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Best All-in-One Printers 2018-2019-HOME-Hp Envy-Laser-Home

Best All-in-One Multifunction Printers 2018-2019

Multi function printers have become a necessity in our life thanks to the multiple services they provide whether you are going to use it at home  ,your working office or you want to buy a printer for your son or someone close to you.

You want to make sure you buy the best printer in price and features .we reviewed tens of printers and gathered hundreds of people shopping experience and came back with this 10 best all in one printers list for the year 2018

An all in one laser printer is one that has a number of other uses as well as simply being able to print. This means that instead of having perhaps three or four different pieces of equipment sitting around taking up space, you can buy just the one – an all in one printer that does everything you need it to.

This is one of the main advantages of having an all in one printer. And with the prices being very competitive as well, you could actually spend a lot more buying everything individually. The following are some of the best AIO Printers on the market and you should check it because each printer has been equipped with very good features.

Top 10 best All-In-One Multifunction Printers 2018

1. Canon Office and Business MX922

Key Features :

  • Type : Inkjet
  • Print Speed : Black up to 9.7 ipm and Color up to 5.5 ipm
  • Function : Print, Scan, Copy and Fax
  • Connectivity : Wireless LAN, Apple’s AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Wireless Printing as well as Mobile Device Printing
  • LCD Display : Yes, 2-Line LCD
  • Also equipped with 35-sheet Duplex Document Feeder (auto) that allow you to copy, scan or fax multiple documents quickly
  • Auto Duplex Printing: You will be able to print on both sides of papers easily
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2. HP OfficeJet 4650

Key Features :

  • Type : Inkjet
  • Print Speed : Black up to 9.5 pages per minute and Color up to 6.8 ipm
  • Function : Print, Scan, Copy and Fax
  • Connectivity : Wireless WiFi 802.11b/g/n, Apple’s AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Wireless Printing, Easy mobile printing
  • LCD Display : Yes, it comes equipped with 2-inch hi-res mono LCD
  • Double-sided printing that allow you to print on both sides of the paper, so the usage of paper can be reduced by up to 50%
  • It offers HQ text and color (laser quality) for all your documents, images and any projects.
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3. Brother MFC9130CW

Key Features :

  • Type : Laser
  • Print Speed : 19 pages per minute for both color and black printing
  • Function : Print, Scan, Copy and Fax
  • Connectivity : Wireless 802.11b/g/n interface, USB 2.0 (Including Google Cloud Print, Airprint, etc), Mobile printing can be done easily with via Mopria print service, and Wi-Fi Direct
  • LCD Display : Yes, the device has 3.7 inch Color TouchScreen and paired with Web Connect
  • Great for printing business because it offers a resolution of up to 600 x 2400 dpi via Brother’s Digital LED Print Technology
  • 35 pages of Auto Document Feeder
  • Design is compact and with top-loading so it will be easier to replace or install toner cartridges.
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4. HP Envy 4520

Key Features

  • Type : Color Inkjet
  • Print Speed : up to 6.8 ppm for color and and 9.5 black printing
  • Function : Print, Scan, Copy
  • Connectivity : WiFi 802.11b/g/n, USB 2.0 (Including Google Cloud Print, Airprint, etc), Mobile printing, wifi direct
  • LCD Display : Yes, the device has 2-inch (5.5 cm) high resolution mono LCD Color
  • Duplex printing that Allows the printing of a sheet of paper on both sides, making the paper usage reduced by up to 50%
  • Scan resolution : up to 1200 dpi 
  • You can easily print photos or any documents directly from your mobile device (smartphones and tablets)
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5. Canon MX492

