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Top10 Best Selling Electric Shaver For Men’s 2019-2020- 50% off

Best Electric Shaver For Men 2019-2020

Best Electric Shaver 2019

Best Electric Shaver 2019-2020-Easily find the  best head shaver 2019 for you.  Actually it is difficult to find Best Electric Shaver, so we created  a list of Top 10 Best Electric Shavers for Sensitive Skin -2019 .You can easily get the  best electric razor/ shaver list. So finding the best electric shaver list, go to the  list we have made. best men’s electric razor 2019,Best Electric Shaver Under $150 in 2019-2020.Best Electric Shaver Under $75/$100 in 2019-2020.

Find the best electric shaver 2019 on the market in 2018-2019. Read electric shaver reviews and comments from shaver experts. Each shaver is manually reviewed and tested. We categorize and analyze all the information about each shaver so you can compare electric shavers or check the list of top shavers. The electric shaver is one of the most popular choices for men to use to shave away excess facial hair. Electric shavers have been around for nearly 100 years. The first electric razor was patented by Colonel Jacob Schick, back in 1928, with a long cord for plugging into the wall, and since then the electric shaver has evolved into a compact cordless unit that can be automatically charged with a battery pack.Coffeemaker, Refrigerator,Ice Maker, Best Rice Cooker,Best Toaster Oven

  Best Electric Shaver 2019-Review

Best Electric Shaver For men 2019-2020 Chart

Model name





Braun Series 9-9095cc Best Seller




Braun Series 7 790cc Best Seller




Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4




Wahl Professional 8061-100 Best Seller




Philips Norelco Shaver 6400




Remington PG6025  Best Seller




Philips Norelco 1250X/40




Panasonic ES8103S Arc3  Best Seller




Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 8900


$99 29% Off


How to Choose the Best Electric Shaver for 2019?

In the world of men’s hygiene, it can be difficult to choose between all of the different brands and find the top rated razors amongst all the varied and attractive products released.  Groom+Style know that finding the best electric shaver to suit your specific skin type, facial hair and personal preferences is not easy.

Those who prefer the quick and easy shave they get from an electric razor, find it’s easy to be confounded when trying to choose from the hundreds of models now on the market: two, three, four or five blades; foil or rotary; wet/dry, precision heads, flex motion – there’s no way to sort through all of the competing ad claims and confusing descriptions without trying them all.

Unless, of course, you happen to have a list of the top 5 best electric shavers & razors handy. Thankfully, you do. Websites that provide detailed lists and reviews like ours are hard to find, and the Groom+Style review team have put in the research to make it worth your while.

After a great deal of research and personal testing, the review team have arrived at a list comprising of the very best electric shaver (s) that  2017 has to offer. These are the products that are serious men’s hygiene tools – no gimmicks, no toys or marketing ploys, just great products.

An excellent electric razor may be the most important men’s companion when it comes to effective hygiene. If we take a moment to consider how much time and effort women spend taking care of a tiny portion of hair covering their eyebrows and eyelids, it seems absurd for men to settle with whatever convenient shaver they may find on sale at the local supermarket. We can do better than that and owe it to ourselves to do so.

What Factors to Consider When Choosing an Electric shaver/Razor?

Choosing an excellent electric razor is a process that should be determined by a number of important factors including: comfort, ease of cleaning, closeness of the shave provided, shaving performance, overall value for the manufacturer’s asking price, and durability.

By taking all of these factors into consideration, the Groom+Style review team have arrived at a comprehensive list detailing the very best electric razors released for Sep. 2017. Our selection standard is highly advanced and objective, and Groom+Style will keep ahead of the trends by updating our list when a new or more sophisticated shaving solution arrives on the market.

Just one look through any dedicated website or forum will offer more questions than answers – should I use a foil or a rotary shaver? Will 3-blades, 4-blades or even 5-blades give me the closest shave? How can I know that I am choosing the right shaver before I buy it? Should I just give up and spend $400 on one of those old barbershop-style straight razors?

Below is the table which shows the top 10 best electric shaver 2018. Each and every shaver is chosen by our

Best Electric Shaver 2020 – Reviews

Best Electric Shaver Overall

1.Braun Series 7 790CC – For Customized Shaver


Braun Series 7 790cc-7 Electric Shaver for Men with Clean & Charge System, Premium Silver Cordless Razor, Razors, Shavers, Pop up Trimmer, Travel CaseBraun is considered one of the best electric shavers from Germany. Today, we have picked the most popular shaver in the Braun series called 790CC.

In our study, we found that Braun series 7 is the top-most rated series coming from the manufacturer and the model 790cc is the hottest selling electric shavers in the world. It still continues to be one of the best electric shavers in the industry, and it gets #1 ranking in our best electric shaver 2018 list. Okay, that’s a lot of praise, now let’s take a look at some features that make the model a bang for users buck.

First and foremost, the shaver offers a close and smooth shave when compared to the other shavers we’ve used so far. Even in terms of features, Series 7 790cc is better than most other electric shavers that we have used and reviewed over the months. The face of the shaver comprises three trimmers out of which two are called “OptiFoil” and the other one is called “ActiveLift”. The former is very effective when it comes to removing more facial hair in just a couple of strokes while the latter goes deeper and trims down the short and growing hairs.It makes sense to know that the Series 7 790cc is a Pulsonic electric razor is capable of generating 10,000 micro vibrations per 60 seconds and ultimately helps cover more hair in less stroke, which is also one of the major highpoints of this electric shaver from Braun.

The head of the shaver is pretty flexible and moves smoothly over facial skin. The manufacturers claim that the Series 7 790cc model comprises an alcohol based cleaning and charging dock that can effectively kill 99% of the bacteria present on the skin in just a single use. What’s more, there are three custom modes called Normal, Intensive, and Extra Sensitive to let users choose their preferred mode and get the best shaving experience. The modes can be chosen according to your hair and skin type. Besides these, the shaver also comes with a pop-up trimmer for leveling down the beard and mustache.

No matter how good a product, downsides are not uncommon. This one has a drawback in the fact that it lacks the popular Wet & Dry technology which is used in some of its counterparts. Nevertheless, people who prefer to have this feature in their shaver can opt for the model’s cousin version called Braun 799cc, which is quite pricier.

In a nutshell, I must admit that the Braun series 7 790cc is probably the best electric shaver 2017, and my personal favorite too. There are so many good things about the shaver – the built design is good, there are three trimmers for improved efficiency, then there is the cleaning dock, pivoting head, and there are custom modes all designed to give the user the best shaving experience. Another major reason why I consider this the best is because it’s quite affordable when compared to most other electric shavers in our lineup but does a better job than many other shavers.GO TO TOP


    • Personalization Modes
    • Impressive Built Quality
    • Automatic cleaning
    • Affordable
    • Flexible
  • Best shaving experience


  • Lack of the popular Wet & Dry Technology

Best Electric Shaver Cheap

Braun Series 9 9095CC – With The New Direct & Cut System


Braun Series 9-9095cc Wet and Dry Foil Shaver for Men with Cleaning Center, Electric Men's Razor, Razors, Shavers, Cordless Shaving SystemLet’s review another electric razor from Braun and see what it brings to the table that its cousin versions don’t.

At first glance, the Braun 9095CC model sports a shiny chrome plastic on the outside and looks cool.

This one is pretty similar to the 790cc model in terms of functionality, with the only major difference being that it comes with an additional trimmer called “Direct & Cut”. The trimmer aligns the randomly growing facial hairs and trims them down in depth. The other difference is that instead of the ActiveLift trimmer from 790cc, the 9095cc model comes with a HyperLift trimmer which is much more improved and powerful when it comes to shaving off the flat hairs.

The manufacturers claim that Braun 9095 Pulsonic electric shaver easily generates up to 40,000 cross-cutting actions per 60 seconds, however this is not to be confused with the 10,000 micro vibrations produced by 790cc. So, what that means is, the 9095 model gives you a better close shave than 790cc. And yeah, it also has the pop-up trimmer, which is good news for users.

If you wonder why the 9095 model, despite having more features than 790cc, is only #2 and not #1 in our list, then we’d like to highlight some reasons for you.

