.


​Emotion sensing wearables

From mood diaries and breathing apps to biometric sensors, wearable tech in 2017 will care just as much about how you feel, not just how fit you are. The science is still very new but with launches like the Zenta bracelet from Vinaya and the Feel wristband coming in the first half of next year, it won’t be long until we can test how happy our happiness-boosting wearables can make us.


​Asteroid OS

Having waved bye bye to Pebble this year, Asteroid could be the new smartwatch operating system of the people. Developed by French student Florent Revest, the Linux-based platform has already been ported to a series of Android Wear watches and could become a go-to OS for independent smartwatch makers.

​Next Apple Watch

​Next Apple Watch

With the Apple Watch Series 2 only just picking up steam, a new Apple Watch release in 2017 seems unlikely. However, rumours of a Cupertino-born fitness tracker and round-faced Apple Watch linger. With Apple seemingly committed to pushing its wearable as a fashion device, adding a new form factor would seem like a no-brainer and it’s backed up by some interesting patents.


​Wearables beyond smartwatches

This isn’t a list of smartwatches for a reason: they aren’t the be-all and end-all of wearable tech. The connected self is much more than just a screen on your wrist. We’re excited about hearables and smart earbuds, virtual and mixed reality facegear, health sensors, connected clothing and well, everything else that made the final cut. Ambient computing, here we come.


​ID wristbands everywhere

Disneyland’s MagicBand is just the beginning. Even if you don’t buy a wearable in 2017, chances are you could still find one round your wrist. At theme parks, resorts and festivals, bands like the Accesso Prism will mean virtual queueing – yesss – NFC payments, photo tagging and easy access to doors, turnstiles and lockers. We’re all VIPs now.


​Rony Abovitz

Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz is a cryptic, curious dude, especially when it comes to his mixed reality startup that’s said to be developing gamechanging technology. While the world hasn’t seen much of Magic Leap, Abovitz has raised a ton of investment and remained calm and collected in the face of doubters crying vapourware. 2017 should see the big reveal.


​Loomia x Topshop

Smart fabrics studio Loomia won Topshop’s first Top Pitch competition, giving founder Madison Maxey the chance to develop a smart clothing prototype with the high street giant. Early hints suggest heated garments, using the studio’s thread and ink-based textile circuits, could be in the works. Loomia’s development kit, which aims to speed up smart clothing manufacturing, is also coming in February.


​Xbox VR

There’s rumors floating around that Microsoft is cooking up Xbox VR of some sort for next year. We already know from E3 2016 that the Project Scorpio console specs are fully capable of running VR and Scorpio is supposed to come out “holiday 2017”. We fully expect to see news of a full-on Xbox VR headset to sit alongside HoloLens before then – Microsoft can’t let PlayStation VR take the lead for much longer.


​Smarter AirPods

It might have taken Apple some extra work to get its wireless earbuds ready, but this is surely only the start of Tim Cook and company’s plans to join the hearable party. The AirPods are already packed with sensors so it would be no surprise if they follow Bragi, Samsung and Jabra by adding fitness features and even improved Siri integration.

​Women's Safety X Prize

​Women’s Safety X Prize

Safety is one of the top features people look for in a wearable and the X Prize is On It. With a focus on women’s safety, its latest challenge is recruiting teams to compete for a $1 million prize. The criteria are super strict, though: an inconspicuous device, GPS and altitude tracking and no relying on smartphone Wi-Fi or signal.


Under Armour releases

After launching the UA Healthbox of connected fitness gear in 2016, Under Armour has already unveiled its next generation smart running shoes and that’s unlikely to be the end of the launches in 2017. While it’s not going to follow Fitbit or Apple’s mindful approach, it looks like we can expect to see entirely new devices from different product categories as well and a continued push on sleep and food tracking.

​New forms for Fossil

​New forms for Fossil

Sonny Vu confirmed that Fossil has a new product category in testing, which should expand its offerings beyond smartwatches. While Vu ruled out a hearable, saying that Fossil execs found the idea “a bit weird”, the company’s acquisition of Misfit means it has serious fitness tech it’s currently not leveraging. Some kind of tracker seems the chief bet, but watch this space.

​Tech temp tattoos

​Tech temp tattoos

Whatever you like to call them, tech tattoos are a wearable tech trend waiting for their moment. With health, fitness and fashion experiments in temporary stick-on electronics bubbling under, we could wear conductive ink to prove our digital identity or a biowearable to monitor heart rate and vital signs. The likes of MIT and Microsoft Research are onto something here.


Oculus Santa Cruz

Untethered VR is the dream, right? Well Oculus is hard at work making that dream a reality. We were given a sneak peek of its standalone prototype codenamed Santa Cruz during its developer conference and we’re pretty excited. Santa Cruz is meant to be a bridge between mobile VR and wired PC VR and even if the headset doesn’t get a release in 2017, Oculus 2.0 will dominate the hype machine at the very least.


​Self-powered tech

If the longevity of wearables is your go-to stat, how does infinite battery life sound? The coming year is set to see devices – such as the Matrix PowerWatch – that harness body heat to keep the lights on. Misfit has already been there with its solar-powered Swarovski Shine – also tipped to make an appearance this year – which could make 2017 the year of the eternal wearable.