Key Features

  • Type : Inkjet
  • Print Speed : 8.8 images-per-minute in black and 4.4ipm in color.
  • Function : Print, Scan, Copy, FAX
  • Connectivity : WiFi 802.11b/g/n, USB 2.0, Google Cloud Print, Airprint.
  • LCD Display : Yes, LCD (no backlight on its LCD display)
  • This printer has small design and can be placed in anywhere around your home, office or even dorm.
  • Print, scan a variety of photos and documents quickly using your mobile device. Note : you need to install Canon PRINT app that can be downloaded for free.
  • Save time with Auto Document Feeder feature that can handle up to 20 sheets
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6. Brother MFCL2700DW

Key Features

  • Type : Laser
  • Print Speed : 27 pages per minute
  • Function : Print, Scan, Copy, FAX
  • Connectivity : AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Brother iPrint & Scan, Cortado Workplace, Wi-Fi Direct, Ethernet, Hi-Speed USB 2.0
  • LCD Display : Yes, LCD (2-line Monochrome display)
  • Auto duplex printing that help to reduce paper consumption.
  • Print and Copy in black while scanning in color
  • Optical Scan Resolution : up to 600 x 2400 dpi
  • It is a fast printer which is designed for small or home office
  • It’s a great device for printing business documents like multi-page reports, spreadsheets, recipes, invoices, and so forth
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7. Epson Expression Home XP-330

Key Features

  • Type : Inkjet color
  • Print Speed : 9/4.5 (Black/Color)
  • Function : Print/Copy/Scan
  • Connectivity : USB/WiFi/WiFi Direct, Google Cloud Print, Airprint
  • LCD Display : Yes, 1.44″ color LCD make it easy to setup, preview, make some corrections on photos and print them, all can be done without turning on your PC
  • Affordable 4 individual ink cartridges — You can replace only the cartridge that runs out.
  • Paper capacity up to 100 pages
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8. Epson WorkForce WF-3620

Key Features

  • Type : Inkjet color
  • Print Speed : Borderless Photos 4 x 6 about 21 seconds, standard 15.0 ipm for black and Color up to 10.0 ipm
  • Function : Print/Copy/Scan
  • Connectivity : Packed with wireless & Ethernet networking as well as Wi-Fi Direct, Tablet, Smartphone, Airprint
  • LCD Display : Yes, 2.7 inch color touchscreen for easy navigation
  • Auto 2-sided print + 35-page document feeder (automatically)
  • Print all your documents and graphics in high resolution, thanks to its PrecisionCore technology
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9. Canon MG7720

Key Features

  • Type : Inkjet color
  • Print Speed : up to 19/10 (Black/Color)
  • Function : Print/Copy/Scan
  • Connectivity : Complete Wireless solution, USB, Ethernet, Memory Card, Print from mobile devices, Air print, Google Cloud Print, Near field communication (NFC), Mopria printing service and the Canon PRINT app
  • LCD Display : Yes, 3.5 inch Touchscreen
  • Fast and easy wireless setup connection where it only need a few clicks to make the printer connect to your WAP (wireless access point)
  • Auto Duplex Printing + 6 Individual Ink Tank
  • CD/ DVD Printing: Creating CD or DVD labels will be so much faster.
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10. Canon imageCLASS D530

Key Features 

  • Type : Laser monochrome
  • Print Speed : Copy and Print has same speed up to 26 ppm
  • Function : Print/Copy/Scan (scans in color)
  • Connectivity : Standard USB 2.0 (No wireless)
  • LCD Display : No
  • Memory : Yes, up to 64mb
  • Support two sided printing : allow you to save more money on paper consumption
  • The imageCLASS D530 is a great printer for home office business because it is durable, reliable and offers high quality outputs
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More about Multifunction Printer

If you want to know more about this kind of printer, you can read the following guide.

What functions does it have?

The most common type of all in one printer has a copier and a scanner included in the design as well as a printer. Depending on how much you pay and what you are looking for, you might also find that it has other functions as well.

Think of a printer, copier and scanner combined as the most basic choice you have. From there, the functions and facilities will get better and more plentiful the more you spend.

What about a fax machine?

Yes, some of the more expensive all in one models also have a fax machine included in the design. This is useful if you have a home office that needs to have all the different functions close at hand.