The 9095 model is made of plastic whereas the 790cc model is made of metal. Secondly, you’ll end up paying a lot more money for Braun 9095 if you have a normal beard and have the habit of shaving every day. But yeah, there is no denying that you’ll find the 9095 model is more skin-friendly and comfortable than the 790cc model.

Braun series 9 9095cc retains most of the features from Braun 790cc plus it also comes with the popular Wet & Dry technology, which makes it ideal for dry and oily skin. However, before purchasing the shaver, I would advice to please go check out this quick comparison between Braun Series 7 and Braun Series 9.

To conclude, we’d like to say that Braun Series 9 9095cc comes with a range of impressive features like the Wet & Dry technology which make it a compelling choice for every regular shaver, especially for those who crave for the best shaving experience from a shaver. Not to mention the fact that the extra trimmer in the 9095 model does a dandy job of closely trimming down randomly growing hairs in different directions.GO TO TOP


    • Comes with a powerful extra trimmer called “Direct & Cut”
    • Offers a better close shaving experience
    • Includes the Wet & Dry Technology
  • 40,000 Cross cutting actions


    • An unimpressive built quality (made of Plastic)
  • Expensive (not ideal for the budget-conscious buyers)

Best Electric Shaver Under 100

Panasonic Arc 5 – With Five Powerful Foils

If a close shave is what matters more to you, then look no further than Panasonic Arc 5. Many people return to manual razors because their electric razor, which promised more “close shaves” let them down. If you’re one of those who lost hope in electric shavers, then we recommend you to try Panasonic Arc 5, and you might probably change your decision.

Panasonic is a leading Japanese brand that gives top most priority to quality. Its top notch electric shaver the Arc 5 is a foil shaver and comes with five powerful blades that offer unbelievably close shaves. If you have a thick and heavy beard, and are used to shaving on a weekly or bi-monthly basis, then the Arc 5 could be your best electric shaver. It comes with a cleaning and charging dock, and there is an LED panel to alert you of the battery life.

The electric razor comes with a 14,000 CPM linear motor, which saves you from the pulling and tugging troubles associated with the other ineffective electric shavers available in the market. Much like the Braun electric shavers, the Arc 5 is very effective when it comes to trimming the beard and mustache in fewer strokes.

Panasonic Arc 5 comes with five foils that are of three different types. Here’s is a quick description of them:GO TO TOP

    • ​Three Slit Foils to trim down long and thick hairs.

      Three Slit Foils to trim down long and thick hairs.
  • ​One Lift-Tech trimmer to cut down the randomly growing flat hairs.

    One Lift-Tech trimmer to cut down the randomly growing flat hairs.

    ​ One Finishing foil to effectively trim down hairs that are growing out in multiple directions and have been overlooked by the other trimmers.

    One Finishing foil to effectively trim down hairs that are growing out in multiple directions and have been overlooked by the other trimmers.

In terms of features and functionality, we liked everything about Panasonic Arc 5. But, when it comes to shaving comfort, we’d say there are other better electric shavers out there. The head of Arc 5 is quite big and feels bulky on the hand. If you have sensitive skin, then a close shave is what you might prefer and in that case, the Arc 5 would be a great choice.

However, if you are already happy with the electric shaver which you are using right now, and you don’t have a thick beard, then I’d suggest you to not purchase an Arc 5. Arc 4 would make an even better choice.

Arc 5 deserves a 5-star rating when it comes to performance. Without a doubt, it is one of the best electric shavers made by Panasonic in terms of performance. However, I would like to remind you people again that you can’t expect a great “comfortability” from this shaver. Yet many people use it for the dozens of positives it brings to the table, so if you wish, you can try it and see if its suits your skin and hair.

Panasonic Arc 5 gets a 3rd ranking in our list for a reason!


    • Undoubtedly, the best electric shaver for close shaving
    • Best shaver for thick and heavy beards
    • Presence of a pivoting head and five powerful trimmers in the head
  • Has the Wet & Dry Electric Shaver technology


    • Itchy and not well-suited for sensitive skin type
  • Lacks comfort

Best Electric Shaver Under 50

Panasonic Arc 4 – One Of The Best Shavers 2018


There is one more shaver from the Panasonic family which we would like to review, and it’s called Panasonic Arc 4. It’s similar to the Arc 5, which we just reviewed but one difference being that this one has four blades and lacks a charging dock. Just like its cousin version, Arc 4 also gives incredibly close shaves but on the flip side it isn’t all that comfortable.

Panasonic Arc 4 has most of the good features that its latest version Arc 5 has, but it lacks a trimmer on the head plus it lacks the charging and cleaning docks. However, it has a powerful four-blade shaving system, which is more improved and sharp when compared to most other electric shavers in the market. Yes, a smooth and close shave is guaranteed with this shaver every time. That makes it one of the best electric shavers available in the market today.

The blades in the shaver are highly durable and are capable of pivoting at 30 degrees in multiple directions. What’s more, there is the built-in 14,000 CPM dual action motor which adds more power to the shaver.

A fully charged Arc 4 battery runs for up to 40 minutes, which we feel is quite less than the 50-minute power backup from other electric shavers in the market.GO TO TOP


    • One of the most inexpensive but powerful electric shavers in our list.
  • Built-in LED Panel to alert you about the motor speed and battery charge.


    • Not very comfortable to handle
  • Lacks the cleaning and charging dock (and that’s also one of the reasons why it’s low-priced).

Best Affordable Electric Shaver

2019-Wahl Professional 8061 – The most complete shaver for Sensitive Skin 2018

Wahl is more suited for professionals like barbers who have to offer a clean shave every time. Otherwise, their customers are going to show up elsewhere. The best thing about Wahl Professional 8061 is that it’s reasonably priced, bump-free, and has a powerful electric razor which does the job very well.

The shaver is powered by Dynaflex cutting technology which helps ensure that the razor is able to reach out to the farther areas like jawline and neck and trim down the hair over the place more efficiently. The advanced technology only adds more power to the shaver so that users can avoid having cuts and burns while getting in contact with a sharp razor. Another great thing about the 8061 is that it comprises hypoallergenic foils that help deliver a close and smooth shave every time. What’s more, it also offers protection against bacteria.

These features make Wahl Professional 8061 one of the best shavers for people with sensitive skin.

The shaver has a great build design. It’s made of plastic but feels much better in the hand. So you don’t even have to get an expensive metal or aluminum shaver for the sake of getting a premium feel. There is also a pop-up trimmer which makes trimming a lot easier. If you are someone that prefers to keep the Monday morning beard and mustache, then the Wahl Professional shaver could be your best bet.

Before getting ready to order online, you must however know that this is basically a finishing shaver which is more suited for stubble length hairs than others. In other words, it’s more appropriate for people who shave on a daily basis; if not, please check out the other shavers in our list.

One of the minor drawbacks of the Wahl Professional shaver is that it vibrates so much when in use, and that could be annoying to some users.

So, overall this shaver is an ideal choice for users having sensitive skin, thanks to the hypoallergenic foil heads. The shaver comes with a pretty good battery backup, so you can carry it while travelling to distant locations as well. It’s intuitive, easy to use, and guarantees a clean shave for everyone. Overall, it’s definitely one of the best electric shavers and a great bang for your buck.GO TO TOP


    • Comes with hypoallergenic Foil Heads (and for this reason, it’s the best electric shaver for sensitive skin)
    • Nice build design
    • Offers clean shaves
    • Has a long Battery Life, hence is travel-friendly
  • Reasonably priced


    • Gets heated up in just a few minutes
    • Vibrates intensely in the hand
    • Uncomfortable to hold when vibrating
    • No Wet & Dry technology
  • Ideal for hairs of stubble length only

Best Selling Electric Shaver

Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D – The Best Multi-Feature Shaver 2019

Next on our list is an electric shaver that can be called the king of Rotary shavers. Yes, grabbing the fourth position in our top 10 electric shavers 2017 list is the Philips Norelco Sensotouch 3D, which is very effective in shaving both the beard and hair on the head.

In our analysis, we found this one to be the best rotary shaver in terms of comfort – it really sticks to the skin and moves around smoothly giving a very clean, close shave.

