Best Cheap Headphones (Under $50/$100) in 2020 -2021 Buying Guide

Best Cheap Headphones Under $50-$100 in 2020 Reviews

Best Cheap Headphones 2020-2021-If you want good sound, you’d better be prepared to dish out heaps of cash right? Not necessarily. Sure there’s some amazing high end headphones out there but that doesn’t mean that all good headphones are expensive. One of the most fun aspects of audio is finding products that sound great for their price. And nowadays there seems to be a ton of options out there to choose from. In this list we’ve gathered the best headphones under $50 in a few different categories based on what most people will probably be looking for.

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Best Cheap Headphones Whether you don’t want to spend too much because these are your first pair of real headphones, a gift for someone, or just a secondary option to supplement your favorite audiophile cans, getting a pair of inexpensive headphones isn’t a bad idea. You don’t have to worry about spending too much to replace them should they break or get lost.

Things to Know

Best Cheap Headphones  2018-2019 Shopping for headphones can be a daunting task. It’s not hard to fall deep down the rabbit hole learning about the intricacies of how sound reproduction works or the unique sound signatures associated with different headphones. You’ll often that the best tip someone can give when you’re buying a new pair of headphones is to try them for yourself, which is true. But if you don’t have the time to pick up a new hobby or just aren’t looking to invest that much energy in a new pair of headphones then there’s really only a few things that you should know:

  • Sound isolation is often overlooked, but it’s one of the biggest factors that affect the sound quality of your headphones. If you’re sitting in a construction yard with open-back headphones, your music is going to sound like garbage regardless of how much money you spent. You can read the in-depth feature here but the short version is this: closed-back headphones block outside sound and open-back headphones don’t.
  • The quality of audio streamed over Bluetooth has come a long way since its inception, but it’s still not for everyone. Whether or not you should you invest in a pair of Bluetooth headphones really depends on how you plan to use them. They both come with their pros and cons, but the big thing to think about is whether you mind plugging in your headphones every now and then to charge.
  • Make sure you know what comfort level you’re okay with. This is true of headphones at any price point, but especially true when it comes to headphones under $50. Manufacturers know they’re not going to sell a product that sounds like garbage, so one of the first things to get the ax in favor of better sound are build materials.

How to choose the best headphones in 2020?

  • Your budget. We know this is always at the top of our checklists, but we all know the reason. When it comes to wireless earbuds in particular, there’s a decent range of prices (albeit relatively lower in terms of budget compared to some other gear). We found all price-points to give you options.
  • Intended use? How will you be using the earbuds? Exercise? Heavy cardio or merely weightlifting? Leisure lifting? Travel? There are some specific models that pertain to an exact use, while others can go a bit broad in terms of any activity.
  • Desired aesthetics. Let’s be real — look is important (to some!). There are some that come in simple black or white, while others in numerous colors and style choices. To a few of you it may make or break a purchase and to others it really isn’t a big deal. That’s up to you.
  • Additional accessories? Do you want a case? Replacement ear-tips? Ear clips? Most come with all, some with a few, and others without any additional accessories. It’s up to your personal choice.
  • Extra featuresWaterproof, sweat proof, some fins to help keep the buds to your ears (great for exercise), longer time without needing to charge, special codecs for audio quality boost, and more. We saw some even more advanced technology in our noise cancelling earbuds article but those come with a price — perhaps it’s what you’re looking for? We’ll list the highlights of each below.

Best Cheap Headphones 2020 Under $50/$100

1.Best Cowin E7 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Buy It Here For $70

COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone Deep Bass Wireless Headphones Over Ear, Comfortable Protein Earpads, 30 Hours Playtime for Travel/Work, Black

Buy Now On Sale: $70

The Cool Stuff:

  • Super lightweight and comfortable around your ear (on ear headphones).
  • 30-hours of playtime on full charge.
  • Noise-canceling technology makes it perfect for travel, work or just quiet time at home.
  • One of the best-sellers currently on

2.Best Sennheiser RS120 On-Ear Wireless Headphones

Buy It Here For $60

Buy Now On Sale: $60

The Cool Stuff:

  • Interference free reception for perfect sound (300 feet from walls, ceilings, etc).
  • Super comfortable and lightweight on ears so you can binge-watch your favorite Netflix series without discomfort.
  • Battery life lasts up to 20-hours on full charge.

3.Best for 2020-BOSE Wireless Headphones

Buy It Here For $299

Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones for Apple devices - Black (Wired 3.5mm)

Buy Now On Sale: $299

The Cool Stuff:

  • We went with the ’25’ vs. the ’35’ due to the great price.  Check out the latest model here.
  • Inline microphone for music and taking phone calls.
  • Perfectly designed for use with Apple products like the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and more (compatible w/ most Androids).
  • Lightweight with deep and powerful sound.

4.Best Aulker Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Earbuds

Buy It Here For $22

Buy Now On Sale: $22

The Cool Stuff:

  • Perfect for working out, long runs, and general exercise because these affordable earbuds are sweatproof!
  • Enjoy hands-free calling thanks to its built-in mic.
  • Listen to music up to 8-hours on full-charge to take those extra laps around the park!

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5.Best Bose Wireless Earbuds in 2020

Buy It Here For $150

The Cool Stuff:

  • Perfect for working out thanks to the ‘Stay-Here’ that helps keep the earbuds right in place.
  • Sweat and weather resistant so enjoy your run outside even if it starts to drizzle.
  • Up to 6-hours of battery life on full charge.
  • Perfectly balanced-sound at any volume.

Best Cheap Headphone 2020 Under $50

6.Skullcandy Hesh 2 Wireless/Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones

Skullcandy Hesh 2 Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphones with Microphone, Supreme Sound and Powerful Bass, 15-Hour Rechargeable Battery, Soft Synthetic Leather Ear Cushions, Black

Buy It Here For $55

Buy Now On Sale: $55

The Cool Stuff:

  • 12 hours of battery life on full charge (read:  awesome).
  • On-board mic allows you to easily take calls.
  • Super comfortable plush-memory-foam ear pillows.

7.Best Beats Solo3 Wireless Earphones

Buy It Here For $300

Buy Now On Sale: $300

The Cool Stuff:

  • Shockingly up to 40-hours of battery life so you can use these pretty much all day.
  • Take your phone calls and even activate Siri (ugh, her).

8.Best Bluedio T3 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Bluedio T3 Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones On Ear with Mic, 57mm Driver Folding Wireless Headset, Wired and Wireless Headphones for Cell Phone/TV/PC Gift (Black)

Buy It Here For $40

Buy Now On Sale: $40

The Cool Stuff:

  • 3D sound effects make you feel like you’re right in the middle of the movie or TV show.
  • Bluetooth music time lasts up to 20-hours, as does bluetooth talk-time.
  • Super affordable for the quality and one of Amazon’s best-sellers this season.

9. Best PowerBeats-3 Wireless In-Ear Earbuds

Buy It Here For $99

Powerbeats Pro

Buy Now On Sale: $99

The Cool Stuff:

  • Perfect for sports and/or working out; up to 12-hours of charged battery life.
  • Water and sweat resistant.
  • Comes with ear-tips up to 4 sizing options for the optimal fit.

10.Best Bragi Wireless Smart Earphones

Buy It Here For $196

Bragi - The Dash Truly Wireless Smart Earphones

Buy Now On Sale: $196

The Cool Stuff:

  • Integrated sensor technology tracks your workouts for you!
  • Receive live-feedback during your workout on your heart rate, steps, cadence and more.
  • Waterproof up to 3-feet so you can use these while you’re swimming.

10 Best Wireless Earbuds in 2020 Buying Guide

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