Is an all in one printer useful if you take a lot of photos and you want to print them out?

Yes – this is one of the other functions we mentioned above. Some all in one printers are more geared up for printing photos than others. Some will have a better print quality than others, while you will also find special features on some of them that make them more appealing. This is especially the case if you have a lot of photos to print out.

One particular feature that you will see a lot is called PictBridge. This is not unique to any one make of printer, so you can stick with any particular model you like and go from there.

Basically this feature enables you to pop the memory card from your camera directly into the all in one printer. You can then choose what you want to print off and you don’t need a computer to do it.

What kind of budget do you need to have in mind?

All in one printers can be bought very cheaply indeed. You might be able to get one for as little as thirty pounds or so – if not slightly cheaper. The price range does vary a lot and you could spend several hundred pounds for a bigger, better model too.

Think about how often you are going to use it before you buy as well. A smaller cheaper model might not be as robust, and it certainly won’t have as many features as a more expensive model. If you are going to be using it on a daily basis to print up a lot of pictures or documents then it is usually worth spending that bit more money.

Don’t just consider the printer – think about the ink cartridges too

A lot of people buy a cheap all in one printer without thinking about the ink cartridges they will need to buy. You should get your first set with the printer itself, but do check on the listing for the item before you buy it online.

Ink cartridges can be very expensive, so be sure you find out how much they will cost before you invest in a new printer. More expensive all in one printers often have cheaper cartridges to use as you go along, so a cheap purchase initially may not turn out to stay that way in the long run.

How much space do you have?

There is no such thing as a standard size for an all in one printer. Generally speaking the more advanced and the more expensive they are, the bigger they get. This is because they are built to be heavier duty and also they will have more requirements and features to pack into that space.

So be sure to measure up before you buy your new all in one printer. If you don’t you could find that you don’t have room to put it anywhere when it arrives!

In conclusion

If you would like to know more about all in one printers before you start shopping for one, be sure to check out our Buyer’s Guide. This goes into more detail about this type of printer, so you can see what functions and features to look out for. The more you know before you start, the more likely it is that you will be able to buy just the right printer for your needs.

In fact, why not check out that guide right now? You’ll then be on the right track for buying that printer.


1. HP OfficeJet 4650

The HP OfficeJet 4650 is an entry-level multifunction inkjet printer that has been equipped with a lot of good features like auto document feeder that allow you to copy multipage documents quickly and duplexer for double-sided printing and it’s also built-in faxing too.

This wireless printer is an excellent choice for a home or small office who needs to print graphics or copying documents with ease. Other great features are wireless mobile printing, 2.2-inch monochrome touch screen display, scan to email, and more.

For conectivity, the device also has mobile printing feature where you can easily print various contents from your phone or tablet devices via AirPrint, HP ePrint app (available for free) or using wireless Direct printing option. Overall, it can delivers HQ quality text and excellent color outputs for all your documents, images or projects.

2. HP Envy 4520

The Envy 4520 is an all-in-one printer which is is designed for home use because it is small and lightweight in design. The device has various connectivity options from USB 2.0, Wi-Fi, AirPrint, 2-sided duplex and also Google Cloud Print and can be operated directly from its 2.2-inch touchscreen monochrome LCD display.

This printer uses the latest ink delivery technologies to make the cartridge life longer and of course you can save more money from its Instant Ink delivery service. It also can print faster and produced high quality outputs but unfortunately, this printer is not recommended for office use because it is lack automatic document feeder (ADF) feature.

The manufacturer also includes HP smart application which allow users to manage printing tasks or scan while on the go with ease.

3. Epson Expression Home XP-330

This is a compact and affordable printer that can makes printing simple. With 1.44″ color LCD display, setup become much easier and within minutes, you can print any photos or documents from anywhere in its range with your smartphones or tablet PC.

