Best Headphones Under 100 in 2020 – 2021 Top 10 Earphone

Best Over Ear Headphones Under 100 in 2020-2021 Are you looking for the Best Headphones of 2020 Under 100200-300, go to our top 10 best truly wireless earbuds  list  and compare wireless headphones in headphone reviews.

These days, headphones are one of the few cherished items many keep with us at all times. Being able to listen to music, radio, podcasts, lectures and watch movies and videos on-the-go is not a luxury, but a necessity in 2018. With so much entertainment at our fingertips 24/7, it’s important to have the best headphones possible (and, of course, within our budget). But with so many options (wireless, earbuds, noise-cancelling, fitness-centric, etc.), it can be hard to pull the trigger on which to buy the best bluetooth headphones .Our Best choice-Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

Best Over Ear Headphones 2020-So we’ve done your homework for you and selected the best headphones available , from the budget Skullcandy Uproar Wireless to the Bose QuietComfort 35.Also CheckBest Tablets / Best Printers / Best Camcorder / Best AV Receiver / Best Gaming Router /Best Digital Cameras

The Best Headphones Under 100 -Top 6 List

  1. COWIN E7 –Best Noise Cancelling Headphones
  2. Mpow 059 –Best Bluetooth Headphone
  3. Bose QuietComfort 25-Best Headphone Under 100
  4. BestGot Best Over Ear Headphones for Kids
  5. IClever BoostCare –best Kids Headphones 2020
  6. H501 Active –Best Noise Cancelling Headphones

Best Headphones Under 100 Reviews 2020 Comparison

Headphone Image Headphone Name   Price  

COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

   Price: $69.99  Best Seller BUY NOW

Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear

  Price: $42.99 Best Seller Best Price

Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

  Price: $199.95
Save: $99.05 (33%) Best Seller

BestGot Over Ear Headphones with microphone

  Price: $16 BUY NOW

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones


  Price: $99.95
Save: $29.05 (23%)

IClever BoostCare Kids Headphones, Wired Over Ear Headphones

  Price: $18 BUY NOW

BÖHM Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

  Price: $84 Best Seller

Audio Technica ATH-M4ox Professional Studio

  Price: $79 Best seller

Diskin Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

  Price: $49

Best Over Ear Headphones Under 100

1.COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones


Headphones on. World off.
Cowin E-7 wireless headphones are engineered to sound better, be more comfortable and easier to take with you. Put them on, and suddenly everything changes. Your music is deep, powerful and balanced, and so quiet that every note sounds clearer. Even air travel becomes enjoyable, as engine roar gently fades away. No matter how noisy the world is, it’s just you and your music—or simply peace and quiet.

Key Features
Better by design. E-7 Headphones are lightweight with pillowy-like softness on the headband and protein ear cushions, while the earcups rotate for a fine-tuned fit.
Music minus noise. Advanced active noise reduction technology quells airplane cabin noise, city traffic or a busy office. So you can focus more on what matters—your music, movies and videos.
Frequent flyer’s delight. Fly once with Cowin Bluetooth over-ear headphones, and chances are you’ll never fly without them again. They reduce airplane roar to a whisper. It is made for a happy quiet fly.
True-to-life sound. Precise guitars. Clear vocals. Clean bass and crisp percussion. Discover sound quality that brings out the best in your music—including subtle details you may never have noticed. Guaranteed by COWIN proprietary high quality 40mm large-aperture drivers.Go to Top

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Best Bluetooth Headphones Under 100

2.Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphone

Color:1 Black-Red

Immersive Hi-Fi Sound

Designed for an excellent listening experience, Mpow Bluetooth headset with CSR chip and around-ear cushion design can provide robust, immersive and Hi-fidelity sound.

Advanced Compatibility

The Bluetooth headset can easily and quickly connect with smartphones, tablets, TVs and other Bluetooth devices within 33 feet, bringing you crystal clear sound effect. PLEASE make sure the driver software of receiving adapter is fully updated when connected to PC or laptop, and you need a SEPARATE Bluetooth adapter when connected with TV.

Foldable and Portable Design

The foldable design makes it easy to store them when not in use or during travels. The stainless steel slider headband allows you to find the perfect fit and provide excellent durability.

