Top 15 Best Microwaves Oven In 2020-2021 -Reviews

Best Over The Range Microwaves -2020 In fact, thanks for stopping by! I know the reason you’re here is because you’re looking for a new microwave, so let’s get started.

What you should know is that I’m not an industry expert, so you won’t find lots of hard to understand reviews that detail all the technicalities on the models of oven I have here for you. But, you will get the facts you need to know (good or bad)!AMAZON BEST SELLER

Here are the top 6 best microwave ovens for 2020-2021 to buy now

  1. Best for 2020-Daewoo Retro Microwave Oven $69
  2. Best Bella 900-Watt Microwave Oven $68
  3. Panasonic NN-SN936B Best Countertop Microwave
  4. Danby Designer DMW077BLSDD Best Value for Money
  5. LG LCS0712ST Best Compact Countertop Microwave
  6. Panasonic NE-1054F Best Commercial Microwave 2020

You see I started out looking for a new microwave because mine (after many years) reached the end of its shelf life. I spent a long time trying to work out what would suit me best, and suddenly thought “why waste all this new knowledge”?
So, as you browse through the reviews I have here, you will find all sorts of different microwaves that I think are worth a mention.Before you decide to buy a microwave oven, you can read our best microwave oven list and you can also find our buying guide as you can see below ;

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Our Best Choice:

Daewoo Retro Microwave

Bella 900-Watt Microwave Oven

Panasonic NN-SN936B Danby Designer Microwave

Panasonic NN-SN936B




Best Microwaves Oven of 2020 Reviews

1.Best Daewoo Retro Microwave Oven $69


Main Feature:

  • 4 auto cook menu
  • Two-way defrost
  • Zero standby function
  • 5 microwave power levels up to 700w

Super cute microwave that just fit inside the space that we need. Our shelf is 12.5″ deep, and this is 12.7″ deep so it sticks out just a tad, but that’s ok. It seems to heat things really well (faster than the bigger microwave that we used to have) and the defrost function really seems to defrost quickly, evenly, and without pre-cooking the food. I really like the knob that you spin to set the time (so cute!), and the 30 second push button is perfect for quickly adding time. I thought we might feel annoyed about having to turn the microwave ON each time we used it, but it’s really not an issue. You do have to remember to clear any remaining time, however, if you want it to power off automatically.

Best Microwaves Oven Under 100

2.Best Bella 900-Watt Microwave Oven, 0.9 Cubic Feet $68


Main Feature:

  • Family-sized countertop microwave with 1000 watts of power and 10 power levels
  • Digital control with LED clock and kitchen timer
  • 1-6 minute Express Cook controls; +30 second control; 6 Quick Start one-touch cooking functions
  • Defrost by time or weight; Multi-stage cooking; Memory-function saves custom controls
  • 12.4-inch removable Glass Turntable ensures even cooking

Product Description:

Bring a touch of fun and style to your kitchen with the family-sized countertop microwave from Bella. The Bella 1.1-cubic foot microwave oven offers 1000 watts of power and 10 power levels for versatile food prep. The family-sized model features a removable 12.4-inch turntable to ensure even heating for oversized-sized dinner plates and cookware. The Bella microwave includes an easy to use digital interface with an LED clock and kitchen timer. One-touch cooking is at your fingertips with 1-6 minute Express Cook controls, convenient +30 second control and 6 Quick Start one-touch cooking functions for popcorn, beverage, dinner plate and more. The Bella microwave allows you to defrost by time or weight and offers multi-stage cooking that adjusts power level during the cooking cycle for greater control. Thanks to a memory-function you can save and recall custom controls. For safety, the microwave is equipped with a keypad lockout to prevent unauthorized use. The Bella Microwave carries a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

A microwave oven can be a great counterpart in our kitchen and it is a great time saver device because it work fast to make various delicious meals, reheat foods, etc, they are also easy to operate and most importantly, the microwave oven is safe to use. If you want to buy a new microwave or even replace the old one, you will realize that there are too many choices available and each product has many good options and features as well and you may wonder which one you really need.