The device has complete wireless connectivity, built-in memory card slot to make fast, print photos without PC and paper capacity of 100-sheet, separate ink tanks lets you to replace the color that’s run out. Instant-dry ink can delivers long-lasting color outputs that are resistant to water, smudging and fading.

In terms of printing speed, it can print up to 9 ppm for black and 4.5 ppm for color. If you are looking for an inexpensive multifunction printer for personal use, you can consider this product.

4. Canon MX492 

The main features of Pixma MX492 multifunction printer from Canon are scan and copy, built-in automatic document feeder and faxing as well as wireless networking. It uses only 2 ink cartridges—a black and tri-color ink cartridges that must be replaced when a single color runs out.

It compatible with Windows and Mac OS and has medium-size display screen, 2.1 inch for fast and easy operation. In addition to its wireless connectivity, you can connect this printer directly to your PC using USB cable and its auto document feeder feature that allow you to copy or scan a number of pages in single operation.

It has small design and can be placed in almost anywhere in your home or office meanwhile to make it easier for users to print documents via mobile devices, Canon also provide PRINT app that can be downloaded at PlayStore and Apple store.

5. Canon Office and Business MX922

Here is the one of the most popular Inkjet printer in Amazon, the Canon MX922 that is packed with all the features you could want in an AIO multifunction printer, including automatic duplexing that allow you to print on  both sides of the paper with as well as Auto Document Feeder.

It is Wi-Fi enabled so in case you have a wireless router, you can connect it to your wireless network and you can start print your documents from anywhere in your house. iOS devices owner can print directly using Airprint while Android phones and tablet must install Canon’s free app.

If you want to buy a fast inkjet printer (for home, small office or photo), you should consider this one because it can works great for you need as long as you do not have high-volume print needs. Print speed is pretty excellent with 15.0 ipm for black and color up to 10.0 ipm

6. Brother MFCL2700DW Compact Laser

If you are searching for a good monochrome laser all in one printer for personal or small office use, the Brother MFC-L2700DW is worth to consider because it is a multifunction device and able to Print/Copy/Scan/Fax from one machine. It can works faster than any inkjet printer out there, up to 27 pages per minutes.

The device has small design and can be placed on your desk with comfortably and you can operate it via its two-line LCD Display. Brother includes a higher paper capacity along with better paper handling in comparison with other laser printer in its class especially for personal use.

It also support mobile printing feature that of course very helpful if you need to print something very often from smarphone or tablet PC.

7. HP LaserJet Pro M277dw

The HP LaserJet Pro M277dw is a good multifunction color laser printer and can be used for personal use or for light-duty or can also be installed in small office and more employee can use it wirelessly. It is designed for small work teams up to 1-5 users.

As a laser printer, The HP Pro M277dw can delivers high-quality text and coored business graphics as well with resolution of up to 600 dpi for print and 1200 dpi for scan, fast print speed, fax and ADF. also it has 3 inch touchscreen display so that users can access the menu, scan or print by only tap and swipe the screen.

Using this machine means you can get 28% more prints thanks to its Original HP toner with JetIntelligence technology and with a variety of mobile printing options, you can work or print documents freely from your mobile device wherever and whenever you are!. This HP Printer can be paired with Windows 10 too.

8. Epson WorkForce WF-3720

The WorkForce WF-3729 all-in-one printer from Epson offers fast and easy wireless printing especially for home office use and can work efficiently since it has Auto Document Feeder with a capacity of 30-page for copying and scanning and auto 2-sided printing that allow you to save and can cut spending on paper usage by up to 50%. With its duplex printing and auto document feeder with a capacity of 30-page, You can certainly increase your work productivity.

The manufacturer packs this device with the new printing technology called PrecisionCore that can make the image quality outputs more classy, sharp and more increased in print speed, up to 20ppm for black and 10ipm for color. Meanwhile the tray can hold up to 250-sheets of paper

Its individual inks also cartridge make the printing cost more affordable because you only need to replace the color you need. Plus, the printer’s display, 2.7 inch mono graphic makes navigation easier. Other features on its connectivity are Epson connect, wifi direct and NFC.