​Evan Spiegel

Out of nowhere Snapchat’s CEO helped us forget the shambles that was Google Glass by launching a pair of camera-packing smartglasses that people actually wanted to wear. We’d be very surprised if this was the end of Spiegel’s love-in with wearable tech, and expect the arrival of a second gen pair of Snap Specs or something even smarter this year.


​Amazon Echo 2

With fresh competition from Cortana powered speakers, it’s no surprise that the leaks have begun on the Amazon Echo 2 front. The latest reports signal an upgraded smart speaker featuring a 7-inch touchscreen with a modified version of Fire OS. A display could turn the Echo from an always listening assistant into the family home hub every tech giant wants to own.


​The connected driver

Our relationships with our cars are changing. Hyundai has hooked its car app up to Amazon Echo, Volvo is exploring AR smartglasses and in-car delivery and Ford’s new automotive wearables lab wants to use watches and bands to monitor the stress and health of drivers. Soon we’ll be able to voice control our home from our car and vice versa.

​Studio XO

​Studio XO

Studio XO‘s tech-infused luxury streetwear for Gen Z will land in early 2017, starting with a light-up smart cap and backpack with t-shirts and jackets to come. The fashion tech line is for teens who want to “wear the internet” and is inspired by XO’s work on live music experience wristbands. Dressing music fans in connected clothing? Sounds like the future.


​Wearable payments

2017 could – finally – be the year that payments with wearables go mainstream. Why? After Fitbit bought startup Coin last May, CEO James Park hinted that its trackers could include the tech as early as next year. Plus MasterCard’s moves mean we can expect Moov devices, Ringly jewellery and luxury watches to handle payments before long.



Artificial intelligence is making huge strides in the wearable space, but right now, it’s still more or less in the virtual assistant phase. Like the smart speakers, Vi, Boltt, Asteria and Viv want to be your go-to helpers. That may take the form of a hearable or smart shoes, or simply an even better software system. You’ll be seeing – and hearing – a lot more about its different forms next year.


​Garmin’s sportier watch

With the Forerunner and the Vivoactive HR, Garmin has proven it’s getting closer to building the perfect sports watch/smartwatch hybrid. But there’s still room for improvement. After an avalanche of launches this year, it’s surely time to get the heart rate accuracy in order, add in a music player and give us a design we’d be proud to wear outside of the gym.


​Stacey Burr

VP of Wearable Sports Electronics at Adidas, champion of women in wearable tech and smart textiles expert Stacey Burr could be set for a big year in 2017. Our sources tell us that Adidas is gearing up to launch the Chameleon fashion focused fitness tracker alongside a new lifestyle tracking app. Burr also plans to bring Adidas’ coaching apps to more platforms.


​VR untethered

High end VR is going wireless. And Oculus isn’t the only the only one gunning for it with its Santa Cruz prototype. Qualcomm has built a reference standalone VR headset, Sony hinted that a wireless PlayStation VR is on the cards at some point and it seems like HTC will have something to show off next year with its project codenamed Oasis.



After heart rate, measuring sweat is set to be next on the fitness tracker agenda. Startup BSX Athletics, along with Frog Design, raised over $1 million to launch its LVL wearable that monitors hydration to keep your fluids topped up. Expect some of the major players to take hydration seriously in 2017 as well.


​Return of smartglasses

In this post-Glass world, smartglasses have been deconstructed. Now it’s time to put them back together again. Snap Inc’s Spectacles proved you can have a cult hit with one nailed-on feature and a hipster aesthetic; Apple is rumoured to be working on some sort of tech glasses; and sports-focused specs like RaptorAR are making waves too. Smartglasses titan Vuzix is also about to launch its next device, and told us that 2017 could see it moving from the workplace to the everyday consumer. And maybe – just maybe – we’ll see the return of Google Glass. Just don’t forget your social etiquette.


​Alexa everywhere

Watches, appliances, robots, lamps… Amazon’s award-winning digital assistant is about so much more than smart speakers. We knew Amazon was onto something with the Echo but the speed at which Alexa has wooed other smart home gadgets is damn impressive considering the competition from Siri, Google Assistant and – soon – Cortana. 2017 will see more and more companies embrace the powerful open software as a way to enter your home. Before you know it, you’ll be asking every connected item in your home whether it’s going to rain.


​Android Wear 2.0

There’s a lot riding on Google’s long-delayed smartwatch update, and with sales of Google-based smartwatches stuttering despite a move to sports and style partners, urgent action is needed. The promised New Balance watch is MIA, and Motorola and Sony are out of the game (for now). Still, the promise of standalone apps, overhauled messaging and improved fitness metrics arriving in “early 2017” remains tantalising. Sure, there’s the small matter of Daydream, Jacquard and Aura for Alphabet to tend to but it’s no exaggeration to call 2017 a make or break time for Google’s smartwatch ambitions.