It has three round foils in the head which smoothly hover around the contours of the face. The foils can move upwards, downwards, and even tilt and spin equally well, and this is one of the most impressive features of the shaver. Besides that, there is the pivoting head that covers all the stubble and hair on the face giving a close shave. All these features make the SensoTouch 3D the best electric shaver 2017 for close shave lovers, and more so for the bald men. The makers have labeled the head “GyroFlex 3D” because it is capable of moving in a three dimensional pattern, and that is definitely a standout feature of the model.

Also, there is another awesome feature called the “Super Lift&Cut” which is pretty much like the Lift-Tech in Panasonic shavers and ActiveLift in the Braun Series shavers. Besides facial hair, it also cuts down the hair on the jawline and neck very effectively, which some shavers don’t. What’s more, it also catches randomly growing hairs, flat hairs, and stubbles at ease. Awesome, right?

Okay, now let’s review the downsides of the shaver. The first drawback we found was that the model looks very good at first glance when you hold it, it feels like a lower end shaver. In other words, the grip isn’t too comfortable at all. Worst of all, it is made of plastic and rubber and not metal. The built-in battery has to be replaced when it goes out of order, which is another downside of the razor.

On the whole, the SensoTouch 3D is an improved version of a rotary shaver and has all the latest features that any man would look for in a top class electric shaver. It gives close shaves that are very fast, smooth, and comfortable. However, a few downsides have put the shaver down in our list.GO TO TOP


    • Three Independent Foils on the head
    • The head is capable of moving in three dimensions, which is a unique feature of the shaverComfortable and close shaves
  • Inclusion of Wet & Dry technology


    • Low class Built design (made of plastic and rubber)
    • Replacement of parts is very expensive (and this is a serious problem)
    • Built-in battery that is irreplaceable
  • Can be charged only using the dock and not the cord.

2019-Philips Norelco AT830 – Wet & Dry Technology

Launched in 2012, Philips Norelco AT830 has been around for quite some time and many people consider it as one of the best electric shavers in the market today. If rotary shavers over foil are what you are looking for on a very affordable budget, then AT830 could be a great choice.

It comes with the popular Wet & Dry technology and is a PowerTouch shaver which packs more enticing features and very few drawbacks. The head can be pivoted a bit, but not like the SensoTouch which is 3-dimensional.

The DualPrecision Technology of the shaver helps the head to effectively get rid of short stubbles and lengthy hairs with no trouble whatsoever. That means you’re sure to get a clean and close shave every time.

Like the Wahl professional shaver, this one too comes with a powerful pop-up trimmer. It comes with a reliable batter which gives a backup of 50 minutes when charged fully for up to 60 minutes. What’s even better is that you can do up to 10 shaves with a fully charged Philips Norelco AT830. Amazing, isn’t it?

The main reason why people prefer rotary shavers is that they are more reliable when it comes to getting a clean and comfortable shave per use. And Norelco AT830 is a great fit giving users a smooth and comfortable shaving experience each time. However, be cautioned not to press the shaver too hard against your skin as that could cause cuts and burns. Use it on your skin like a tissue paper, and it will do a great job.

Diving deeper, Philips Norelco At830 is actually a mid-level electric shaver which packs some incredible features like the Wet & Dry Technology, Pop-up trimmer, DualPrecision system, pivoting head, and a better battery life which pretty much fulfills the need of an average user. In addition to that, it’s quite inexpensive when compared to the other shavers that have the same set of features. On the whole, you’ll love the shaver because it is easy to use, simple to clean, and gives a comfortable and close shave every time. Best of all, unlike the Wahl Professional shaver which we just reviewed, this doesn’t produce any vibration or sound, so you can comfortably use it in a quiet place as well.GO TO TOP


    • DualPrecision and Wet & Dry Technology
    • Doesn’t generate vibration or sound, hence is ideal in quiet places
    • Gives a comfortable shaving experience
    • Ideal for sensitive skin
    • Easy to clean
  • Affordable


  • Pivotal movement of the head is very limited

2019-Panasonic Arc 3 – A typical Cordless Electric Shaver

The best thing about Panasonic range of shavers is, they offer clean and close shaves. With that in mind, let’s review Panasonic Arc 3, one of the hottest selling electric shavers in its family.

This one packs a range of features such as an efficient pivoting head, the Wet & Dry Technology, LED indicator for timely alerts, incredibly sharp blades for extra closeness, and a much higher battery backup. That’s quite a lot considering the affordable pricing of the shaver, isn’t it?

Before you jump to a conclusion, let’s take a look at the other aspects too. Why such a low pricing? Well, the shaver lacks the charging and cleaning dock, which you can find in the other top-range shavers in our list, and even from Panasonic.

There are three nanotech blades in the razor, and they are best suited for sensitive skin. The pivoting head effortlessly moves in all directions and reaches the face contours to give you an irritation-free shaving experience.

To sum it up, this shaver from Panasonic packs some good features and is inexpensive too. Of course, there are some disadvantages such as the absence of the cleaning and charging dock but if you are looking for the basic features for an affordable pricing, then the Arc 3 is a great choice. And yeah, unlike Braun CoolTec, this one is compatible with shaving fluids such as gel and cream. You can use it even if you have dry skin.GO TO TOP


    • Extremely sharp blades that are skin-friendly
    • Close and Smooth shave
    • Wet & Dry technology
  • Comes with LED Panel


    • Generates noise
    • Short battery life
    • Not ideal for thick facial hair
  • No cleaning and charging dock

Remington F5-5800 – The Most Affordable Shaver

Remington is a brand well known for introducing a range of basic and mid-range shavers. In fact, the newest technology of cordless recharging was introduced by them. This one is a foil-type shaver that is both affordable and extremely functional. The head of the shaver consists of one trimmer and two foils.

The head gives a very comfortable shave – it can move upward, downward, and sideways smoothly and trim down hairs under the lips and near the neck very smoothly. There won’t be any irritation or cuts if you do it slowly.

That said, you might not particularly like the shaver for its build design. It’s made of plastic and doesn’t give a premium feel in the hand. The blades need to be replaced once in three or four months, so the extra expenses could be quite high. Another drawback of the shaver is that, although it gives a smooth shaving experience, the shaves are not as close as we’ve seen with other shavers in the list. If a close shave is what you are hankering for, then please check out Panasonic Arc 3. The shaver generates noise, and is not ideal in a quiet place.

But, on the whole, it’s one of the best electric shavers if you don’t worry too much about the negative aspects.GO TO TOP


    • Inexpensive
    • Effective pivoting Head
  • Gives comfortable shaves


    • Poor build material (made of plastic)
    • Generates noise
    • Extra expense for frequent replacements
  • Doesn’t give close shaves

Braun CoolTec – Best shaver for all skin types

Here is one more from Braun, and it’s called CoolTec. Unlike the other models in its lineup, this time around Braun comes up with a top notch shaver that is well suited for sensitive skin. It is powered by the Thermoelectric Cooling technology that acts as an enhancer giving a soothing experience on the skin.

It features the Wet & Dry technology which is ideal for both dry and oily skin. It is also water-resistant meaning you can use water for cleaning the shaver.

The Cooling technology is one of the most notable aspects of this shaver. It helps generate a cooling sensation on the skin while shaving, and it’s 100% suited for people with sensitive skin. It doesn’t cause irritation or cuts, and we feel this is another big plus point about the shaver. That means you can have a clean shave and come out with no cuts or burning sensation. Sounds good, right? Wait, there’s more.

Braun CoolTec is also the ultimate shaver for people who are worried about other mediocre not doing the job for them when it comes to trimming down hairs that grow randomly. This particular feature is powered by what is called the SensoBlade Technology.

A fully charged battery gives up to 45 minutes of backup so you can use it for short distance travel just in case you didn’t find the time to get a nice shave at home. But, with the cooling feature on, the shaver gives only up to 15 minutes on 60 minutes charging.

Talking about the negative aspects, please keep in mind that this shaver isn’t compatible with any gel, soap, foam, or any shaving fluid for that matter.