9. Brother MFC-J480DW

The MFC-J480DW is another great multifution inkjet printer from Brother. Brother added additional useful features into the MFC-J480DW, including automatic duplexing, auto document feeder, paper capacity up to 100-sheets, memory card slots and convenient bypass tray for photo printing.

Print directly from your Smartphones and Tablet using AirPrint or wifi direct, Easy-to-setup wireless networking and It comes with essential office functions, all is packed into one compact machine, high performance solution. It also allow you to scan your docs & print from top cloud services thanks to Brother Web Connect service.

Its stylish design and unique, decorative lid makes it the ideal printer for home and small office. So if you need fast inkjet printer that can be operated easily from onscreen menu (The device has 1.8 inch color display), this Brother printer should be on your list.

10. Canon MG7720 

The Canon MG7720 is a high-quality printer and it feels well-manufactured. When turning on this Wireless Inkjet Photo All-In-One printer, you will see its great performance, versatility and also remarkable quality.

The MG7720 comes with some excellent features included and plenty of mobile printing apps available as well, allowing you to easily print both beautiful, borderless photos, as well as crisp documents. Whether you are doing a spot of printing, scanning, and copying, just using its 3.5 inch Touchscreen navigation, the MG7720 allows you to preview, edit and print your images right on the printer.

The PIXMA MG7720 is shipped with the built-in memory card slots that let you to print directly, no PC is needed. For the main features of connectivity, you can certainly use AirPrint, Google Cloud Print and you will be able to print with ease from mobile devices that support NFC.

Essential Questions to Ask Before Buying an All in One Printer

If you are now searching for a printer for your home office use, this can be a daunting task, particularly because there are usually very many options that may truly make it challenging to choose the very best home office printer 2018. The greatest hurdle you can encounter is not really being sure how to start your research, where to buy and so forth because in fact there are a lot of different models, brands and types of printers out there.

Buying an all in one printer is not a simple thing to do; primarily because a large sum of money is usually involved in making the purchase. This guide poses the four questions that you must ask (and answer) before making a final decision. Basically, We will only see 2 types of printers here, Inkjet and Laser and each with their own features, functions as well as abilities.

What are the functions that you need from the all in one printer?

All in one printers have four basic functions: printing, scanning, copying, and faxing. In buying these products, it is important to know which functions you need, especially because devices with more functions often have higher prices. If you only need a printer and copier, you can find a few of these models available from selected brands. If you need a printer with a copier and scanner, a lot of these models are available from some of the premier printer brands. Don’t buy a device which has a fax function if you don’t really need the fax. But if you do, there are some printers which already have a telephone unit installed in the device. This is a better investment because the telephone is already in the unit, and it’s easier to work with all devices right in front of you.

For what purpose are you planning to buy an all in one printer?

When you buy a printer, you should have a good reason for it. If it’s solely for printing, why buy an all in one device? You should only buy an all in one if you really need all of the functions that it offers. If you’re going to use it for office work, the best inkjet printers 2018 should be considered, but you should focus on high-quality models with network functionality; especially if you’re going to share it with your officemates.

If you’re just going to use it for personal activities, you should buy a cheap inkjet all in one printer that has good quality for a reasonable price. If you’re going to use the device for your business, a laser all in one is exactly what you need. The best laser printers 2018 have very high printing quality and are excellent for home office or business use. And having a laser all in one device will make printing, copying, scanning, and faxing for business purposes much faster than inkjet, more efficient, and more professional.

If you want to buy a multifunction printer for print photos or colored documents, you can do it too because these type of printers are also reliable for that purposes. We have also listed some of the best photo printers 2018 in the market, just check it if you want to find buy one.

