The 10 Best Portable Dvd Blu-ray players 2021 Top 10 Buying Guide


The Best Portable Dvd Blu-ray players For  2021 To buy now for car , kids

Portable Dvd Blu-ray players 2020Portable DVD and Blu-ray players are useful for watching blu-ray movies anywhere you want. These players are fantastic choice for flights, vacations or any other road trips. Blu-ray discs looks same as DVD discs but there is a lot of difference between these two. e.g. the storage capacity of blu-ray disk is more than DVD. Different type of laser is used to read data from blu-ray and DVD disks.One important thing we should keep in mind that DVD player cannot play Blu-ray disks.

In today’s mobile world, smartphones and tablets have turned into the de facto portable movie players for most folks. However, for a lot of people, being able to watch their DVD collection on the go remains an important source of entertainment.

Best portable dvd players 2021 At a Glance

  1. Sylvania SDVD1332 –Best Portable DVD Player
  2. NAVISKAUTO -Best 9 Inch Portable DVD Player
  3. Best Sylvania Portable DVD Player in 2021
  4. Best GPX PD901W 9-Inch Portable DVD Player
  5. Best Dvd Player Under 100-Sylvania

Whether it be jet setters and frequent fliers or road-tripping parents who’d rather not hear the four dreaded words “Are we there yet?” from the back of the car, a portable DVD players can go a long way in alleviating the more mundane aspects of being out and about.Best Dvd player for kids / Cars

Here’s a look at things you should think about before buying a portable DVD player. For a list of the best players we’ve tried, see our Top Portable DVD Players list.

Many might not see the point in getting a portable DVD player especially since there is a great hype around Blu-ray movies and how they will take over as a standard. While that might be true, Blu-ray players are not that common mainly because they are expensive. DVD players are affordable and when used for a portable device, the small screen, and lower 480p DVD resolution will not matter that much. Picture quality will still seem crisp clear.

10 Best Portable Dvd players For 2021 list

What Kinds Of DVD Player Do You Want?

You should carefully consider if you’ll be primarily using your portable DVD player as a carry-along device or, say, a car player.

If you want the former, pick a laptop-style portable DVD player that would rest comfortably on your… well, lap. If your goal is a portable DVD player that serves as a car player, think about getting one designed for vehicular use.

Most of these, like the Philips PET7402A, come with two screens that can be installed behind the headrest of the front seats so passengers in the back can comfortably watch the same movie. Ideally, you’ll want both screens to have earphone jacks as well, for greater flexibility.

Otherwise, you can just have a car DVD player installed, like a Boss Audio or an in-dash DVD receiver, such as the Pioneer AVH-280BT, as well as screens for your car’s back headrests if you have money to spare and don’t need a player you could take with you in and out of the car.


Speaking of flexibility, some “regular” players also come with mounting straps for car use. These are great for folks who want to buy a portable DVD player that they would mostly carry around but still want the option of being able to mount it inside a vehicle should the need to entertain the kids arise.


Just make sure you strap them properly. You don’t want your reasonably-priced-to-mighty-pricey investment crashing on the floor or hitting some poor passenger in the back.

The 10 Best Portable DVD Players Reviews

Now we will  tell you about top 10 different portable DVD players for 2021 that were selected out of the thousands that are currently available.

1.Sylvania SDVD1332 –Best Portable DVD Player For Car

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Are you looking for a Super Sized screen to watch all your favorite DVD and digital media? is 10-inch just not enough? You have found your match!

With one of the largest screen sizes, this is ideal when traveling for long periods of time, or watching longer videos on the go. It has a swivel screen design, which rotates up to 180 degrees, and has a built in USB so you can watch videos which are downloaded, rather than simply using the DVD video to watch. The built in rechargeable battery lasts several hours on a single charge.


  • 13.3-Inch Portable DVD Player, Swivel Screen
  • Screen conveniently swivels to 180 Degrees and is capable of lying flat
  • Built in USB and SD Card Reader
  • Play Music, Movies and View Pictures
  • Includes Built in Rechargeable Battery, AC and Car Adapter, Remote Control, Ear buds

2.NAVISKAUTO -Best 9 Inch Portable DVD Player

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The Naviskauto portable DVD player has a 9″ digital screen with TFT screen resolution up to 800*480. TFT is “Thin Film Transistor Technology” to image qualities. The screen swivels 270°. You can flip the screen 180 degrees, so you’ll get great viewing from anywhere. It has dual built-in speakers and a built-in battery that lasts for 5 hours. An anti-shock function is built in to keep this DVD player and system operating without interruption. Choose “Last Memory” function during the set up and the system will pick up where you last stopped your movie or music CD. 

3.Best Sylvania Portable DVD Player in 2020

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This Sylvania Portable DVD Player has a 7 inch widescreen TFT-LCD 180 degree swivel screen. TFT is “Thin Film Transistor Technology” to image qualities. It plays formats: Plays these formats: DVD, DVD+/-RW, CD, CD-R/RW, MP3 music burned onto CD-R/RW, JPEG photos burned onto CD-R/RW. It has a built-in stereo speaker and built-in rechargeable battery. Also included in a carrying bag.

Price Range: Low

4.Best NAVISKAUTO 12.5 Inch HD Portable DVD/CD Player

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This Naviskauto portable DVD/CD player has a big 12.5 inch HD Digital TFT Wide screen with a 270 degree swivel screen. High resolution of 1366*768. The built-in battery last for 5 hours to give you plenty of viewing time while traveling. “Last Memory” will restart your movie or CD where you last left off. It comes with both a wall charger and a cigarette charger. Also included is a carrying case to make your new portable DVD/CD system easily portable.