On the whole, Braun CoolTec is a one of a kind shaver with more positives and just a couple of negatives (incompatibility with external fluids and short battery life). Yet, the positive aspects are good enough to ensure that you get a clean, smooth shave every time.


    • Wet & Dry Electric Technology
    • Best for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin
    • TEC technology
  • Impressive build Design


    • Low battery backup
  • Incompatible with external fluids

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Cheap electric Shavers:

What else is Important When Choosing the best razor for shaving your head?

Electric male head shavers were created to counteract the dominance of manual razors, which had lasted for countless years. There is a great deal of hassle involved with using these manual razors. All of them require that you use some kind of gel, cream, or soap to better help remove the hairs as you like and present a big risk of nicks.

Electric hair shavers are more effective in this task, in that they do not require any kind of extra help to remove the unwanted hair. The key is that the electric hair shavers tend to roll up hair as they go along the set path, making it easier to pull hair out from the scalp. This is critical, because instead of shaving the same spot over and over again with the manual razor, you are able to shave more effectively within two or three moves. This is key as it prevents any kind of unnecessary contact between blades and skin which as we all know causes rashes, cuts, and nicks on a very sensitive area of the body.

Electric shavers are also cordless, which is very advantageous when you do not want to be limited in your movements. The cordless feature of these razors allow you to clip, cut, trim and shave in a more comfortable manner, without any restrictions. Needless to say this is an important feature for the best razor for shaving heads.
There is much to be learned before using the electric head shaver though, because they are made to be so efficient, much care is needed when using them. One must watch carefully and pay attention to the movements when setting the razor on a path. For example it is important not to sink the blades too deep into your scalp or you will feel massive irritation.

Choose electric shavers that allow ultimate control in their design, ergonomically. Machines with added grip features tend to help with overall control much easier, and by so doing help eliminate any accidental cuts and scratches.

How We Picked and Tested

We picked our top five head shavers by distilling down from a list of 40 products which we researched for over 4 years.

Through a variety of means, including review tracking, and taking in the input of trusted grooming experts, we were able to find out which products were actually high quality and which ones were only aesthetically pleasing.

The real world testing we performed actually proved to be highly beneficial. There are several of these electric men’s head shaving machines on the market. The consumer is expected to research each one before picking one; we eliminated the need for this time consuming project by testing these products on some select volunteers.

With a combination of these volunteers and the grooming experts we were able to clearly define which machines would stand up to our test. Is this machine durable? Does it cut efficiently and effectively? Are the blades conducive to a bleeding-free shave? How does the design help with giving control to the person shaving? How easy is it to clean this machine? Does the price reflect the full value of the electric head shaver? These are all questions we set out to answer with the our tests.

Thankfully, we eliminated this process for each individual consumer; meaning that there is no longer any need for you to waste your time choosing the best razor for shaving your head. The volunteers gave us great feedback which helped us further distill down the data which is available for free in the attached report. They also helped us pick out some new areas to consider, for example, while some machines do cut efficiently and effectively, how comfortable the experience itself is, was something we now had to consider. You want the machine to be to effective, but not at the cost of making your shave uncomfortable.

Without further ado, we will here present the list of the 5 best machines we found based on: Value, Energy Conservation, Added Features, Design, and Efficiency. These five areas cover the most important aspects that each best head shaver must excel in.

Our Top Five Product List

We have analyzed 22 of the most important features for each of our chosen products. We further distilled that down to the five key aspects that really determine the success or failure of head-shaving groomers. Our research remains open for our readers to peruse at your leisure. To access our free research results, we simply ask that you take the time to like, subscribe, or follow us on the various social media sites we provide below. You are able to freely read these data points in our research once you have done that. Join us on our social media sites for even more benefits as we share some of our thoughts on proper shaving technique, and other pertinent information regarding what it takes to make every shaving experience a good one.

For each product in our top five list we provide a small explanation of the reasoning why we chose that very product. We will then go on to detail the review of the product based on the five point system that serves to highlight the most important aspects of each product.

Our Pick: Braun Series 7 790cc Cordless Electric Foil Shaver for Men with Clean and Charge Station

 Why we chose this as our pick

  1. Braun Series 7 790cc : best razor for shaving headThe Braun Series 7 790cc is our pick for best head hair remover machine on the market. There are several reasons why, which will be further detailed as we go along. This machine was picked because it not only passed our five point system, but was also recommended by the experts we aligned ourselves with. The following are some of the reasons why.
  2. We have analyzed 22 features for each product that we have selected. While this product does not possess the maximum number of positive features, it has the most relevant and important features by which each of our shavers is critiqued. If you would take a look at our attached report, you will be able to verify that this product wins on the most important aspects. This machine is usable in wet or dry conditions as it runs on a lithium-ion battery which is fully charged in an hour and provides 55 minutes of cordless high powered shaving. An attached LCD screen lets you know exactly how much time you have got in cordless mode, and also how many minutes before the charge is complete; making the charging process much more efficient. With 2X OptiFoil technology, you are able to cut your hair as short as 0.05 millimeters for a closer shave than most other products on the market.
  3. Our pick is slightly higher priced than most other products on the list, however it is worth every penny paid as the clean, smooth and close to perfect shave it provides makes up for the price you pay for it.
  4. This machine also collected 30 positive reviews in a matter of 12 days, making it one of the most purchased and reviewed products on the market. The first 10 reviews came in 5 days, the next 10 in 3 days and the 10 left in 4 days. That is incredible because most shavers do not even get close in terms of frequency in ratings.
  5. The real reason this machine blew the others out of the water is because of its Intelligent Sonic technology. This technology allows our best head shaver machine to self determine whether a particular patch needs more torque and adjusts automatically to match the difficulty of the shave, making it a machine that is far above the others. That technology alone is enough to make its pricing justified.
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Braun Series 7 790cc Review

Our pick is our pick because of what we consider to be an immeasurable intangible. Meaning while it passes everything on our five key scale, it has something beyond those which makes it more amazing than the rest. The following is an honest review of this machine based on our five point scale.


Taking one look at our research results in the attached spreadsheet shows this product to be the most expensive, so why exactly is it our main pick? It is our belief here at Instant Grooming that this product, with all its added features is worth the price charged for it. Anyone with a budget between $140 and $160 should be able to purchase it. It is the highest priced electric head shaving machine on our list, however the price reflects the quality in this situation.

Energy Conservation:

With a one hour charge, you are able to shave for 50 minutes. This is amongst the best battery strengths of all the ones we tested. The cordless time is critical because it determines the versatility of the machine. To be able to shave from anywhere without losing any power is a testament to the fantastic ability of this machine.

Added Features:

The SmartShaver technology that comes with this machine allows it to automatically adjust to any problem spots on your shave so that it raises torque for tougher hairs, making the shaving experience more consistent. Instead of having you, the shaver, press down further, the machine itself redirects energy for the best possible shaving solution.


With the added 8-D contour adaptation, we know that this machine is able to reach any spot without a single problem. It allows the shaving blades to bend in any way conducive to making the shaving process more effective making it the best razor for shaving the head. Customers praise this ability as they are able to reach any tough places.


Series 7 allows you to cut hair very closely to the root, while maintaining a gentle touch on the skin. This is critical for the best head shaver; you must get a clean and smooth shave while avoiding the usual nicks and scratches associated with shaving.


  • Smart Shaver technology
  • Cordless Run-time
  • 8-D Contour


  • Price
  • Added Features

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Advanced Pick: Panasonic ES-LV81-K Are5

Why Is It Our Advanced Pick?