Many people also want to print color document faster and it’s not wrong because the popular printer manufactures like Brother, Canon, Samsung, Dell making it reality and they presents the best color laser printers 2018, some of them has multifunction capability and they can handle large printing jobs and generally is faster than an Inkjet.

What specifications do you need from each function of the printer?

Each function of an all in one device has certain specifications. Most of the printing functions of all in one devices are classified according to the speed indicated by pages per minute (ppm), resolution indicated by dots per inch (dpi), duty cycle which is the number of maximum printouts per month, and paper capacity or the maximum number of sheets which each paper tray can handle. Depending on your printing needs, you have to consider which model matches your preferences like the fastest ppm, the highest dpi, and the biggest duty cycle.

When it comes to the copying function, the printing speed is often the same as that of the copying speed. This means the copier can produce the same number of pages per minute as that of the printer. So if you want a fast copier, a fast printer is what you should look for. Copiers have reduction and enlargement scales, and you should also consider that when you make a purchase. Some all in ones have preset scales which are standard and cannot be changed, while there are also some models which give you the freedom to adjust the size of the document within a particular range of scales.

Choosing a Printer

For Home

For the home user, it’s beneficial to have a printer that can handle everything from homework to stationery to photos. Built-in memory card readers and Wi-Fi capability are great features for easy sharing.

For a Small Business or Home Office

From scanning documents and faxing invoices to printing color-rich brochures, an all-in-one inkjet printer can juggle the demands of a business. If you use multiple devices to handle your business matters, a printer that features mobile printing capabilities might be a good idea for getting work done when you’re on the go or out of the office. Or, consider a printer that can handle wide-format printing for creating large-scale documents, such as posters, flyers or spreadsheets for a presentation.

For the Photographer

For photos that rival what you’d get from mail-order service, look for a dedicated photo printer. These printers allow you the convenience of printing photos whenever you want, right from your home.

For the Student

For printing term papers or your thesis, an inkjet laser printer is equipped to crank out pages of crisp text and detailed images. Dedicated apps are perfect for sending documents to your home printer, even if you’re at the library, class or a study session. And Wi-Fi allows multiple users to share the same printer.


Types of Printers

Inkjet Printers

If you’re looking for a printer that can produce rich, detailed graphics or crisp text documents, then an inkjet printer might be your best bet. This style of printer works by spraying tiny droplets of ink directly onto paper. They’re great for printing on a wide range of paper types and sizes, such as scrapbooking paper, business envelopes, labels and more. However, high-quality printing may mean variable print speeds, so this option is best for light printing needs, such as for use in a home or small business.

All-in-one inkjet printers offer a convenient way to access multiple devices in one space-saving unit. These printers come in two varieties: a 3-in-1 that allows you to print, copy and scan documents, or a 4-in-1 that also lets you fax.


  • Inkjet printers
  • All-in-one inkjet printers

Laser Printers

These workhorses are built to print large volumes quickly and at a low cost per page. Like copy machines, laser printers use static electricity and toner (powder) rather than ink to transfer images and text onto paper. While high print speeds and cost efficiency are the biggest advantages of laser printers, there are other benefits as well. Because the toner is already dry, you won’t have to wait for it to dry and it won’t smudge on your paper. And, if you’re looking for convenience and versatility, an all-in-one laser printer is a great option.


  • Laser printers
  • All-in-one laser printers

Photo Printers

Specialty photo printers are designed to produce high-quality photos that rival what you would get from a professional printing service, at a comparable or lower cost. One of the biggest benefits of a photo printer is the convenience of printing photos immediately, without the hassle of making a trip to the store or waiting for them to arrive in the mail.

Photo printers allow you to print directly from a compatible digital camera via PictBridge (a special type of USB connection), and some models also accept CompactFlash or SD cards, or memory sticks. Many even let you perform editing right from the printer, such as cropping, red-eye removal and more.

From printing 4″ x 6″ photos to holiday cards, pictures for scrapbooking, CD and DVD covers and much more, a photo printer can help you explore your creative side.