Dual mode: Wireless & Wired

In the wireless mode: With a built-in 420mAh battery which provides 13 hours’ continuous wireless playback and let you get rid of the tangled cables on the move;
In the wired mode: Used as a wired headphone with an audio cable.Go to Top

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Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under 100

3.Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones

Style:Apple Devices  |  Color:Black

QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones are the best-performing around-ear headphones from Bose. They give you crisp, powerful sound–and quiet that lets you hear your music better. Bose advances their industry-leading headphones with the latest proprietary Bose Active EQ and TriPort technology, giving the music you love deep, clear sound. At the same time, Bose noise cancelling technology monitors the noise around you and cancels it out, helping you focus on what you want to hear–whether it’s your music, your calls or simply peace and quiet. With a distinctive design and two color options to match your style, these headphones look as good as they sound. They’re also comfortable, durably made and easy to stow, with earcups that pivot to fit in a small carrying case. Customized for Apple devices. Included: QuietComfort 25 headphones; 56-inch QC25 inline remote and microphone cable; airline adapter; carrying case; AAA battery Go to Top

Style:Apple Devices  |  Color:Black

Product Dimensions 2.5 x 5.9 x 9.4 inches
Item Weight 6.9 ounces
Shipping Weight 1.2 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
Department Electronics
Manufacturer Bose Corporation
Domestic Shipping Item can be shipped within U.S.

Best Budget Headphones Under 100

4.BestGot Over Ear Headphones for Kids Boys

These are wired headphones. Headphones perfect for children and adults, can be u

sed by people of all ages. The packing with cloth bag , so you can easily put it in the suitcase or bag, more easy to carry it.
Heavy Bass headphone, excellent sound effect and HIFI strong low bass speaker,3.5mm plug compatible with all 3.5mm jack devices
Microphone with high integrity ,compatible with MP3, MP4, PC,PCD,DVD,most smartphone.
The headphone features in-line control to allow you to answer calls by pressing the button when being used on a mobile phone and play/pause a song when used in a device that supports inline control with music / Flat.
For Calls: Short press to answer/hang up. For Music: Press pause/play. Starting in July 2017, we has replace the waterproof bag to cloth bag. Advantages of the upgrade: 1, Bags are larger also can hold more; 2, The surface of plush, feel better; 3, The whole bag is more fashionable and beautiful. Go to Top

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Best Headphones For Kids Under 100

5.Snug Plug n Play Kids Headphones


These kid’s headphones are the ideal companion to your kids’ multimedia entertainment or learning experience. Allow your kids to safely engage in music, movies, video games and learning software with fun and ease. Just Plug n Play!

Perfect for kids aged 3+The Snug Plug n Play headphones were designed exclusively with children in mind. The adjustable headband guarantees a perfect fit while soft, comfortable ear cushions protect the ears at all times. The cable is thick and ready for heavy use, and is only attached to one side of the headphones. Left and right are clearly marked on each ear. These children’s headphones are ideal for kids aged 3 and above.

Universal Compatibility with 3.5mm jackUsing a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, these headphones for kids work with virtually all smart phones and tablets, including the iPhone, iPad, and Samsung Galaxy S. You can also use them with mp3 players, car entertainment systems, laptops, desktop computers, and handheld video game systems.

High quality sound for them—peace and quiet for you!Are you tired of the constant stream of noises coming from your kids’ collection of electronic devices? With 40mm driver units, these over ear kids headphones provide an excellent listening experience for your child, while also keeping the surrounding house or car peaceful and quiet. Enjoy the sweet sound of silence as your child enjoys their entertainment or educational media.Go to Top

6.IClever BoostCare Kids Headphones

iClever BoostCare-Over the Ear Headphones for Kids Are you protecting your children’s hearing? when it comes to children, not all headphones are created equal. The best headphones for adults are rarely the best models for kids. using the wrong headphones could damage kids’ hearing. iclever boostcare Over the Ear Headphones designed specially with kids in mind Kid-Safe Volume Limiting Technology Built-in volume-limiting circuitry that keeps the sound pressure down to levels recommended as safe for young ears Designed specially with kids in mind Kid-Safe Volume Limiting Technology Over-the-ear design soft comfy ear pads suitably lightweight adjustable head band tangle free cord food-grade material Please note Don’t buy earbuds or any in-ear model for children – as the closer the sound source is to the delicate working of the inner ear, the more damage loud sound can do . Go to Top

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7.BÖHM Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


Wireless Bluetooth Headphones that help you disconnect – literally & figuratively.
Escape the everyday with your favorite tune or audiobook and disconnect from your surroundings and from the headache of tangled wires.
The primary distinction between these headphones and others on the market is the Active Noise Cancellation technology, which unlike passive noise isolating designs, actively cancels ambient noise for focused listening.