  • Panasonic ES-LV81-K Are5: best razor for shaving headCertainly cheaper than our own pick, this machine has some great advanced features that we look for. As you can see per our attached report, this machine cuts at about 14000 cycles per minute, making it one of the more efficient cutters on our list.
  • With the foil technology it ensures that all facets of your shaving area are covered without missing a single hair. Further, it boasts 5 stainless steel, hypoallergenic NanoTech blades that give the closest possible shave; without much irritation or scratches. An impressive feat, as most experts agree that it is difficult to combine great power with great sensitivity.
  • As the highest priced machine on our list, significantly more than our pick, this machine possesses amazing features making it worth the price paid for it. It cuts extremely closely, and it does so with precise sensitivity. This gentle giant approach is very difficult to pull off and the price is a reflection of the craftsmanship it took to make such a thing possible.
  • This electric shaving machine, while certainly impressive, received reviews on a much slower frequency than our pick, likely due to its price. However it received reviews on a much higher frequency in comparison to some of the others. It received 10 reviews in the first 3 months, 10 more reviews in one month and then its third 10 reviews in 2 months. Certainly not as impressive, this is still a wonderful accomplishment.
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Panasonic ES-LV81-K Are5 Review

This machine, while being the most highest priced on our list here, gives enough value in features to justify what we may consider a ridiculous price for a shaver. Most customers who purchased this machine were proud of the ability it possessed; they argue that it is worth the price paid for it as it provides value in comfort and precision. The following is an honest review of this electric head shaver which we hope will help you make a decision.


This machine provides several features which make it worth its price. The value of the high quality motor drive, the multi-fit arc blades, and the ability to use this machine in wet or dry conditions shines through in the price. The price is, we must admit, very high. However the makers of this machine put a lot of work into making it a winner in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, making it worth the price paid for it.

Energy Conservation:

It boasts a 45 minute cordless runtime, as you can see on our attached report. This places it behind our pick, but above many others on the market. This can be attributed to the ability of this machine to adjust accordingly to any tough conditions that might be faced. Also, the LCD attachment drains much energy. Overall, the energy conservation of this machine is somewhat average.

Added Features:

The 10-stage Blue LCD display makes this a very competitive machine. Probably why it costs as much as it does. This LCD display tells you about the current status of the battery as well as suggestions on when to clean blades. This allows you to have a clean shave every time because there is never any leftover hairs from the previous shave.


This machine boasts a Multi-Flex pivoting razor head that allows for close shaves as the blades glide over the desired shaving area rather than digging firmly into it. It also comes with a pop-up trimmer that gives you the ability to form crisp edge-ups for mustaches and beards. The combination of these two features means that you are able to shave closely and smoothly; and simultaneously make all the edges very crisp.


Let us look no further than the fast, linear motor drive that powers this machine to 14000 cycle per minute. This means hairs are being picked up and cut at an astonishing rate. This machine should leave the shaving area devoid of any hair within two back and forth movements. It is worth the price simply for this ability: a motor that automatically increases power level to help get rid of any tough hairs.


  • Nanotech Blades
  • LCD Display
  • Pivoting Head
  • Motor

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Budget Pick: Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit

Why Is It Our Budget Pick?

  • Remington HC4250 : best razor for shaving headWith the second lowest price of every machine we tested, we have picked the Remington HC4250 as our budget pick. It has the most positive features we researched amongst the products we tested that is not the Advanced Pick or Our Pick. It is second lowest in cost and first in features; making it worthy of being our budget pick.
  • It boasts an equal cordless runtime as Our pick, but what makes it better is that it comes with 8 amazing attachments that makes it a versatile machine in a number of ways. The blades are made in such a way that it provides high quality shaving experience without the hassle of irritation.
  • This machine is possibly better than our advanced pick not only in terms of price but also in terms of frequency of reviews. It took months for our advanced pick to garner 30 reviews, however this machine received reviews on a much quicker scale than even our own pick. Within 8 days it had gained 30 reviews, making it one of the most popular machines on the market today.
  • The cherry on top of the cake is the amazing inbuilt settings that are provided by this machine. It has an emergency charging setting that allows the user to shave even without having charged the battery. This is something that none of the other products we tested even comes close to; especially at the price it is sold for.
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Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit Review

Our budget pick clearly has more to do with value than it does with price. This is the best razor for shaving your head, touting a high quality performance at a very low price. In terms of value provided, no other machine comes even close in this category. Below is a review of this wonderful, low priced, high value machine detailing exactly how it performs on our infamous five point scale. Please feel free to take a look at our attached report to understand better the reasoning behind our budget pick.


With a price under $60 and amazing list of added features provided by this machine, we know that it is worth every penny paid. The makers of this machine created a wonderful machine with the frugal spender in mind; knowing that lower priced items that offered higher value than most others on the market would succeed easily. We do not disagree. This machine is incredible and filled with features to the extent that we believe it should priced a great deal more than the current amount being asked for it.

Energy Conservation:

This Lithium Powered machine boasts of more torque and more power. It provides up to 40 minutes of cordless run time after a 4 hour charge. This is clearly less effective than our pick. It also has a quick 5 minute charge function that gives you some leeway when you forget to charge it for 4 hours.

Added Features:

With the additional 9 length combs that are included, you are able to shave down to the lowest level you wish without having to exert any further pressure. These attachments literally allow you to shave your head however you see fit; something most others cannot proudly speak of.


The machine comes with a rubberized grip for ultimate control as well as palm control. These two features when combined properly guarantee that you will never make any accidental slips during shaving. This is something most people fear when shaving such a sensitive part of their body. This machine gives you the ultimate control over your shaving destiny.


This lithium powered machine boasts of amazing torque which means that you are shaving with a high powered machine that does not miss hairs. This added power boost allows you to shave the toughest hairs without much pressure, making it comfortable and easy to use.


  • Price and value
  • Grips (Palm and Rubberized)
  • 9 length combs
  • Hypoallergenic blades suitable to the most sensitive skin types


  • Battery Life

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Best for Beginners: HeadBlade ATX All Terrain Head Razor

Why Is It Best for Beginners?

  • HeadBlade ATX: best razor for shaving headOf all the products we researched and tested, we found that the HeadBlade, so simply named is probably the easiest machine to use. That is why it is our pick for the best for beginners. It fits firmly in the hand to give the user ultimate control for reaching any side of the shaving area you prefer. You have control when shaving from the head, to the neckline to the area around the ears.
  • With the cutting edge stainless steel blades, this machine cuts precisely through all types of hair, whether difficult or soft. The manufacturers of this product created it with the beginner in mind and so the cost is also very small compared to most others on the market.
  • This machine received its first 30 reviews at a rather interesting rate that we cannot call fast, but perhaps moderate rate. The first 9 days saw it receive its first 10 reviews, followed by 10 more in the next 3 months and another 10 more 3 months after that. So while it is still very popular, it is not on the level of either our budget pick or our own pick. In other words, this is the best razor for shaving your head for the entry level user.
  • With the extra wide curved blades, this machine reaches the toughest places while giving you a clean non irritating shave, perfect for beginners who are still new to the process and would like to avoid shaving with too much pressure. This machine is powered in such a way that simply gliding over a patch of hair will cause its removal. Beginners must love this aspect of this manual head shaver as it requires the least amount of controlling to get the job done.
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HeadBlade ATX All Terrain Head Razor Review

The HeadBlade is the only manual machine on this list. The following is a detailed review of the machine. Please let us know if it is helpful.


This machine is the lowest priced out of all the machines on this list. It is a manual machine, which is reflected in the $10-$15 budget price. It offers a good comfortable shave that eliminates the “learning curve.” It is worth the price paid for it.

Energy Conservation:

This machine is a manual machine that does not come with a battery. It can be used at any point without charging. This makes it one of the more convenient choices. It is a versatile machine, and works well for people who are new to the shaving game.

Added Features:

It looks like a mini ATV which adds some aesthetic value to it. It allows you to shave all parts of the body including: face, legs, head, and back (if you can reach).


This machine comes with a comfortable and rubberized grip, making it an easily controlled machine. It gives you a great deal of control, which is necessary to avoid any kind of accidental shaving mistakes.


The HeadBlade ATX was made to help you efficiently shave your head very precisely to your liking. It is also very easy and fun as it allows you to be entertained by the ATV look. This machine comes with multi-blade technology designed to help you shave quickly and easily.


  • Price
  • Blades
  • Design


  • Awkward
  • No Torque adjustment

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5.Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 Men’s Electric Razor, 4-Blade Cordless with Wet/Dry Shaver Convenience review

ES-LA63-S Arc4: best razor for shaving headThe Panasonic ES-LA63 boasts an ergonomic design that allows the user to have complete control over the grooming process. Like all other Panasonic machines, you are able to even replace the blades on this electric head shaver. Making it not only affordable but also durable for years to come. The following review details how this machine performed as per our five point scaling system.