​Project Jacquard

​Project Jacquard

We’ve been waiting for smart clothing to go mainstream for a while and with tech heavyweight Google teaming up with, well, denim heavyweight Levi’s, this could be the trend’s biggest chance yet. The connected denim jacket is set to launch in spring 2017 and will let urban cyclists control music, get directions and more by swiping over the tech-packed sleeve via a smart tag. That’s just the start as Levi’s is open to more functionality; we could also hear more about future Jacquard partners too.



Samsung’s Gear VR has been fantastic for getting the tech into people’s hands. The problem? It only works with Samsung phones. Daydream is here to fix all that. Starting with the Daydream View and a couple of Pixel and Motorola phones, Google has built a mobile VR platform with great apps and games (already). If, as expected, the affordable headsets and compatible phones from everyone but Apple (Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei…) roll in throughout next year, this could be not just VR for everyone but awesome VR for everyone.


​Stress-busting wearables

Stress-busting wearables2016 has been a helluva stressful year. We’re not sure how the next one will fare, but we’re betting stress wearables are going to take off in a huge way. One device leading the charge is the Thync Relax which sits around the neck and creates a kind of mini brain massage, and then there’s indie devices like Prana, Muse and Spire. Apple and Fitbit haven’t missed the trend either – both now offer haptic guidance and meditation apps. As biometric tech improves, we expect to see a lot more focus on busting stress in 2017 – and who can argue with that?

​Fitbit's first true smartwatch

​Fitbit’s first true smartwatch

The king of wearables produced arguably the biggest story of the year when it bought Pebble. So what happens next? CEO James Park has already hinted that the acquisition could lead to the company’s first genuine Apple Watch/Samsung Gear rival and with Pebble’s expertise on board, it has every chance of pulling it off. We saw the company’s first smartwatch, the Fitbit Blaze, launch this year. The question now is, when the next smartwatch arrives, how much Pebble will be coarsing through its veins?

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Trending Ecommerce Niches of 2017

Here’s a short list of the trending ecommerce niches of 2017 that will likely give way to new business opportunities and niche product offerings.

  • Baby Equipment – No matter what is happening in the world with the economy or in politics, babies need to be taken care of. The baby equipment niche (cribs, strollers, swings, etc.) targets parents of babies, of course, but also aunts, uncles, grandmothers, grandfathers, and friends of the parents.
  • Self-Care Products and Cosmetics – These products are a big deal right now. Specialty items like scented body wash and lotion, grooming kits, makeup, essential oils, and many others are selling like hotcakes. Organic and eco-friendly alternatives are selling big as well.
  • Craft Supplies – In the age of Pinterest and how-to tutorials, you can see why craft supplies is a growing niche market. Just about everyone has some sort of DIY hobby these days, and they need the supplies to do it.
  • Food – This may not seem like it would be a niche market, but it is. That’s especially true of specialty diet options like vegan, gluten-free, and organic food. The area that is going to have the biggest influence in consumer buying in this niche is convenience. Most customers who buy food online are willing to pay more for the convenience than supermarket shoppers.
  • Clothing – Recent ecommerce trends have shown that there is a huge demand for online clothing stores. Some of the popular trends in clothing are androgynous clothing, plus-sized clothing, and petite clothing that doesn’t look like it was made for a child. Also, there is a trend in big and tall clothing for men, as a lot of brick-and-mortar stores in that niche are closing.
  • Subscriptions – Subscription boxes are big right now. You’ve probably heard of monthly snack boxes, pet supplies, books, even socks, that are delivered at regular intervals chosen by the customer. These are an easy way to begin an ecommerce store because they are easy, popular, and encourage repeat customers.
  • Men’s Grooming Products – Men are not to be left out of the self-care niche. They take care of themselves now more than ever. And that shows in all the websites that are popping up. They cater to men, providing grooming products, beard care products, dollar razors, and more. Get in on this market before it reaches its saturation point.

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How to Find Your Ecommerce Niche And Product

Still don’t know what to sell? There are some easy ways that you can research the viability of products and see what might work best for you.

Google Trends

If you’re not certain about the feasibility of selling a product, you can find out its popularity by entering it into Google Trends. The tool is free and it gives you an overall picture of search volume, trends over time, and whether its popularity is on the rise or the decline.

Find Online Marketplaces’ Popular Products

It’s easy to find out what the best sellers are on sites like eBay and Amazon. Regardless of what sales channels you plan to use, conducting market research on two of the world’s largest online marketplaces will help you understand which types of products are doing well.

Look to Ecommerce Niche Influencers

This may take more time, but you will find valuable information. As you are researching the products that you are considering, you will begin to run into the same names and companies again and again. It’s likely that these are influencers within the niche you are looking at. Pay attention to them. They probably have blogs and social media articles that discuss specific products and trends. See what they are talking about – you may just find your niche product there.

Read Trend Publications and Blogs

There are a number of trend publications and blogs that you can subscribe to. You’ll find information about trending products, business advice, and be better able to determine what people are buying online.

Here are a few options:

While there isn’t a publication or blog that is going to tell you what you should sell definitively, these will help you become more informed so you can make the best decision for your online store.

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