Premium Stereo Drivers
Want a powerful pair of bass headphones? The two high-end drivers crank out powerful, thumping bass, prominent mids and truly sparkling highs. The driver units measure in at 40mm and feature an impressive frequency range of 20hz-20khz.

Rechargeable Battery
The built-in rechargeable battery charges in a rapid 3 hours, it provides for up to 16 hours of continuous music playback or up to 18 hours of talk time on a single charge. (Max rating at 50% volume.)

Comfort & Convenience
The supple leather ear cups & headband rest softly for endless hours of fatigue-free listening – making them perfect as headphones. An inline remote and microphone add convenience: take hands-free calls & resume your music with no hiccups. Safely store your headphones in the slim, ultra-protective carrying case.

Luxurious Style & Detail
The lightweight aluminum housing features zinc alloy metal detailing, while the ear cups are swathed in gorgeous protein leather. The BÖHM B-66 outfits you with a high level of luxury that’s rarely found in headphones – at any price point.

PLEASE NOTE – Take care adjusting the Headphones as severe manipulation of the Headphones can damage them. Go to Top

1. Audio Technica ATH-M4ox -Best Professional Headphones

The Audio Technica was established in 1962 and it has grown into a group of companies mainly providing designing, manufacturing audio products. The M-Series ATH-M40x studio monitor headphones provide amazing sound quality at a variety of frequency range. Let’s discuss it in detail.

Let’s discuss its features in detail to know why it is called as one of the best over ear headphones under 100.

The company has provided not only the quality but also made a stylish product. Its sleek and stylish design provides it durability and makes it portable. When you are using this product, it appears great on you which is an added value of the product.

Loaded with new technology and robust construction, Audio Technica ATH-M40x studio monitor headphones include 40 mm drivers and copper – clad aluminum wire voice coils which make them a powerful sound machine. This advance technology is not found in most of the product of same category so you need to give value to it.

Provide amazing sound isolation with the help of specially designed ear cups when there is noise around. High quality ear pad and head pad guarantees quality and comfort. The headphones are also collapsible along with having two detachable cables. Comfort is one of the preferences for everyone so you need to check this feature out.

You can conveniently monitor any kind of sound or a beat in the studio along with DJ monitoring because of the high quality pro-grade robust construction. As an expert, you need to look into the sounds more closely so you need to have the right tools for it and Audio Technica has provided all the experts an opportunity to do so.

With contoured ear cups the sound isolation is guaranteed and many critics have talked about these qualities online because of the unmatchable combination of sound quality and comfort for long hours. One of the biggest problems with headphones is that you need them to give you quality sound at every place whether crowded or not so now you don’t need to worry about it.




  •   Not durable.

There are a number of professional headphones available in the market but if you have to pick one from the best of the lot you can trust on Audio Technica ATH-M40x studio monitor headphones because of the quality, comfort and the reliability these provide. Using these headphones is going to be your best experience. Go try them, it’s a safe bet guys.

What other says,

If you’re looking for an excellent pair of monitoring headphones and don’t want to drop a bunch of cash, these are a great pick.soundguys


Best In Ear Headphones Under 100

2. Diskin Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

Diskin Tech are the makers of these Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth headphones. They are known for the superior quality and sleek design of their audio products. These headphones provide you the high quality sound even at crowded places by cancelling the noise from the surroundings. 

Let’s discuss its features in detail.

Colorful sleek design of the product makes it extremely attractive for the users along with providing durability to the product. They don’t only sound good but also they look excellent so it is a win win situation for the customers.

This product is available in various sizes from 3.6 inches to 9.6 inches. Extremely light weight as it weighs only 1.8 pounds. So you can choose according the size you can handle easily.  It is one of the best headphones among its type in the market.

It contains a lithium ion battery with a talk time up to 18 hours making it one of the most batteries timing efficient product of its kind in the market. So now you can listen music for continuously 18 hours without even having to charge the product in between.

With incredible sound quality having 40mm Stereo drivers delivering audiophile beats & inline microphone, you can use it 10 meters away from your phone or laptop. This gives you the power of listening anything you want without even having to sit so closer to your laptop or mobile which is a feature to look for.

