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The Best Mens Watches 2020-2021 Best Watch Reviews

The Best Mens Watches 2020-2021 When it comes to choosing a watch, it’s important to note that one size does not fit all. As such digital watch, when you’re shopping for a timepiece, you need to know how to select a watch that’s right for your wrist. While there are no set rules or calculations for the perfect size or shape for your frame, there are tips that you can follow to help ensure that you end up with a balanced and proportionate piece.

For starters, your watch should feel comfortable on your wrist and be tight enough not to slide around but loose enough not to dig into your skin. Then, there are other factors to consider, such as the case size, band width, and design. It may all sound a bit complicated but finding the perfect watch for your wrist size is easier than you’d think, and we can show you how to go about it.Best Tablets / Best Printers / Best Camcorder / Best AV Receiver / Best Gaming Router /Best Digital Cameras

The Best Mens Watches , This list will continually be updated with new dive watches worthy of your consideration. As items are discontinued they will be removed, but consider this your ever-changing guide to some of the coolest, most interesting, digital watch and sometimes simply the best dive watches out there.Coffeemaker, Refrigerator,Ice Maker, Best Rice Cooker,Best Toaster Oven

Best Budget Watch Under $100

dive watch


Casio Sports MDV106-1AV-Best Watch For Men 2020

$39.99-BUY NOW

The Best Mens Watches , The sub-100 price range is slim pickings in the watch world, and though there are a few brands that sell in the category, few are anything that we would ever recommend. This simple quartz-powered Casio is a nice simple option that has a proper 200-meter water resistance as well as a rotating dive bezel. This one would make a fine vacation watch that you won’t stress about beating up at the beach or by the pool.


Best Watch For Men Under $200

dive watch


Best Overall-Seiko SRP601 Mans Watch

$169 BUY NOW

The Best Mens Watches 2018-2019 Seiko makes a ton of different dive watches that suit the full spectrum of pricing, but at the base entry level, this guy is a good choice. It’s also one of the cheapest watches powered by an automatic movement that we saw as worthy of our list. Seiko’s ever-brightly glowing luminous hands and markers will have a fair bit of appeal, as will its chunky bezel.

Best Watch Under $200

dive watch


Best Citizen Blue Promaster Diver

$142.98 BUY NOW

Citizen has long been Seiko’s main competitor, offering budget-friendly watches of all shapes and sizes that match their rival in terms of both pricing and quality. Powered by Citizen’s Eco-Drive line of quartz movements that draws energy from the sun, this is a classic example of the same Promaster diver that Citizen has been building for ages. At 42 millimeters, this is a comfortably sized watch for both smaller and larger wrists.

dive watch


Scurfa Watches Diver One Stainless watch

$141 (based on current exchange rate) BUY NOW

Scurfa likely isn’t a watch brand you’ve heard of unless you’re a particular shade of watch geek, but they are another brand that’s always on our radar. Paul Scurfa’s line of affordable dive watches use reliable Swiss quartz movements from Ronda, and boast premium features — including a domed sapphire crystal, a lumed bezel, and a well-tested 300-meter dive rating. Paul is an avid diver, and his real-world approach to the build of his watches really shines through in the finished product.

Best Watch Under $300

SEVENFRIDAY Men's Swiss Quartz Watch with Stainless Steel Strap, White (Model: V2-01)


Seven Friday Heavy-Duty-Box

$250 BUY NOW

Yes, we know — technically this is not a watch, but if you already own something from Seven Friday’s extensive collection, it’s a really smart way of being able to wear your Seven Friday for a day out on (and in) the water. Designed much like the underwater kit for GoPro cameras, the Heavy-Duty Box is built to take any kind of thrashing that diving or other water-based adventure sports can inflict on any given day.

dive watch


Deep Blue NATO Diver 300 Automatic

$299 BUY NOW

Powered by a bulletproof Seiko NH36 automatic movement, this Deep Blue automatic watch is a great no-frills diver that’s built like a tank. Its overall design is loosely based on the classic Seiko SKX007, though it boasts bonus features like a sapphire crystal, a 300-meter dive rating, and a much more pronounced 44-millimeter case size. If your wrists can take the bigger case, this is a solid pick that’s still quite the bargain.


Best Watch Under $400

helson watch


Helson Brass Shark Diver 42

$349 BUY NOW

Of the many microbrands in the watch industry, Helson is one of the few that appears to be standing the test of time. Loaded with insanely bright SuperLuminova and a 500-meter depth rating, the Shark Diver is the brand’s chunky and well-executed take on the classic dive watch. This brass variant is the most affordable variant of the pack that uses Seiko’s NH35 automatic movement rather than the usual Miyota seen in other models. Helson has been pushing the boundaries of what they can get away with for dial colors as of late, and the Shark Diver can now be acquired with semi-precious stone dials like mother-of-pearl and jade.

seiko dive watch


Seiko Prospex SRP775

$371 BUY NOW

A classic design based on one of Seiko’s highly collectible vintage divers, the Seiko 6309, this new SRP775 — and its black and white sibling the SRP777 (also known as “the turtle”) — has immediately become the new Seiko that every watch enthusiast must own. This is a clean and simple dive watch with a killer vintage case shape that, much like a long legacy of Seiko divers, will be a trusted workhorse that you can expect to live in your collection for decades.

Best Watch Under $600

nth dive watch


NTH Näcken Vintage

$600 BUY NOW

Just hitting the market this September, the entire line of Submariner-styled dive watches from NTH is totally worth your consideration. Launched by Janis Trading Company, whose Lew & Huey line of watches took flight via Kickstarter over the last three years, these slim and comfortable dive watches play on classic design cues from Tudor and Rolex without coming across like a design ripoff. 

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Best Watch Under $700

halios dive watch


Halios Tropik SS

$650 BUY NOW

Back to the microbrands we go for our sub-$700 selection. Halios is another limited-production brand based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, that prides themselves on building watches that are of top-notch quality with unique yet very functional design. Of their current lineup only this stealthy black PVD-finished Delfin diver and their bronze Tropik B are currently available, but they’re ones to keep an eye on, because you never really know what they’re going to build next.


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