Price Range: Medium

5.Best GPX PD901W 9-Inch Portable DVD Player

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This player has a 9” screen size, giving you a portable cinema anywhere you travel. The LCD screen not only swivels, but you can fold it flat, or watch it on an angle, in order to offer the best visibility when in lighter conditions. It is compact and includes all cables for charging your device.


6.Best Dvd Player Under 100-Sylvania Portable Player

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This portable player features a swivel base, so you can watch the video flat, or you can pivot the back so you can watch video when lying down. The large 9” screen offers for a great ratio whether in full screen or wide screen mode, and 5 hour extended battery life lets you watch several videos, on a single charge.


7.Best Sylvania SDVD7046 -Best DVD Player For Kids

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This DVD player features a 7” screen, and round base and closing system allows for compact storing when it is not in use. The TFT color display provides the best resolution and 16:9 ratio is perfect when you are watching a video in the widescreen mode. It includes the remote and all cables for charging.

Price Range: Low

8.Best Ematic 9 inch Swivel Blue Portable DVD Player

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This portable system features a 9” screen size, it comes with matching headphones and travel bag, and features a 180 degree full screen swivel mode, so you can watch the screen flat or at an angle. It has built in speakers for great sound quality, and a rechargeable battery which lasts several hours on one charge.

Price Range: Low

9.Best Sylvania Portable DVD Player

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This portable system features a 7” screen size, and the 180 degree swivel design allows you to turn the screen to the perfect viewing angles, no matter what light conditions you are watching your videos in. It is compatible with wide range formats, and battery life is up to 5 hours on one charge.

Price Range: Low

10.Sylvania SDVD1048 10-Inch Portable DVD Player

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A larger screen size is great for longer viewing sessions, with the swivel design you choose the perfect viewing angle when watching films as well. It is compatible with all DVD as well as CD formats, it comes with a car mounting kit as well if you wish to use it as a portable car DVD player.

A portable DVD player can provide hours of enjoyment. Whether you are taking a road trip with the kids, or traveling by plane, you can pop in a video and let the time pass. These are some of the best options to consider when you are deciding on a new portable DVD system, for both wide and traditional viewing of some of your favorite movies. With extended battery life, and compact design, these are some of the best portable DVD systems to consider.

Buying Guide of Best Portable Players in 2021


A Brief History Of The Portable DVD Player

The first DVD player was created by Sony in conjunction with the Pacific Digital Company in Taiwan in 1994. Unfortunately, the first DVD players weren’t released until 1996 in Japan. It wasn’t until 1997 that they began being distributed for sale in the United States. Three years later, in 2000, DVD players were a common household item and being sold for under $100 in most stores.

Panasonic released the first portable DVD player in 1998. They produced two different models with different screen sizes so their customers could enjoy their DVDs any time from anywhere. They were built with all of the same features and functions as regular DVD players and expanded entertainment horizons.

Even the earliest portable DVD players could play music and had headphone attachments for private viewing and listening. They were also capable of acting as digital picture frames to upload and display digital photographs and slideshows.

Today’s portable DVD players come with a number of attractive features such as HD displays and Blu-ray capabilities. They continue to be sold alongside average DVD players and are sometimes preferred by parents of young children to tablets or notebooks.

Dimensions of Compatibility

Are you planning on using your portable DVD player as a device that you can carry around from room-to-room at home? Maybe you just need sanity insurance during the occasional family gathering in case the relatives start talking about the horrors inflicted by your evil aunt?

If so, you can go with one of the bulkier ones with a bigger screen and enjoy the larger, face-shielding viewing experience that comes with it.

What If I Fly a Lot?

If you want a frequent flying companion, however, then you may want to consider going for a smaller player.

Not only does weight easily add up when you’re cramming stuff into your carry on, you also don’t want to be fiddling around with a honking-huge player when you’re taking off your shoes and emptying your pockets as other passengers give you the evil stare while going through airport security.

Media Savviness

Do you love watching Korean or Asian dramas? Then you’ll likely want a portable DVD player that can play video CDs. Maybe you like watching Japanese anime that you’ve downloaded from the web.


Then perhaps you’ll want a player that plays DIVX or AVI files

Tip: If your video files are primarily formatted in MKV, which is a bit of a challenge to find a portable DVD player for, you can always convert the videos to another file format with a free video file converter.

Newer players that can play Blu-ray discs are also starting to pop up. Some can even play non-video content such as MP3s or JPEG photos if you want something that doubles as a media player.

Does It Have the Juice?

As with any portable device, battery life is a prime consideration. After all, there’s nothing more horrible than running out of juice just as your favorite beach volleyball scene with the lowered nets from Top Gun gloriously plays on your portable DVD player’s screen.

Ideally, you’ll want a device with a battery life of at least 3.5 hours to 4 hours so you can watch two regular-length flicks or one of those extended cuts of the Lord of the Rings movies. Well, that or being able to rewind and rewatch the Top Gun volleyball scene with Tom Cruise over and over and over and over….

Maximum Outputs

Portable DVD players aren’t just about taking your movies on the go. Sometimes, it’s also nice to have the option to connect it to your television at home.

If you like that capability, make sure you get a portable DVD player with audio-video connectors that plug into any standard television. Devices such as Panasonic’s DMP-B15 Blu-ray player even have an HDMI port that lets you connect it to a high-definition TV.

For audiophiles, some players also offer surround sound capability.

Extras and Cost

Extra features can go a long way in adding a bit more enjoyment to your portable viewing experience.

Some players, for example, feature screens that can swivel around for easy viewing, fold into a tablet-like shape, or even stand up like a picture frame. Others throw in YouTube access via wireless connectivity.

As far as cost goes, the good news is that portable DVD players are available at pretty much any budget. Naturally, devices with bigger screens and lots of features will come with a higher price tag, but you can still get some pretty solid devices under $200 if you shop around.


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