At a price between $100 and $130 this machine is less expensive than our pick however it is more expensive than our budget pick. However it offers a list of amazing features that make up of the price paid for it. The value it provides is much more than the pice you will be paying for it.

Energy Conservation:

This machine, according to customers, can last up to 4-5 years before being replaced. The battery life is a real problem area here because many customers also complain about the machine running out of battery too early on. In our research we found that this machine works extremely well for multiple uses up to at least 1-2 years before the battery will give out.

Added Features:

The machine is usable in both wet and dry conditions, making it a great and versatile option for head hair grooming. This allows you to multitask, meaning you can shower and shave both at the same time. Too many of the machines we researched do not allow for use in wet conditions. That makes this product one of the more unique ones on the market.


With the multi-flex pivoting head this machines allows the shaving head to reach every aspect of the shaving area. This allows your machine to pivot the head to fit any area and cut all hairs. It allows for a comfortable, close, and smooth shave.


The arc-shaving system with thin stainless steel foils help capture all hairs no matter how close to the root they may be. It cuts very precisely, and very smoothly. This machine is not the best one on the market, however it is much better than most products out there which is why it makes our list.


  • Stainless Steel foil
  • Precision shave
  • Multi-flex pivoting head


  • Battery Life
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What to look forward to

Each of these products, in our opinion, is the best razor for shaving your head, offering great features at a reasonable price. However things are always getting better, so we know that there will be some advancements made in the future. We are always on the lookout for fantastic products that out-do all the machines we have on our list in terms of price and efficiency. We are especially interested in finding a replacement for all the highly priced products on our list as soon as we become aware of them. Innovation is the human way, so what has not been done today can certainly be done tomorrow. We will stay vigilant and on the trail to seek and research the best of the best.

Wrapping it Up 

It is important for us to get enough sleep every day; as we all know, it is only during sleep that human beings experience growth. We should be able to sleep in rather than have to wake up early to shave our heads or groom other parts of our bodies. The point of this article is to help you pick a machine that cuts hair efficiently and effectively so that you can eliminate a lot of the time utilized for shaving and choose the best razor for shaving your head.

The Panasonic ES-LV81 K Arc5, our advanced pick, is the one we believe you would do best with. It has almost every feature that you would want in the best head shaver. It does everything for you, except automatically shave your head without you using your hands.

The stainless steel blades make shaving so simple that it only takes a simple glide to remove a ton of hair. It allows you to enjoy the shaving experience even more, as it removes all tough hairs without much effort on your part. It is indeed a fantastic investment.

We hope that you enjoyed this list of the best head shavers on the market. Please feel free to let us know your experience with whichever one of these you pick. Please take a look at our attached report after subscribing to our social media pages.

Wahl Chrome Pro 24 pc electric shaver and Haircut Kit

Wahl Chrome Pro men cheap electric shaver and haircut kit contains a Complete Haircutting with all the tools you need the Kit Includes the following: Wahl electric shaver, Comb, scissors, 4 guards, safety cover, clippers, small brush to clean clipper, oil lubricant, instructional DVD, mirror, instructional pamphlet, case. Which totals 14 pcs to get that barbershop look at home.

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Wahl Chrome Pro 24 PC

Wahl Chrome Pro 24 pc pack

Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3100, 5 attachments

  • contains five attachments of trimming and styling of facial hair including a full trimmer, detail trimmer, nose trimmer, beard and mustache trimmer and stubble comb
  • Up to 18 length settings, for maximum flexibility
  • 100% water resistant for easy cleaning
  • Rechargeable cordless and corded use; Up to 35 minutes of run time after 10 hour charge

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Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3100, 5 attachments

Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3100, 5 attachments

Philips QG3364/49 Norelco Multigroom 5100 Grooming Kit (7 Attachments)

    • comes with  battery and it works plugged in
    • contains seven tools for face and head styling: full-size metal guard trimmer, hair clipping comb, beard comb, stubble comb, mini foil shaver, detail trimmer and nose trimmer
  • Lithium-ion power battery with up to 60 minutes of cordless use when fully  charged

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Philips QG3364/49 Norelco

Philips QG3364-49 Norelco

Philips Norelco BG2040/34 Bodygroom 7100

this electric shaver seemed to perform well on hair in different places of body is is a nice option it shaves well and it should be on your short list if you are loking for a low budget electric shaver  .

View At AmazonPhilips Norelco BG2040Philips Norelco BG2040want to have a healthy hair? then  you should take a look at the list of the 10 Best Shampoos For Men and if you are a woman or looking to know the best shampoos for women’t hair this Best 10 List of  Shampoos For Women that are made especially for women hair.

Braun Series 3-340s Wet & Dry Electric Shaver

this shaver performance has proven to be good as the braun trademark used to always prove to us in their devices as its number one best foil shaver brand for men 2017 ,it has a nice battery and it performed well shaving difficult areas like down the nose. note : this razor can also be used by women in fact it is wildly used by women in the united states cuz its effective for shaving legs and body parts with less quantity of hair.

View At AmazonBraun Series 3-340s.Braun Series 3-340s.

Wahl 5537-1801 Cordless Battery Operated Beard Trimmer with Bonus Ear, Nose and Brow Trimmer

a complete pack for bird trimming and hair edging anda good choice as a cheap hair cutting kit

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Wahl 5537-1801

Wahl cheap electric shaver 5537-1801 pack

 Remington F5-5800 Rechargeable Foil with Interceptor Shaving Technology

an affordable and nice shaver from Remingtone it combines two features , good prise and nice performance , it can shave your hair bald or style it as well as edge it to what the user needs its applicable on all parts of the body.

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Remington F5-5800 Electric Shaver Remington F5-5800 Electric Shaver

Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler 3-In-1 Men’s Body Groomer With Beard Trimmer

This razor is good for cleaning and edging both hear and beard it was designed to be affordable it can shave beard and hair , if you like to go out with a good looking face each day this Gillette razor will help you out achieve the results you looking for.

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Gillette Fusion electric shaver

Gillette Fusion electric shaver cheap

 Panasonic ES8243A Electric Shaver Wet/Dry

this genuine Panasonic electric shaver for men 2017 has a positive customer feed back if you are looking for professional results this razor might help you get what you are looking for .

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 Panasonic ES8243A.Panasonic cheap electric shaver ES8243A shaver

if you like to read more information about the best electric shaver for men 2017 on this list you should take a look at this detailed review of the Braun Series 9  which is the best replacement for blades and known to deliver the most efficient and comfortable and close shave for men skin.

Guide to Buying an Electric Shaver:

Whether you’re buying your first electric shaver or upgrading from an older razor, it can be challenging to choose between the dizzying array of models. This guide will help you decide which features are most important to you and help you narrow down your choices. Whether you’re choosing between rotary or foil, wet or dry, or Braun or Norelco, keep reading to find the best choice for you!

What the best men’s shaver has

  • A respected brand name. Experts say that when it comes to men’s shavers, you really do get what you pay for — brand-name products from Braun, Philips Norelco and Panasonic tend to provide a closer, more comfortable shave; they also last longer. However,if your budget is very tight, Remington makes a foil shaver that’s worth considering.
  • A trimmer. Most electric shavers come with a trimmer for dealing with longer hairs or shaping sideburns. The majority use pop-out trimmers, but in some models, the trimmer is an attachment instead.
  • A money-back guarantee of at least 30 days. It takes about that long for your skin and hair to adjust to the new shaver, so you’ll want to be able to try it out for nearly the full trial period. Some makers offer longer, 45- or even 60-day trial periods.
  • A two-year warranty. Two years is the industry standard for shaver warranties. Also, check to see whether the foil and blades, or shaving head and cutters, are excluded from the warranty. This isn’t uncommon, but it’s a good thing to know about up front.
  • A quick-charge feature. There’s nothing worse than being stuck with only half your face (or head) shaved. The best shavers can recover enough juice to complete your shave after just three to five minutes of charging. Some will also let you continue shaving while they are charging.
  • Ample shaving time. A shaver should offer at least 45 minutes of shaving time from a full battery charge.