3. Panasonic NN-SN936B
Best Countertop Microwave

Panasonic NN-SN936B$177

Main Feature:

  • Enjoy faster cooking times with 1250 watts high power
  • Microwave Inverter technology delivers a seamless stream of cooking power
  • Advanced Inverter Turbo Defrost speeds up defrosting time
  • Automatic sensor adjusts power and times for different foods
  • Make food preparation simpler with 9 preset menu items
  • Outside H x W x D (in) 14 x 23 7/8 x 19 7/16 Oven H x W x D (in) 10 15/16 x 18 7/16 x 18 1/2

Without exaggeration, the features and functions built into this microwave put most other microwaves to shame. Inverter technology ensures that food is cooked evenly and thoroughly, while pre-programmed settings and sensor heating take all the confusion and guesswork out of cooking.

Best Microwaves Oven Under 200

4. Danby Designer DMW077BLSDD
Best Value for Money

$177 BUY NOW

Main Feature:

  • 0.7 cu.ft. capacity microwave
  • 700 watts of cooking power
  • Stylish black and stainless steel exterior
  • 10 power levels, Dimensions 14 x 17.3 x 10.1 inches
  • Simple one-touch cooking for 6 popular uses

Tired of having to sacrifice size and function for affordability? This microwave brings you the best possible value for your money by not asking you to sacrifice many special features in the name of saving a dollar. It still features a defrost function and pre-programmed settings. You can even enter some of your own programmable settings! >> Full review

5. Westinghouse WCM660B
Best for Seniors

$59  BUY NOW

Main Feature:

  • 6 convenient cooking power levels (high, med/high, medium, med/low, defrost, low)
  • A 30 minute timer with audible end of cooking signal
  • Easy to grasp grip type handle to open and close the door ; Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Mechanical, rotary dial controls make it great for those seeking simple, basic operation
  • 600 watts of cooking power
  • With an interior capacity of 0.6 cubic foot – 9.5 inch turntable size.
  • Perfect for small apartments, studios, dorms. Easy to operate. Good for preparing small items.

Seniors often struggle with poor eyesight and sore or weak fingers. This easy to use, easy to understand unit is controlled by two knobs – one controls the timer and one controls the power level. It doesn’t boast a handful of complicated features but is available in two different colors and two different sizes. >> Full review

Best Countertop Microwaves Oven

6. LG LCS0712ST Best Compact Countertop Microwave


$174  BUY NOW

Main Feature:

  • TrueCookPlus is patented technology that does all the calculations for you, ensuring the food cooks perfectly every time. TrueCook numbers can be found on leading food distributer’s packaging
  • Sensor Cooking technology senses humidity levels within the oven and automatically adjusts cooking time and performance to help provide optimal heating performance
  • With the new EasyClean interior, you can have quick and high performance cleaning inside and out without using chemicals
  • Round Cavity optimizes interior microwave oven space with no hard edges which makes for easier cleaning
  • Core features: child lockout and turntable
  • TrueCookPlus does the thinking for you. You can forget about vague microwave directions, simply enter the food item code found on the label of your favorite food and the microwave oven does the rest
  • The curved interior design maximizes the size of the 16″ turntable to accommodate large, round cookware and increases the usable cooking area

This microwave isn’t great just because it’s small. Its most impressive quality is that it boasts so many great features and functions that it can actually replace a traditional oven and stove – allowing you to make extra room in your small kitchen space. Topping things off is its sleek stainless steel finish.

Best Microwaves Oven Under 300

7. Panasonic NE-1054F
Best Commercial Microwave

$255 BUY NOW

Main Feature:

  • Heavy duty commercial grade microwave for full and quick applications of food preparation; NSF qualified
  • 1000-Watt of output power and 0.8 cubic feet cavity and stainless steel face
  • Easy cooking with 20-programmable menus in Braille with the 10 memory pads; 2 and 3 stage cooking at 6 different power levels
  • Grab and Go handles for fast and durable use; see through oven door with interior oven lamp
  • Measures 16-9/16-inch (d) by 20-1/8-inch (w) by 12-inch by 34-pound (h); stainless front and wrap