Shop for photo printers

3D Printers

3D printers do just as the name suggests: they print in 3D. Using materials such as plastic, resin, or powder, a 3D printer melts the material and releases it into thin layers that stack on top of each other to build a 3D printout. No longer just a tool of the future, 3D printers have become more accessible to anyone from creative professionals to the average consumer. From kitchen gadgets to custom toys, you can watch your designs come to life with a 3D printer.

Shop for 3D printers


Features to Consider


Wi-Fi printing is a handy feature if you want to share your printer between multiple computers. In some ways, it’s similar to wired USB printing as it requires you to install appropriate printer drivers on your computer before you can print to it. By connecting over a wireless network, your printer is available to other computers and devices with the appropriate driver. This type of connection is great for a home with more than one computer or a small business.

Paper Handling

Typically, both inkjet and laser printers print on letter- and legal-size paper, and have input and output trays that can hold at least 100 sheets of paper. Printers with multiple paper trays can hold a lot more pages, which will help reduce how often you’ll have to refill the trays.

There are a couple of ways that printers can move paper through the feed. Some draw the paper from the front of the printer using rubber rollers to guide the paper out of the tray and through the printer. Top-load printers, on the other hand, use gravity to move the paper down through the feeder and out the front of the printer, which is a good choice if you know you’ll be printing on stiff media or other types of paper that can’t be bent.


Duplex printing is both a time and paper saver because of its ability to print on both sides of a page. Printers that provide duplex printing will often use a reversing automatic document feeder, which allows for duplex scanning and then prints double-sided pages without you having to turn the paper over and refeed it into the machine.

Printer Speed

When shopping for a printer, you may see some terms that indicate output speed. PPM (pages per minute), sometimes referred to as CPM (copies per minute), determines how many pages per minute your printer can push out. The higher the number of pages, the faster the printer can print or copy your document. If you’re shopping for a photo printer, you’ll see the term IPM (images per minute), which goes by the same principle.

Touch-Screen Display

Touch-screen LCDs make it easy to navigate your printer and quickly input data such as the number of pages you want to print, the e-mail address you want to send a scan to, or the paper tray you want to use.


It can be a hassle to transfer your photos onto your computer just to make a few prints. With PictBridge, you can print photos directly from a digital camera without needing to upload them to your PC or laptop first. Simply plug your camera into your printer using a USB cable and select the photos you’d like to print.

Built-in Memory Card Reader

You can also look for a printer with a built-in memory card reader that supports formats like Secure Digital, MultiMediaCard or Memory Stick Duo. This allows you to easily access and, with some printers, edit your photos all without using a computer.


Ink & Toner

Many printers use three ink colors — cyan, magenta and yellow, or CMY — for printing in color. Oftentimes, these printers use a tricolor ink cartridge (sometimes called ink tanks) and a separate black ink cartridge for monochrome printing. Others add black to create a four-color model, CMYK, for producing high-contrast images.

It’s helpful to think about the replacement costs when you’re choosing a printer and how much you’ll be printing on average. If it’s a color printer, does it accept individual ink cartridges? If it accepts only tricolor cartridges, you’ll need to replace the whole cartridge when just one color runs out. On the other hand, this might not be an issue if you plan to use your printer primarily for black-and-white printouts.

Shop for printer ink and toner


Connecting to Your Printer

There are a number of ways to send documents to your printer. While USB cables or other wired connections have previously been the standard, most new printers offer more than one option.

Now, apps like Apple AirPrint and Google CloudPrint offer cloud-based printing services that give you the freedom to print from just about anywhere — right from your phone. Connect to Grandma’s printer wirelessly and send her the latest picture of the grandkids. Send a document to your printer as your plane lands and have it waiting at the office, ready for your next meeting. Some apps even offer automatic alerts when your ink and toner levels are low, so you can reorder right from your smartphone. Most printers also offer their own mobile app, giving you even more options to connect and print.