Know before you go

How sensitive are you to noise? While some expert tests rate the noise levels of rotary and foil shavers similarly, other experts and many users hold that rotary models are at least a touch quieter.

How long to you expect to go between shaves? Experts say that rotary models may handle longer hairs better than foil models do.

Do you have a hard time shaving along contours? The multiple, independently pivoting shaving heads on a rotary model often do a better job of handling difficult contours (like the chin and neck) than foil models do.

Is a close shave is of the utmost importance? In general, foil shavers get you a little closer to the feel of shaving with a blade, reviews say. In addition, experts recommend shaving against the direction of your hair growth when you’re using a foil shaver.

Do you intend to shave with cream or lotion? If so, you need an electric shaver with wet/dry capabilities. If you know you have very sensitive skin or that dry shaving can irritate your skin, experts recommend trying a wet/dry model that allows you to shave with cream or lotion.

Should You Buy an Electric Razor?

An Argument for Electric Razors

  1. You’re a busy guy. A good electric razor is extremely versatile with the biggest advantage being dry shaving. In fact, I find that I get a better shave with my electric razor when my face is completely dry before a shower. However, I can shave anywhere. I can shave at a stoplight, in my office before a meeting, or in the shower. Just as importantly, it only takes a couple of minutes to shave. Without having to take the time to wet your face, lather, and shave in slow strips, you can get the job done in a fraction of the time.
  2. You’re tired of razor cuts. While you can still get razor burn with an electric razor, you’re much less likely to cut small bumps like zits, acne bumps, or moles. Any kind of shaving can be a challenge for sensitive skin, but I have found that a high quality rotary electric razor can offer many benefits.

An Argument for Standard Razors and Gel

  1. You want a really close shave. Though electric razors have continued to get better, it’s still challenging to get a shave that is as smooth and long lasting as a good Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor, Mach3 Razor, or Mach3 Turbo Razor. These multi-blade razors are able to lift the hairs and even clip the hair a little below the surface meaning that the shave will last longer. Some electric razors attempt to do it as well, but it’s hard to beat a good, careful shave with multi-blade razor and a little shaving gel or cream.
  2. You aren’t willing to spend a lot of money. Electric razors come in many varieties and at many price points, but most of them are junk. If you want to have a great experience with an electric razor, you’ll want to spend a little more to do it right. You will also need to buy replacement shaving heads about once a year. That being said, a high quality, multi-blade razor can quickly get just as expensive if you have to frequently change blades.

The Verdict: Go with the Electric Shaver

A great, fast shave beats a perfect shave any day! Though I occasionally still pull out the shaving gel and my Gillette Fusion ProGlide before a date, I rely on my electric shaver every other day of the year. It’s fast and effective, and I can use it anywhere. I strongly recommend electric shavers for busy guys on the go.

How Does an Electric Shaver Work?

Electric razors work more like scissors than standard razors. With your traditional razor, the blade cuts through each hair as it scrapes past. In an electric razor, the blades cut hair when they shear against a metal grating where the hair passes through but skin doesn’t. This acts like a lightning fast pair of scissors as it shaves all the hair that passes through the metal grating.

Foil vs Rotary Electric Shavers

You can find electric razors in either a rotary or foil style, but they both work in the same fundamental way described above. The difference is in the type of metal grating used to grab hair. In a foil razor, there are many rounded blades all aligned under a thin foil comb. As the blades oscillate back and forth, they shear the hair that passes through the domed grating. In a rotary razor, blades spin around a central axis in each head and cut hairs that pass through angled slots in the surface of the head.

Though they fundamentally work the same way on the inside, foil and rotary razors behave differently.
Foil Razors: The long, rounded nature of the foil lends itself well to large areas of skin like the top of your head. If you like the bald look and are looking for a suitable electric razor, you’ll want to go with a foil. Braun currently uses their OptiFoil system in their higher end razors, and this will provide you with a great, close shave.
Rotary Razor: A good rotary razor with flexible heads is perfect for tight turns like your chin. For the clean-shaven look, you’ll want to go with a rotary razor with flexible heads like the Philips Norelco 7370.

Note for Sensitive Skin: Some men find that foil shavers are better for sensitive skin than rotary shavers. I have personally found the opposite to be the case, but much of it comes down to style and personal preference. That being said, inexpensive foil shavers are often better than inexpensive rotary shavers. In my opinion, the best option for shaving your face is a high end rotary shaver. If your budget is a little tighter, consider a good foil shaver, and you should find good results.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The majority of electric razors are junk that will give you bad razor burn and make you regret your purchase. I’ve worked hard for years to search for the electric shavers that are available to help you find the few really great ones. As you’re looking, here are some things to keep in mind.

  1. You’ll need some time to adjust. It will take a few tries with your new razor before you feel comfortable, so don’t give up if you buy one and you have trouble. At first, you will probably notice that you get razor burn more than you’re used to, but this will get much better with time. Stay persistent, and exercise your return policy or trial period (the leading brands offer trial periods) if needed.
  2. Not all electric razors can be used in the shower. Only some of the higher end razors are waterproof. Almost all electric razors are at least water resistant so that you can rinse them off in the sink, but that doesn’t mean they’re safe to use in the shower. You might be able to get away with it for a while, but you will want to buy a true wet/dry electric razor for good long-term use.

Save Money in the Long Run and Buy the Right Razor First

It’s worth the money to buy a good razor. Everyone wants to buy a car with a 500 horsepower that can do 0-60 in 3 seconds, seat the whole family, and get 50 mpg for $10,000. Unfortunately, no car is going to live up to these expectations. Electric razors are the same way.Early electric razors were all expensive and nearly all junk. Now that many of the advancements have trickled down to less expensive razors, the major manufacturers have started introducing really good razors at the top of their lines. Unfortunately, many men buy a cheap one to give it a try, have a predictably negative experience, and never try one of the nice ones.If you buy a cheap electric razor, you will wish you had a better one every time you get razor burn or leave shallow stubble. Why do I feel so strongly about this? This was me with my first three electric shavers until I finally bought a nice Philips Norelco rotary shaver, and then I was finally happy. I wish I didn’t have all of the prior electric razors sitting in a drawer and I had just saved my money to buy a good one the first time. In a few years, the cheap razors may have the high end features available now, but I wouldn’t bank on it. It costs more to make a good razor, and it’s worth spending more to get a good shave.

#1 Rule for Buying an Electric Razor

The only part of an electric razor worth worrying about is the replaceable cutting head. If you look carefully, you will notice that multiple razors at different price points all use the same few interchangeable replaceable heads. This means that the part that actually does the work and the motor in the razor that drives it are identical between these models, and you are only paying more for the fancy chrome exterior. Unless you want to pay more for the car just because it has lit vanity mirrors, steer clear of more expensive models that all use the same cutting head.

How to Buy an Electric Razor for Christmas, for a Birthday, or for Father’s Day

Unlike many mens toys, there’s less real choice in electric razors. Only three companies, Braun, Philips, and Panasonic, are really competitive, and the quality of each of their product lines pretty much goes top to bottom. As I demonstrated earlier with the cutting heads segment, most of the product differentiation comes in the form of chrome. If you’re buying an electric razor for a holiday, go with one of my recommendations below, and if you’re disappointed, exercise your return or trial privileges.

The Caveat: If you’re buying an electric razor as a gift, be sure to buy it immediately before the holiday! If you want your favorite guy to get the full trial period or return period, you’ll want the receipt to be dated as closely to the holiday as possible.

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Series 9000

Philip’s Norelco recently refreshed their men’s face electric razor line with lots of what appear to be new models including the Series 9000, Series 8000, Series 7000, Series 6000, Series 5000, Series 4000, Series 3000, and Series 2000 razors. You may be surprised to learn that of all of these razors, only the Series 9000, 7000, and 5000 are new. They literally kept the same model numbers for all of their other razors and only changed the names. This is somewhat surprising given how frequently most consumer electronics refresh. What’s even more surprising is how little progress they seem to have made in the new ones. Series 9000 consists of two models, the S9721 and the S9311. These two razors overwhelming resemble the SensoTouch 3D models which have now been rebranded the “Series 8000” consisting of the Norelco 8900, Norelco 8950, Norelco 8800, Norelco 8700, and Norelco 8100. I believe this signals that rotary shaving technology has started to level out. For a refresh this minor to occur years after the last major release suggests that we are unlikely to see any major releases coming soon. This is a good sign for you as this means that you should feel confident that the razor you buy today will stay current for several years. If you buy a more expensive model like the S9311, you will continue to have the latest and greatest for a few years with just an annual head replacement (which costs less than buying cartridges for manual razors).