Personally, I think this microwave will suit the home, office or commercial kitchen and it really does pack a punch in terms of power and features. If you’re interested in having a countertop microwave that will do just about anything you need in a commercial kitchen, take a look at the Panasonic 0.8 cu ft Stainless Steel Commercial. >> Full review

8. Panasonic NN-SD372S
Best for Popcorn


With a cutting edge “keep warm” function as well as a “reheat” function, you will never again have to worry that your cold, forgotten-about popcorn must be thrown into the garbage. This microwave’s special options will get it to just the right temperature when you need it most, without re-cooking (and overcooking) it. It also features a slew of other great qualities you should check out, which aren’t specific to the world of popcorn. >> Full review

9. Sharp R830BK Best Convection Microwave for Baking

Sharp R830BK


Not only can this Sharp convection microwave act as both a microwave and an oven, it can easily bake any dessert you desire. From muffins to cookies and all in between, this convection microwave is a baking machine. It also boasts a handful of other impressive features and functions designed to please. >> Full review

Best Budget Microwaves Oven

10. RCA RMW741
Best Low Budget Microwave

With 0.7 cubic feet of space inside, this mid-sized stainless steel microwave will meet most kitchen needs for a fraction of the price of other comparable models. It has multiple pre-set settings and the option to defrost or cook by weight; it also features a convenient glass turntable.

You can always count on Cuisinart for quality kitchen appliances. This microwave is no exception, boasting eight preset options with different serving size options for frequently heated foods.

It has a timer, two defrost functions, and 10 customizable power levels for serious versatility. You’ll also find a two-stage cooking option that, for example, would allow you to defrost for a certain amount of time and then automatically switch to regular heating for however long you want. This works for power levels as well — you can set them for certain amounts of time before increasing or decreasing. Plus, you can set custom cook times using the memory function, kind of like pre-setting radio stations in your car!

11.Hamilton Beach EM720CGA-PMB .7 Cubic Microwave Oven


If your budget is tight but your appetite is big, this Hamilton Beach unit is a great pick that won’t let you down. Express cook settings and a 30-second add-on button make reheating food easy, and a compact build makes it great for dorm rooms, game rooms, or small apartments.

12. Panasonic NN-SD681S 1.2 Cubic Foot 1,200 Watt

$170 BUY NOW

Are you sick of settling for scorched edges and cold interiors? If you’re ready to upgrade, this model is a great choice. Panasonic’s inverter technology uses an even power stream to cook food at consistent temperatures, whereas traditional microwaves use a pulse-on, pulse-off method that doesn’t penetrate food quite as well (or as evenly). You can even poach and simmer liquids in this microwave, knowing that the temperature will stay consistent. It also has a turbo defrost function and a keep-warm setting that’s especially helpful for entertaining (and an energy-efficient alternative to the oven).

More: 6 of the Best Countertop Microwaves from Good Housekeeping

13. Best Westinghouse WCM770SS 0.7 Cubic Foot 700-Watt

Countertop Microwave Oven

from $50 BUY NOW

If you have a small apartment or studio, this is the perfect-sized microwave. At 700 watts (and 10 power levels), it won’t cook a chicken, but it’s still definitely strong enough to get the job done on a tight budget. Use the convenient timer function to keep track of items in your main oven or on the stovetop.

14.Samsung MG11H2020CT 1.1 Cubic Foot 1,000-Watt Countertop

Microwave Oven

Best Microwave Oven: Samsung Counter Microwave 2017

$159 BUY NOW

If you tend to heat up a lot of messy foods (think: anything with marinara, last night’s takeout, etc.) you’ll want to opt for something like this microwave with a ceramic enamel interior that’s easy to clean up. Another great function this unit has to offer is its grilling element, which features a ceramic plate that helps crisp up the bottom of your leftover pizza. Hallelujah … a microwave that understands us!