The product doesn’t take much space in the bag or backpack due to its compact size. You cannot fold the ear cups but they lay flat and cause no hurdle in packing. Take them wherever you want while travelling from one place to another.

You are able to fully control the functionality of the product with the help of few buttons. You can turn the volume up or down and even listen to a call in between. In this way these headphones give you a lot of ease.

  •   Work well for noise canceling.
  •   Good Sound Quality.
  •   Perfect for traveling.
  •   Stable and stylish.
  •   Super cool design.
  •   Minimal Leakage.


  •   Clamping Pressure.
  •   Flimsy material.

So, it is all about it.  It has many exceptional features with few cons. Although some quality issues are there, yet the overall ground-breaking product with wide range of designs available is seemingly wonderful. Choice is yours. But, it is recommended from our side because of its excellent sound quality, sleek and stylish design and awesome travel working.Go to Top

3. H501 Active Noise Cancelling Over-ear Headphones

Active Noise Cancelling Over Ear Headphones with HI-Fi,20Hours for Music time Travel and Office Computer, Lightweight air Travel -Wired Black from FMLOVES

Everybody loves that the noise should be minimized when they are listening to music or trying to compose something so that they can concentrate properly and enjoy it. A number of noise cancelling headsets have been introduced in the market during past few years but there are only few who have stood out to the expectations related to them. H501 active noise cancelling over-ear headphones are one of these products who have proven the critics wrong and have provided the solution for this problem.

Let’s discuss its features in detail to know why it is called as one of the best over ear headphones under 100.

This product gives you a lot of comfort due to its soft ear cups so that you can listen to music for hours without any issue. Most of the time, you feel pain when you remove the headphones after a bit of time because of the stiffness but H501 active noise cancelling headphones have solved this problem in a great way

  •   Effective noise cancelling.
  •   Wonderful sound quality.
  •   Durable and lightweight.
  •   Well design and comfy.
  •   Great for travelling.
  •   Good battery life.
  •   Excellent casing.


50% re-stocking fee on return.

  •   Pressure on ears.


So, that’s it. Overall, it is an exceptional choice and most of the users have given it a decent rating online. The comfort ability level and the sound quality of the product makes it stand out among other headphones in the market. I shall honestly suggest you to buy one, and you will be proud of your choice for sure.  Give it a try.Go to Top


4. Razer Kraken Over Ear Headphones

Razer Nari Ultimate for Xbox One Wireless 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset: Hypersense Haptic Feedback - Auto-Adjust Headband - Green Lighting - Retractable Mic - for Xbox One - Black/Green (Renewed)

Razer is a famous American company. It mainly focuses on PC gaming laptops, gaming tablet computers and headphones etc. Over Ear E-Panda Hooligan Headphones is its another exceptional innovation. These are made to provide the best sound quality along with comfort and durability. Because of these qualities, it is called as one of the best over the headphones under 50.

The design is extremely nice and colorful and the company has put a great effort into this aspect.

With 40 mm neodymium drivers, the sound quality is premium for the users especially in mid-range nodes which is not common in most of the products of this kind. With foldable earcups,  it is extremely portable and you can easily keep it with yourself while going from one place to another.

Though it has no inline volume control or voice integration which makes the product not fit for gaming yet it is of great value because you can enjoy heavy bass music even in crowded places because it provides great noise isolation.

This headset is quite comfortable to put over your ears because of the super soft, spongy and deep ear cups and a headband which doesn’t put much pressure on your head. In this way, they may get fold nice and neat. They have memory foam to keep your head very comfortable even for long period of consistent use.

Comfort always comes first so you don’t have to worry about it if you have this product.


Another great aspect of this product is that it feels weightless because of the lightweight (about 280g/.62lbs) materials being used in its construction.

  •   Surprisingly light and durable.
  •   Good for gaming and music.
  •   Comfortable and snug fit.
  •   Sweet sorcerers sound.
  •   Good folding features.
  •   Supports heavy bass.


  •   No microphone.
  •   Large size.

Buying this product shall be a no brainer. Captivating quality is not going to disappoint you anyway, except the absence of micro-phone is something worth consideration. But  for the conclusion, there is nothing much to say but recommending this product. Celebrity branding aside, this headset is best suited for rock, rap, and pop. Ultimate choice is yours.Go to Top

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