Bottom Line: If you want a Series 9000, save your money and buy the S9311. It is exactly the same in every way that matters (the same shaving head).

Philips Norelco 7000/8000/9000 Series vs 6000 Series

Important Note: Functionally speaking, all of the 9000 SensoTouch 3D models are the same as each other, all of the 8000 SensoTouch 3D models are the same as each other, all of the 7000 SensoTouch 3D models are the same as each other, and all of the 6000 SensoTouch 2D models are the same as each other. The only real difference is in their exterior finish and battery life. Assuming you don’t intend to use your electric razor without any access to power for more than two weeks, battery life differences are irrelevant.

Philips Norelco S7370

The Philips Norelco S7370


  • Positioning: The difference between the 7000/8000/9000 SensoTouch 3D and 6000 SensoTouch 2D models can be found in the flexibility of the shaving heads. Every one of the Norelco models have 3 round shaving heads; however, the 7000/8000/9000 SensoTouch 3D models allow them to move independently of each other. This means that when you shave your chin, the cutting heads will morph around the contour to provide a perfect shave. I personally love this feature, and I think it makes a significant difference. All 3 heads stay together in the 6000 SensoTouch 2D model which is a serious disadvantage.
  • Cutting Head: The 7000/8000/9000 models include the fantastic UltraGlide cutting heads. On the surface of each head you will find three layers of grooves (rather than one with two types of grates). As each level passes over your skin, the cut gets progressively close. The outer layer deals best with longer hairs, and the shave gets very close and smooth by the time the center layer glides by. All of the other models carry the “Dual Precision” head which is good, but not up to the same level.

Have in Common

  • Whole Head Positioning: Both lines allow the head itself to bend with the contours of your face. This means that the handle can remain at the same angle while the head turns more precisely with your face. This reduces pressure on your skin.
  • Wet/Dry: Both of these razors can be used for wet shaving in the shower or dry shaving at a stoplight.

The Winner: Philips Norelco S9311 (Click Here for a Deal on Amazon)

The Best Value: Philips Norelco S7370 (Click Here for a Deal on Amazon)

Philips Norelco 6100 vs 4500 PowerTouch with Aquatec and SmartPivot (4500 AT830)

6000 SensoTouch 2D Includes: 6800 1190X, 6100 1150X, 6100 1150X/46, 6100 1150X/40, 1160X, 1160X/47, 1160XCC, 1165X/45, 1180X PowerTouch with Aquatec and SmartPivot Includes: AT880, AT830, 4500 AT830/41 Important Note: Functionally speaking, all of the Norelco 6000 series models are the same; however, not all of the PowerTouch with Aquatec models are the same. This section only considers the models that have “SmartPivot.”

Philips Norelco PowerTouch with Aquatec AT830

Philips Norelco PowerTouch with Aquatec AT830


  • Styling: The 6100 looks a lot sexier.
  • Pivoting: The 6100 can roll the head in any direction as you shave, and this helps to reduce the pressure on the ridges of your face. The PowerTouch SmartPivot models allow the head to pivot back and forth like a teeter-totter. This also helps reduce pressure on the face, but it only goes back and forth in one direction.

Norelco Flex and Pivot

This image shows the flex function (pivots to the center), and the pivot function (entire head tilts back and forth). You can see why the SmartPivot feature helps reduce the pressure on your skin! (Image from Philips Norelco)


  • Cutting Head: Both shavers use the same dual precision head which helps to cut long hair as well as short stubble. The actual head isn’t interchangeable, but the shaving part is the same.
  • Flexing: The three heads will pivot inward to allow for small ridges and points on your face. Every model Philips makes (except the 6000 series) has this functionality.

Best Value:
Philips Norelco 4500 PowerTouch with AquaTec AT830

If you’re looking to spend a little less and still get a great shave, the AT830 is a solid blend of features and shaving heads. If you aren’t willing to spend a lot of money on an electric shaver (like the 8000 SensoTouch 3D), then the 6000 SensoTouch 2D doesn’t have enough added features over the 4500 AT830 to justify the extra expense. They both have Aquatec sealing which will let you use it with a shaving gel or in the shower, and they both use the dual precision cutting heads. You may still want to keep setting aside money for an S9311, but this razor will take good care of you in the meantime.

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Philips Norelco PowerTouch with Aquatec AT830

Philips Norelco PowerTouch with Aquatec AT830

I would be grateful if you would consider making your purchase through one of the links on this page. You’ll pay the same price, and you can help me make a guide for your next purchase!

Best Shavers on the Market:

9721 S9721/84, 9311 S9311/84, 7300 S7370/84

Great Shavers:

8100 1250X, 8100 1250X/40, 8100 1250X/46, 8100 1250X/47 (Cleaning), 8900 1280X/42 (Cleaning), 1280X/47 (Cleaning), 1280XCC (Cleaning), 1280X (Cleaning), 1290X, 8800 1290X/40

Good Shavers:

6800 1190X, 6100 1150X, 6100 1150X/46, 6100 1150X/40, 1160X/47, 1160XCC, AT830, 4500 AT830/41

Decent Shavers:

AT814, AT810, 4100 AT810/41

Don’t Buy:

3500 PT730, 3500 PT730/41, PT725, PT720, PT720/41, 6945, 6945XL, 6945XL/41, YS524/44, YS524/41

Don’t bother buying an electric razor without water sealing. Razors with “Aquatec” don’t cost that much more, and you’ll be glad to have a razor that is more versatile and can be more easily washed.

Buying a Panasonic Electric Razor or Remington Electric Razor

If you’re looking to buy a less expensive electric shaver, please look at the mid-range offerings by Philips Norelco and Braun. Panasonic shavers and Remington shavers are simply not going to perform at the same level as the models reviewed on this page. While Panasonic is considerably better than Remington, both leave a lot to be desired. You will find excellent reviews for both online, but you need to consider that those reviewers are very unlikely to have used newer, high-end models made by Philips Norelco or Braun. Even though you might save some money upfront, I hope you’ll take the time to read the recommendations on this page before you decide.

A Note on Online Razor Reviews for Entry-Level Razors

Reviews on entry-level razors have a strong bias because few people who buy a cheap razor have ever owned a nice one. As their first experience with a fast, dry razor, they will see lots of positives, but you simply can’t realize how bad they are if you’ve never tried a quality electric shaver. Tellingly, many of these reviews are still bad. This underscores just how awful entry-level electric shavers are!


Braun has a fairly straightforward product line. They make four shavers, and each one has upsell versions with a fancier screen or accessories. In other words, they make four electric shavers despite all the models you might come across.

Top Recommended Braun Electric Shavers

Best Foil Shaver Overall:
Braun Series 9 9090CC

If you prefer a foil shaver to a rotary, you have had to compromise on maneuverability. Braun has finally fixed this with the introduction of their pivoting heads and floating foils on the Series 9. The 9090CC deserves credit for combining the flexibility of the top-of-the-line Norelcos with their advanced foil technology.

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The Braun Series 9 9090CC

The Braun Series 9 9090CC

Best Foil Shaver Value:
Braun Series 7 760CC

For the foil razor lovers out there or those with very sensitive skin, look no further. It’s powerful, good looking, and effective.

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The Braun Series 7 760CC

The Braun Series 7 760CC

Best Starter Foil Shaver:
Braun Series 5 550CC

If the 760CC is out of your price range, but you’re still looking for a great shave.  The 550CC will do everything you need.  It’s not quite as luxurious as its big brother, but it has the power and the technology you need to get a close shave.

The Braun Series 5 550CC

Winner: Philips Norelco S9311 (Click Here for a Deal on Amazon)




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