15.Farberware Classic FMO11AHTBKB 1.1 Cubic Foot 1,000

Watt Countertop Microwave Oven

$100 BUY NOW

This microwave allows you to adjust power levels from 10% to 100% so you’ll never accidentally scorch those delicate chocolate chips again. Choose from six different one-touch functions that create the perfect settings and cooking lengths for heating up beverages, frozen veggies, popcorn, pizza, full dinner plates, and even potatoes. Plus, you can defrost either by time or weight, in case you forgot to take that chicken breast out of the freezer last night.

Microwave Buying Guide

For any of you who are looking for a microwave for the first time, or like me, it’s been a long time since you had the need to buy one this page of my website is going to be invaluable. There is so much technology out there these days it can get very confusing (believe me, I know), so here you will find everything you need to consider before reading the reviews and buying a new one.

The Bells and Whistles

I recently had someone tell me that they have a microwave and they don’t even know what half of the features are (of course, I suggested they read the manual if they want to get the best from their microwave). So on this page of my website I’ve outlined some of the main features microwaves have so you can make an informed decision on what you need.

Further Information and Reviews

I have also included reviews and information pages on toaster ovens, you can read these here. And if it’s convection ovens you’re interested in you should check out these mini reviews.

Over the range microwaves are reviewed here, and I haven’t forgotten about those of you who might be looking for a range hood and separate microwave either.
You can find my range hood reviews here and the microwave reviews, well, all over the website actually.

Now for some more information which I think is pretty important. On this page I have outlined what you should NOT put in any type of oven that uses microwave technology and the reasons why.
And if you’re like me and hate cleaning ovens, I also found a really easy cleaning tip which takes no time at all.

What to Consider

Countertop microwaves usually cost less than the other types, and midsized models start around $70. Over-the-range microwaves, or OTRs, can be had for under $200, but most we tested are $400 and up. Models designed only to be built into cabinetry or a wall begin at $400, but kits are available for some countertop models that give you a built-in for less.

Space and Location
Think about where the microwave works best for you and available space. Countertop models obviously eat up counter space. For example, the top-rated midsize model  is 22 inches wide and 17 inches deep. The best large microwave we tested is 24 inches wide and 20 inches deep. You’ll want to factor in height as well. Dimensions can be found on the model page for each microwave.

Countertop models are the most popular. Over-the-range models are just that, they’re installed over the range. The built-in category includes models designed only to be built in, surrounded by cabinetry or built into the wall. Microwave drawers fall in this group and can be placed under the countertop or below a wall oven. And then there are some countertop models that can be converted to built-ins with a kit.

Which Type is Right for You?

Depending on your kitchen, you can choose from countertop, over-the-range, and built-in microwaves. Note that the size of the unit doesn’t always translate to usable cooking space. Our research shows that usable capacity for tested microwaves is about 50 percent of what manufacturers claim. We measure the amount of space you can actually use. More watts typically mean more cooking power, but differences of 100 watts or so don’t matter much. Watts are noted in the Features & Specs tab in our microwave Ratings. Prices, usable capacity, and watts presented below are based on our tested models.

Countertop Microwaves

Price and easy installation are appealing. Just plug into an ordinary outlet—one dedicated to the microwave or it might trip the circuit breaker. These microwaves eat up counter space, so zero in on usable capacity in our Ratings. Also note the microwave’s dimensions, choosing the largest capacity for the available space. A stainless finish is common, and a convection feature is becoming available on more models.

$70 to $500 for midsized
$105 to $650 for large

Usable Capacity
Most (80%) tested models in this category have usable capacity about 50-60% of what manufacturers claim.

0.5 to 0.8 cubic feet for midsized
0.6 to 1.5 cubic feet for large

800 to 1,200 for midsized
900 to 1,250 for large

Over-the-Range Microwaves

Known as OTRs, these models free up counter space. But while they can be vented to the outside, don’t expect an OTR to vent as well as a range hood. Installation might require an electrician.

$170 to $1,300

Usable Capacity
Most (85%) tested OTR models have usable capacity about 40-50% of what manufacturers claim.

0.7 to 1.4 cubic feet

850 to 1200

Best Cheap Microwaves Oven 2020

Built-In Microwaves

This category includes models designed only to be built in, surrounded by cabinetry or built into a wall. Microwave drawers, for example, can be placed under the countertop, removing them from sight lines, and glide out for easy access, or can be installed below a wall oven. The look is sleek and integrated. Some countertop microwaves can be built in with a kit (we note that on its model page). Information below is for models designed only to be built in, not for countertop models with optional built-in kits.

$350 to $1500

Usable Capacity
We haven’t yet tested enough built-ins to determine percentage of usable capacity compared to manufacturers claims.

0.9 to 1.1

700 to 1,100

Saving money on energy bills

A microwave can speed up your cooking time, but it can also save you money. Microwaves are more energy-efficient than stovetops and ovens when performing most types of cooking, and their running costs can be as low as $10 a year.

How much to spend

Microwaves range in price from around $149 to $650 – we’ve even reviewed a $49 Kmart model. It’s a big price range, so what are you getting for those extra dollars? Usually it’s a brand name, a larger cooking capacity, and design elements (who knew red paint was so expensive?). If those are important to you, prepare to front up the extra cash. Of course, you don’t want it to fail in its first five years, so reliability is also important.

What to look for

Sizing up

Many kitchens now have a dedicated space for a microwave – you’ll need to measure that gap and look for something that fits. If you don’t have a spot carved out, the microwave is going to take up your precious bench space, so think about how much you’re willing to sacrifice.

Not so micro

  • Most microwaves are around 50cm wide, 30cm high and 40cm deep.
  • Your microwave will need about 10cm space around the sides for ventilation, and 20cm at the top, where the vents are usually located.
  • Interior dimensions are important, too. Will your microwave-safe dishes actually fit inside? Don’t be shy about taking them into the store to check.


Look for easy-to-use controls and good instructions on the display. The best microwaves won’t require you to refer to the instruction manual. Some have a quick-access user guide inside the door, which can help.


A bright interior light and large transparent viewing window lets you check your food as it cooks. Many models have poor visibility through the door. Where possible, ask the store to power up the microwaves you’re considering to make sure visibility is good.


Check there aren’t too many gaps or crevices inside or outside the microwave that could trap food and grease. Control pads are easier to clean than dials and buttons. Stainless steel may look flash but it’s harder to keep clean.

Automatic defrost

Automatic defrost prompts you to enter the weight and type of food, and the oven then calculates defrosting time.

Sensor cooking

Sensor programs take automatic functions one step further by measuring vapours emitted by the food to control the cooking time. No weight required.

Quick boost/start

This is a single button that delivers a 30-second or one-minute burst of 100% power, which can be increased in increments. Particularly handy for reheating.

Time adjust

This lets you increase or decrease the programmed time without stopping cooking.

Multi-stage programming

This setting performs a sequence of functions, such as defrost, cook and then leave to stand.

Child safety lock

This gives you a sequence of buttons to activate and deactivate the microwave.

Kitchen timer

The digital timer can be used to time other kitchen tasks or cooking times.


Keep in mind that all microwaves beep during or at the end of operation. Some also have cooling fans that can continue operating when cooking has finished.

What about inverter technology?

An inverter adjusts energy use based on need. A normal microwave on medium power will heat on full power for half the time, then turn off for half the time, whereas an inverter will continually heat using 50% of its power and won’t need to turn off.

The bottom line? It’s not essential and isn’t relevant to performance, so you can ignore the inverter hype.

Microwave safety

Microwave ovens are a safe method of food preparation if used correctly, and the food is just as nutritious (more so in some cases) as with any other cooking method. The electromagnetic waves stop as soon as you cut off the power and open the door, and they don’t remain in the food and make it radioactive.

All microwave ovens sold in Australia must pass specific requirements about leakage in accordance with relevant Australian standards. Leakage is possible if you have a poorly fitting or damaged door, so you should have it inspected by a qualified technician.


Microwave ovens range from $149 to $650.


I hope you enjoy this little creation and that you find the microwave that you’ve always wanted. I have done my best to give you nothing but good, honest and straight to the point information so your search will be far easier than mine was.

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